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We Lived in A “Haunted” House

We Lived in A "Haunted" House - Sooo… you’re either going to think I’m crazy for sharing this post- or maybe you had a similar experience yourself and can relate. In the spirit of Halloween and the spooky month of October, I thought I’d share our experience living in a “haunted” house. That’s right- Emmett and I lived in a house where weird things occurred. You can click through to read about, if you’re into that sort of thing! I talk about all things home here… and this is kind of a crazy story, perfect for Halloween this week.  Continue Reading

My Favorite Cookbooks -
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My Favorite Cookbooks

We’re officially in the season of good food, comfort meals, and celebratory cooking & baking, with the holiday season just around the corner! Personally, it’s my favorite time-of-year for consuming, making, and sharing food. It’s no secret, our kitchen…

Our Security System -

Our Security System

Many of you requested a blog post on this topic and I was happy to oblige, but I wanted to live with our security system for a few months before discussing it in detail (and making recommendations). For those…

Noteworthy : Halloween & Fall Decor -


Happy Friday! Well… after yesterday’s post I was feeling inspired, and spent a quick 15 minutes styling our fireplace mantel in the formal living room for Halloween. The Scorpio in me had to do it- I couldn’t let the…

Date Night : Neighborhood Cruising -

Date Night : Neighborhood Cruising

It has been awhile since I’ve shared a ‘Date Night’ post. In the spirit of fall and fun things we’ve been doing lately, I wanted to share some quick snippets from our recent neighborhood cruising adventure. Emmett and I…