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Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone’s week is off to a lovely start. Today we’re talking about one of my favorite things- stationery and desk supplies! With a background in print design, I’ve always had a deep love and strong appreciate for physical printed items: books, magazines, pretty stationery products, etc. Call me old school, but hand-written notes and letters are basically my love language. There is a reason I include a handwritten note in all of your Tuesday Made packages. It’s such a heartfelt way to reach out, thank, congratulate, celebrate, or connect with people. Today I wanted to share some classic and functional stationery items with you. January always puts me in the spirit to get my desk organized, and with my upcoming home office reveal just around the corner, I’ve been enjoying some fun new notepads, monogrammed seals, address stamps, organized lists, and a fresh new weekly planner. Is there anything better than starting a new planner at the beginning of each year? Sure, I use my digital Google calendar, but I also write everything down in my planner- appointments, goals, plans, reminders, etc. If you’d like to peruse some of my recent finds, click through! I’ll admit- my new office gave me a good excuse to upgrade some items you’ll find in my desk drawers. I’m just waiting on my antique desk to be finished and then it’s move-in time! 

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comI’m the type of gal who writes everything down, appreciates an organized to-do list (scratching things off is the most rewarding), and enjoys fresh tablets of paper, sticky notes, or planners to keep me focused and on track each week. I also really love getting and sending mail… specifically letters, cards, and notes. It’s always a fun surprise to open the mailbox and find something unexpected!

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comYou know I also enjoy all things monogrammed. Personalized stationery feels so timeless to me… from my desk to yours. It’s also a professional and personal way to connect with colleagues or new acquaintances. It acts as an opportunity to impress and say hello or thank you on a deeper level. Just like business cards, I learned during my print design days that having a put-together stationery set that encompasses your personality or brand is pretty important and creative when it comes to first impressions.

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comLet’s talk about my new favorite thing: wax seals. Why did it take me so long to invest in a few of these? These inexpensive seals have become my most coveted part of writing & sending letters as of late. This incredibly old practice is quite fun and easy. It really adds an impressive and classic touch that feels endearing and special.

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comI’m telling you- pour yourself a glass of wine, put on some classical music, light a candle (to melt your wax) and play with seals & stamps because it will make you feel very fancy and fun! I’ve been using them on everything. Not only have I been stamping pretty seals on the backside of envelopes, but I’ve been finding all sorts of places for them- to dress up gift wrap, stamping my personal items (like my planner, work folders, or notebook covers), and you can even use them in the kitchen! Have you seen people use their wax stamps on chocolate? Wouldn’t these medallions look so amazing as cupcake, mousse, or dessert toppers? If you have a small business, of course these seals would also make very special branding. Attention to detail is my favorite, and these stand out in the best way.

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my finds to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: le pen set // 02: washi tape // 03: initial wax seal // 04: blue monogrammed stationery // 05: floral wax seal // 06: jockey card // 07: appointed notebook // 08: meal planning notepad // 09: leather desk notepad // 10: thank you cards // 11: cursive wax seal // 12: return address stamp // 13: agenda sticky notes // 14: tombow brush pen // 15: personalized floral stationery // 16: custom wax seal // 17: weekly planner // 18: fern cards // 19: round address stamp // 20: to-do notepad // 21: hydrangea personalized notes // 22: split monogram notepad // 23: embossed monogram

The planner I’m currently using is this yearly task planner from Appointed… I forgot to include it in the roundup! I also wanted to mention the pens I linked in the collage. Le Pen is my go-to for everyday writing… jotting notes in my planner, making my to-do list, etc. If you’re into calligraphy (or just getting started), the best brush pen I’ve found is the Tombow! It has dual brushes and writes like a dream, making my penmanship look better than it actually is. I also linked all of my wax stamps, so I can vouch for all of those. They’re beautiful in person!

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comLast year, Emmett & I promised to do a better job connecting with family. We live on the opposite side of the country from all of our family members- parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. We created a family calendar and committed to sending cards for everyone’s birthday to show them we care and connect in a heartfelt way. This year, we’ll be doing more of the same- showing up in their mailbox with thoughtful cards & notes for each occasion. Pretty stationery that is fun to use has kept me looking forward to this routine.

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comI’ll also admit- many of you have inspired me to put the pen to paper recently, and get my desk extra organized before moving into my new office. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again- I am so thankful for this lovely community that continues to inspire me. Lauren & Danna took the time to share their tried & true recipes with me, which I eagerly jotted down on some recipe cards… Peggi sent me the most beautiful vintage dish (that really doubles as art) that I’ve been using for clips on my desk, and Anne dropped off a gorgeous desk calendar for me during the holidays. These special surprises only added fuel to my stationery and organized & elegant office supply craze. I appreciate your kindness and friendship so much!

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comTo me (in an age where things are primarily digital), stationery is the perfect reminder to slow down, enjoy something creative, and connect with people or yourself in a more intimate way. If you’re looking for something fun to try this winter, I think letter writing, calligraphy, journaling, keeping an organized planner, or simply playing with stationery items makes the perfect cozy indoor activity.

Roundup : Stationery - roomfortuesday.comLooking for more stationery, desk, office, or business / branding ideas? I also made an Amazon resource list for you. Do you have any stationery questions or thoughts for me? Do you also enjoy pretty paper products? Who else enjoys wax seals, stamping, and embossing? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below! This post really made me miss my old letterpressing days in art school. I used to spend hours gathering type, mixing ink, and printing on the press.

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  1. Good morning! I adore everything about this post! First of all, what’s more fun than a stack of fresh office supplies? The intoxicating promise of all that organization and productivity! Seriously, my excitement over pretty multicolored post-its is embarrassing. #teacher As for personal correspondence, I’ve had it on my mind lately. I used to be a prolific letter-writer. Several major moves in my life (loooong before the ease of technology) made exchanging lengthy updates through the mail a way to stay connected and feel less lonely. Sadly, texting and email have become pallid replacements. (I loathe talking on the phone.) I’ve felt the tug to revive my postal message practice, and those wildly adorable wax stamps might be the motivation I need! How wonderful that you made a goal to regularly send cards to family! You definitely brightened some days! I had a colleague ages ago who kept a stack of postcards in her desk; during lunch several times a week, she would jot brief love notes to friends and family. Such a sweet, thoughtful human! I read something recently that really struck me. Fewer handwritten messages means the loss of personal and historical archives. No modern, ribbon-wrapped cache of letters to tell the story of a relationship. Putting emails in a folder is not the same.🙄 That’s it, Sarah. I’m vowing to put pen to paper this year! Thanks for the inspiration. Now off to choose a wax stamp (or two…)!! Happy Monday!💜

    1. Isn’t it so fun? I really enjoyed this one, too. I’ve definitely been on a stationery kick lately. I can totally see you being a prolific letter-writer. 1000%. I think letters are far more special than emails or texting. There is just something intimate and romantic about putting a pen to paper and mailing it off across the country to a loved one, friend, or family member. I loved the holiday letter you mailed me :) it truly made my day, and you have such awesome penmanship! I love your colleague’s idea to keep a stack of postcards at her desk and mail them out during lunch. That is so sweet. The digital age is great, but I’ve always loved doing things the traditional way… even if it’s outdated. I hope your week is off to a lovely start! xox

  2. I love this post!! Last month, I treated myself to a wax seal but haven’t figured out the best way to melt the wax. I would love to hear your recommendation. Thanks!

    1. So happy to hear that, Brenda! There are lots of ways to melt your wax… it kind of depends on what type of wax you have- a stick of wax or beads / medallions. If you have a little wax spoon (like in my photos), you can place a medallion or two inside and melt it over a candle. Or if you have the wax sticks, you can melt the end in the same way- with a lighter, candle, etc. If I’m using the sticks, I like to roll it into a circle on the surface to get a nice symmetrical shape, rather than letting it organically drip. I hope that helps! There are some fun YouTube videos I watched before I got the hang of it. Ha!

  3. Carly Preiss says:

    Good morning! This post speaks to my SOUL, and I’m about to hit checkout on that embosser.

    Stationary is my favourite thing in the world, and I’ve also recently gotten into wax seals! If you want to find some really gorgeous colours of wax, check out Artisaire – they often do some really unique “Recycled” colours that come out of their testing process. Currently in love with one called Truffle!

    Also, you turned me onto the Appointed Yearly Task Planner and I’m never looking back!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration on a cold Monday morning, and I hope that you have a lovely week!!

    1. I love hearing that, Carly! I’m not going to lie- the embosser is also in my cart. Haha! Thank you so much for sharing the wax brand- I hadn’t heard of them, but wow!! Their colors are incredible. I’m definitely going to place an order once I run out of what I have. I’m also excited to try my stamps on chocolate. I’ve been watching some video tutorials and it looks so fun. I love, love, love my appointed planner. I’m happy that you’ve been enjoying yours, too. They’re the best! I hope you also have a fantastic week ahead :) xo

  4. Thank oh Sarah! I’m just catching up to your post from Friday. What a bummer. We had a Samsung 30” stove that had the same problem and we called them about it and they refunded the entire amount we paid! We kept the stove and have had to change out the igniter a few times but was willing to do it as we knew that stove would always be a temp until we could remodel our kitchen and get a 48 inch range. I can’t believe how horrible the service was at GE. Maybe now after your blog post someone will get in touch with you and make it right!
    As an aside….did you ever go into detail about your soapstone apron sink? I want to go for one but I am terrified about chipping and longevity.

    1. I went on a hunt and found that your sink isn’t soapstone. It blends so well..:I had no clue. I guess I answered my own question. Lol….

    2. Ahh yes… the range debacle. I’m sorry you also had issues with yours. I’m thrilled to hear the customer service team was able to handle it for you though. I wish I could say the same for GE. Oddly enough, they reached out to me over the weekend, but have yet to help. I have a feeling we’re stuck with it. Our sink isn’t soapstone, but we did consider that! We’re pretty tough on our sink, so I figured opting for a black sink that was basically indestructible was probably a safer bet. I also like the solid contrast. I hope that helps to answer your question :)

  5. There is nothing more lovely than a beautiful stationery set! Like you, I get a certain thrill out of choosing my planner each year, writing down lists, and having beautiful stationery to do it on. Although I will say mine are not quite as beautiful as any shown here. I have never used wax seals, but have always wanted to. There is a certain nostalgia to sitting down and handwriting a letter; addressing envelopes is actually really fun in my opinion. My niece has a love of writing letters as well, and it is my personal goal this year to send her one letter each month. Perhaps I should invest in new stationery to make it that much more special for myself and for her! Thank you for sharing your favorites. Do you have any go-to online shops for stationery? I hope you have a wonderful start to the week Sarah, and I’m happy the recipes were helpful. I can hardly wait for the office reveal. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see how your desk turns out. XO

    1. I totally agree, Lauren! The wax seals are SO much fun. I could play with those all day. You are the best aunt for being pen pals with your niece- that’s incredibly sweet. Etsy has always been my go-to for stationery, but I also love Rifle Paper Co and places like that. I can’t wait to try your recipes this week :) Thank you so much for sending those. I appreciate it! Have a great week, friend. xo

  6. I’m a fan of fountain pens and ink. If you’re into stationary it is a natural next step :)

    1. I used to use fountain pens and sink, but then transitioned to markers and brush pens (for the sake of it being easier), but I do miss writing with them. Maybe I’ll have to get back into that :) Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  7. This is such a fun idea! I love stationary and am almost about to run out of Thank You cards so I am on the lookout for a fun source for more of them in case you know of any good ones!

    1. I really enjoyed pulling this one together, Milo! Check out Rifle Paper Co. for some fun thank you notes. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to cards, but they have some fun patterns.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for spelling stationery properly!! I feel like it’s the mark of a true stationery lover ahahaha. I kid (or do I?). But truly, the calligrapher in me is so thrilled by this post. There are also glue gun options for wax seals, which are a little more convenient than melting over a candle, but significantly less romantic, I must admit! I carry a Tombow Fudenosuke pen in every bag, ready to add calligraphy to anything and everything. Loved this post so much, Sarah!

    1. Haha!! I’m with you, Stephanie! I love hearing that you’re also a Tombow fan. It’s my favorite calligraphy brush pen. I’m thrilled you enjoyed today’s post. Have a great week!

  9. A topic I adore and have strong feelings about! I am loving #4 & #10 for my husband who is needing some for his office. #23 would be a great gift idea..I am particularly thinking my husband would love this for his books. Wish I was good at calligraphy and envy those who are. Monogrammed items are a favorite of mine too & Mark and Graham have some nice items. Have you ever heard of Jon Hart? He makes a monogrammed ‘King Pad’ notepad that I have given for gifts but my own husband loves for his desk because it is nice and big. I purchase a planner every year and write everything down as well from grocery lists to to-do’s, etc. #8 would be great once my grocery planner is empty.
    Sarah, your attention to detail and thoughtfulness with replying to each post; purchase; email, etc is nowadays so rare but what I most appreciate about you. Thank you’s are a lost and forgotten written sentiment yet the smallest acknowledgment for someone’s time and effort. Sending someone a thank you is still one of the most important things for me. I have tried to instill this with my 2 kids but I have found that because most youth don’t do it, they feel it is old fashioned or unnecessary. Makes my momma heart hurt.
    How lucky your family is to receive sweet letters from you & Emmett. Keep it up. It has been a long time since I tried wax and seals. I will say I have never mailed a letter with sealed wax. Have you? Curious how it did.
    By the way, the chalk sketch of the horse caught my eye…well done! I was happy to share a recipe with you. Hope your Monday went well.

    1. Hi Danna! I hope you’re feeling better. Somehow I totally missed your comment. I’m so sorry! I did just get your card in the mail, and it’s beautiful! I loved it- so creative. That made my day :) I had not heard of Jon Hart, until now. Thank you for sharing! That king pad has great reviews. I’m with you on sending thank you notes- I really enjoy doing that. I definitely think it’s becoming a lost art, thanks to the digital age. I don’t care how hold fashioned it feels, I’m going to keep letter writing and note sending. Haha! The wax seals have been a ton of fun! They have all held up and made their way to their destinations. I actually tried to remove one I put on my notebook and it seems like it’s stuck permanently. I can’t get pry it up, so they really stick. I hope you’re having a good week! xox

  10. Two words: fountain pens! I can’t write with anything else now. I just wish I had excuses to write things! I use them for to-do lists and work notes, but I wish I had people to exchange written correspondence with! I love to see people taking an interest in it.

    Wax stamps are beautiful; I haven’t played with mine in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I love hearing that! Fountain pens really are fun. It has been a lonnnng time since I’ve had mine out :)