Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comAt the end of every year, it’s fun to look back & reflect on all the blog posts I’ve shared over the course of twelve months. While we’ve tackled significantly less large scale home projects this year, those smaller projects always cause me to pause and give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. From renovating our camper to installing water filtration and tiling our entryway, it’s rewarding to know we did accomplish some cool things you enjoyed following along with this year. Click through to see the top 10 blog posts I shared in 2022- according to their popularity and traffic driven (in no particular order). I hope they were helpful, entertaining, or educational! 

1 // An Honest Review of the GE Cafe Range

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comThis post ended up snowballing, which was never my intention… but I was happy to share my personal experience in hopes of saving others the trouble. We’re still saving for a replacement! Maybe 2023 will be the year… until then, we’ve got replacement igniters stockpiled.

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2 // Our Entryway Tile + Alternative Options

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comOur entryway will be finished in 2023 and while it’s probably our longest home project we’ve worked on… I’m excited to see it through. We’ve got grand plans for this space and it’s finally coming together!

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3 // The Camper Renovation Reveal

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comThe camper or travel trailer was such a joy and happy accident… it was the project we never intended to tackle this year, that sort of fell into our lap. We’ve already made wonderful memories in our cute home away from home, and we’re looking forward to more adventures this spring! I’m tempted to do another camper renovation someday- simply because it was so much fun.

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4 // Organizing, Styling, & Stocking the Kitchenette

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comOur Tuesday Made office kitchenette continues to be a happy moment in my day-to-day. While I still need to share the complete office tour, this dining & kitchen area is certainly the star of the show.

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5 // My 2022 Holiday Home Tour

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comEvery year, I look forward to sharing our complete holiday home tour! Christmas is the one time of year I like to go all out in regards to seasonal decor. You can catch the exterior tour here, if you missed it.

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6 // My Home Office Reveal

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comI shared my home office renovation back in March and it was our big room reveal of the year. This space has been my safe haven and creative hideout this year. It feels like a space just for me, and I truly enjoy spending hours in this room- doing what I love. I’m very thankful we were able to cross this one off our renovation list early on!

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7 // Our Water Filtration System

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comWe had a bit of a water scare this year and decided to invest in a home filtration system. I didn’t expect this post to be as popular as it was, but I’m sure glad it was helpful!

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8 // 10 Ways to Be A Bad Interior Design Client (& How to Avoid Them)

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comIt turns out this post sparked quite a bit of curiosity! Having been on the other side of the business, I was eager to start this intriguing conversation and shed additional light on what it’s like to work with an interior designer. I’m glad you found it interesting!

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9 // Tips for Styling Convincing Faux Outdoor Plants

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comSpring was a tricky season for me this year, but I found solace outdoors working in our garden, planting, and getting my hands dirty. Despite our strict water restrictions, I was able to mix in some faux plants in a very convincing way. I’m thrilled to see this post was well received!

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10 // Honing Our Guest Bathroom Nero Marble Countertops

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 - roomfortuesday.comOur guest bathroom countertops had a bit of an accident this year, so they had to be honed. I share the complete process in this post and our reasoning behind this decision. Six months later, I’m still loving the soft matte look!

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I was also pleasantly surprised to see my travel posts do so well this year, which put a smile on my face! Traveling is my absolute favorite and during an especially difficult year, it brought me peace, joy, and was a welcomed distraction. I’d love to share more travel posts & snippets with you in the year ahead, if you enjoyed following along. This year, we were lucky to spend time in the following places: Tennessee, Hawaii, Ohio, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, as well as Italy, Australia, and Indonesia. We also took the camper out multiple times and I feel incredibly lucky that we were on the go so often. While it turned out to be a coping mechanism of sorts for me this year, nothing makes my adventure loving heart happier. Thanks for taking the time to read those, even though they’re not within the interior realm!

Thank you so much for continuing to show up, offer your encouragement, and read the blog after all these years (more than a decade!). This community we’ve built together is my favorite place and it’s all because of you. I’ll be back to my regular blog schedule, and will be sharing my kitchen shelf swap on Wednesday, January 4th! I’m taking Friday & Monday off to get organized, continue working on our guest room, and to celebrate the year ahead. Happy New Year, friends! See you back here next week. Cheers!

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  1. Good morning! I love that you compile this end of year list. I tend to have a maniacal “what’s next?” mentality, so I benefit from reminders to slow down and reflect. I know you were lamenting how few big projects House Gibson completed this year, but this clearly illustrates that you accomplished tons! Your efforts are enviable by themselves, but when you add regular blog posts, running the Tuesday Made shop, boatloads of amazing travel, and untold amounts of health complications…I’m pretty sure you’re an actual superhero. Ha! All the while maintaining the sweetest, most thoughtful presence? Unbelievable. This compilation also demonstrates that you offer SO much more than lovely reveals! Trustworthy, detailed, helpful information on a wide variety of home and design topics abounds! This blog is such an amazing resource: a fine reflection of both your solid gold heart and hard work.💜 Thank you so much for all that you do! My days would be infinitely less wonderful (and beautiful) without you! Have a spectacular weekend celebrating the new year! I’ll see you next week!! 🎉🥂
    PS I’m super excited about what’s happening in your guest room!!!

    1. You know I love a good list! I actually really enjoy reflecting, but I’m with you on the looking forward / what’s next mindset, too. You are sweet and your words totally lifted me up and boosted my spirits over break- so thank you for that!! As always, thank you for being here, for being so encouraging, and for being a great friend. I love our community here and you’re such a big part of it, Peggi! I hope you had a fabulous holiday break filled with fun, relaxing, good food, and memorable moments. We definitely did. Here’s to a beautiful new year ahead filled with fun conversations and friendship! Happy New Year! The guest room is coming right along. I randomly (spontaneously) ordered carpet over break from Home Depot, and now I’m anxiously awaiting for that to be installed in a few weeks before I share the final outcome with everyone. Amazing what paint will spark, haha! xox

  2. Good morning! It’s always so interesting to see which posts rounded out with top engagement, and I love taking the time to reflect on completed projects. Rest assured that despite the lack of large project reveals, your blog is so much more valuable than the before and after. I find all of your posts to be informative, interesting, and chalk full of helpful tips. The time you take to share information, design tips, and tutorials is appreciated, helpful, and fun! The travel posts were such a treat this year, and I’m happy to hear the travel was a welcome respite to the health issues that plagued 2022 for you. I always have a hard time choosing which post was my favorite, but this year it would have to be your home office. Such a gorgeous space! I’m excited to see your guest room and I’m loving the paint choice! Cheers to ushering in a new year and a fresh slate. Have a great weekend Sarah!

    1. Right? I’m always intrigued. Whew, thanks Lauren! It was a weird year, but I love hearing that you still found my posts to be informative, interesting, and helpful. That really made my day. Travel brought me such joy in 2022, and I’m thrilled to hear that everyone enjoyed following along. I’d love to do more of that this year. My office office and the camper were my two personal favorites from last year. My office is truly my happy space, and the camper was (and is) just so much fun. We’re looking forward to spring adventures. The guest room was my spontaneous project over break, but I was totally over bedrest at the point and was itching to do SOMETHING (anything, ha). I can’t wait to share it with you. I hope you had an amazing holiday break and your year is off to a fabulous start, friend. Loved your holiday card- that made my day!! Thank you! xox

  3. Hello! I was curious and surprised at which post was the top one for 2022. I would never have guessed the GE range. I hate that it caused such an uproar. I appreciate any and all experience with a home product.
    Your talent for design and detailed step by step instructions on a project or topic are what I enjoy most about your blog. The design eye training is one of my favorites too. Oh, lets not forget the FB Marketplace finds….those are always a good treasure hunt! The RV reno was a favorite of mine and I hope you get to work your magic on another. Your office is gorgeous and the one I feel should have topped the list.
    I truly hope 2023 is a better year for you health wise. Your strength and tenacity to continually post each week; run a shop full of beautiful things; be a gracious friend, daughter, & wife are truly admirable! Look forward to seeing snippets of the guest room on Instagram. Cheers to the new year!

    1. Right? Me too, Danna! You are so sweet- as always, your kind words made my day. I hope you had the best Christmas and NYE with your family! Speaking of FB Marketplace finds… I’ve got one of those posts lined up for this Friday. They’re so fun! The camper renovation was a favorite of mine, as well. We really enjoyed doing that together and had such fun adventures putting it to use. We’re already planning future spring camping trips. I’m thinking 2023 will be a better health year- I’m feeling optimistic. Thanks for thinking of me! It’s back to blood draws and doctor appointments this week, but I had such a nice reprieve from it during the holidays after my surgery. Big hugs!! Thanks Danna, and happy New Year! xox

  4. You should be very proud of everything you achieved this year Sarah! I know you had many health challenges making it a very tough one but good heavens look at everything you accomplished. And all that travel worked in too! You amaze me 💖 I had to go back to that office reveal as it was so FABULOUS! And that camper project was so delightful and incredibly creative 😍 I’m super excited to see what amazingness you come up with for your guest bedroom. As I mentioned before your friends and family are the luckiest.
    Christmas is a bust here, as we are all sick with Covid 🫣 all of our holiday plans cancelled. Kind of a bummer but we are all looking forward to feeling better in the New Year! So Happy New Year 🥳 and cheers to a happy, healthy and inspirational 2023 🥂

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I worked on the guest bedroom a lot over holiday break and it’s really coming together. I’m excited to show you! In fact, it caused me to order carpet for our upstairs bedrooms, so now I’ve got another little project on my hands, ha. Funny how that works! Come visit and stay anytime. Thanks for your sweet holiday card- I loved that! I’m so sorry your Christmas plans were a bust. I hope you’re all feeling better. Maybe you and your family can have a fun late holiday in January? I hope so! Happy New Year! I hope yours is off to a wonderful start. xo