Pasta Making Dinner Party

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone is having a good week! This year, my girlfriends and I vowed to set aside one day each month to get together. We collectively decided we’d like to spend quality time together while trying new things or getting creative. I had the pleasure of hosting & planning for March, and I had to snap some photos last weekend to share with you because it was such a fun & beautiful time! Since everyone met at my house, I decided to put our kitchen and my pasta maker to good use for a fun-filled evening of all things Italy. We rolled out handmade pasta, sampled our favorite Italian wines (after an afternoon spritz, of course), enjoyed homemade lemon gelato for dessert, had the best time catching up, and everyone went home with a little goodie bag. I also enjoyed styling a pretty tablescape that definitely has me ready for spring… it snowed here again on Monday. Oof. Click through a peek at my pasta making dinner party!

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comBefore we got our hands dirty, I handed out aprons to everyone. These make such fun party favors! We just got these in the shop and they’re my new favorite for cooking & baking.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comI prepped the dough in advance to expedite our pasta making afternoon, but it’s really simple (and fun) to make. I’ve found the best, authentic pasta comes from recipes with few ingredients.

Next, I explained to my friends how to roll out the dough, feed it through the pasta machine, fill the ravioli, and stamp it with the press to create perfectly uniform and delicious stuffed pasta.

Everyone took turns pressing ravioli and chatting while I made the limoncello butter sauce. None of my friends had made homemade pasta before, so it was extra special to be able to share one of my favorite recipes with them.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comWhile we waited for our pasta water to boil, we enjoyed an Aperol spritz while dreaming of spring weather and future travels. How pretty is this new glassware from the shop?!

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comWe also snacked on a little Italian cheese tray I assembled while we waited on our pasta to finish. Those rosemary crisps are my favorite!

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comFor the tablescape, I definitely wanted my friends to feel transported to warmer weather and I was inspired by time spent in places like Florence & Sienna. I kept it simple, classic, and colorful.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comJust as spring was starting to feel so close, it snowed a few more inches this week. I left the tablecloth on our dining table and have been lighting my favorite candles to will warmer weather into existence over here. Anyone else? This dinner party was a much needed escape.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comWe also perused a new-to-me book called Vino that had us sampling different Italian wines… another perfect way to transport our tastebuds to Italy.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comOur pasta turned out delicious and fun was had by all! It was a great kickoff to our new monthly ritual. I’ll link the essentials for you below, if you’re curious about sources.

To shop the post, use the numbered links below the collage… some of the thumbnails are clickable, but not all! 

01: stoneware tray // 02: shell serving set // 03: glass jar candle // 04: water glass // 05: champagne flute // 06: wine glass // 07: fig vinegar // 08: recipe cards // 09: sienna serving bowl // 10: olive tree // 11: kitchenaid mixer // 12: copper measuring spoons // 13: floral napkins // 14: serving bowl // 15: handmade oil bottle // 16: plates // 17: san pellegrino // 18: ravioli stamp // 19: bamboo flatware // 20: glazed vase // 21: pasta cookbook // 22: napkin rings // 23: wood wedge // 24: ice cream maker // 25: white easel // 26: copper measuring cups // 27: pasta attachment // 28: salt & pepper mills // 29: apron // 30: vintage braided baskets // 31: striped kitchen towel // 32: vino gift box // 33: hand blocked tablecloth

Dessert was homemade gelato drizzled with local honey, and wow- was it good! My friend’s nephew is a beekeeper and he sells honey by the jar. It’s the best and she was excited to see it made its way into our Italian dinner menu.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comI gave everyone recipe cards of everything I served, in case they wanted to give it a try at home. I think that’s an easy and personal way to share favorites and make memories after gathering.

One of my goals for this year was to connect more deeply with my friends. We’re all experiencing unique challenges and are moving through different phases of life, but really want to be there for each other. We collectively agreed we could all use more quality time together and would like to branch out of our regular dinner or brunch dates, meeting at a restaurant. Setting aside one day per month seemed feasible, so we compiled a shared note filled with ideas. We each take turns hosting & planning. If you’re looking to do something similar, some of our ideas include…

  • Succulent garden DIY and spring cocktails
  • Yoga & spa day (one of my friends has a beautiful cedar sauna in her home)
  • Outdoor lawn summer dinner party (think vintage rugs, floor cushions, and string lights)
  • Floral arranging evening with floral inspired cocktails (like rosewater & lavender)
  • Game night… play a couple of our favorite board or card games
  • Outdoor movie night (outdoor projector, popcorn, etc)

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comHow do you and your friends make or keep plans? Do you have any fun activities we should try? How often do you get together with loved ones? I think this is going to be the start of some really good memories and something fun we can look forward to each month.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comI sent everyone home with an assortment of Italian cookies… they’re perfect paired alongside espresso! I also included a kitchen towel, recipe cards, a ravioli stamp (so they can try it at home), in addition to the aprons. I had planned to also include leftovers, but we didn’t have any. Ha! I love a good to-go box or basket.

Pasta Making Dinner Party - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed a peek at my weekend with friends. We had the best time! Generally, I try to leave my camera packed away for things like this- because it can feel like work and I want to be present in the moment, but I tried to snap some images for you before everyone showed up. I love to host and that tablescape was really fun to throw together. Here’s to warmer weather ahead! We’re off to Arizona to meet my parents for some camping. I’m ready for sunshine and family time.

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  1. Good morning! What a delightful idea for a gathering! Although I adore cooking for friends, cooking with friends is even better! Your menu sounds heavenly and reminds me once again that I need to try pasta-making. Anything lemony is another win in my book. Naturally, the table looks spectacular-definitely bringing the Italian spring vibes. I was recently perusing all of the new entertaining and tabletop items at Tuesday Made, and I have to say Wowza! So many dreamy options, but those serving bowls and glassware are extra stunning! Of course, you created the most thoughtful take-home gifts. As for your new monthly ritual, I adore the intention and your process. Although sometimes friends require a little cajoling, I am dorkily committed to activities! Much more memorable, imho. We have heartily enjoyed trying new games in the past; watching how everyone learns and strategizes is fascinating! One especially engaging endeavor was a vintage palm-reading “game” called Touch. You use a series of cards to match the patterns on your hand, map the lines and interpret your fortune. So interesting! I love all of your ideas and that your group brainstormed together! I’ve been wanting to throw a summer lawn party with croquet, and I just discovered the hot springs can be reserved for private parties! Time to get my calendar out and rally the crew. Thanks for making the effort to share this! I know styling and photographing can take you out of the moment-that’s the opposite of what you want! Deep, meaningful friend connections will sustain us; they’re worth our efforts. 💜 Enjoy your first camper outing of the year, and say “hi” to AZ for me.😍☀️🏜

    1. We had the best time, and of course I had way too much with the tablescape and food prep. Pasta making is one of my favorite activities- mostly because I know how delicious it is when it comes time to eat the fruits of our labor. Ha! We have some fun things in the shop right now… I’ve got a peek of the spring collection coming to the blog next week :) I needed something springy during this weird snowy / rainy weather week. I’m with you on activities, and my friends also needed cajoling. They loved it though! I’m going to add the Touch game, tarot cards, or color reading to our list. Thanks for the awesome idea! That sounds like fun. I love a good hot spring soak. We ave some amazing ones here in Utah. I also like your idea of croquet for a summer party!! I’ve been wanting to get a set. You’re right about friendships being worth the effort. I missed seeing everyone and I’m glad we’re making time to get together. Hope you’re having a good day, friend! xo

  2. What a perfect gathering for a fun filled afternoon! The little touches are the very best for gatherings such as these, and your goodies sent home with friends are the perfect addition. Your table scape definitely has me dreaming of spring and sunshine. I’ve always wanted to make homemade pasta- it seems like a fun and easy activity. My friends and I all have so many kids between us that our gatherings typically happen because of play dates- and they’re extremely informal and kid centered. We try to get together once every few months, but I would adore a gathering sans kids where adults have a better opportunity for connecting. I’m taking notes on your very best hosting tips, and the wheels are turning with ideas for summer when the dining room will be guest ready (hopefully). The tablecloth you selected is beautiful, and is a gorgeous backdrop to the new serving bowl in the shop. 😍 I hope you have a wonderful time with your family in Arizona. Safe travels friend- and yes, definitely we’ll catch up next time! Xoxo

    1. We had so much fun! I’m definitely dreaming of spring. You came to Utah during a weird weather week. It’s that in-between, but is still cold and icky. I know you all will make the most of it though! You should totally try homemade pasta. Your little baker would love it :) and nothing is more delicious. We had some kids helping as well and they had a great time. Hope you and the fam are having another great day of vacation! xox

  3. Such a beautiful table set up! I am in love with your table linens and the Sienna Serving bowl from your shop! Gorgeous! What a fun evening with friends! You have my mind thinking about ways my friends & I can get together and go outside our comfort of restaurants. There’s so much to do here. The examples you came up with are great too!
    A trip to Arizona sounds good and family makes is better. Plus sunshine doesn’t hurt. We are experiencing temps all over the place. I will say Spring has sprung here with lots of bluebonnets and other wildflowers. Nature is beautiful this time of year.
    I am headed out to get soil for planting some vegetables and flowers. We are going to try more herbs & vegetables this year. It has been awhile. I recently sent you an email about RT. No rush. Letting you know since I get so much in mine and tend to miss important ones. Enjoy your trip.

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! We had so much fun and I’m really looking forward to our next get together. We’re excited for Arizona, as we’re getting more snow today. I’m very over the snow at this point. Bring on spring and some fun family time! Have such a great day planting in the garden. I’m envious! I’m hoping they’ll lift our water restrictions and I’ll be able to plant my garden again this year. I’m behind on emails, but I promise to try to get to it before we leave, or as soon as we get back next week :) You’re the best!! Can’t wait to read it and catch up. Hope you’re having a great week, friend! xox

  4. I love homemade pasta! I was so hoping there’d be a pulled back shot of your dining room! I don’t think we’ve seen it since you redid the table and chairs. What a fun afternoon!

  5. Christianne says:

    I do love that tablecloth, I clicked through and my jaw dropped at the price. Too good to be true! Did you purchase it through the site? And was it a quality buying experience? I’m almost nervous to place an order.

    1. Thank you, Christianne! Yes and yes- the price is amazing and I did indeed order through their (odd) site with zero issues. It was a good experience! No need to be nervous :)

  6. Do you have the menu and recipes posted?

    1. I don’t! I wish I would have shared them, I’m sorry Sandra. Next time I make pasta or gelato, I’ll take a photo and post.