Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comGratitude. That’s the only word I can think of to describe this renovation. I’m just so grateful, thankful, and impressed with how everything came together in this space! Upon moving into our new house, I never expected to tackle the kitchen immediately, but here we are… just six months after moving in, and we have a beautiful finished kitchen. Get ready for a lonnng post filled with images and inspiration I’m truly proud of. I couldn’t have done it without my friends at Lowe’s. Click through to read all about our dark & moody kitchen reveal! Of course, I’m also sharing all the sources.

*This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use & enjoy!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI figured we’d should back up and remember what this room used to look like (pictured above). It was pretty basic, uninspiring, lacking character, and stuck in the 90’s. In case you missed it, you can find all of the before images in this post. Today it looks completely different!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI’m really over the moon with how the renovation process unfolded for this one. It has honestly been the easiest kitchen remodel we’ve ever tackled. I attribute a large part of that to careful planning and sourcing everything from Lowe’s. It was soooo much easier keeping track of everything when it was coming from one place. Every single thing in the kitchen, excluding the countertop, came from Lowe’s… yet, nothing feels “big box”, standard, or basic.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comMy eyes were honestly opened to the multitude of selections they offer to achieve a designer look that fit our budget. I was also pleasantly surprised just how beneficial it was working with their in-house cabinetry designer. Read more about that process in this post! Two design brains are always better than one, and thanks to her- installation was a breeze! Even Emmett, who works for a custom cabinetry company, couldn’t believe how detailed she made the installation packet… which made our life so much easier.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comLet’s get into my design selections and favorite parts of the kitchen- because there is a LOT to cover and share.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWe added a couple feet to the room and framed in an arch to add some architectural interest. We also continued the herringbone hardwood floors throughout, in an effort to add character- check out the tutorial for those here.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comLots of you wondered about our espresso machine and coffee bar situation. You guys know I can’t function without my coffee, so of course we had to have a designated area for that. I also jumped at the opportunity to style our espresso related items onto a couple floating shelves. Side note- my Lowe’s cabinetry designer and I color matched the shelving to the hardwood floor! It’s a perfect match and it didn’t cost any extra. Take a better look below…

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comThere are keepsakes and treasures scattered throughout the kitchen that mean so much to me. The vintage milk jars on the top shelf are my Dad’s, so they’re extra special. He used to dig up the most beautiful glassware and I thought they’d be perfect for cream. Emmett also brought home handmade sugar spoons from his travels abroad… as did my best friend. I scored the vintage mini ginger jar at an estate sale. Anyway, it’s a coffee bar that feels like home and keeps me caffeinated.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering about that giant cabinet to the left of the coffee station… that’s the pantry and appliance garage. It’s conveniently divided into sections for our food and appliances.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI love, love, love having the microwave hidden. We really don’t use it that often anyway, but I’m happy to have a nice one if we need it- especially if I don’t have to look at it 24/7.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI’ll be sharing a separate blog post showing you the inside of all the cabinets and how they function, because there are some seriously cool organizational features. See that amazing pull-out knife block below? There are a bunch of awesome integrated things like that we installed! Check back for that post soon.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWhile we’re on the topic of appliances and functionality, I’m also loving our paneled KitchenAid refrigerator. It was worth splurging for! I like that it looks integrated with the cabinetry and that thing is super roomy.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comFor the cooking area, I opted for a matte black range from the GE Café collection. I’m really digging the industrial look of the mixed metals. It’s a nice masculine touch.

I know I’ll get questions about an island… I decided not to add one because even though the space looks huge, there isn’t adequate room for a traffic path surrounding where the island would live. Instead, I might search for a vintage kitchen cart or something to float around the kitchen. We really don’t need the added prep space or storage, so I’ll just take my time and see if anything crosses my path while I’m not actively searching. Plus- the dining table will live on the other side of the arch, so that will be perfect!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI really had fun filling all of the cabinets and bringing our kitchen items back upstairs from the basement. My grandmother’s rolling pin sits in front of my cookbooks and my best friend’s artwork hangs on that stunning Bedrosians backsplash tile. I told you- our treasures are sprinkled throughout!

This kitchen really just feels like us and puts a smile on my face each time I cook a meal here.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI tiled the entire backsplash and you know what? It went SO much faster than our guest bathroom! Like a thousand times. This tile was very easy to install and I adore the organic look. It’s a great shade of gray and doesn’t read too warm or too cool. It’s a nice balanced medium!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comCan we also talk about the CABINETRY COLOR? I have never seen a more perfect navy / teal in my life. It’s moody, cozy, inviting, and eclectic. I can’t believe I waited this long to add dark color to a kitchen in one of our homes. I’m totally smitten. You can check out my other favorite cabinetry swatches from Lowe’s in this post!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWant to know Emmett’s two favorite things in the kitchen? They might surprise you, but they’re worthy of praise. He is obsessed with our GE dishwasher and the InSinkErator garbage disposal… both are SO quiet, you can barely even hear them running. Every time a friend comes over who has yet to see the kitchen, he turns it on for them and does a demo. He’s so proud- it cracks me up, but I also appreciate not having noisy appliances!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comThe one and only thing I wanted to do going into designing the kitchen was wrapping the window wall with cabinetry. Let me tell ya… the end result exceeded my expectations! I love the way it frames the window, makes the sink a focal point, and adds a ton of storage. It’s really a statement wall! I also scored the *perfect* vintage rug from eSaleRugs (the same place I found the one for our guest bathroom) that really brings out the cabinetry color. It looks like it was seriously made for this space. It’s hard to believe it’s vintage!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comFor the countertop, we went with soapstone again. I’ll also devote a separate post to that decision. We rarely ever do things twice, so that just goes to show how much we love it!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comLowe’s cabinetry is referred to as “semi custom”, but I feel like it should just be called “custom”. I checked every single thing off my wishlist using their Diamond Cabinet line– reeded cabinetry glass (SO PRETTY!), decorative legs framing the sink, decorative end panels, countertop drawers, and more. You can pick and choose exactly what you want. I decided I wanted a “drip rail” under the sink, after the fact- so Emmett built that and added it for me at the last minute.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI went for a more traditional, bridge mount kitchen faucet this time around. This polished nickel beauty from Rohl is a show stopper in person. It reads hot & cold on the levers and feels so timeless. It also comes with a side spray for convenience.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comThe Amerock cabinetry hardware was another great find! I solely made that selection based on the gorgeous finish and the fact that it is available in multiple sizes. As you can tell, I used about eight different pull sizes- ranging from 3″ to 20″, and the knobs feel sophisticated & petite on the doors.

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comReady for the sources? I’m linking everything from Lowe’s below! If you’re curious about other items or accessories- every single source can be found on this page!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.com01: rohl country kitchen faucet // 02: bedrosians cloe grey tile (with mapei grout in color pewter) // 03: rohl country kitchen pot filler // 04: amerock cabinetry pull // 05: amerock cabinetry knob // 06: kohler whitehaven kitchen sink // 07: cafe 6-burner gas range // 08: bruce hardwood flooring (in spice color) // 09: ge profile microwave // 10: diamond cabinets (door style: lisette | color: maritime) // 11: garbage disposal // 12: progress lighting sconce (similar- mine sold out) // 13: legrand outlet covers // 14: ge profile dishwasher // 15: kitchenaid side-by-side refrigerator

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I have some GIANT thank yous to hand out. Thanks Emmett- for turning my dream kitchen into reality and putting up with my crazy ideas. Thanks Lowe’s- for being the best partner I could ask for and for believing in me. Thanks to my local Lowe’s team, specifically Samantha & Rodney- you two really helped me think of every last detail and made my vision come to life. Thanks Kris- for helping us knock this thing out quickly when we needed another set of hands. And lastly, thanks to YOU- for following our journey, showing up to offer encouragement, and for providing constant support along the way. You guys make this all worth it and SO much more fun!

Our Dark & Moody Kitchen Reveal - roomfortuesday.comLike I said… I just feel so grateful. Gratitude is truly the best word to sum up this renovation. I’m very proud, pretty tired, super thankful, and I can’t wait to make memories in this gorgeous kitchen that we’re lucky to call home! Please, please, please leave me a comment below- I so love hearing your thoughts. You guys are the best! I also have plenty of additional kitchen posts coming up- so continue checking back for more. I have video tours, cabinetry functions to share, information on my new windows, a lighting guide, and more.

Hop on Instagram tomorrow for a LIVE Q&A and kitchen tour at 7pm Mountain Time!

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  1. Morgan Harris says:

    This kitchen was absolutely worth the wait! You have knocked this out of the park, once again! Everything is perfect

    1. Thank you so much, Morgan!! xo

      1. Deborah Akers says:

        Hi Sarah.. I’m from Australia and have lived your kitchen since I first saw it forever ago. I am no designing mine based on your beautiful kitchen. Colours and all!! I would love to see inside your pantry please. I’ve searched for a pic but cannot find one

        1. Thank you, Deborah! I love hearing that- you made my day. I don’t know if I have many photos of our pantry, but there is a few in this post… the lower section houses our microwave and small appliances. The top few sections is for food! We use clear, labeled bins to keep it organized.

      2. Hello. How did you paint the hood to match the cabinets

  2. GORGEOUS!! Are you gonna put any sort of small island in all that open area?

    1. Not right now… it looks like there is a lot of negative space in the images, but there wouldn’t be enough room for an island / seating to have an adequate traffic path around it. The dining table will also live on the other side of the arch. I chat about it in the post, but if anything- I might hunt for a vintage kitchen cart or something to float around.

      1. It is so refreshing to see a stunningly beautiful kitchen without an island! My kitchen is similar and I am so inspired by your design. Just wondering if you can give an approximate dimension of the room please. And a big Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us! It is always fascinating to watch an artist create.

        1. Thanks Cary! The kitchen is 12.5 feet x 14.5 feet

  3. Wow Sarah! What a beautiful kitchen and all those gorgeous details. Love it 😍 so happy for you guys! I’m totally amazed at what you and Emmett can do and I’m shocked that kitchen is from Lowe’s. It looks like so very high end, totally custom and designed to perfection. I think a vintage kitchen cart would be fantastic with a couple of cute vintage style stools would be a perfect add to the space and can’t wait to see inside those beautiful cabinets. Cheers to another totally fabulous reveal 🥂 Happy Cooking!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that :) I’m so thrilled with how everything came together! I can’t wait to share more.

  4. So, so lovely! I keep scrolling up and down to see everything again, but I can hardly decide what to highlight! I was a fan of the cabinet color from the get-go, and it does not disappoint! I’m also weirdly attracted to the beautiful decorative end panels. Do not get me started on hiding the microwave- a dream! I adore the countertop cabinets and the way you wrapped the window…no, really, I love it. The coffee station- what a great way to utilize open shelves! That rug?💖 The last-minute drip rail is so pleasing to my eye. Oh wait, the hood! It’s beautiful, but I don’t see any source; did Emmett create it? So many perfect details; I could go on and on. I am now dying for the post all about the innards of those cabinets; I kind of just want to walk through and open all the doors and drawers.😉 I’ll definitely try to catch the Insta Q & A…and video tour!! Happy Monday! and Happy Cooking!👏😍 You guys killed it.

    1. Thanks so much, Peggi! The hood is also from Lowe’s… I selected one from the Diamond cabinet line to match the door style. I really wanted something curvy and feminine, since our last hood was a boxy masculine shape. I can’t wait to share our video diary (which we need to film ASAP), the cabinetry tour, and more :) Thanks again for showing up to offer encouragement along the way!! xo

  5. Sarah and Emmett: i looked at the entire reveal with my mouth open, i have zero words for how much i adore this kitchen. it is INCREDIBLE for a lack of a better term. WOW you guys!! i am literally in awe. IN COMPLETE AWE. This needs to win an interior design award of some kind, like right now.

    1. Thank you, Ashley!! So so sweet of you to say. We’re both really happy with it! We entertained for the first time since finishing it last night, and it was really magical to cook in there :) xo

  6. Brianna Thomas says:

    That cabinet color is to die for and the soapstone is such a perfect complement. This kitchen looks sooooooo far from big box. I NEVER would have guessed that it came from Lowes. You are such a talented designer — congrats and enjoy that kitchen!

  7. So unique yet so classic. A+ job, Sarah and Emmett!

  8. All I can say is WOW. I was nervous at first thinking it might be a dark kitchen, but it looks perfect! Y’all did an amazing job and I’m really excited about the rest of the house. :)

    1. Thank you so much! This house definitely feels like us- I was excited to take more risks and implement COLOR this time around :) xo

  9. LaurieAnne says:

    This is my favorite creation of yours to date!!!!! And that is saying a lot Bc I love everything you do!! Congrats to you and Emmy!!!!!!

    1. Thanks friend!! Can’t wait for you to see it in person!! xo

  10. Beautiful as always! In some photos it looks really navy blue! It’s funny how light does that :) Can’t wait to see your next project!

    1. Thank you!! It really is interesting how it changes throughout different times of the day :)

  11. Love it, it turned out beautifully! So chic and bold, yet still comforting. We just placed an order for the same bedrosians tile for our bathroom after seeing a sneek peek of yours awhile back. Can you let me know which grout color you went with?

    1. Thanks Kelsey! We went with “pewter”… I linked it right under the collage next to the tile

  12. Joyce Duncan says:

    Absolutely knocked it out of the park!! I love, love art in the kitchen (I have a portrait of my grandmother and her framed Italian Creme Cake recipe in mine)- it makes a space feel more like home. Gorgeous, Sarah!

    1. Thank you, Joyce! I love that you framed your grandmother’s Italian Creme Cake… that is the best idea! So special

  13. LOVE x1000! Its just so beautiful. Every inch is beautiful. I also love that it is all from Lowe’s but looks custom and that all the sources are from there. Its makes it much more attainable then if you had sourced the tile from some special manufacturer that is local etc etc. This means its universal to anyone, even me in Iowa!! I have been itching to redo my kitchen and have been hording your last kitchen and this kitchen in my mind/pinterest/phone as major inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much!! I also love that. It’s very accessible and the prices are great. I’m so flattered you like my kitchens enough to use them as inspo :) xox

  14. Love itttt! I’ve been dying for this reveal and it didn’t disappoint. I thought your last kitchen was awesome, somehow this one is even better! Love the cabinet color and love the soapstone (we have it in our kitchen too, gosh it’s the best!) Great job guys!

    1. Thanks Jamie!! Soapstone for the win :)

  15. Everything about this kitchen is incredible! The reeded glass on the cabinet fronts is one of my favorite features, not to mention the counter tops (the beveled edge is everything) and that tile! Fantastic job!!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! Choosing the cabinetry glass was one of the most difficult design decisions I had to make. For some reason, I just couldn’t decide… I’m SO happy I went with my gut and opted for that pretty reeded glass :)

  16. It is BEAUTIFUL! It felt like Christmas morning getting to see this! You guys are so talented. Pretty amazing everything in here is from Lowe’s!

    1. Awww that makes my day hearing that. Thanks Morgan!!

  17. It’s truly gorgeous! How does a Lowe’s kitchen compare to an IKEA kitchen price wise?

    1. Thank you Tamsen!! The price totally depends on what you want and how custom you’d like to make it. Our very first kitchen was from Lowe’s and it was about 1/4 of the price of this one. It was smaller, we just did the basics, and that was comparable in price to an IKEA kitchen. Hope this helps!

  18. Wow I have no words. You guys KILLED IT!!! Amazing job, I can’t imagine how much work went into this! Fantastic and is making me reconsider all my kitchen ideas currently!! haha

    1. Thanks Katie!! The hard work always pays off :) We’re enjoying cooking in here now, so the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. Haha! xox

  19. Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous! Congrats!! Love the moody romantic vibe–cooking could actually be dreamy in there. I feel like even if you had dirty dishes piled up, the style is so big that they wouldn’t factor. That rug, floor, arch, and open space is SO GOOD. Yes to island-free! So happy for y’all!!

    1. Thank you!! I also think it has a romantic European feel to it (which I really adore!)… can’t thank you enough for following along on our renovation journey! xox

  20. The little footed dish you have your dish brush in–didn’t see it in the shopping page–do you have a source? It’s cute.

    1. Thank you! It’s from a local ceramist. Sorry! I wish I had a link for you.

      1. Ah, that’s the best kind! Lucky you. <3

  21. It is stunning! And the cabinetry does look custom–I really love that it’s not.

    One question: Are you at all worried about the heat from the stove damaging your art? Just curious what the best practices are for art in the kitchen.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I think the art is far enough away that it shouldn’t get heat from the range. The hood also helps to suck up moisture and heat through the exhaust, which means the art is basically out of the danger zone. Hope this helps! xo

  22. I LOVE this kitchen so much! While I personally prefer lighter counters, I think you completely knocked it out of the park with the dark! I feel like I have been seeing a lot of the same.things.over.and over.again on Instagram lately and this is like a breath of fresh air. I love that there’s no island and I just love the colors and the layout of everything. It’s BEYOND beautiful!! Thank YOU for being an amazing designer and sharing your vision!!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! That is really the best compliment. I wanted to create a space that felt like ours, was unique, cozy, and just different. So thank YOU!! xox

  23. Xinia Cordero says:

    It’s gorgeous!! You have given me so much inspiration and ideas for my own house. Where did you bought the stand for the dish brush?

    1. Yay!! Thank you Xinia! The dish came from a local ceramic artist. I’m sorry- I wish I had a link.

  24. wenda scott says:

    WOW!! So, so beautiful. It is too pretty to use. i would just look at it. i absolutely love your style. Wish i could see it in person.

  25. Melanie Post says:

    Wow! Looks incredible!! My husband and I are just wrapping up our kitchen renovation (going strong since November 2018!) I am surprised to hear how much Emmet loves the GE dishwasher… We have the same one, and yes, it’s quiet, but ours hardly cleans and doesn’t dry anything – even with the dry setting turned on. Perhaps we got a bad one – either way thanks for including that because I am going to reach out to GE now that I know there are ones out there that do their job =)

    1. Thanks so much, Melanie! Congrats on wrapping up your own kitchen reno :) I’d definitely call GE because we LOVE the dishwasher and haven’t experienced any issues. It’s super duper quiet, cleans everything amazingly, I love the adjustable shelves, and multitude of settings. It’s probably the best dishwasher we’ve ever had. I’m wondering if you got a lemon? Call them! xox

  26. I am in love with the dark cabinets and flooring! Also the sink and coffee bar area. You have really worked hard on putting this kitchen together. It is a dream! Congratulations and tell Emmett he did a wonderful job too!

    1. Thanks Jenna!! Wish you were coming out in a few weeks with Michael so you could see it in person :) xox

  27. Oooooh! I have been waiting for this reveal and it did not disappoint! Every little detail looks fantastic!

    1. Glad to hear it, Monica!! Thank you :)

  28. It’s so beautiful! What a dreamy, moody kitchen! I’m so impressed with your design and DIY skills.

    1. Thank you Cathy! I’m loving following along with your kitchen as well :) xo

  29. Cindy Keas says:

    It’s fantastic! I think I like it even more than your last kitchen, and I thought your last kitchen was amazing! You may be brilliant. :)

    1. Thank you Cindy! I definitely prefer this one to our previous kitchen, but they both had special moments :) You’re so sweet! Thanks again.

  30. No. Words. Just too beautiful. I love every single thing about it.

  31. Wow. The details are stunning and the cabinet color is gorgeous. I’m in love with every selection. (And I totally laughed at Emmet showing off the appliances. That would be something my husband would do…Ignore the beauty, watch this!)

    1. Thank you!! Haha! It’s totally a guy thing. It definitely makes me chuckle :)

  32. Irmarie Cervera says:

    Your kitchen is so pretty and sophisticated. I love the play with dark and light. The use of every inch of space is fantastic. So many details.

    Stunning! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much… and for appreciating the little details :) xox

  33. This is probably my favorite reveal of any room on any blog I’ve ever seen! I don’t often comment on blogs, but I love all the details and how you coordinated everything. So beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Arielle! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and follow along!! xox

  34. So gorgeous! That backsplash detail where the soapstone extends up to meet the window frames is possibly my favorite part. Your attention to detail is inspiring!

    1. Thank you for noticing that little bit :) It’s also one of my favorite things!! xo

  35. Eeeek! Thank you for daring to go dark! It is exquisitely done and I adore the soapstone! That’s a room made for real people and real cooking!!! Love!

    1. Thank you so much! We definitely LIVE in our home & actually use the kitchen, so I’m happy the functionality is reflected :)

  36. It’s sophisticated, grand, stunningly beautiful with tons of functionality baked in. You two have outdone yourselves. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much Ardith! We’re so excited to put it to good use :)

  37. I’ve been traveling without internet (sigh) but could not wait for this reveal! Sarah, its B E A U T I F U L!!!!!! I’ve always resisted the color blue (green is my favorite). You have converted me…. love the teal/blue color! The floors, cabinets, accessories that are all well thought out… just stunning! 😛

    1. Thank you so much, Danna!! I really appreciate that. I hope you had fun travels- despite not having the internet ;) xo

  38. Your kitchen is one of the most BEAUTIFUL I have EVER SEEN. Not criticizing all those who have white kitchens . . . but there is NO WAY a white kitchen compares to the RICHNESS of your cabinets. White is pretty, your cabinets are STUNNING. Great job!!!

    1. Thank you, Robbin!! That is the best compliment. I appreciate it! I’m with you- like everyone else, I love a classic white kitchen, but I really loved going in an alternative direction. xox

  39. It looks like the decorative panels are thick-almost like I would expect that side to be a door too if I weren’t sure what I was looking at. I have always been worried that cabinets like these just wouldn’t look seamless in person and this unfortunately somewhat confirms that. Any chance it only looks this way in photos?

    1. Hi Dani! The end panels are definitely door thickness. That’s actually something I look for and prefer- it’s a sign of quality / custom cabinetry. When designing our previous kitchen from scratch, that was something I specified too. They definitely feel seamless and high-end because of the finished end panels. The only time I wouldn’t use end panels if I was going for a sleek, modern, euro look. Even with a shaker style, I like a well made, panel that mimics the door. Hope that helps explain my design reasoning :) xo

  40. Priscilla says:

    I think I go to look at your kitchen once a day haha! It’s stunning! Do you think your backsplash would be a good shower tile?

    1. Haha!! I LOVE that :) I think that tile in a shower would be gorgeous as wall tile. I wouldn’t recommend it for a shower floor though.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous! That cabinet color is dreamy. Congrats on a beautiful job! I know you’ll find the perfect vintage table for your “island”. Or who knows, maybe your rockstar husband will make you one.

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa!! Either way, I’ll keep every posted if I find one :)

  42. Love no island! It lets all that beauty shine.

    1. I agree! Thanks Regina :)

  43. Stunning and breathtaking kitchen reveal! Amazing job to you and Emmett! I have one question. Could you expand on your decision to not have very much full depth counter space? Curious about the decision to do that and if you’ve experienced any difficulty with it? Again, much love and congratulations on the space!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Absolutely- happy to share. We have three times as much countertop and prep space as we did in our previous kitchen (3 soapstone slabs in comparison to 1). We really didn’t need extra counter space, and even the cabinets that sit on top of the countertop (around the sink) still have PLENTY of room (over a foot of space) in front of them. I know sometimes it’s difficult to tell in photos, but we’re loving having tons of room. I just really liked the aesthetic of cabinetry framing the sink and continuing down to the countertop. I didn’t want any upper cabinets with a gap. xo

  44. Great job! What beautiful kitchen! I always get excited to see the your end-products…and especially how you style each space. I have to ask…how do you turn on the disposal you mentioned in the post? Do you photoshop out electrical outlets and switches?

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Great question… I did. It’s to the right of the sink and there is an outlet to the left. One is hidden by a plant and one is hidden by a cutting board IRL. ha :) xo

  45. Samantha P says:

    Thank you so much for allowing Lowe’s and I to be a part of the process. I really enjoyed working with you to make the most of your space and give you everything you had hoped for. It means so much to me that you are enjoyong your kitchen so much and I LOVE how it turned out! I am super impressed by the install job that you and Emmett did- everything came together so well! I especially love the moody vibe- its so unique. Thank you again and enjoy your kitchen for years to come!

    1. Thanks so much for being amazing and collaborative with the process! The installation was a breeze thanks to you :) xo

  46. Maureen Kennedy says:

    It’s a beautiful, sophisticated renovation with wonderful attention to detail. I love how you make choices from a big box store like Lowes look bespoke. Your little touches – like the small framed pictures above the stove are inspired. And I love the floor – the stain is perfect with the dark cupboards! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much, Maureen!!

  47. Mia Tenille says:

    The more I see these dark, moody kitchens, the more convinced I am about how much I love them! I thought white, bright kitchens were my favorite but I absolutely love how the dark look can still be made bright and open – with so much more character. You guys did a great job and I wouldn’t have ever thought you could get all of these pieces at Lowes! It’s so custom! I also don’t even find myself missing the kitchen island, especially if there isn’t a ton of room for it! Oh and the wood floor is STUNNING. (also love the floating shelves that match the floor)! I am updating my kitchen right now but I’m doing some smaller updates rather than change the flow of the entire kitchen like changing the cabinet color, updating the backsplash and I am going to install tile that looks like wood flooring! So I’m super excited!

    1. Thank you so much, Mia! Congrats on updating your own kitchen… it’s going to be amazing and well worth it :) xox

  48. I prefer the before. i could never cook or eat in black. It is scary to me.

    1. To each his own :) The cabinets are a teal / navy color, but I totally understand that dark cabinetry isn’t for everyone.

  49. Lime Tree St. Louis says:

    This is the sexiest kitchen we have ever seen.

    Sharon and Casey
    Lime Tree St Louis

    1. Aw thank you Sharon & Casey! xo

  50. So first….. most stunning kitchen ever!! Love every detail!! Wonderful job….however, what is the cabinet color and what kind of paint brand did you use? It’s beautiful!!!❤️✨

    1. Thank you so much, Suzi!! The cabinets are Diamond brand from Lowe’s and the color is a standard one from their line called “Maritime”. xox

  51. KACEY WILSON says:

    SARAH!!!! I have no words! No words. I just went back to look at your old kitchen (that I LOOOOOOVE) and then read this. Both kitchens are SO different from one other and yet so well appointed. Incredible work, honestly. Your vision has no boundaries!

    1. Thank you Kacey!! I so appreciate your sweet words :) xo

  52. Val stokes says:

    This kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I clicked on your site unintentionally, and what a beautiful gift I got.
    Just met with the contractor to redo our kitchen,had so many questions and God sent me you. My kitchen will definitely be mimicking yours. THANKS MUCH.🙏

    1. Aw thank you so much, Val! Congrats on your own kitchen renovation- I’m so happy mine has been inspiring and helpful for you :) xox

  53. Sarah,
    As you already know I think this kitchen is beyond beautiful, but I have a silly question: where did you get the little white dish you put your dish brush in? It’s next to the liquid soap.

    Leslie B

  54. sharonna misha says:

    so happy for you! we just did our dream kitchen, too, and I know what a game changer it is! love your sink backsplash- is it soapstone, too? xoxo

    1. Thank you Sharonna! Congrats on your kitchen as well :) The small backsplash behind the sink is also soapstone. xo

  55. Stephanie says:

    Stunning! So glad Juniper posted this so I could find you 😊 Question(s) – what size did you print the artwork pieces? And would you mind providing the source for your frames? Thank you – can’t wait to see what’s next.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I’m also happy you’re here :) I printed the art at 5×7. The frames came from a local shop, BUT I found a couple similar options for you: this one or this one. Both are very affordable!

  56. This is gorgeous! I love the Bedrosians Grey Cloe tile, and thank you for giving your grout color too. Mapei Pewter, right? You did a great job with the tile. What size grout line did you use with the Cloe?
    Thanks much!

    1. Thank you Susan! That’s the correct grout color, and as for the line / spacers… the tile is self spacing, so it doesn’t require spacers. You just push them edge to edge. Hope this helps! It’s very easy to install. I did it over a weekend :)

  57. I’m speechless! Great job Sarah! I can’t wait to see it in person!

    1. Thanks so much Aubrey!! You definitely have to come check it out in person :)

  58. This is beautiful! Would love some info on your range hood.

  59. Jennifer M says:

    Love the kitchen! Question on the hood. Is that Diamond as well? They don’t seem to carry curved hoods, so I was curious if you did that custom to match.

    1. I *think* we might’ve pulled the hood from the Kraftmaid cabinetry book. Every single thing came from Lowe’s! If it’s not in the Diamond catalog, it’s definitely Kraftmaid. Those were the only two I looked at :) Try that and let me know!! Sorry about that. xox

  60. Hello! What color is the Bedrosian cloe backsplash tile? Thank you!

    1. It’s gray! I linked the tile in the roundup, and it should direct you to the exact tile and products I used :) It definitely looks gray in person, too! xo

      1. Thank you! I could have sworn it looked white. Would you say it is still quite on the ligher side in person, though gray? I love it but am aiming to choose something light and bright and am worried it would be too dark. But i like the variation it seems to provide over the white tile.

        1. Yeah- it’s a lighter gray… but still noticeably gray. I also love the variation!

  61. Stacey Burg says:

    The backsplash is chloe grey, correct or is it white?

    1. Correct- it is the gray :)

  62. Nicolle Starr says:

    With your previous kitchen you went with an induction stove top and loved it, why did you switch with this one?

    1. Yes! Great observation, Nicolle. Induction was wonderful and it fit the aesthetic of our previous kitchen, but this time around- I really wanted a traditional (professional) gas range. Having had both, I think I prefer cooking with gas, but they’re both amazing.

      1. Nicolle Starr says:

        Thank you! By the way I adore your Kitchen! It is stunning!

        1. Thank you so much, Nicolle :)

  63. Just found your amazing kitchen and it is perfect timing. It is my dream kitchen. We are in the process of building a new home and your kitchen is our inspiration. I plan to copy a lot of it. Our cabinets are more black than blue and our countertops are quartzite. Otherwise – we plan to use the same glass, same Cloe tiles, same Amerock pulls, etc. thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Margie! I love hearing that :) I’d love to see photos once it’s finished. xo

      1. Will do. Our new house will not be completed until June 2021, so will send you some photos when we move and unpack.

        1. You’re so close! Hopefully time will fly and you’ll be in before you know it :)

  64. Sarah, I just found your blog tonight and the first thing I did was look up was this kitchen renovation. It is just STUNNING! The dark cabinets against the light grey tile, the honey-colored wood floors, and all those personal little touches make it so unique, and so lovely. I love how the light plays off of the cabinets and they appear a little darker, or a little more blue than black as the light changes, and I am in awe of your window wall! With a kitchen like that I would want to come in, sit down with a cup of coffee and just look around me, and reflect on how beautiful it is. You have set the bar really high – I’m about to start my own kitchen renovation (on a much smaller scale), and you have given me so much inspiration with your designs. I am so happy that I found your site, and your lovely kitchen has me so excited to get moving with mine. I was afraid that dark cabinets would make my space seem too confining, but your design confirmed my original plan to go to the ‘dark side’. I will check out the Diamond line of cabinets at Lowe’s. What I am looking to go with is a dark green/almost black cabinetry, soapstone counters (love them!), and a cherry hardwood floor to carry over from the rest of the downstairs. Range, dishwasher and fridge are all black stainless steel from Samsung, and I hope that when the remodel is done I can have even half as gorgeous a space as you do. Thank you so much for your posts – now I am off to go view the video on the interiors of those cabinets, and how you like the renovation a year later. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much, Anne! I appreciate that :) Congratulations on your upcoming kitchen renovation- that’s so exciting! I’m a big fan of dark cabinetry… even in small spaces. It’s so beautiful and unique. I have tons of kitchen posts to read and save. I hope they’re helpful for you! xox

  65. D. Morton says:

    Your layout is so similar to what I’m trying to achieve. May I ask how wide is your appliance garage cabinet?

    1. Of course! It’s 40″ wide.

  66. D. Morton says:

    Thank you so much. Ours is slated to be 37” and I was worried it was too large. But, then I saw your photo and loved it. I feel much better about our plan now!

    1. I think that will be perfect! Plenty of room for a microwave and whatever else you’d like to store inside :)

  67. Can you comment on whether the Ager you used on the soapstone is truly food safe? I rushed out and ordered some on Amazon but then found all kinds of hazardous warnings on the can. :/

    1. If you’re uncomfortable with it, Melanie- I definitely recommend opting for one of the natural options to enhance the stone: wax or natural cutting board oil! Both are organic and don’t have any chemicals or additives. I hope that’s helpful!

  68. Michele Orme says:

    What finish did you use for the pulls?

  69. I love this so much, it’s my kitchen inspiration for a current project. What paint color did you use for your walls?

  70. I’m not even sure where to begin… I happened upon this post while aimlessly searching around in Pinterest. Well, my eyes had no idea what they were about to feast on. First, are you not an interior designer?! You have a gift Sarah. I believe your kitchen alone, if seen by enough designers and homeowners, could be responsible for a new ands passionate trend toward darker and moodier kitchens forcing the primarily white kitchens to fade back some. This kitchen is dramatic, daring (black countertop on dark cabinets!) and in my opinion, so timeless a family could live in it 50 years or more from now without changing a thing-other than appliances of course! Jaw dropping gorgeousness that is so refreshing after countless predictably styled kitchens. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    1. Thank you so much, Cyndie! You are so sweet. I am a designer :) I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you’re having a good week!

  71. Sarah, I recently ran across your blog and absolutely love your kitchen! We are planning a kitchen redo and are thinking about dark and moody. After four years since your redo is there anything you would change and do you still love it? Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie! Check out this blog post for more insight. I still love our kitchen (minus the range). Hope that helps!

  72. Carol Munger says:

    Beautiful! I was loving what I saw at Lowe’s then looked at kitchen shop, which was not as budget friendly. Your kitchen looks high end so I’m hoping our local team can help me with my vision.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks so much, Carol! Definitely check in with your local Lowe’s kitchen department and see what options fit your vision and budget. I’d order again there in a heartbeat.