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On My Mind : Carpet & Runners

On My Mind : Carpet & Runners - Surprisingly, I get quite a few questions or source requests for the carpet we currently have in our home (pictured above), but I honestly don’t love it, nor can I recommend it. It was honestly kind of tough to find an image of our carpet, because I typically crop it out or shoot strategically because it annoys me. The carpet was here when we moved into our home, and I’m pretty sure it was an afterthought or attempt at selling the home more quickly. After the previous homeowners moved out, they had the entire house painted a warm gray color and installed new carpet throughout (even in the bathroom… remember that?!). It felt and still feels uninspired to me. The carpet isn’t great quality, but it is in good shape, is clean, and is a cool gray color that luckily goes with most palettes. However, it’s not my preferred style and it’s not holding up well to our dogs. We moved in two and a half years ago, and I’m still not impressed with the carpet situation. I’ve been thinking more about the carpet as I’m designing our entryway (think integrated stair runner), and wanted to share my random thoughts on the design topic and material. I have a lot of ideas and design-related things floating around my brain that may or may not ever come to fruition. I thought it could be fun to have casual discussions, bounce ideas, and share them in a new “On My Mind” series. If something pops up that seems interesting or relevant to chat about, I’ll use this tag / title to post about it. Sound good? Click through for a casual discussion on carpet and what that might look like in our home someday! Continue Reading

My Best Amazon Resources -
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My Best Amazon Resources

Happy Tuesday! I hope your day is off to a good start. Today’s blog post is kind of a house keeping post. I hope it’s evident, but I try really hard to make the blog and my channels an…

My Go-To Formula for Styling a Bed -
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My Go-To Formula for Styling a Bed

Hello, hello. How was your weekend? I hope your day is off to a good start! Today I’m sharing another post that many of you continue to ask about- I honestly just haven’t had time to shoot and share…

Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites -
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Serena & Lily Tried & True Favorites

Serena & Lily is one of those brands I shop often and love working with because I can always attest to the incredible quality and classic nature of their home items. Anytime I order something from them I know…

Design Eye Training : 105 -
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Design Eye Training : 105

We’re long past due for a Design Eye Training post, and I know how much everyone loves these (myself included)! Today I have a real treat for you, as we’re analyzing and admiring one of my favorite spaces by…