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Office Kitchenette Makeover

Office Kitchenette Makeover - roomfortuesday.comLately, it feels like we’re juggling a lot of projects between our home, our office, and launching our store. It feels amazing to officially cross the office kitchenette off of our to-do list this week! I’m very excited with how this little space came together. We’ve been spending so much time here, in preparation for our launch, I know this little corner will make this place feel more like home. Having a refrigerator to keep our lunch cold, enjoying morning coffees, and being able to look at this beautiful vignette is a game changer in our office. Click through for some fun before & after images, product links & sources, and to see the finished makeover. This rental office is really starting to shape up and feel like ours!  Continue Reading

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home -
interiors & styling

My Favorite Vintage Item In Our Home

I teamed up with three of my good blogging buddies Kyla, Chloe, and Susan (you probably know them from their blogs House of Hipsters, Boxwood Avenue, and House of Brinson), to share our most coveted vintage piece found in our…

Designer Trick : Choosing Fabric -
interiors & styling

Designer Trick : Choosing Fabric

I’ve had fabric on my brain lately, as I just ordered window treatments for my home office (yay!), and I’ve been selecting upholstery fabric for some new furniture pieces. We have lots of exciting things coming up! Anyway- I…

Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps -
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Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps

Let’s talk kitchen countertop lamps… ever since I styled my $30 black lamp on our soapstone kitchen counters, I’ve steadily received questions about it. Inquiring minds want to know where the cord lives (does it even have a cord……