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Timeless Paint Colors and Favorite Pairings

Timeless Paint Colors and Favorite Pairings - Every January, I share my predicted paint colors for the year ahead. I have to say- last year I was pretty accurate for 2020, but this year… I decided to switch things up. Instead of making paint predictions, I thought it might be more helpful to share some of my favorite timeless paint swatches and a few pairings I’ve been liking. Since we’ve been talking about trends and longevity in design, I’m hoping this post will provide some inspiration if you’re on the hunt for a new palette! Click through to check it out…  Continue Reading

Roundup: Demilune Tables -
interiors & styling

Roundup: Demilune Tables

Have you been noticing more curved shapes and soft edges in design lately? I certainly have. I love the curvy feminine shapes that have been popping up in beautiful interior spaces, and it prompted me to roundup one of…

Our Arch and Why It Was The Wrong Move -
interiors & styling

Our Arch and Why It Was The Wrong Move

When asking for blog topic suggestions, many of you wanted to know what was going on with our kitchen arch and why I had mentioned we’ll be removing it. Nothing gets past you! Haha! In all honesty, I didn’t…

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration -
interiors & styling

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins has remained one of my favorite blog series to compile over the years, and the first one of 2021 was no exception. I found so many creative spaces this month! Pinterest continues to be the most inspiring…