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Antibes (French Riviera) Travel Guide

Antibes (French Riviera) Travel Guide - Last Friday I shared my Amsterdam travel guide, and today (as promised)– I’m recapping the French portion of our vacation. We hopped on a quick flight from the Netherlands to Nice and enjoyed some time in the French Riviera…. Antibes, to be specific. This charming seaside town was my favorite. It’s quaint, charming, quiet, and so perfect- especially in the fall. When I say I want to renovate a beach house someday, this is exactly the kind of town I envision! Click through to see where we stayed, what we ate, what we did, and get my recommendations for all things Antibes. Continue Reading

Amsterdam Travel Guide -
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Amsterdam Travel Guide

While we were on vacation, the messages flooded in… “Where are you staying? What is that restaurant? Which art museum? Where is that shop?” I promised to share alllllll the details upon arriving home, so consider this a little…

A Weekend Away in Nashville -
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A Weekend Away in Nashville

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend! It doesn’t really feel like Wednesday… holiday work weeks are always weird. ¬†Emmett and I hopped a flight on Friday to Nashville and spent the long weekend catching up with…

Dominican Vacation Recap - Room for Tuesday
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Dominican Vacation Recap

Hello, hello! I’m alive and well- despite my absence from the internet and all social media this past week. I unplugged and took a much needed vacation with Emmett for our friend’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. After a…

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Weekend Travels : Antelope Island

To explain my absence from the blog last week, Emmett and I had house guests visiting from out-of-state. Typically I plan well in advance, but this time I didn’t do so hot. I ran out of content, but I’m…