Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comHello, and happy Friday! It has been a whirlwind of a week over here, but today we’re off to our dive trip. I did want to squeeze in a quick Noteworthy post before leaving! I’ve got a simplified version of monthly updates, links, inspiration, and random musings for you. Click through for the good stuff and have a great weekend ahead, friends…

These past couple of weeks I’ve spent the majority of my work hours at the Tuesday Made shop unboxing so many gorgeous things for fall, winter, and the holiday season ahead. From vintage goods to decor and textiles, I can’t wait to share it all with you once I’m back. I’ll work on a proper blog post! In the meantime, it’s all live- if you want to take a peek at our new arrivals beforehand. I’m honestly shocked how many holiday items I packed up and mailed out this week, but good for those of your who are on top of it and are snagging things early this year (even if you don’t plan to decorate for awhile). Last year we couldn’t believe how quickly things sold out… and we learned it’s basically impossible to restock because of lead-times. Crazy to think, I picked out our holiday goods for the shop 10-11 months ago!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAnyway, here are my top 5 favorite new arrivals from Tuesday Made:

  1. Handmade Oil Bottles (a beautiful new shape in a couple different glaze colors)
  2. Camel Houndstooth Throw (I just added one of these to my home office)
  3. Fluted Taper Pillar Candles (these have an amazing scale and are fun to style)
  4. Vintage Rugs & Vintage Stockings (I just added 10-12 new ones to the shop this week)
  5. Small Cedar Wreaths (I’ve been using these for 4-5 years now in our holiday decor… remember them hanging from my living room built-ins?)

I loved seeing my alma mater make Architectural Digest’s 53 Prettiest College Campuses in America. Are there any other Hoosiers reading who attended IU? It really is the most lovely campus- especially this time of year. I lived for fall in Bloomington!

A little life update. Aside from work, I got some interesting health news yesterday (which is why this blog post went live a bit late). On top of some ongoing health things I’ve been struggling with this year, I found out yesterday I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (a tick borne illness). After some doctor appointments yesterday, it appears I’ll be toting lots of meds with me to Indonesia, but I’m thankful my doctors caught it, it’s not contagious, and I’m still cleared to dive & travel. I haven’t really opened up about my health here because I like to keep things positive & upbeat (plus, many of my issues feel private), but it has been a year. Whew! I just wanted to say thank you for being patient with me this year when things haven’t gone quite exactly as planned. We all have those years and seasons! I also really appreciate everyone who has checked in periodically. Projects have been slower than normal, but I’m finally getting some answers. I’m hopeful I’ll be feeling good again someday, so I can dive back into the passions & projects I enjoy tackling. Speaking of…

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comWhat I’ve been into lately…

Reading… Book Lovers by Emily Henry (fiction for fun) and Essentialism by Greg McKeown (self help for work)

Watching… Bad Sisters (on Apple TV)

Listening to… Josh Young’s Autumn Playlist on Spotify (perfect while I’m working and packing orders at the shop)

Eating… Spicy Buffalo White Chicken Chili (this was SO good- we’ve already made it twice)

I loved this article written by my friend Sarah Lyon, Experts Share the Right Way to Set a Dinner Table (from basic to causal to formal). Perfect timing as we’re beginning to think about Thanksgiving next month… and happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends this weekend (I’m looking at you Colleen!).

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comThis consumer report on interior & decor spending compiled by Chairish was fascinating to me! Speaking of purchases…

My recent purchases? Here are five of my recent buys…

  • Zella Sneakers // I got these for our trip and they are the MOST comfortable slip on sneakers. I’ve been wearing them everywhere, they’re on sale right now, and the green color is much deeper and more beautiful in person.
  • Le Pliage Expandable Travel Tote // Another travel purchase… this is my new go-to bag for flying. I like that it zips, is nylon & highly cleanable, and can expand or pack super small (if needed).
  • Deep Sleep Pillow Spray // This year I’ve had the worst time sleeping- insomnia to the max. I don’t know how it works (and maybe it’s a placebo effect), but I’m not going to question it. A spritz of this pillow spray before bed is somehow working for me! It has almost 19k five star reviews.
  • Dolcetto Cubetti // These have become my guilty pleasure dessert or treat. I’ve been sneaking one or two with my morning coffee / espresso. They’re SO good.
  • My New Favorite Sweater // I’ve been living in this affordable sweater these past couple weeks!

Interested in more of my best finds & purchases of the month? Check out my October picks here!

Apparently, I’m also going to be on the hunt for new bedding and sheets once we get back home. Why? Despite using high quality sheet sets from my favorite places (Annie Selke, Boll & Branch, Serena & Lily, Parachute, etc)… Emmett keeps managing to destroy them in his sleep. I have no idea how this keeps happening, but he has ripped our last 4 sheet sets- and get this… with his ELBOWS. I told him he must have the world’s pointiest elbows because this is still a mystery in my mind. He said he turns over, his elbow gets stuck, and it “slices” the sheet. I’m thinking, our elbows are most certainly not knives. I’m perplexed about this comical situation, but now I have to spend more money on bedding. Can someone explain this to me? Haha!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comThe ultimate fall home & cleaning checklist. I definitely have plenty more still to tackle! Have you started or crossed any of these seasonal chores off your list?

How is October treating you so far? We’re excited to find adventure in Indonesia, and once we return, we’re eager to host our annual Halloween party. The next couple blog weeks may look a bit different. Depending on how much I can accomplish, I’ll be sharing quick roundup style posts… I thought that may be helpful for those of you who don’t follow along on LTK, and want to see what I’ve been sharing, saving, liking, and recommending recently. Regular blog posts will resume on October 26th (I’ll also get back to your comments that week). Keep checking bag for lots of good sources, though. I hope you’re having a wonderful fall season!

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  1. Good morning Sarah and yay for answers!! I’m so happy your doctors are finally coming to conclusions on the health issues you’ve struggled with this year. I know it hasn’t been easy or comfortable for you, to say the least, but you have muscled through despite feeling not-so-yourself. I know you’re anxious to get back to your “normal”, but even your “not-yourself” accomplishments are admirable and far more than I could accomplish in your situation. In awe of you friend! I don’t have much time to click through the links this morning, so I’ll happily save this tab to visit in between the hustle & bustle. However, your alma mater is beautiful- and among good company! So many gorgeous campuses across our nation. I have been perusing the new arrivals to the shop intermittently and I’m loving all the selections this season. Maybe I’m just THAT ready for fall, but this year I want to make my seasonal purchases much earlier than normal. I will say, as much as I’m ready, I still can’t get behind the Christmas posts I’m already seeing on IG. An audible groan can be heard from here to China every time I see a Christmas tree this week! Haha!! Oh and about your sheets…Emmett, it’s time for some elbow exfoliation! Gold Bond rough and bumpy skin is a wonderful 2-in-1 exfoliating lotion that works fast, has minimal scent, and amazing results! Jeff frequently tears our sheets too- knees and elbows being the culprit. I think it’s just because men aren’t in the habit of lathering on the moisturizer like women are. Jeff is the reason I refuse to invest a sizeable chunk in sheets. He tore a brand new set the day after putting it on the bed! You’re not alone Sarah! I hope you have the most lovely time in Indonesia- cheers to enjoying, relaxing, recharging, and adventuring. I’ll be living vicariously and hoping for excellent dives and underwater wonder. Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I appreciate you. I’m hoping to start feeling more like myself again soon. My doctors are finally putting some puzzle pieces together! We definitely have so many beautiful college campuses across the nation- especially this time of year. So pretty! I’m hating all the early Christmas posts, and surprisingly- we’ve been packing and shipping out quite a few holiday orders lately. For me, it’s too early. Emmett definitely needs some elbow exfoliation or something. Sheesh! I still need to replace our sheets. I didn’t have time before leaving for our trip. Ha.

  2. I’m cracking up at the knife elbows. That is a first!

    I hope you feel your best as soon as possible.

    I’m considering those sneaks. I have paralysis by analysis on new sneakers these days.

    1. It was definitely a surprise, Dawn! Haha! Thanks for your well wishes- I just finished my meds. Those sneakers were FANTASTIC for our trip- definitely my new travel / airport go-to.

  3. Goodness, Sarah…so sorry to hear about the RMF on top of everything else! You deserve a wonderful vacation right now more than anyone else for sure, so enjoy it and take it as easy as you can when you get back. 💓

    1. Thanks, Anne! I just finished my antibiotics on our last day of vacation, and I’m hopefully that they will help to kick at least a few of my weird symptoms. We had a wonderful adventure and restorative trip. I loved Indonesia so much! I’ll have to work on a blog post. I hope you’re having an amazing fall season :) xo

  4. Melanie T says:

    I’m so glad that you have a diagnosis finally! When the lab tests come out normal/ inconclusive and you still have ongoing cyclical illness you lose hope and worry and others worry for you. Having just gone through a few years of such debilitating illness cycles with my husband we finally received a name for the rare condition he has, so I know how exhilarating that news can be. Diagnosis is key to treatment and for course of action. Hooray, and even though you are carting along a lot of meds I know this news represents peace of mind and the start of a well deserved vacation and healing.

    1. Thank you, Melanie! I just finished my antibiotics and am hoping that takes care of a few of my symptoms. I’m hoping to get more answers in the months ahead for my other issues. You totally get it- not having a diagnosis is so upsetting and frustrating. It definitely induces worry and loss of hope. I’m so thrilled to hear your husband finally has answers. I’m sorry to hear about his rare condition, but I hope it leads to the treatment he needs to feel better. Vacation was definitely healing and just what I needed. I’m back to the lab work and doctor appointments this week, but it was such a nice break.

  5. My husband shreds our sheets but it is with his heels! The last two sets of sheets had to be replaced because of knife heels. So funny. What is with these guys?! 😂

    1. Husbands!! How?! I will never understand. Knife heels, elbows, and toenails. Yikes. I just have to laugh! I still need to replace our sheets.

  6. Good afternoon! I missed your post earlier because I was helping my bff remove 5 (FIVE?!) layers of painted over wallpaper from her kitchen. Oof. Anyway. Three cheers for relaxing and recreating in Bali!!! I hope that you experience some incredible diving, spectacular scenery and scrumptious food! A well-deserved retreat. And oh my gosh, I just googled RMSF…probably never leaving the house again. Thank goodness you are receiving treatment. I continue to be astonished and inspired by your positive attitude and superhuman workload despite your health travails this year. I know complaining doesn’t solve problems, but sometimes a good pity party is…freeing? You’re a wonder. I’ll be back later to check out more link. Now it’s time for pizza and puppy playdates! Happiest of fall Friday, friends!!

    1. FIVE layers of painted wallpaper?! Oof. You are the BEST of best friends. The food was scrumptious, indeed. RMSF… I had no idea I was even bit by a tick, but my numbers via bloodwork was off the charts, so it was definitely there. I spent the majority of our trip on antibiotics, which wasn’t the best- but I made the most of it. I’m hoping it helped to clear up at least a couple things I have going on. You are so kind- thank you. I’m still searching for answers, but am trying to live and focus on things that bring me joy in the meantime. Here’s to hoping I won’t be a medical mystery forever. I’ve definitely had the pity parties in the comforts of our own home (just ask Emmett, ha). I’m thankful to have insurance and am so privileged to have access to healthcare. I can’t imagine some of the things people go through with far less. I hope your pizza and puppy playdates was a wonderful time- that sounds like my kind of night :)

  7. Happy weekend and travels to you! Look forward to hearing about your trip. I know you are relieved to finally get an answer to your health issues. Hope the meds give you relief and eases your symptoms.
    Lots of interesting things in this post. Must check out all the goodies in your shop especially the holiday items. Those sneakers are cute and look very comfortable. Yours seem easy to get on…no laces! I have been looking at some Sorel sneaker/boots for our trip to North Carolina next month. I am excited for cooler temps there and can pack lots of sweaters…yay! Of course, a beach vaca with diving; reading a book; relaxing and breath taking views is always the best kind of trip.
    Speaking of fall cleanup. I was just looking for my list. Will have to read up on the one you shared. Lets see if I get it done. Ha!
    Have a wonderful trip friend! See you back here in a couple of weeks. By the way, our daughter has been sending us lots of pictures and Ireland looks beautiful and green.

    1. Thank you, Danna! The sneakers worked out great and were the perfect travel shoe- easy to slip on and off for flights & the airport. I have a couple pairs of Sorels and they’re both wonderful- definitely recommend! Now it’s back to reality and our fall / winter to-do list. I’m feeling behind over here. Ireland is definitely on my travel list- I’m so glad to hear your daughter had an unforgettable trip! Is she home yet?!