Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comHere we are on the first day of December, and I’m wondering where this year went. I’m definitely feeling the spirit of the season as we head into the holidays! I thought I’d squeeze in one last Noteworthy post this year. Click through to catch up with me. I’m sharing a peek at our entryway styled for the holidays (if you missed my living room holiday tour- find it here!), updates, inspiring links, plans, recent purchases, good reads, good recipes, and more! 

Let’s talk holiday housekeeping first! If you’re still looking for gift ideas, don’t forget about my annual gift guide! I hope it saved you some time this year and made brainstorming a bit easier. I also included a bunch of quick and easy Amazon gift ideas here (for fast shipping), as well as holiday decor, and gift wrapping items. I’m 90% finished with my holiday shopping. I just have a few people left on my list to shop for, but I’m feeling great with my progress on the first day of December!

In regards to holiday decorating, similar to my shopping- I’d also say I’m about 90% there. I still need to hang some garland in the kitchen, and above our exterior front door, but things are feeling extra cheerful and festive here at home! As promised, I’ve got an evening holiday tour lined up for next week. I’m going to photograph that this weekend, so be sure to check back if you’d like an after dark tour. It’s always fun to share our home with the lamps turned on, candles lit, twinkly lights glowing, and everything feeling cozy & warm.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI’ve also been saving plenty of holiday and winter recipes I’d like to try this month. Check out this Pinterest board for everything I’ve saved recently, but I’m especially excited to make all the fun comfort food & treats… here are a few:

If you’re traveling this holiday season (or just want to take a virtual Christmas vacation), check out 30 of the best Christmas villages & towns across the globe! I enjoyed scrolling through these.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comMoving onto renovations and plans as the year comes to a close… I realized we did not complete a single room renovation this year. Doesn’t that seem crazy? As a designer and blogger who used to thrive on tackling project-after-project in a short timespan, this year has honestly been a nice change of pace. I actually have a lot of thoughts and feelings on not finishing any renovation projects this year, but maybe I’ll save those for a dedicated blog post? I hope it’s a good reminder that home happens in our own time. Some years and chapters are filled with bigger projects than others. Sometimes home is a sanctuary as is. Just remember that our homes evolve, grow, and change with us through each season- there is no timeline (too soon or too late) to make changes. It’s ours for the updating and styling, as we see fit. Isn’t that a beautiful concept? Home is really whatever we need and want it to be. Like I said, we’re working at our own pace these days and despite not having a completed room reveal to share, I’m really proud of our progress this year.

I’ve decided I’ll share my office reveal in January, in hopes the last bits of hardware arrive within the next month or two. They’re the last item on backorder, and Emmett has officially given me the green light to begin styling and filling the interior of the beautiful built-ins. He’s still working on millwork (panel moulding) and sanding my antique desk, but the finish line is in sight. I’m excited to share it with you! For those of you who stuck with me for a YEAR of updates in that space… you’re my favorite people. Haha! But really, thank you. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

In other renovating news, our entryway tile is being delivered next week! Since it was shipped from France (it’s reclaimed cabochon tile- which I’ll admit was a splurge), it has been stuck at sea with everyone else’s cargo containers. It finally made it’s way to Utah and I can’t wait to see it in person. Fingers crossed it arrives as expected after the long journey. I’m looking forward to getting started on that project in the year ahead! I’m eager to rework our staircase components, install the tile, and give this room new life. If you missed my plan for it, check that out here. Who knows what the timeline will look like, but much like our home office- it will probably be slow and steady. For the month of December, before the chaos begins, I’m embracing the entry as is!

Speaking of the holidays and the new year, are you gathering with friends and family this year? Do you have any exciting plans? Laurie Anne and her little family will be spending Christmas at our house, which we’re all very excited about! Shortly after they head back to Arizona, two of our dear friends will be arriving. We’re planning to get in some good ski days if the weather cooperates, and we have a weekend trip to Jackson Hole planned that I’m looking forward to.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comSomething else I hadn’t done in ages, that was quite fun and exciting? Emmett and I went to the movies over the weekend- for the first time since late 2019 (pre-pandemic). Crazy!! We used to frequent the movie theater for date nights, and it felt so special to see a movie outside of our own home. We watched House of Gucci and we both really enjoyed it. The cinematography was beautifully captured, the set & interior design was top notch, and of course- it has me itching to plan a trip to Italy. If you’re into design, fashion, and a good drama- I’d definitely recommend checking it out. It’s funny how ordinary things, like the movies, feel so special and appreciated these days.

Sidenote- I also found Villa Balbiano on Airbnb, and you can rent the villa on Lake Como from the House of Gucci movie. It’s worth swiping for the home tour! Whoa!!

Let’s chat books! My sister is showing up with the book recs again. I feel like I’ve been reading quite a bit these past few months. Having to travel and flight time has probably helped me finish a few of these…

My mom got me a subscription to for my birthday (which is such a thoughtful & unique gift), and I’ve been learning a lot about my family. It’s addicting! I’ve already uncovered some family drama, so it has basically displaced the hour I typically spend reading before bed. Hah! Has anyone else deciphered their family tree? I had no idea I’d be so into this, but it has been really fun. Once I get to a stopping point, I’ll need more book recs! Please send them my way if you have recently read something you loved. I’ll add it to my list.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comDid you see the AD100 list? I love scrolling through it each year! Congratulations to the talented designers who were selected.

How do we feel about jacquard? I feel like it never really went out of style. I think we’ll see more of these traditional patterns in the year to come. That’s another thing I’m looking forward to inserting in our home in 2022- more pattern.

Recent purchases? Most of my recent buys have been holiday or gift related- or Black Friday restocks / favorites…

  • Show Me the Monet Game // I always buy a new game for the holiday season, and Emmett, Laurie Anne, Taylor, and I all agreed we want to play this during their Christmas stay!
  • Folex Cleaner // We had a bad Thanksgiving spill / stain… on our white living room swivel chairs. I was out of Folex cleaner and had to replace it! This stuff is the best for stains of any type- take my word for it. You can use it on carpet, upholstery, rugs, etc. It’s magic!
  • Purifying Clay Mask // This is one of my favorite skincare masks. I try to use it once every week or two. It was a restock from Sephora’s sale!
  • Concealer // I’ve been putting in a LOT of work hours, and based on the dark circles under my eyes, it shows. I definitely needed to restock my favorite under eye concealer, so I can look human again. I wear shade 4, and it’s true to tone.
  • Boots // I treated myself to some new winter boots and took advantage of the weekend sale. This is my second pair of Sperry boots and I love how comfortable and casual they are- perfect for the winter months. I’ll live in these, paired with a sweater & jeans.

Speaking of purchases, I wanted to again say thank you for supporting my small business, shopping my gift guides, and most importantly- for shopping at Tuesday Made this year. If you placed an order last week or over the weekend, we’re shipping them out as quickly as we can. I paused to write this blog post, but for the most part- I’ve spent each day camped at the shop, wrapping & packing orders, which makes my heart so happy! I can’t tell you how much your support means. I truly appreciate everyone who shopped small or plans to shop small this holiday season… not just at my shop, but with any small business! It impacts good people, our communities, and believe me when I say (on behalf on small businesses), you make our day. We celebrate every share, order, and small victory!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI think that’s all I have for now! Let me know if you have questions about anything. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone! If you missed my entryway tablecloth DIY (seen throughout this post), you can find that here. Have a wonderful day, friends!

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  1. Good morning and happy December! Your entry is looking super festive and how exciting that your tile is (nearly) here!!! That’s such an open, yet connected space; I’m really interested to see your design. And you know I’m anxious for your much-deserved office reveal! Considering the superhuman number of projects you two have completed in years past, I imagine this year has felt different. I would be very interested to hear any thoughts and feelings you’re willing to share on the topic. I’d wager we’ve all experienced some shifts and pivots in the last almost 2 years… We don’t usually make much of Christmas, but I’ll never pass up the opportunity create some cookies or a special meal! We’ve slowly shifted to a (mostly) plant-based diet, so I’ve got a whole new baking arena to learn! I’m not mad about it. I am mad about Lady Gaga and Italian design, so you know House of Gucci is on our must-see list. Going to the theater will certainly feel surreal. As for good reads, our book club has veered into feminist non-fiction again, sooo maybe not for everyone.🤣 I did enjoy reading that article about jacquard. I’ve been thinking for a while about ways to add more pattern to my home; my eyes really crave it! Wallpaper probably isn’t going to happen, so fabrics? Stencils? And this is where I get stuck. I guess I’ll keep waiting for inspiration and enjoying our house as is. So, here’s to being warm and content on this Wednesday!💜

    1. Good morning! Happy December to you :) I’m really excited for the entry! Now that the office is nearly finished, it seems like a natural progression to get going on that space next. This past year has definitely felt different in terms of work and my job, but in a good way! I’ll work on a blog post, but I’ve loved putting the majority of my hours into our little shop this year. It has been so rewarding to work with other artists, creatives, and small businesses. You hit the nail on the head- the last two years have most certainly led us to pause, pivot, think, dream, and figure out what path feels best. I still can’t believe we’re about to enter 2022… I feel like I’m still processing 2020 over here. Haha! I love that you’ve shifted to a plant-based diet- that sounds like a fun challenge in the kitchen. I’m not much of a meat eater myself, but given I’m married to Emmett (who tolerates the vegetarian meals I make a few times each week, lol) I don’t see us ever going fully plant-based. I’d love to hear about your experience on the shift someday. House of Gucci was so good! We both really enjoyed it. Bring on the pattern for 2022! I’ll work on whipping up some January blog posts that include more on that topic. Here’s to a warm Wednesday, indeed! I’m off to the shop to continue wrapping and boxing- it’s going to be another fun day at work. xo

  2. So much goodness & interesting things you shared in this post today! First off, I cannot wait to go back and read more about 30 of the best Christmas villages & towns. Since moving to a small town outside a large city, we are excited to go to a couple of holiday light, shopping events & parades.
    Excited for your office reveal and know how hard you & Emmett have worked on it. Your entry banister and table look so beautiful and festive. The fact that the entry tile has reached the US is reason to celebrate! This may have been a year without finished home projects but 2022 sounds busy! Tuesday Made Shop is one project you should be proud of for 2021. I would love to hear your thoughts & feelings on it all.
    Aww, the movies! I want to go see House of Gucci and your description has me looking at what we are doing this weekend. Watching movies at home is nice but it doesn’t compare to going to the movie theatre… I think it’s the ambience for me.
    Just printed off the chicken and dumplings recipe. Sounds warm and filling for a cold day. We enjoy chicken pot pies (store bought..shhh!) This recipe sounds easy for me. I love the story about your grandma’s cookies and using cut glass to make the design…special!
    Off to finish decorating; finishing holiday cards and hoping to start wrapping gifts. Have a wonderful Wednesday Sarah!

    1. Emmett and I are also looking forward to doing some fun & festive local Christmas things! That sounds amazing. First up- driving around our neighborhood this weekend to look at lights. Everyone turned theirs on this week and I’m excited to see the displays this year. I also want to check out some craft and small business holiday markets. I’ll draft a post to chat about how this year really shifted for us, in terms of work- but I’m SUPER proud of our little shop. It has been the most rewarding way to connect with artists, creatives, and good people. I couldn’t be more proud of our tiny team- especially after surviving our first Black Friday. Haha! And- here at home, we’ve accomplished quite a bit, too. They weren’t giant projects, but they were thoughtful and important ones. I can’t wait to finish up the office and share it with everyone. I think that will be perfect timing to kick off the year with a productive workspace. I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement, Danna! That means so much. Thank you! We love a theater date- if you watch House of Gucci, let me know what you think. Pot pie is our favorite, but have you tried my grandma’s recipe?! Store-bought is awesome and easy, but hers will forever be my favorite. I promise it’s worth it! I hope you’re having a productive week of decorating, addressing holiday cards, and gift wrapping. I am sooo behind on all of that (minus decorating), but I’m hoping this weekend I can play catch up and have some festive fun :) Goodnight! xo

  3. Your entry is gorgeous Sarah 😍 That garland really is so beautiful, I’m so thrilled I snagged some for my banister this year. I just love it! I’m envisioning that stunning tile you ordered and so excited that you will have it soon. Yay!
    I can’t believe it’s December already and the holidays are just around the corner. I still have lots to do but I’m getting there slowly. We usually have lots of festivities this time of year which adds to the holiday excitement but not as much planned yet.
    Your office reveal will be so thrilling and I’m looking forward in seeing this gorgeous space, so exciting you get to start filling those dynamite bookcases 😝 woohoo!
    Well this house isnt going to decorate itself so I better get to it 😉 Have a super fabulous Wednesday!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I love the garland on your banister. It’s beautiful there! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the tile next week. Just having it here will feel like progress. Haha! I can’t believe we’re already into December. Where has the year gone? After a super slow holiday last year, I feel like our calendar is feeling pretty full this month. I’m excited to celebrate the season and also get in some relaxing and just slow down a bit. The office is feeling exciting these days. I started filling up my built-ins and I’m brainstorming other styling vignettes. I can’t wait to share it with you! I hope you’ve been having a fun week of decorating :) xox

  4. I added three of those books to my to-read list! I’m trying to get to 50 books ready by the end of the year, so maybe one of those will make the cut – only five left to meet my goal. Recent favorites of mine were Beach Read by Emily Henry, The Godmothers by Camille Aubray, and Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. All of them were very different from each other, but I’ve been imagining all three as movies!

    That apple and onion grilled cheese looks delicious! I am deep in the throes of Christmas cookie planning. So many tempting recipes, I can only seem to add to my list rather than narrow things down. King Arthur Baking released “The New Classics” today ( and I’m definitely going to make the cranberry-lime swirled meringues (using up egg whites from the freezer!) and chocolate molasses thumbprints. Also considering the cola de mono alfajores…there are too many good options! And I’m going to keep those chocolate tahini bars in mind for the summer since they’re no-bake.

    Your Christmas plans sound fabulous. I’m taking time off from work and hope to do a little painting project in my entryway (painting the ceiling and back of the front door a la Kate Pearce), do a Love Island marathon with a friend, and just relax.

    1. Yay! I love hearing that! I’m adding all of your recs to my list as well. Thanks Brittany! You always share the best reads. I can’t wait to dig into them. You have me excited to start baking in the kitchen and begin planning Christmas cookies. I always love that tradition! Thank you so much for sharing The New Classics- that is an AMAZING resource. The meringues look incredible! I’m happy to hear you’re able to take time off, relax, cross some things off your to-do list, and spend quality time with friends this Christmas. That sounds like my ideal plan! Enjoy and happy holidays. xox