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Design Discussion : TV Over the Fireplace

Design Discussion : TV Over the Fireplace - Happy Friday, friends- it’s time for another Design Discussion! Many of you requested a long chat about this topic and I thought it was a wonderful idea… installing a TV above a fireplace. Should you do it? Is it a design mistake? Is it more functional? What do you do when that’s your only option? What is the best case scenario? I’m breaking it all down in this post! Click through to read all about it… Continue Reading

Roundup : Task Lamps -
interiors & styling

Roundup : Task Lamps

Let’s talk task lamps! Much like hand soaps, desk lamps are another item I have a weakness for. Perhaps it’s the hinged arm or their convenient functionality, but I enjoy a good looking lamp sitting atop my desk or…

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration -
interiors & styling

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

It’s time for another “10 Pins” post packed with my favorite interior inspiration from Pinterest. Since we were traveling and spent a lot of time in the air on flights, I had plenty of time to pin and compile…

Roundup : Hand Soap -
interiors & styling

Roundup : Hand Soap

Well, it’s about time I share another interesting fact about myself… I’m a hand soap fanatic. If I’m being honest, I’m actually kind of a hand soap snob (that might be putting it lightly). I’m pretty picky when it…