When is a Room Finished? - roomfortuesday.comAfter just getting home from our weekend away to celebrate Emmett’s birthday, it felt like a good idea to kick off the week with a new, short & sweet Noteworthy post! Don’t worry- I have an Airbnb house tour and trip recap planned for you later this week because the place we stayed at in Joshua Tree was incredible (and dog friendly), so look for that later on. In the meantime, click through for updates, inspiring links I saved while in the car, recent purchases, and cool finds! 

Now that we’re back home from our little staycation (it always feels good to come home), that means we’ll be getting back to work on my home office renovation this week (exciting)! I’m also working on designing a fun project for our backyard… not a pool (wishful thinking), but something we’re pretty excited about. I’ll share more once I’ve sorted through the details, budget, and design plan. Our roof installation in scheduled to start in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait to see the way it transforms our exterior. We’ll be using Bartile roofing, so it’s super dimensional. If you missed that news last fall, our roof was very damaged in a wind storm that rolled through our area, so it has to get replaced… we’re just waiting on better weather to arrive in our area before the installers can get started. Luckily, our homeowners insurance is covering the majority of the cost.

Speaking of better weather, I’m looking forward to all the springs things: patio time, planting our tiny garden, tending to our cooking herbs, and just being outside more often. Time away over the weekend in the desert made me realize how much I miss spending time outdoors under the sun. It was such a nice, relaxing, and rejuvenating trip for us! I came home with so many new ideas, creative energy, and optimism. We had nine hours there and nine back to brainstorm, dream, and just hangout without interruptions… which was pretty blissful. Our little road trip also has me itching for bigger trips. Funny how travel works that way! Do you have anything planned this summer or later this year?

One of my exciting ideas means big changes here on Room for Tuesday. I’ll share more once I have it all figured out, but I’m looking forward to more connecting, community, and helpful design conversations here.

Did you pickup the latest issue of Reveal magazine on newsstands for spring? You might have noticed a very cute, familiar face…

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comThat’s right- Cash got a full page in the latest Reveal “Renovation Issue” that highlighted our built-in dog crate in our previous laundry room. It might be my favorite issue filled with amazing and talented design & renovating enthusiasts. We definitely felt honored to be included amongst such a talented group.

Have you ever ordered anything from eBay France– or did you even realize it was a thing? I feel like it’s an untapped resource if you don’t mind translating (or brushing up on your French) and can figure out shipping. I went down a rabbit hole while we were in the car driving (thanks to Jeremiah Brent’s recommendation).

According to Elle Decor, these will be the top bathroom trends for 2021. I actually agree with most of them and can also see these existing elsewhere in a home… outside of the bathroom as well!

My recent purchases have been all over the place… from clothing to home things and even hygiene-related items:

  • spring sneakers // I posted these on the Tuesday Made IG account and got a ton of messages asking for the source. I’ve been living in these comfy shoes lately and I like the fun, wide ribbon style laces. They come in a few different colors and are currently 40% off with code SUNSHINE!
  • electric toothbrush // This might be an unpopular opinion, but Emmett & I just ditched our popular Sonicare toothbrushes. We had been using them for 3 years, and even though our routine hadn’t changed, our dental health was declining (mostly gum issues). We swapped back to Oral B brand after years and both of our dentists (we go to different dentists, BTW) noticed a change for the better. I’m convinced the swap made a big difference… the brush head shape is different! My mom even swapped back (Emmett convinced her because she was having similar issues) and had good things to say as well.
  • chambray kitchen towels // Because Emmett is strict about keeping our shop inventory organized, I bought a couple chambray towels for our kitchen. They’re perfect for spring & summer and I’ve learned my lesson on buying the things I really want for myself before they sell out. Ha! They’re super soft and are made of 100% linen. I’ve been loving them. I have one on our dishwasher and on hanging on our kitchen cart, pictured below.
  • reverse osmosis system // I shared a few weeks ago that we were planning to install a water filtration system. I got a ton of messages asking which one we went with. After lots of research, this is the one we landed on. Our water is REALLY bad from the tap… so bad that it messed up our water softener and our new whole house humidifier. Anyway, we got it all sorted out and I’m excited for easy drinking water soon (this is our current eco friendly solution)… now we just need to make time to install it. I also have to find a different kitchen faucet.
  • midi dress // I bought this dress last month (also 40% off with code SUNSHINE), and I’ve been wearing it often. It feels like an easy in-between seasons outfit that is really comfortable and flattering.

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comI’m itching to put our balcony and patio back together soon, start planting, and tend to my window boxes, but knowing Utah- the cold weather isn’t quite over yet.

Although more formal feeling that my personal aesthetic, I really enjoyed this luxe, little home tour.

Is life feeling a bit more normal(ish) to you yet? It feels like spring is bringing so much positivity this year. I feel like good, happy things are on the horizon! Cheers to a great week ahead.

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  1. Welcome home! I’m looking forward to your vacay recap; I perused that very Airbnb last year when I was planning our ill-fated Joshua Tree trip. March is definitely the dreamiest time in the desert. My travel bestie and I are currently scheming a trip somewhere this summer. Our little circle of friends is fully vaccinated, so we’re starting to feel more comfortable…maybe not normal.😉 I spent yesterday afternoon working on our garden project, getting muddy and sunburned; it was the BEST! I’m ready for spring. You’ve got me intrigued with your backyard project mention…tiling the patio? Putting in a wood-burning pizza oven? Also, BIG changes here at RFT?! Now my brain is working overtime. Ebay France? Zut alors! Two features jumped out at me from that Mediterranean home tour- the coffered/tray ceiling detail in the dining room (is that what you’re planning?) and the Labradoodle lounging on the sofa! Oops, I guess three things; the barrel-vaulted butler’s pantry would suit me just fine as a kitchen! Cheers to a lovely, productive week! I’m off to create a special birthday cake (and maybe peek at eBay France!)💜

    1. Thank you! Really?! I would definitely go back and stay in that house. It was really beautiful and the location was perfect. We kind of had crummy weather while we were in the desert (cold and super windy), but it was still fun to hangout, get away, and enjoy a change of scenery! I’m so excited to hear you’re planning a summer trip someplace fun. It was nice having something to look forward to! Most in my circle of friends have had their first shot, so that’s exciting. I get my second next week. Definitely not “normal” yet, but I’m feeling hopeful for the rest of the year… at least being more social and entertaining here at home with our loved ones! Your weekend in the garden sounds perfect! I’m ready for spring too. I WISH we were tiling the patio, but I don’t think we’re there yet. Our yard seems to be having drainage issues, so we have to get that resolved first (which could be expensive, argh). You might be onto something with the pizza oven. Haha! I loved and noticed all of the things you mentioned about the house tour, too :) Happy cake baking!!

  2. I love road trips for that very reason! The time to dream, discuss, brainstorm and get creative is always what my brain needs to escape the monotony of day-in-day-out. I’m excited to see the trip recap, and intrigued by your air bnb. Changes here at RFT?? More connecting and community…yes please! I am pondering what’s in store!
    Also-I’m pretty sure you could insert Cash (or Crosby) into a photo in any home, and they’ll make it look fantastic! His little face gets me every time. Backyard project?? It has to be the patio slab you mentioned last year-stamping? Tiling?? Oh the suspense! Speaking of the exterior of your home-the roofing tiles from Bartile look incredible. I perused the gallery trying to guess which ones you selected, and honestly I have a good guess but it’s a shaky one lol. I know it’s just a roof, but roofs can transform an exterior dramatically, and I’m excited to see the end result. *ahem* blog post suggestion: what it’s like to work with a roofing company, what to expect, questions you should ask…all the things *ahem*.
    I feel your pain on the gum degradation with Sonicare toothbrushes- I had the same experience and actually switched back to a manual toothbrush a few months ago; I’ll be checking out the oral B toothbrush- I have always loved that brand and wondered if the electric toothbrush is effective. Your dress purchase is stunning! I love that laid back lived-in feel in a dress-great choice Sarah! Happy Monday-it’s a beautiful spring morning here and for the first time in 6days, the wind isn’t blowing. Yay!!! Have a wonderful and productive week!

    1. Road trips really are fun for that reason… AND snacks. Haha! I’m excited for new changes here that will make things easier to navigate, connect, and share resources. Your lamp image really got me thinking- it’s not that easy for everyone to openly share images, respond & brainstorm ideas, and share here (other than the comment section). As things evolve, I figured it’s time to make a change (and put in the work) that will benefit everyone! More to come soon! I so wish the patio was stamping or tiling or doing something other than our ugly concrete back there, but we’re having drainage issues AGAIN, so we have to solve for that first. Womp womp. I’m definitely going to cover LOTS of roofing posts. We’ve never had to replace a roof on any of our homes, so it’s going to be a first for us, too. Is it bad that I can’t remember off the top of my head which roofing tiles I selected? LOL! I think I picked them last October? It feels like forever ago. I remember the color was slate. Anyway… it will be a surprise for us all. Hah! Emmett almost switched back to his manual toothbrush after his dentist said gum grafts are just around the corner (eeek!), but the Oral B is working well for the both of us now. It has a “feather” sensitive setting that we both use to protect our gums. Oh dental care. Oof! I’m so happy you’re having a gorgeous spring day! Our time in California was WINDY and cold. Crosby and Cash both ran into a cactus and we had to pull needles out of them (poor guys), but it was still a fun trip. Have an awesome week, Lauren :)

  3. I had the same experience with toothbrush. That round brush just works better!

    1. You did?! That just reassures our decision. It’s so weird because both of our dentists recommend the Sonicare (I know it has a lot of hype and marketing behind it), but I think the Oral B shape works better to clean. Anyway, I really care about my teeth and dental hygiene, so this was a game changer for us this month. Haha! Thanks for the reassurance, Kathy. Have a great week!

  4. Jennifer Laura says:

    Your pup is the cutest! I’ll be on the lookout for the mag!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun feature :)