Noteworthy & Summer Break Details

Noteworthy & Summer Break Details - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I hope everyone is having a great day. Today, I’ve got a new Noteworthy post post lined up for you! I’m chatting details about an upcoming blog break, sharing fun links, random things I’ve been saving & enjoying, and I’ve got a good little catch up session for you. I’ve also been reminiscing the charming, odd shaped laundry room at our old house. It’s hard to believe we renovated that space five years ago! Time flies. Anyway… click through for the good stuff, a trip down laundry lane, and all things summer! 

First, the blog break… after nearly a decade, I’m finally updating my site! This is amazing news for all of us, as it’s going to function better. Most of the work is happening behind the scenes- think site speed, SEO, better search capability, etc. While this is being sorted & updated, Room for Tuesday will still be functional and usable- I just won’t have regularly scheduled blog posts throughout the week. I’ll be back to my regular schedule and blog routine in August (assuming all goes as planned), so I’m considering it a bit of a summer blog break. Please continue to pin, read, send friends any relevant posts you think they might enjoy, and share as you normally would! That would mean so much to me.

If you’d like to keep up with me and enjoy a fun summer series, please hop on my email list! I’ll be sending emails every Tuesday (beginning on July 4th) with updates, links, recipes, recent finds, and seasonal inspiration. It’s something I’m actually really excited for… connecting & sharing in a new way. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! Of course you can also follow along and keep up with me here, too… Instagram, LTK, the Tuesday Made shop, Pinterest, Facebook, my Amazon storefront, etc.

While I’m calling this a “break”, in actuality- I’ll be spending my time helping my web developer with the new site. I’ve also got something BIG in the works… something I’ve been working on since the holiday season, that I’ll be finalizing & finishing in July. Come August, I’ll be ready to share it with you!

Noteworthy & Summer Break Details - roomfortuesday.comEmmett has been working on the entryway, and we’re excited to share that (hopefully completed) renovation in the months to come. We’ve also already started planning and preparing for our next big home project- I’ll divulge that design plan with you in August. Any guesses what area we are tackling next? I also have a little bedroom refresh planned for our primary because spoiler alert- it’s not the room getting renovated next and it could use a little cheerful styling in the meantime.

As far as personal life goes, I finally got a diagnosis for my health condition (almost two years in), and I began my treatment plan last week. I’m definitely open to sharing more about my health journey once I’m in a better spot, but for now- I’m in survival mode (mentally and physically). I’m currently focused on getting well, staying positive, getting through my treatment, and hopefully launching into remission in the months ahead. I am super thankful to have an action plan and feel validated to finally have answers. For now, I’ll say this- you know your body best. If something feels off, don’t stop investigating and asking questions until you understand what’s going on. Easier said than done, I know.

In July, I’m looking forward to knocking out some exciting projects, healing, gardening, camping, a fun trip (I’m headed to California with some girlfriends), and we’re also hosting our teenage nephew for a bit. He just arrived and we couldn’t be more excited! Emmett’s sister joked that she was sending him to “Camp Gibson”, so naturally we planned lots of fun outdoor activities for the three of us. I’m very much looking forward to soaking up summer and the season ahead. Alright, enough gabbing- onto the fun links.

I wouldn’t mind taking residence in some of these over the top pool houses! Just when I thought the pool FOMO couldn’t get worse, ha.

What I’ve been into lately…

Watching… Platonic, Emmett & I are laughing our way through this series. So funny!

Currently Reading… a few fun books for summer I thoroughly enjoyed and finished quickly (great beach reads): One Italian Summer, Happiness for Beginners, and The Hotel Nantucket.

Listening to… This Armchair Expert episode was fascinating: the future of healthcare, medicine, and AI. It sounds boring, but I promise it gets really good. It’s a lot to wrap your brain around, but is equal parts encouraging & daunting. Lots of WHOA moments.

Eating… all the healthy things from our new favorite Grilling cookbook! It’s perfect for summer and grilling means no mess to cleanup in the kitchen.

One of my favorite publishers, Lonny, got a BIG makeover and a new (old) editor in chief… congrats Michelle! I can’t wait to see what direction they head. The new site is already giving good (old school editorial) design vibes- which I obviously love. Their new tagline is, “Timeless design for a new era”, and that totally resonates with me. This feature is serving all the summer striped inspiration.

Noteworthy & Summer Break Details - roomfortuesday.comFor my fellow summer wanderlusts & travel connoisseurs, according to Elle Decor, these are the most gorgeous new hotels in the world right now.

I’ve previously shared how to hang art in front of curtains, but this tutorial from Cathy on how to hang art from rail moulding might also come in handy! I’m very into the aesthetic and the dimension it adds.

Consider this an ode to Kate and one of my favorite blogs, Wit & Delight, that I will miss dearly. She paved the way for many- myself included. I’m wishing her all the best in her next chapter! I’m not going to lie… it kind of breaks my heart to see all the OG blogs shutting down shop one by one. And here I am, investing in reworking my website for the next chapter to carry on. Am I insane? Maybe don’t answer that, ha. I’ve got no plans to stop anytime soon.

A new home tour by the talented, Heidi Caillier… a fun one for summer!

I’ve been meticulously scouring and sharing over on my curated Amazon page. With Prime Day around the corner, make sure you’re following along or bookmark it! Since I won’t have a blog post to push live, I’ll make sure to keep things organized and share my best finds & home deals over there.

Noteworthy & Summer Break Details - roomfortuesday.comMy recent purchases? It has been a season of rediscovering my fashion sense and trying to compile a capsule wardrobe that fits and makes me feel good…

  • A new favorite lip balm // This stuff feels like chapstick and lasts for hours- I’ll buy this again once it runs out! It might be my best beauty find of the year.
  • Comfy and cute summer slides // These were a fun find… I’m sometimes hesitant to purchaseshoes online, but these fit really well- no blisters, are comfortable, and they work well with any outfit.
  • My new affordable woven bag // If you read this blog post, you’re already familiar with my new woven purse. It just arrived and it’s wonderful- especially for the price.
  • The linen dress I’m living in this season // This one is true to size and super soft! I’ve been wearing this multiple times each week and layer it with a sweater… easy in air conditioned environments this season, and even better on its own in the sun, outside.
  • My favorite summer sweater // I’ve been liking the open weave summer sweater trend… I’ll take cozy any time of year.

My local friends at Foundation Goods posted a quote last week that I loved, saved, and wanted to share (it pertains to quirky homes)… “I have learned to adjust myself to my home’s personality just as I might accept the quirks of a special appealingly complicated friend.” -Keith Summerour … Maybe we embrace those weird areas and oddly designed spaces at home this summer, what do you say?

I’ll leave you with another shameless plug and link to bookmark in my July absence… I’d love if you join me on LTK! I post twice per day and it has been really fun for me. I typically hate being on the other side of the camera, but this has become a daily ritual to share the products I love, things I enjoy wearing, and new seasonal finds I think you may also appreciate. I hope it’s helpful.

Ok- one more from Lonny… a beginner’s guide to countryfication: rediscovering the joys of simple living. I’m totally here for this!

Noteworthy & Summer Break Details - roomfortuesday.comI’ll see you back here with new posts and a shiny new (better functioning) site in August, sound like a plan? I’ll also chat with you on Tuesdays naturally, via email… signup here! Make sure you’re on my list. I’m also going to be better (she says) about posting to IG during my blog break, so we can keep in touch. DM me anytime. I’ll miss you here, but all good & exciting things to come! I’m already feeling renewed in more ways than one.

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Yay for a Noteworthy post and double yay for summer break! A site update sounds daunting but exciting! All of your hard work and fantastic content deserves a shiny new home. In case you need a little extra nudge in the relaxation department, I’m sending you lots of loungy lazy Leo energy! Every time you feel the urge for a big stretch and a nap in the sun…consider it a gift from me. Lol. Since I’ve always considered a pool just a big pack of headaches, I was surprisingly attracted to many of them! My top pick would have to be the Brazilian hideaway, so long as it comes with someone to take care of the pool! I can’t say I look forward to that health podcast, but it sounds like an important listen. I will never tire of Heidi Caillier reveals; her use of color and patterns is glorious. Speaking of color and pattern, I, too, was bummed to see that Wit & Delight was shutting down. I’ve always appreciated her fresh takes. Cheers to new chapters though! And a new Lonny?! That is exciting! They had definitely fallen off my radar, so I’m anxious to check out their updates. The quote from your Foundation Goods friend is a timely reminder. I’m much better at accepting (actually welcoming!) people quirks than house quirks. I should probably cut my old home a bit more slack. Welp. I’m going to miss you in July, but I look forward to your newsletters and all the amazing improvements and surprises of August! (Also, don’t think that means I won’t be sending you random dog pics, garden updates and funny memes. Because of course I will.) Here’s to resting, healing and enjoying this season. Happy Pizza Friday, Sarah and RFT peeps! Let’s go have some adventures! (On that topic, where do I register for Camp Gibson?)💜🍕😎

    1. Good morning, good morning! I am really excited for the site update- it has been a long time coming… Google is basically forcing me to. Haha! I’ll take all the lazy Leo energy you can muster. I am the worst at napping, but between my new meds and a busy summer- I took such a nice nap (in the sun) while camping last weekend… I think it was my first one of the year and it was so lovely. Remind me to do that more often. Those pool houses were mesmerizing! I’m with you on the people quirks vs house quirks, but that quote really resonated. All of the “problem areas” in our house glare at me, and lately I haven’t been bothered by them as much. I’m really looking forward to connecting via email. I’m working on next week’s right now :) It should be fun! PLEASE send all the dog pics, garden updates, and funny memes- you know I welcome all of those and appreciate the laughs. Say hi anytime and catch up… there’s nothing I would love more! Have the happiest and sunniest July! xox

  2. Good morning and happy pizza Friday! The site getting a revamp is exciting and I’m certain everything you have in store for us is going to be amazing. I’ll definitely miss my morning routine, but the anticipation will make the reveal of the new site something to look forward to. In this season, I think a small break is just what the doctor ordered for you. I’ll guess that your big news could possibly be a new candle line? Regardless, I’m here for whatever you have in store. I’m guessing you were finally able to talk Emmett into the laundry room renovation? If so, I’ll have my popcorn ready. Laundry rooms have become quite fascinating to me lately, ha. On the health note, I want you to firmly know that there is never pressure to share anything you’re not comfortable with- at least not from me. In the age of oversharing (thanks to social media), I think it’s important for people to hold some things close to their heart, and with the struggles you’ve endured these past two years, I understand how the idea of sharing might feel…daunting. Especially when well-meaning people can’t keep advice and opinions to themselves. I hate hearing that you’re in survival mode because I’ve been there and understand the struggle. If you need a listening ear, a distraction, or just to know that someone is thinking of you, I’m a phone call or email away. You’ve got this Sarah! #20 & 21 are pool houses I could get behind. All of them are bananas, and yes, fomo for sure! I’m loving all of your summer purchases, especially the Banana Republic sweater. Their clothing is great style and quality; this is my reminder to pop into my local store for a fun browse. Funny you shared that quote, because I’ve finally come to a place where I’m no longer willing to fight my home. Lately I’m finding myself gazing at some of the more challenging areas in appreciation for how they currently serve us, and I’m finding so much more inspiration from that thought process than I ever did while scheming how to tackle (and conquer) the dilemmas they pose. I love it, and I agree. I’d love to hear more about your upcoming girls getaway to my home state! I’m crossing my fingers you’re able to put your toes in the sand while you’re here. Nothing is more healing and rejuvenating than salty sea air, cool coastal breezes, and miles of ocean. If you need any recommendations I’m your gal! Also worth mentioning, my door is always open for the Gibsons- day or night, planned or surprise. Should you find yourself in the the area, a warm welcome will always be here for you. Enjoy your trip, the time with your nephew (ps. camp Gibson sounds incredible), and the entirety of your blog hiatus. I’ll certainly be here bright eyed and bushy tailed upon your return! Xoxo ❤️

    1. Happy Pizza Friday, Lauren! I am thrilled about the site. I’ve been procrastinating the updates long enough and I’m confident it’s going to be easier on us all. Thanks for the continued encouragement, friend! Sadly, our next reno will not be the laundry room, but I definitely made that misleading with the images. Haha! Whoops! I’m sorry. I haven’t shared much about my health journey and I feel safe to do so here on the blog, but I’ve already experienced some weird messages and advice on Instagram from the parts that I have opened about. Hopefully once I’m on the other side of this, I’ll feel like posting and sharing more in hopes of helping others- and it’s just interesting stuff. Thanks for always being here and for offering an ear- I appreciate you so much! Thank you! I just discovered Banana Republic Factory or warehouse this year and it has been such a great resource for my summer wardrobe. So good! I’m all about embracing home quirks these days… that quote really resonated. I’m headed to CA a weekend in July for Taylor Swift!! Sadly it’s just a quick trip and no beach will be involved (ugh), but maybe I can convince Emmett to use some points and fly again for a quick weekend getaway. I’m craving the beach so badly! If we make it, I’ll definitely hit you up for recs :) Of course everyone is welcome at camp Gibson! Hah! Speaking of- I’m off to take my nephew to brunch. He has requested waffles, so waffles we’re going to get. Also, wow- I underestimated how much teenagers can eat. Have an amazing July and summer with the kids! Don’t be a stranger!! xox

  3. Good Morning 😎
    I’m so relieved to hear you’ve been diagnosed and a recovery plan is in place Sarah. Finally! So very happy to hear this, and I hope you can take “ sufficient meaning lots” of time to nurture yourself this summer. New blog format “ Exciting news” and I’ve signed on to your newsletter of course 🥰
    Your blog continues to be a bright light because of you, your approach to design, interesting content and allowing us to get to know you has been a pleasure and privilege. You truly are a one of a kind human, very strong beautiful lady and talented beyond your years. As you know I don’t have or tap into much social media and in the past I wouldn’t have considered myself a blog follower but your blog has always made me feel safe, inspired, fun to comment and get into the conversation. I’m so happy you are continuing the journey and something new is on the horizon. The RFT community here is amazing Peggi, Lauren, Danna and all the participants are the kindest, thoughtful, and most generous folks. Thanks for getting my day started in the brightest of ways. It’s truly a unique bunch here and I look forward to talking to you all again in August. And it will be fabulous to stay connected with your weekly newsletter Sarah 😍 And I sincerely hope your path to recovery and healing is swift without complication and soon you will feel better than new, we all love you Sarah and want you to be healthy ❤️
    And I’m guessing the laundry room must be next the Reno on the list, just a hunch 😜
    Have a great summer everyone! You are all the best and Happy 🍕 Friday ❤️🥂😋

    1. Take care, Colleen! I’ll be thinking of you poolside and puttering in your garden all July. I understand your not “opting in” to much social media, but I’ll miss your presence.💜

    2. Colleen, you took all the words out of my mouth and said them beautifully!

      1. You two made my morning!! Thank you! Have a happy July, Danna :)

    3. Good morning, Colleen! Thank you, I’m also feeling relief in knowing what’s going on. Whew! Now I can focus on getting well. I’m really excited to get the site in a better functioning order, and in the meantime- the newsletter is going to be really fun. I’m putting the finishing touches on the first one right now :) Your kind words made my day. I’m so thankful to have met you! Thanks for being such an integral part of our community here (you all are the best!)- I love the friendship we share and truly appreciate your encouragement. I feel like I led everyone astray with the laundry room photos. Haha! I WISH the laundry room was going to be our next project, but sadly no. Ha! Have an amazing July and get in some extra pool time for me! xox

  4. Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone! Camp Gibson sounds wonderful! Lucky nephew! Lots of fun & adventures for him I am sure. We will be enjoying the festivities mostly at home inside or late in the evening if it is cooler. Our temps have been 100* + and it is combustable outside!
    Sarah, I know getting a diagnosis was somewhat relieving. I think of you often and hope your treatments give you the relief and outcome you need. Watching those you love in pain, ill, or declining has always been tough and the past couple of years more so than ever. I keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
    While taking a bath, I have been watching the last 2 seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel and loving all the set design and costumes! One more episode to go…hate to see it end. My husband is looking forward to watching the last season of Jack Ryan. Platonic looks very funny so need to put that on the list of “what to watch”. Very excited for The Lincoln Lawyer new season too. For the past few months, instead of watching tv we have been sitting outside while the hot sun goes down on our shaded porch. Lucky to have a cool breeze at that time of evening. We have been collecting vinyl and enjoying different genres. A lot of older mixed with new.
    Last but not least, the article on “Countryfication” has a photo that depicts my dream of eating dinner outside at our place with family or friends. Gives me all the feels! Have a wonderful trip with girlfriends; time with nephew, successful website completion; but mostly rest, rejuvenation & healing! Here’s to a good rest of summer friends. XOXO Sarah!

  5. I am so happy to hear that you finally have a diagnosis and plan for treatment. The not knowing is so frustrating, hard, and scary. I hope you can swiftly leave survival mode behind and move towards “thrival” mode ; ) Best wishes for your healing. Looking forward to your newsletter, and the website revamp (although it is currently fantastic, and from where I sit, I can’t imagine it needing improving!) I hope you have a lovely summer.

    1. Thank you so much, Jamie! It has been such a frustrating and scary year or two. I’m feeling very thankful to finally have some answers. I’m also hoping I can move into the “thrival” zone- love that, by the way! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! The website updates will mostly be on the back end of the site, as Google doesn’t like outdated sites and penalizes outdated SEO… it’s been a long time coming. I hope it’s easier to navigate, loads more quickly, and shows up more frequently in searches. We shall see! It has been keeping me busy over here, but I’m excited to get back to my regular blogging routine soon! Hope you’re also having a lovely summer.

  6. So glad for you to have a diagnosis and treatment plan. It is hard to make explanations, takes a lot of energy from us. Be kind to your body and rest all you need to. As to questioning investing into this blogging platform when so many other possibilities abound, I personally only read blogs. I find Instagram too overwhelming and have never even been on FB or other medias. I like the daily life of bloggers, getting to know them and their personal ideas, inspirations, styles, life struggles. It seems more real to me. Like the old days of pen pals. I can’t be the only one that wants to develop connection the “old fashioned way”. I also realize it must take a tremendous amount of work and time to create such thoughtful and well executed posts like you always do. So you should do what’s best for you but I would sure miss you if you found it necessary to seek easier, perhaps more profitable avenues. I have many varied interests and read blogs of differing expertise levels, some at my own ability level, but yours is in a class at the top. My brain doesn’t think, create like yours does so I come here out of curiosity of what is beyond me, to be awed and inspired. YOU’RE GOOD at what you do yet you bring it down to human scale, as they say, for those like myself. Upon opening today’s post I thought “who thinks of putting classical dog portraits in such Highly styled art display in a laundry room?” Well, you do. That’s why I’m here.

    1. Thank you so much, Pamela! I’ve definitely been listening to my body and am thankful to finally have some answers and a treatment plan forward. Your comment made my day. Social media can definitely feel overwhelming and like you- I’ll always prefer the intimacy and slower pace of blogs… they feel more authentic and personal. Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments! You put a smile on my face :) Hope you’re having a great week! Thanks for being here!

  7. Christiane says:

    Well, you were definitely misleading with your laundry room images. I for sure thought the laundry room reno was next. HA! It must be the dining room then? I’m excited to see whatever it is. I just can’t believe you’re going to try to tackle another new project while Emmett finishes the entryway and stairs, plus tackle you primary suit. You two are working machines! Praying for rest and healing for you both.

    1. Ha! I know, I know. You know me… I get stir crazy and felt the need to be productive and design something while we’re still in the midst of our entry project. Typical! I’ve been having more energy and my health is finally moving in the right direction (whew!), so I’m putting it to good use! Hope you’re having an awesome day, Christiane!