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5 Tips for Working From Home + Setting Up a Home Office

5 Tips for Working From Home + Home Office Furniture Roundup - Hi friends, how was your weekend? I know we are all struggling with our “new normal” and for many of us, that means working from home. I’ve been working from home for over six years now and my day-to-day work flow really hasn’t changed throughout all of this, so I thought I’d share some tips that help me stay productive, focused, and efficient while working from my home office. Home is honestly my favorite place to be, and surprisingly- to work… especially after figuring out and perfecting my system. Click through for my 5 tips if you’re working from home for the first time, along with a little roundup of my favorite home office furniture pairings…

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Tips for Making a Cold Bathroom Feel Cozy -
interiors & styling

Tips for Making a Cold Bathroom Feel Cozy

Does anyone have a bathroom that feels cold year round? My first recollection of this was at my grandmother’s house growing up- she had a bathroom that always felt cool, no matter the season. That reminiscent cold bathroom feeling…

Form vs Function : Entryway Edition -
interiors & styling

Form vs Function : Entryway Edition

Hey guys, how are you hanging in there? I’m ready to kick off the week with a positive attitude! I’m back with another post on form versus function, since the bathroom storage edition was such a big hit last…