Roundup : 2023 Planners

Roundup : 2023 Planners - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! If you’ve been around here for awhile, you already know I live for organization and can’t go without my planner. It’s basically an extension of my brain. This time of year, I always look forward to swapping my planner for a fresh one that signifies the new year ahead. There’s something about a blank book to fill, pages to write, and tasks to complete that really motivates me during the cold winter months and the start of a new year. I’m actually not a big fan of New Years Eve or resolutions, but I am a devout planner. In addition to my digital calendar, I find joy and a calm mind by putting pen to paper… especially in regards to my schedule, tasks, and journaling my thoughts. As always, I wanted to share a roundup of my favorite planners, if you fall into that same category or also have a type-a personality that brings immense joy when crossing things off your to-do list. Click through for my favorites and the one I’ve been using these past few years (we’re actually carrying it in the shop now!)… 

Roundup : 2023 Planners - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been using this planner for years because I like the size, organization layout, and aesthetic. I appreciate that it has a monthly view, plenty of room for daily tasks, to-do lists you can fill in, goals, and easy tabs for flipping throughout. It’s simple, but it has everything I need! I’ll share some of my favorite 2023 planners with you below…

Roundup : 2023 Planners - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the planners & organization items to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop- not all are clickable. 

01: 2023 task planner // 02: black 2023 planner // 03: wit & delight 2023 planner // 04: desktop agenda gift box // 05: 2023 leather planner // 06: notes to inspire desktop candle // 07: neutral memo pad set // 08: chambray 2023 planner // 09: black le pen set // 10: linen desk agenda

In addition to my coveted planner, you’ll never find me without a le pen (#9) in my pocket or bag. Those things are scattered all over my home office and bedside table for jotting quick notes. Another guilty pleasure this time of year? The Notes to Inspire candle (#6)… I buy one every December and wait to light it until January. It’s one of those candles that lives on my desktop and gets me through winter.

Roundup : 2023 Planners - roomfortuesday.comI added some new pads of paper to my repertoire as well… I’m usually that person who has sticky notes and loose papers all over the place (organized chaos!), but someone it’s a system that works for me. Anyone else? I was talking to my sister about this subject last week and apparently she does the same. We had a good laugh over FaceTime as our desks looked exactly the same.

Roundup : 2023 Planners - roomfortuesday.comHowever you like to keep organized or begin the year ahead on the right foot, I hope you’re feeling optimistic and excited about 2023 as the year comes to a close. I’m hopeful it will be a good one, but regardless- I’m feeling lighter knowing that I’ve got my ducks in a row. Cheers to a fun weekend ahead! We have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend, and I’m off to chainstitch some text onto a vintage sweater. Sometimes I wonder why I create more work for myself, but I love those little creative side projects. Emmett thinks I’m crazy. Ha! Happy weekend!


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  1. Good morning, Sarah! Happy snowy Pizza Friday! I think your snow found its way here during the night. Beautiful, but it sure interferes with my Christmas shopping plans…😭 Oh well. If you can believe it, we were just discussing planners at supper the other night. (Dorks.) Every so often, the schools campaign to train everyone to use a planner, even purchasing customized examples for every single student! In my experience, some kids take to it, but others not so much! Ha. I’m definitely not a planner girl; I’m not especially busy, and I am sorely lacking in discipline. I do, however, LOVE writing ideas down. Post-it notes and random thrifted notebooks all the way! I try to remember to put appointments in my phone, but I prefer a giant desk calendar. Seeing the entire month helps anchor me in time and space. Not kidding. I have never considered a candle for mental clarity, but it couldn’t hurt! And I adore bergamot and sandalwood! My ducks are not destined for rows, but I do cherish a freshly sharpened pencil and a medium point felt tip! Cheers to whatever eases the mind and makes the days smoother! Here’s to an awesome wintry weekend! 💜❄️🍕

    1. I hope you had a happy snowy weekend! We have another storm rolling in right now, and I’m all snuggled up by the fire. Hopefully you were still able to have some fun shopping despite the wintry weather. I love a planner (dork here, as well). I had no idea schools did mandatory planners. I feel like that may not go over well. Ha! I always associate giant desk calendars with teachers for some reason, so I pictured you having one! I think they would be so helpful to see everything laid out in that way. I’m off to heat up some vegan chili for dinner, but I hope you had the most lovely weekend! xo

  2. Good Morning I can’t believe it’s Friday already, what a hectic week. You are the queen of organization Sarah and now that you have such an amazing office to work from it must really feel great to use all your tools so effectively. My office is a dual office/guest room and storage is at a bare minimum so I can’t have too much stuff. Currently it’s a total mess of Christmas prezzies, I have to get some wrapping done this weekend 🤯 so I can see the floor 🫣 I’ve gone digital with my calendar and I don’t journal any longer but you have some beautiful items in your roundup. I purchased some le pens for Andrew for Christmas from one of your Holiday shopping lists as he still keeps written records for various tasks for our business. He appreciates a good pen so he will get them in his stocking ☺️
    I do still have a telephone number and address book from like 27 years ago that I still use. It was a beautiful Christmas gift from a former colleague that is still appreciated and used to this day. My complete trust in technology is lacking so I’ll keep it. Haha! As Anne mentioned the other day, am I old school or just old 🤣 Probably both in my case. Haha!
    I’m off to the tea room today for a celebratory Christmas lunch with my bestie Yay! And I have to get my office/guest room organized and recognizable. Unlike your office it’s not organized chaos, it’s just chaos 😳 And my front porch needs some Christmas cheer! I’ve got to at least get my wreaths in place. Hope you have a fabulous time at the Christmas ugly sweater party. Sounds like a blast! I’m pretty sure your sweater will be the most stylish ugly sweater at the party 🥰 Cheers to holiday fun! Xoxo

    1. I know, Colleen! The week really flew by (including the weekend). I hope you tackled our wrapping and were able to cross it off the list. I had mine to do this weekend as well, and failed at getting it all finished. Ha! Oh well. I do love a le pen! They write really nice and I think they have a streamlined aesthetic sitting at my desk. I love that you still have your old address book- those things are priceless and timeless (in my opinion)! I hope you had the most lovely tea time with your bestie on Friday. That sounds like the perfect date! We had a great time at our ugly sweater party and I won an award for best sweater- so much fun! I hope you had a fantastic weekend :)

  3. Good morning Sarah! I love planners, notepads, calendars…I find that it really helps me calm my mind when the stress of a long to-do list seems overwhelming. I’m a cross it off kind of gal. We have a “master calendar” in our kitchen with everything for the month so the entire family is on the same page. I typically use a standard planner for pta, but my personal planner has gone digital. It’s so much easier to add quick things on my phone but I find that I have to spend some time each month making sure all the most important things are on each one. Productivity has abounded this year though. The planners you select are always so beautiful. I saw them in the shop last week and knew a post was coming, ha! I hope you had the best day skiing and making your gran’s cookies. Anytime I see vintage dishes in a local haunt I always turn them over to see if there’s a design on the bottom- specifically so that I can have my own little signature to make those cookies with. Anyway, I hope you have another great day. We have an ugly Christmas sweater party tomorrow- and I found the most hilarious games at TJMaxx for the white elephant exchange. Today is focused on getting the wrapping done, now that the tree is complete and it feels like Christmas in the house! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Lauren! I’m with you… planning ahead and writing it down helps me feel less overwhelmed or stressed. I love your idea of the family calendar! I keep both a physical and digital planner. I had the best weekend of skiing, holiday parties, and cookie baking. It’s finally feeling like Christmas over here and we’ve got another snow storm rolling in right now. I’m ready to hunker down by the fire and eat some chili for dinner. I hope you had an equally amazing weekend! How’d the game go over at white elephant?!

      1. Oh it was so fun! There were about 40 people which always makes for an interesting white elephant exchange! It was nice to see that the games I selected were highly sought after.😊

        1. Yay!! Love hearing that! 40 is a huge group- that sounds like so much fun :)