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Candle Selection & Candle Care Tips

Candle Selection & Candle Care Tips - This is a topic we’ve been talking about recently here on the blog in the comment section, after I shared my favorite candles and home fragrances for autumn last month… how to select a quality candle, and how to make the most of candles you spend more money on. From preventing “tunneling” to finding a candle that won’t give you that dreaded headache, I’m sharing all of my tips in today’s blog post- and I have a LOT to say about candles. I spent months researching, sampling, and learning about the candle making and burning process last year as I was creating my own candle collection for Tuesday Made (check out more on that in this post). I’d love to share some of the helpful things I discovered with you… it’s really interesting stuff- especially if you’re a candle lover who burns them often! Click through for everything you need to know about candles.  Continue Reading

Office Renovation Update (Custom Items) -
interiors & styling

Office Renovation Update (Custom Items)

Here we are 10+ months into my home office renovation (catch all of my update posts here), and I feel like we’re really starting to gain some traction. This month has been the month that our custom items have…

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration -
interiors & styling

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

How was your weekend? It’s that time again… for a new inspiration-filled 10 Pins post! We’re kicking off the week with interior & decor inspiration that caught my eye on Pinterest this month. As you might imagine, given the season, I…

Jordan's Entryway Makeover -
interiors & styling

Jordan’s Entryway Makeover

I know you’ve heard me talk about Jordan here on the blog before… she helps Emmett & I run our Tuesday Made shop! Albeit camera shy, she’s an integral part of our team (we’re lucky to have her!) and…