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Tuesday Made Launch

Tuesday Made Launch - Today is the big day! Emmett and I have been working super hard to get our e-commerce shop up and running. It has been a labor of love and something we’re both really proud of. While we’ve hit some unexpected snags and have been working long hours to get things going, I’m excited to share that Tuesday Made will officially be launching later today– I’ll revisit this blog post once we’re up and running, as well as let you know on social media once we’re live and operating! I’ll be back to “finish” this blog post this afternoon, sharing more about the shop, as well as some of my personal favorite things we’ve collected and curated. We have vintage finds, items from artists & makers, gift sets, higher-end products, pieces that are budget-friendly, and all sorts of fun things… I hope there is something for everyone. My grandmother is even apart of this- she is a talented seamstress, so I hired her (which kept us both happy & busy during quarantine) to make the majority of our beautiful custom pillows, pictured above. Anyway- I’m incredibly excited, despite the fact I’m running on little sleep. Haha! Talk to you in a bit, and thank you for sharing my excitement! -Sarah

Letter to Home : Renovation Recap and Future Plans -

Letter to Home : Renovation Recap and Future Plans

With Thanksgiving one week away, I’ve been reflecting on this interesting year and remembering what I’m thankful for. At the top of that list is our home. As we approach a time of remembrance and thankfulness, I’m appreciating how our home…

Noteworthy : Sedona Getaway, Links, & Inspiration -
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Last Thursday I took off and enjoyed a weekend away in Sedona with two of my girlfriends! We rented an Airbnb, did a lot of hiking, and relaxing. It was amazing to unplug and enjoy gorgeous scenery with good…

We Lived in A "Haunted" House -

We Lived in A “Haunted” House

Sooo… you’re either going to think I’m crazy for sharing this post- or maybe you had a similar experience yourself and can relate. In the spirit of Halloween and the spooky month of October, I thought I’d share our experience…

My Favorite Cookbooks -
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My Favorite Cookbooks

We’re officially in the season of good food, comfort meals, and celebratory cooking & baking, with the holiday season just around the corner! Personally, it’s my favorite time-of-year for consuming, making, and sharing food. It’s no secret, our kitchen…