Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comHello, and happy May! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We spent lots of time working outside and it felt wonderful to enjoy some sunshine and get our outdoor areas set for the season. It’s finally feeling like spring here. Is it just me or does the year seem to be flying by? It has been awhile since we’ve had a casual chat and I’ve shared updates, so I figured it was time for a new Noteworthy post! Click through for updates, inspiring links, recent purchases, random thoughts, some spring vignettes, and all the fun things…

Our backyard is about to be bananas! We have tiny snowballs on our viburnum trees and in a few weeks they’ll be in full bloom- my favorite time during the spring season. It’s just so beautiful and we always end up spending a lot of time enjoying our patio this time of year. Last Friday I had a pool contractor come out for another estimate (I’ve gotten a few), and you wouldn’t believe the lead-time! Any guesses? The lead-time in our area is consistently 16-28 months! Meaning, if we decide to commit to a pool, we probably we won’t even have it for NEXT summer… maybe late summer 2022 at the earliest. Wild, right? Although that’s an amazing selling point for me to leverage while pitching this “little project” to Emmett… we have plenty of time to save money. You know we’re all about saving! I think we’re going to try to make it happen, whenever that may be. It will live over by our shed. I’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

What is everyone watching or reading right now? Anything good? We didn’t have a ton of time for TV last month, but I’m all caught up on The Handmaid’s Tale. Whew- that show gives me serious anxiety, but I can’t stop watching. Another heavy (yet interesting) one we watched was Seaspiracy on Netflix. On lighter note, I’ve been enjoying the Secrets of the Whales series produced by James Cameron on Disney Plus- as well as this Wild Yellowstone documentary (we’re hoping to make it back there again this year). I’m a sucker for nature docs. That’s pretty much all the entertainment we had time for in April.

I’d actually love your book recommendations because we’re headed on vacation at the end of the month and I’m going to have plenty of time to read and relax- without cell service to distract me. It will be our first flight since visiting France in 2019. That seems so crazy! Nothing like breaking the hiatus with a BIG flight. We’re headed to Tahiti to put our recent diving certifications to good use.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comWe actually planned this trip back in 2019 and were supposed to go in May of 2020, but obviously we cancelled because of the pandemic. It was one of those “go this spring or lose our deposit” type of situations- so off we go and I couldn’t be more excited for a much needed adventure. We’re staying on a boat for the majority of the trip with our friends & neighbors (the same friends we tackled the deck makeover for), to get in the maximum amount of diving.

I have to say, it has been so fun learning and getting certified in scuba. In college, Emmett & I both got certified in white water guiding and white water rescue (sadly after one of our friends drown), so we’ve always been into water sports. We always pack our snorkel gear for our tropical trips, but scuba is really next level. It has been a really exciting hobby so far- if you love marine life, learning more about the ocean, swimming, and the water- I’d highly recommend! In a couple weeks, we’re diving a popular spot here in Utah… the crater. Have you heard of it? It’s a geothermal hot spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock. Clearly I haven’t travelled or adventured in a long time and am jazzed about it, but I’ll stop rambling with diving excitement.

Let’s move onto renovation updates, which is probably why you’re here… I’ve been itching to photograph and share the details about our finished roof, but we’re still waiting on the roofers to come back to install our heat strips (for snow melt). Right now the wires are just dangling off the front of our house and doesn’t look too pretty. I’d rather share truly finished photos, so thanks for being patient! I have TONS of info to share about Bartile though: facts, stats, why we picked it, how much it cost (luckily insurance covered it for us), and I even put together some favorite design combos. It’s really a cool roofing product that has a lifetime warranty!

I also owe you an office update! While we’re making awesome progress, visually it’s looking the same as it did in this post. Emmett finished running the electrical and the pocket door track is finished! We’re just waiting on the doors to arrive so we can test fit them before beginning drywall. Once the doors arrive (they’re being made locally and lead times have been crazy), things will start to move more quickly. I know we talked about materials and lead-times in Emmett’s money tips post, but it really is nuts right now. We ordered the glass for our built-ins locally and we’re expecting that to be finished in June. Anyway- it’s coming along. Once things progress a bit further visually, I’ll draft another update post for you! Luckily, we’re in no hurry for this one. We don’t have sponsorships or work obligations for this room, and my temporary home office setup is working out just fine. I also have plenty of room at our Tuesday Made office.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comSince the office renovation is moving at snail speed, I’ve focused my attention to our entryway, just outside of where my office pocket doors will live. I actually really like our traditional staircase railing, so I’m thinking I’ll just stain the cherry sections black to better fit our aesthetic. The existing traditional profiles are nice! I ordered samples of this gorgeous floor tile and I’m waiting on it to arrive. I have ALWAYS wanted limestone cabochon tile in our entryway… which has been exceptionally difficult to source. While I like the look of marble harlequin flooring that is taking the internet and Instagram by storm, the popularity is honestly kind of a turn off for me. Though I’ll say- if you love something and know you’ll love it for years to come… do it anyway. Popularity comes and goes. I think the harlequin is a very timeless look, but given my existing vision of cabochon tile- that just feels right for the space, so I’m sticking with my gut on this one. I’m sure cabochon will have its moment in the sun and I’ll still be very into it. I also think limestone will hold up better than marble in our entry, which sees a lot of traffic. Do you ever avoid the super hot in-the-moment things just because they’re so popular? I only do it for certain things- so interesting.

If you’re an ice cream fanatic, I just tried a new-to-me Jeni’s flavor and it’s incredible… buttercream birthday cake! It tastes just like the real thing- swirls of buttercream icing, pieces of cake, sprinkles, and rich ice cream. It’s so good! Back when I was a designer in the food industry, I got to meet and hangout with Jeni a couple times. That lady makes the BEST ice cream and she’s just a really nice human. I have her cookbook and have shared recipes here on the blog in the past: buckeye state ice cream, wild berry lavender, extra dark chocolate, and strawberry. Ice cream is my preferred dessert and I love whipping up a homemade batch during the spring & summer months!

Do you subscribe to any physical magazines? Having a background in print design- I would much rather thumb through the glossy pages of a magazine or interior design book. If you subscribe to ElleDecor, did you see their latest Italy Forever issue? Ugh, it’s an absolute dream! I’m itching for another European getaway, but am trying to be patient.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comMy friend Joanna’s cabin renovation was featured in Domino last week! Remember when I designed her kitchen a few years ago?

I’ll admit, most of my recent purchases have been for our upcoming Tahiti trip or scuba gear. So I’ll spare sharing the masks and fins, for the things that are probably more applicable for most. Ha!

  • swim coverup // This swim coverup is super affordable ($26) and has the best ratings. It comes in lots of colors- I got the black one.
  • garden trellis // Since sharing my new garden trellis, I keep getting requests for the link. I bought four of these for our garden, which I started over the weekend! I’ll share a post soon, so you can see how it looks and what I planted. It’s so much better than last year!
  • swimsuit // Swimsuit shopping is the worst- I absolutely hate it (I tried on about 20 for our trip… seriously). I usually splurge on one good suit that I’ll wear all summer (swimming, kayaking, diving, on vacation, wherever). This one checks all of my boxes and is really well-made and flattering. Albion Fit is a local Salt Lake company and they’ve really delivered since I started shopping with them a couple years ago.
  • oversized vase // This vase was for a shoot I’ll be sharing with you in a few weeks, but this is another thing I’ve been getting lots of requests for, since sharing a sneak peek on IG over the weekend.
  • beach towels // Here’s our beach towel story… for our Hawaiian honeymoon (a decade ago), Emmett & I didn’t realize we needed to pack towels. We ended up spending wayyy too much money on the towels at the tourist shop in Maui- they have a map of the Hawaiian islands on them. Ha! If that doesn’t scream tourist, I don’t know what does. Anyway, our honeymoon beach towels have seen better days- they have holes and are super faded at this point. We have to pack towels for our upcoming trip, so I invested in what Emmett calls our “grown up beach towels”. I got us matching, monogrammed (you know I love a monogram!) cabana towels that pack pretty small. They’re really nice and big.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your continued support. It has been a busy blog season working with brand partners I truly love. This spring and summer I have some incredible outdoor living space posts lined up for you. I’ve been creating and shooting a lot of really fun things lately. From tablescapes to outdoor furniture and DIY paint posts, your support means a lot to me. It’s how I keep this blog (my passion) afloat. If you see me posting on Instagram or other channels, I’d be so grateful if you hit the save, share, comment, or like button (in the order of most helpful). I’ve honestly been struggling with social media lately. The algorithm seems to be my nemesis. Anyway- I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate you! I probably don’t say that enough. I hope my blog and channels continue to be a source of inspiration, creativity, design education, and a happy, positive place for you.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comPer usual, this is getting long (I talk too much)– so I’m going to wrap it up. I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. Our weather is finally feeling like spring and I’ve been in a great mood, soaking it up over here. I hope May brings you lots of happy moments with friends & family doing some things you love.

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  1. Good morning, friend! Some fun updates and lovely images! You (might have) won the pool debate?! Congratulations, but a two year lead time is wacky. Much like a boat, I don’t ever wish to have my own; knowing a friend with a pool seems ideal.😉 As for tv, we are anxiously awaiting the final season of Dead to Me and enjoying a Scottish cop show from 1995 called Hamish Macbeth (weird, I know). We’ve had some duds lately in bookclub, but Circe was entertaining. A favorite from a couple of years ago is The Power, by Naomi Alderman. Except for style, I am one of the least adventurous people around, but I happily cheer on others’ safe adventures. Honestly, the scuba videos make my chest hurt. A tropical vacation, however, that’s a fantasy I hope to one day realize! (Even though it will entail swimsuit shopping!) I can definitely understand your attraction to the limestone tile; I’ve only ever heard the term cabochon when it comes to gemstones. I do still love the classic harlequin marble, but, you’re right, it’s EVERYwhere at the moment. That always diminishes my excitement. The Italy Forever issue, on the other hand, words fail me. The kitchen with the custom majolica wall tiles?! The 1970s Mario Ceroli table?! The giant wooden horse sculpture! The antique lace griffin coverlet? A feast on every page. Another dream destination for me. Right now, my only trips are to the garden, the dog park or the hardware store. (See what I mean about unadventurous?) Here’s to a lovely (though windy in these parts!) May week!💜

    1. Good morning / evening, Peggi! I’m getting around to comments later today after working from the Tuesday Made office all day. I’m still crossing my fingers I win the pool debate, but we’re definitely trying to see if we can make it happen. The two year lead time seems crazy, doesn’t it?! I wish we had friends with a pool so we could use it. Our Utah summers are so HOT and I’d love nothing more than to splash around. Haha! We loved Dead to Me. I didn’t realize it only had one season left? You’ll have to send me a reminder once it comes out. Knowing me, I’ll forget to watch, and we’ve made it this far. Hamish Macbeth- that’s one I haven’t heard of, but I’m very intrigued! I added Circe and The Power to my cart- thanks so much for the recs! We’re looking forward to relaxing and exploring the ocean- although it did take me a minute to figure out breathing from a regulator. It turns out I’m a nose breather? Who knew? Hahah! That’s a bad thing in scuba. I honestly love both the cabochon limestone and the harlequin marble, but the marble really is having a major moment right now… perhaps that’s why the limestone felt so right. Can you even believe those images in the Italy issue? SO so good. That certainly didn’t help my travel fever. That horse sculpture is what my dreams are made of. I wonder if I can figure out how to scheme a RFT Italian design retreat? Ha! That would be a dream. It has been really windy here, too. Here’s to hoping my new plants don’t blow away. I’ve got it on my list to email you in the morning :) I got behind this weekend. Hope your Monday was awesome! xo

      1. Please reserve my spot for the RFT Italian design retreat!😍

        1. I feel like I owe it to us all to try to make this a possibility. Maybe 2022?!

  2. I am so excited for you to share your dive adventures! My dad spent a great deal of time in his young adult life on dive trips-it’s still one of his favorite things to do. I have an enormous vintage glass jar filled with shells he collected from the ocean floor on a trip to Belize, just before he and my mom got married. Tahiti?? Can we say jealousAF? Lol. That’s going to be an amazing trip, and your vacay purchases are all gorgeous.
    Your vision for the entryway is starting to unfold in my head-stunning ideas Sarah. I have always loved the traditional look of your staircase-and staining them black will look amazing against that floor tile!😍😍How gorgeous is that combo?? And a pool?? Eeek-so excited for you! The lead times are insane for stuff like that, but it’s a bonus that you’ll have even more time to save. How incredibly exciting.
    The garden sounds lovely-I can’t wait to see how it turned out this year. We’ve had a string of crummy weather the past few weeks, and working outside is off the table-the cold and the wind just keeps lingering, with very few days of sunshine. On top of the weather, I’m still finding it tough to plan out the landscape for our front yard. Procrastination is the name of the game over here. We are making progress inside though! Our downstairs bathroom now has an updated light fixture, new vanity and top, new faucet-it’s coming along beautifully, and I’m excited to see the end result. We still have quite a bit of work to do in there before it’s *finished*, but I’m pleased with this first round of improvements, and it’s sparking the inspiration for the kids’ bathroom. All in all April turned out to be an exciting month around here, and hopefully May is just an extension of that. Have a lovely Monday and kick-off to the work week Sarah!

    1. Did he?! Somehow I’m not surprised, based on what you’ve told me about him, Lauren! I think I’ll follow along with your dad’s tradition and collect a shell from each dive- how special. Tahiti… I still can’t believe we’re going! We’ve been talking about this trip for almost three years and I told Emmett I won’t believe it’s happening until we’re on the flight en route to the islands. Haha! I’ll be sure to snap lots of photos and share a big recap once we’re back in June. I’ll gladly take you on a visual vacay with me :) Can you see my entryway vision? Simple, traditional, and hopefully classic colonial. We’ll see how it plays out when the tile sample gets here. The pool is super exciting, but that’s another “believe it when I see it” type of project. Based on the lead-time and the amount we need to save for it, it seems far fetched, but I’m willing it to happen. Lol! Sorry you’ve been having crummy weather. The clouds have been hanging around here today, but at least it’s in the low 60s and not as cold as it has been. Hoping you see some sunny skies and warm weather here soon! I love hearing all about your progress. Way to go on the downstairs bath. I bet it’s looking beautiful. Funny you say *finished* because that’s what tomorrow’s blog post is all about :) I’m so glad you had a wonderful April. Cheers to a great May ahead, my friend! xox

  3. This is he first morning since moving that I sat down to get back to my routine. Something felt off and wrong. I then realized I had not checked in with RFT. I love reading your thoughts on items I have also been pondering. I swear sometimes it feels like we share a brain wave.

    Lead times are all over the place. We waited until we moved in to finalize the living room furniture placement. I really wanted to do two matching sofas facing each other. The living room opens to the kitchen so we wanted to make sure the TV was just for background ambiance (also known as SEC football for a good portion of the year), and there was a flow for people in the kitchen to connect with the living room. After taping it all out, what my family now lovingly calls CSI:Furniture, it works and we went to order. 6-16 weeks is the lead time. I’ll know a closer estimate in a week. The fence install….late July, but hey, we are in our home finally and life is good.

    The social media is weird. I find the blogs I enjoy are because of the writing. I want thought process, how life unfolds in the home we watch you create, ups, downs, timelines, budgets. Those just don’t translate on social media, yet, I get that it works for the photo heavy people. I view these as two different markets. I personally don’t care for instagram. If I’m giving time to “invest” in a person/blog/business, I want more in return. I don’t know the answer to balancing the algorithm. I have stopped flowing those who have exclusive content for IG, I think it shortchanges the blog readers who have more invested with them, not just a quick like a pic and move on. I’ll pray for you to find your answer as I want you to succeed in all the ways!

    Happy Monday and happy vacation planning!

    1. CSI: Furniture! Snort. 🤣

    2. Awww, I love you for that Paige! Thanks so much for showing up here to read and say hello- especially so soon after your move. I know it can be chaotic! We are often on the same brain wave :) Leads times are absolutely insane right now- as you know, since you just moved and I’m sure are searching to fill in any furniture gaps. I love your CSI: Furniture. HAHAH! I’m going to have to borrow that one. Hopefully the pieces you land on aren’t too far out. Fingers crossed, but I’m glad you’re enjoying life and this phase in your new home. That’s amazing news! It’s like you read my mind on that last paragraph. I gladly devote most of my time here to my friends & readers on the blog because it’s my happy place and the best place to really connect. I enjoy not having to worry about strategy here and feel like I can be myself and do as I please in a really organic, natural way. Sometimes social media can feel forced, but it’s definitely a big part of my job and how I make a living. Anyway, I can’t complain- I get to have a job I absolutely love and chat with so many incredibly people each day. It’s really the best! I appreciate your insight, kind words, and prayers. That’s so sweet of you. Hope your Monday is going well and your week is off to a good start :)

  4. That vacation sounds lovely! Tahiti is on my bucket list of travel destinations. I do have a book recommendation that has never failed me- literally all of my girlfriends who have read this series have LOVED it. It’s the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series (starts as a trilogy) by Sarah J Maas. It’s a fantasy romance (don’t be turned off by that- it isn’t my usual genre either) with a badass female protagonist and fabulous character building.
    And I’m totally on board with being turned off by trends. I feel the same way as we renovate our house and choose long-lasting finishes.
    Have a lovely vacation!

    1. We really can’t wait! It has been on our bucket list as well. Thank you so much for sharing your book rec- I just bought the first one and am looking forward to reading! Yay! Can’t wait to read about the badass female protagonist. Ahh yes, trends. They’re so tricky to navigate! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way when something gets super popular. Hope your week is off to a great start, Ashely! Thanks again for the book rec :)

  5. You deserve a vacation! Hope it’s lots of fun!

    Would you mind sharing who’s making your doors for your local followers? Thank you!!!

    1. Aw, thanks Megan! We’re so excited. This will be our first time in Tahiti and we’re looking forward to exploring. I’m happy to share the door info! Granite Mill is making them. They’re in West Valley.

      1. Thank you for sharing! I’m so jealous – Tahiti sounds amazing!

  6. Happy Monday Sarah!
    Tahiti sounds amazing 😎 I’ve never been but I bet it’s a fabulous vacation destination. So excited for you 🍹
    I’m not surprised of the crazy lead times on the pool. Here in Canada is the same pandemic insanity, especially pools 😳 We were lucky we had ours booked in 2019 but we did go through some pandemic issues last spring with installation. Supply and labor shortages prolonged the install but it all worked out in the end. We opened it this past week and have been enjoying it on the non-rainy days 🥳 Yay!
    Looking forward to some outdoor inspiration as I have begun the garden projects with so much left to complete. I have to paint our new shed too and I still ponder the color.
    Have a super Monday 💐

    1. Hi Colleen! Thank you. We’re most definitely looking forward to vacation! Here’s to hoping we remember how to fly. You definitely got your pool and dream backyard at the perfect time. I couldn’t believe the crazy lead times! I’m also happy to hear you’re already enjoying it this season. Love that! I need to post a shed update now that our roof is finished- it’s looking even more charming these days. I enjoyed spending time in the garden over the weekend and will make some time to photograph that as well :) Hope your week is off to a lovely start! Enjoy some poolside relaxation for me. xox

  7. Spring weather is the BEST! Glad the weather is enjoyable and the plants are blooming. Wish we had longer spring season. This year it has been better than most.
    We are on season 2 of Breaking Bad…I know very late to the show watching but we were in need of something and we have time now to watch in the evenings. I am also interested in what others watch. If you liked Seaspiracy you should watch My Octopus Teacher. I have friends who loved it.
    I am pulling for you for a pool! The lead times on anything being built or put into homes is crazy now! Tahiti sounds divine! I’ve never heard of The Crater. Will this be your deep dive for certification? Also, nothing beats warm water when you are learning to dive ;)
    Just wanted to share that my husband and I got our offer on a 5 acre lot yesterday. We are super excited for all the work and plans to come. We may not be in our house for a year or more but that is okay.
    You are my favorite account to follow and I get so much inspiration and ideas from you. You are the best at responding to people and that’s not all. Have a fabulous day Sarah!

    1. Isn’t it?! Is it already hot in Texas, Danna? I’m still wearing long sleeves over here… we’ve been in the high 50s / low 60s for the past couple weeks, but I can’t complain! We loved Breaking Bad- what a thriller… another one of those where it’s difficult to watch, but difficult to stop watching. Haha! I LOVED My Octopus Teacher- it was so good. Fingers crossed on the pool for next summer. We have lots of saving to do and I’m hoping the lead-times align. What a dream! I can’t even imagine owning a home with a pool. The Crater is our deep dive for the last portion of our certification. Here’s to hoping I can pass the mask clearing and regulator toss from 70 feet below. Hah! I’m nervous, but excited. Our new masks and fins just showed up this week and we’ve been walking around the house like crazy people testing them out. Lol! I am SO incredibly excited for you, Danna! Big hugs and congratulations to you and your husband on your lot. 5 acres sounds dreamy! Like I said to Emmett about the pool, as long as things are in motion and we have somewhat of a plan, I’m happy about the direction its headed. I’m sure you feel elated about your property! Lots of good memories and fun to be had :) As always, I appreciate chatting and your kind words. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start, and I hope you’re celebrating tonight! xox

  8. I don’t do any social media but check in with your blog daily as a lunch break. So glad you’re doing what you do! We’re heading to Yellowstone this year so if you have or
    previously shared any tips I’d love to hear.

    1. I so appreciate that, Jody! I really love my job. Yellowstone is one of my favorite places! I’d definitely recommend the popular spots if you haven’t seen them before- my favorite is Grand Prismatic Spring. Depending on the time of year, pack bug repellent of some sort- the mosquitos there are plentiful. There is wonderful hiking, plenty of incredible places to picnic in the park, and lots of wildlife to see. We camped in the Tetons because it was less crowded rather than in the park itself. You’re going to have a fantastic time!

      1. Thank you so much for the advice Sarah! I see your cement couch in This Old House today. Great work!

        1. Thank you so much, Jody! I haven’t seen it yet, but am excited to check it out :)

  9. I would highly recommend either of Brit Bennett’s books, The Mothers or The Vanishing Half. I just devoured Take A Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert – if you’re into romance, you will love it! I also loved the Crazy Rich Asians series and think it’s perfect for vacation. Ok, last recommendation – The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown – I think you would like it as you are so outdoorsy! It’s the fascinating story of the men’s crew team that won Olympic gold in Berlin in 1936. Believe it or not, it was quite the page turner!

    1. Thank you so much, Brittany! I added all of those to my list :) I’ll admit- I do love a romance novel. Haha! I’ve already read the Crazy Rich Asians series and loved all of them. I’m so intrigued by The Boys in the Boat and can’t wait to dig into that one. It sounds fascinating! You always have the best book recs. Thank you!!

  10. YEA for pools!! Soooo excited for you guys and can’t wait to come over and swim. ;-D Can’t wait to see the design you guys come up with. I’ve been semi-following along on YHL’s pool progress – looks like it’s going to be beautiful and amazing what they’re doing in a smaller space.
    I’m sorry the for the social’s issues, but you’re one of the only accounts I actually see regularly (stories and posts-you and TM), thankfully. There are so many others I don’t ALL OF A SUDDEN and it’s so freakin’ annoying. Just happy for you (& for us) that you have this space of your very own. That’s got to be incredibly frustrating though.
    Thrilled to hear Octopus Teacher is great and I’m kinda glad we’re caught up on Handmaid’s Tale – enjoying it, but man this season is darker than even usual! Counting the days (not actually since I don’t know when it’s coming) until the next season of Ozark, but I recently enjoyed Behind Her Eyes (need to suspend belief for some of it, but I enjoyed the uniqueness of the story), as well as Ratched (not a 100% fave, but really enjoyed the set design). I’m currently watching The One-interesting so far! (All on Netflix.)
    Much prefer actual books and magazines – currently get 5280 Home (Denver design) and I used to get Sunset, but after Covid they moved to digital only. Such a bummer-hoping the physical mag comes back.
    Also, love Jeni’s ice cream and so cool you met her! I don’t know if you can get it in UT, but keep an eye out for Grater’s from OH. Their Choc Chip Cookie Dough is *everything*!
    Have an incredible (& safe-I worry) time in Tahiti AND the crater! Can’t wait to see some pics/video on my feed or stories!

    1. Come swim!! Maybe just give it a couple years based on the lead time. Haha!! I’ve also loved following YHL’s pool progress and am taking notes. We also have a tiny footprint to work with and I want to keep it very minimalistic- just a basic rectangle… nothing too fancy. I love hearing that my posts are still showing up for you on IG. It’s so frustrating lately, but this is my happy place- so I’m not spending to much time fixating or stressing about social. Handmaid’s Tale feels SO heavy and dark (more so than usual), but I couldn’t stop watching. All of those nature docs were a nice break. Ha! I’m also anxiously awaiting Ozark, and I’m going to add Behind Her Eyes to our list. Thanks for the rec! I tried to watch Ratched, but couldn’t get into that one. The set was definitely cool though! I’m hoping your magazines come back. There’s just something about print. Jeni is the coolest, and we love Grater’s! We lived in Ohio for a few years, so we’re VERY familiar :) Happy Tuesday!! xox

  11. Kristin Richardson says:

    You are so lucky…you really are living your best life. Gorgeous home, handy husband, online shop, and now Tahiti? I’m really impressed and know it takes a lot of work. As for books….I just finished “The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle”. It’s a mystery, yet sci-fi, and historical all in one. It will keep you guessing. Reading “Bonnie” right now which is fictionalized story of Bonnie and Clyde, but from her side. Have a fabulous vacation!

    1. Aw thanks, Kristin! I appreciate that. The hard work and long hours are worth it- plus, it helps when you love your job. We feel lucky! I really appreciate your book recs! I love all of those genres, so it sounds like one I’d really enjoy. I just added it to my cart. I’m also intrigued by “Bonnie”! I think I’d like that one too. Thanks for taking the time to share those :) xo

    1. OMG, best news ever. Hah! Thank you for arming me with the best information, Anne! Definitely passing this along to Emmett :)