Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comTwo Noteworthy posts in one month? I know, I know. This one is short and sweet though. I’m taking a couple weeks off from the blog, but before I go- I wanted to share some good reads, inspiring links, an entryway update, recent finds, some cool house tours, and more! Photos throughout this post are from the breakfast nook in our previous home… can you believe I shared that project reveal exactly three years ago?! It feels longer and shorter, at the same time. I feel like most of you have been around since that project! Anyway, click through for the good stuff… 

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comThis was such a fun read… 25 interior designers of history whose names you should know. I love learning in this article!

Our entryway update… I ordered the tile!! That felt like a big commitment. Don’t even ask about the lead time because it’s a lonnnnng wait, but it will be worth it. It’s a beautiful octagonal beige limestone with black marble cabochons, and I’m really excited about it. You can see some of my saved inspiration here and here. We’re in no hurry, but it feels nice to go ahead and have a plan for that area in our home, once the materials arrive.

I really enjoyed this house tour! It’s a fun summer one to scroll through- located in Sag Harbor.

A new cocktail I’m looking forward to trying and shaking up this summer! It looks delicious.

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comRecent purchases? They’re pretty random this month… a couple things for our home, a gift, and a couple clothing items for summer vacation.

  • interior door mat // Funny story- when we first moved in, we immediately ripped out the carpet in my office to install our herringbone hardwoods. We cut a square from the carpet we removed to use as a “temporary” mat in front of the door that leads to the garage. Well, we still have that hacked up carpet square in front of the door that leads to our garage. I FINALLY bought a proper door mat and can’t wait to toss that old thing!
  • hand blocked quilt // I got this to give as a gift to a friend… isn’t it beautiful? I’m thinking of snagging one for myself!
  • comfy swing dress // I live in swing dresses during the summer months. They’re soft, comfortable, can be dressed up or down, can be used as a swim coverup, and pack easily… I had doubts since this one came from Amazon, but it’s really great. I got it in an XL and it’s nice & loose.
  • maxi dress // I went to the mall for the first time in ages and ducked into Anthropologie. I had been on the hunt for a classic long maxi dress. This eyelet one made me feel so beautiful and confident! It’s super flattering and is one of the two dresses I’ll be taking along on vacation.
  • lidded vessel // I had to snag one of these for myself before they sell out. I knew it would be perfect on our coffee table! It houses our Instax mini photos of family, friends, and memories.

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comI loved reading this post… 22 people on when they feel most themselves. It got me thinking- when do I feel most like myself? When do you feel most like yourself? I need to be conscious about enjoying those special moments and doing more of the things I love that make me feel like me. That has been a consistent, reoccurring goal over here.

Christian Siriano’s place has some serious pedestal eye candy. Scrolling through this house tour was another well-spent five minutes! There are some cool modern pieces & furniture packed into this one… they don’t exactly match my own aesthetic, but they’re still fun to appreciate!

If you’re looking for some talented designers to follow, Elle Decor just shared their A-List roster of the year. There are some seriously talented people in that bunch! It was fun to discover some new follows, too.

As we gear up for our getaway, I bought a bunch of your book recs (thank you for those)! At home and during my normal routine, I usually read self help books, business books, and the occasional “fun” fiction book (romance, historical fiction, murder mystery, etc). The fun books are my favorite, but I usually don’t have a ton of time for them, so vacation always means catching up on reading for me! I had to narrow it down to three books for the sake of space in my bag, but I decided to take the following: The Boys in the Boat (rec from Brittany), Where the Crawdads Sing (rec from Alisa), and The Last Thing He Told Me (rec from Julie). I’ll also gladly take any TV, movie, music, or podcast recommendations you have… I’ve got many travel hours ahead!

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comThe last and most important matter of business? I’m taking a couple weeks off for vacation! While I’ll miss my blog fam, Emmet & I are headed to French Polynesia for some R&R and adventure. We’re excited to check out, put our scuba gear to good use, and explore an area of the world we’ve never visited before. I’ll be sure to capture lots of photos and will share on IG stories (as service allows), if you’re interested in following along on our trip. I’ll also put together a recap for you once we return home, because we’ll be staying in some pretty beautiful places. I’m hoping to come home feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and well rested. Isn’t that always the vacation goal? I’m taking off into the week of the 4th, since it’s a holiday. That will give me some time to catch up once we’re back. If you show up looking for a daily blog post and wonder where it is, that’s what happening. I just wanted to give you a heads up!

As always, I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and holiday ahead! I’ll talk to you soon and will have lots to share. Does anyone else have any fun summer plans you’re looking forward to?

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  1. Good morning! First of all, your former breakfast nook (heck, the entire kitchen!) is a forever favorite. Everything about the cabinets you designed was perfection. Both the HB and the ED designer lists are providing lots of discoveries; I do prefer my physical magazines, but I need to remember to check the digital versions for additional content. Um. Those marble pedestals in Christian Siriano’s place? Wowzers. I’m thinking those won’t be showing up on fbmp anytime soon. Ha. I’m glad you found the right tile for your entry! I guess these crazy wait-times for everything are helping us all practice patience. The universe has really been serving up the lessons…Sigh. I’m so excited that your exotic expedition is finally happening! I’ll be imagining balmy ocean-breeze saltiness and mellow tropical brainwaves! (My aquatic bravery peaked recently when I fed the stingrays at the Memphis zoo.🤣) I hope 🤞to be making an impromptu trip to Alaska to hug my peripatetic brother. (He definitely got the adventure gene.) In the meantime, I’ll be addressing damages created by a certain puppy during my absence. RIP pillows and vintage settee. *deep breath*
    Happiest of Pizza Fridays to everyone! Bon voyage, Gibsons!🍕🌴

    1. Good morning, and thank you! I will love that kitchen and breakfast nook forever. It still feels beautiful looking at images today… timeless! I’ve got some magazines packed for my flight (including World of Interiors), and I’m looking forward to catching up in print. I’ll report back with notable, cool discoveries. Ha! The universe certainly has been serving up lessons, hasn’t it. Same over here! I’m happy to wait on the materials. It has been nice to take this renovations sloooow. You got the feed the stingrays?! That sounds so fun. I’m a little nervous because there is this one spot where we’ll be diving and apparently our friends have done the same dive and said the rays wrap themselves around you like beach towels- overly friendly. Hahah! We shall see how that goes. Alaska?!!! We were supposed to go to Alaska in 2020, planned the entire thing, booked our flights & accommodations, and then Covid happened. We still have a bunch of credits and are hoping to go next year. How cool that your brother is there (makes sense given you two are from Maine)!! It’s very high on our bucket list. Oh no… I can’t believe the pups did some damage while you were away. Hopefully it’s repairable. Yikes. Happy pizza friday!! Talk to you in a couple weeks :)

  2. Have a fabulous vacation Sarah! It sounds amazing 🤩 you definitely deserve some R&R and scuba diving sounds exciting.
    I loved, loved the kitchen in your last house too! It had everything I could ever dream in a kitchen 😍 It was so expertly designed and had some really amazing attributes I would never thought of. Not to mention incredibly beautiful! Whoever purchased that house must be so thrilled 🥳
    I too am kind of going on vacation to our cottage, it will involve work so not quite the excitement you will be having but a nice change of scenery. It will be wonderful to bring our things there and make it feel more like ours. Wishing you an Emmett a vacation to remember and I can’t wait to see pics and hear about it upon your return.
    Cheers 🥂

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! We’re really excited. That kitchen will always have a special place in my heart. I still can’t believe we really didn’t get to use it very long. I hope the current homeowners are enjoying it :) Have the most wonderful time at the cottage! It will be fun to get organized, bring some of your things over, and start planning & settling. That’s very exciting!! I know it’s going to turn into an incredible escape for you. Have a great trip and talk to you soon! xo

  3. Ahhh…that kitchen sparked major inspiration then, and it still does today. I still love everything about that space so much. Talk about a noteworthy post! Today I had time to explore ALL the links and they did not disappoint. So many wonderful new-to-me designers to follow on AD’s list; thank you for sharing that. Your vacation picks look incredible, and comfortable. I hope you and Emmett have a marvelous time, and lovely scuba diving adventures. Wishing you a well deserved break, safe travels, and making new memories to enjoy…maybe a new tattoo??
    We are hosting company this weekend (so of course I decided to finish painting the kitchen, lol), but other summer plans include a two week trip to your neck of the woods to hang with my sister and her family. We’re looking forward to getting out of dodge and exploring the wilderness and Utah shops!! See you back here in two weeks friend. Xoxo

    1. Aw, thanks Lauren! We’re excited to get away. Tattoos… we talked about it, but probably not this trip with all the diving. Hah! Tempting! I hope you have fun with your house guests this weekend! Yay for finishing the kitchen! And that’s awesome that you’re going to get some good family time this summer. My siblings and I have a trip planned and I can’t wait to squeeze my nieces and nephews. Let me know if you’re in or passing through SLC or PC!

      1. I will be in SLC one of the two weeks, although which one I’m not sure of yet. Jeff has sites to visit and customers that need servicing (now that the labs are open again), so we’re mixing work and play! Anyway, the kids and I will be exploring the SLC area while he works that week, so it should be fun and interesting!

  4. Have a rejuvenating vacation Sarah and Emmett! You both work so hard, enjoy your time off- we can wait until you return. Always read and enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you so much, Kari! It was a wonderful time :) I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I always love hearing when people enjoy a post! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Wow, I was name-dropped in a Noteworthy post! Lol! I hope you love the book! Wow, the Siriano house is so different from the last house of his I remember seeing, his “country” house in Connecticut (have to laugh as I live in CT but there are certainly no celebrities in my area!). This one is much more modern and neutral. It looks like that is more his style now; he moved on to a new house in CT and it’s much more in line with the one you shared! Here is the old, super colorful tour if you’re curious:

    I’m excited to dig into the old and new designers! For podcasts, I would recommend I Said No Gifts. The premise is that the host, Bridger Winegar, says not to bring a gift, but the guest always does. It’s basically a conversational podcast and then they segue into the gift-opening, and the gifts are always super unique to the guests. I especially recommend the Lauren Lapkus, Zac Oyama, Kulap Vilaysack, and Jimmy Kimmel episodes! There’s also a fantastic Instagram account for the show, @isaidnogifts, which posts photos of the gifts both wrapped and unwrapped. It’s silly and I love it! Enjoy your trip!!

    1. Lol! I loved it! Thanks again for the awesome recs! Oh wow- I hadn’t seen that tour! Definitely much different than his current place. Crazy! Hope you have a great week, Brittany!