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Vacation Scenes : Oregon

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - At the beginning of 2020, Emmett and I dubbed this “our year of travel” which is so laughable at this point in the year (see all of our goals for the year here, ha). Every single one of our trips were cancelled and while we absolutely love living in Utah, we were beginning to go stir crazy over here. We were in serious need of a break and creative inspiration, so we planned an impromptu road trip to the coast. Click through for some vacation scenes during our time spent in Oregon last week. I’m also sending you a big thank you for still showing up to read my posts last week, even though I was MIA on social media. When we go on vacation, unplugging is so important to me. Lack of cell service helps, but I always wonder if people will be here once I return. I truly appreciate your support! Anywhoo… click through for a fun travel post (and our experience with road tripping during a pandemic). Hopefully this little recap of our vacay will also bring you a calm and inspiring moment. Continue Reading

Antibes (French Riviera) Travel Guide -
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Antibes (French Riviera) Travel Guide

Last Friday I shared my Amsterdam travel guide, and today (as promised)– I’m recapping the French portion of our vacation. We hopped on a quick flight from the Netherlands to Nice and enjoyed some time in the French Riviera….…

Amsterdam Travel Guide -
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Amsterdam Travel Guide

While we were on vacation, the messages flooded in… “Where are you staying? What is that restaurant? Which art museum? Where is that shop?” I promised to share alllllll the details upon arriving home, so consider this a little…

A Weekend Away in Nashville -
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A Weekend Away in Nashville

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend! It doesn’t really feel like Wednesday… holiday work weeks are always weird.  Emmett and I hopped a flight on Friday to Nashville and spent the long weekend catching up with…