Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI promise I didn’t totally throw in the towel on Noteworthy posts! What used to be a regular, reoccurring monthly series I very much looked forward to slipped away with my routine during the hustle & bustle of the holidays. Here we are, four months later- having finally found my footing, I figured it was time to get back into the habit of catching up, sharing updates, and casually chatting in one of my favorite types of blog posts. While some time has passed since I last shared, I’m excited to bring new Noteworthy ramblings your way today. Click through to kick off the week with monthly updates, links, inspiration, and random musings from me to you… oh, how I missed this! It’s a big one. 

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comFirst, I’ve got a long overdue home update for you… Emmett is still working on the entryway. He has been replacing the doors, hardware, and is wrapping up the millwork. Once that is finished, we’ll begin the “fun phase” of the renovation where things really seem to move along… paint (or wallpaper, if I’m lucky), light fixture swaps, textiles, art, styling, etc. This has definitely been the most labor intensive project that has tested his finish carpentry skills and my patience, ha. He said it has been far more difficult than even our kitchen renovation, if that tells you anything.

While he’s chipping away at the entryway and upstairs hall, I’ve already turned my attention to another bedroom makeover… with MORE corner shelving I’m about to remove (shocking, right?). After sharing our maroon guest room, I thought I might as well tackle another quick and easy space. After having our family here visiting earlier this month- with all of our bedrooms occupied, the least put together guest room is the small one in our basement. It has a twin bed and was one of the first rooms I threw together, in an effort to have sleeping arrangements for our entire family who visited shortly after we moved in a few years ago. It hasn’t changed since and is basically a mismatched mashup of thrifted furniture and bedding we already owned. It’s a bare bones kind of space that could use some love. My plan is to choose paint this week and get going- a fast & furious makeover! As always, I’ll bring you along on the journey.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for my bedroom inspiration- you can find a bunch on this Pinterest board. Pinterest has been my happy place lately… it’s feeling like the old days over there! Are you following along? It has been fun!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAs homeownership goes, we’ve also been in maintenance mode over here. We’ve been tackling things like replacing air & water filters, cleaning & tuning our HVAC, water softener, and house humidifier after having found wet carpet in our basement. Emmett is pretty confident our water softener is on the fritz (despite being new), so we’re trying to get to the bottom of that issue, while dealing with the mess. Consider this your maintenance reminder for those pesky home details! I’m looking forward to a good spring clean next month.

Many of you asked if I could share a travel guide from our recent trip to Canada, and while I didn’t take too many photos (this trip was primarily about skiing), I did want to share some photos throughout this post. If you are one of the few who have not had enough snow this season, here are  5 Cozy Hotels Where Winter is A Treat. We’re still in February, after all! We road tripped along the Trans Canada Highway from Calgary to Revelstoke to Banff, then back again to catch our flight. We definitely indulged in some craft cocktails, poutine (when in Canada, obviously), and took in some gorgeous views. The people were the absolute nicest. I’d love to go back during the summer season! In regards to outdoor activities, I skied until my legs physically couldn’t. We also had a hot springs & spa day, walked around Lake Louise, and wandered around the city streets window shopping.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAre you into astrology & horoscopes? It’s always been a fun ritual for me. I had to click into this old article on how you decorate your home according to your zodiac sign. Mine (Scorpio) honestly rings pretty true… does yours?

What I’ve been digging into lately…

Reading… To Shake the Sleeping Self (I’m going to Jedidiah’s writing & nature retreat this spring!)

Watching… The Climb on HBO and 1923

Listening to… Jay Shetty on Call Her Daddy (podcast) & Creative Classical Channel (playlist on Spotify)

Eating… Crock Pot Butter Chicken (modified for my restricted diet)

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comLooking for an interesting Parisian apartment home tour for a virtual escape with a bit of design inspiration? Look no further!

Remember last month when I shared my favorite interior design magazines for real life inspiration via print? Well- I have a new rec to add to the list! Definitely check out Frederic Magazine. It just moved to the top of my list after having received my first issue. Thanks to the reader who messaged me about this one… great tip!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comMy recent purchases? Here are five of my recent buys…

  • Sheer Bronzing Stick // It’s that point in the year where I look like I’ve been hibernating and could use some sunshine. I restocked my favorite sheer bronzer stick to warm up my complexion and add some life back into my face. I love this stuff!
  • Swivel Bouclé Chair // I snagged this affordable swivel chair for the basement bedroom I’m working on. For the price, it’s really an awesome find and comes in many colors!
  • Trench Coat // I’ve been looking for a good structured, classic trench coat and I love the shape of this one! I’m waiting for it to arrive, but I’ll let you know the verdict once I try it on. I’ve been trying to build a capsule wardrobe and be very intentional with fashion purchases.
  • Glass Kitchen Canisters // I needed additional glass canisters for our kitchen and laundry room. I was looking for an option with a good seal that is food safe and these look timeless.
  • Woven Tissue Cover // One of my friends shared this really chic affordable find with me, so I snagged one for our main bathroom.

Are there any White Lotus fans out there? I absolutely loved this home tour! Michael Imperioli’s home is even more incredible than the popular set he worked on… and it’s not at all what I envisioned. What a fun surprise!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comWe had the pleasure of attending the Hair for Hope Gala last week. Emmett & I got all dressed up and it was an evening of inspiring stories that hit close to home. With my ongoing health struggles and hair loss, they gifted me extensions last year and I wanted to give back in some way. Tuesday Made sent over some items for their silent auction and I enjoyed hearing stories from seriously strong women doing big things in my community- it was super moving and such a great cause I felt lucky to be apart of. I’m feeling more optimistic about my health this year and Emmett is getting better at giving me daily injections, so things are looking up. I’m hopeful and just wanted to say thanks for being here, for continually checking in, and for being so supportive. Work took a back burner to my health (as it should), and somehow you all still show up to read blog posts and send encouragement.

This winter has seemed pretty packed with fun. Our family visited, we’ve taken multiple ski trips, we’ve skied locally, ice skated, gone sledding, had more hot cocoas & Irish coffees than I care to admit, and have been making the most of the winter wonderland we call home. Some other things I’m looking forward to in the weeks ahead? Laurie Anne is visiting next week- of course she’s bringing Hazel and her husband, Taylor. They’ve requested a ski day. We’ll be de-winterizing the camper soon, as we already have a fun trip planned for March… we’re meeting & camping with our family for Emmett’s birthday in Arizona. Of course, we’re also looking forward to crossing more house projects off the list as the weather warms. What are you looking forward to in the weeks ahead?

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comTraveling always makes me want to do more traveling. On our return flight home Canada, after watching Kelly’s Wearstler’s design class series, Emmett & I daydreamed of warm weather trips. These gorgeous Italian villas have me reminiscing on our 10-year anniversary trip to Italy last fall.

I shared my top travel items here, if you’re also planning trips for the year ahead. Of course you can see all of my picks, finds, and selections on my Amazon page and LTK page. I’m constantly sharing cool things over there, so be sure to follow along!

Despite all the daydreaming, we’re still very much in the thick of winter here in Salt Lake… in fact, we’re breaking records for our snowfall and ski base- which is fantastic news because we need the precipitation. Regardless, it seems every week brings more snow and I’m officially at that point in the season where I anxiously await the first signs of spring, despite the fact that our lawn is currently buried under almost two feet of snow. Articles like this one are helpful- winter decor ideas from designers from some of the coldest places.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comPer usual, I’m talking too much. I’ve rambled on and this post is getting far longer than I had intended. Let’s wrap things up! Let me know if you have questions for me in the comment section below… life questions, house questions, design questions, travel questions, whatever is on your mind. I hope you’re all having a good winter and have a good week ahead.

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  1. I always enjoy these posts! Glad you have a wonderful time in Canada!

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda! I love hearing that :) Have a great week!

  2. Good morning, good morning, good morning! What a lovely ketchup! (Sorry, teacher joke.) If anything could make me long for a ski vacation, it would be your stunning photos. I loved the art gallery ski trail?! My only foray into Canada was a middle school exchange trip to Quebec. I should probably remedy that…in the summer. Even though a kitchen contains pesky plumbing and tons of cabinetry, I’m not surprised the entry has proven to be a greater challenge tbh: two levels, stairs, bannisters, closing a wall, all those transitions! Phew. Hopefully Emmett is also giving his recent injury some time to heal… That zodiac article was surprisingly accurate for me, too. This one didn’t predict yellow as a favorite which seemed refreshing (and correct because it’s the one color I strongly dislike!) Loved that Paris apartment tour! So many stripes.😍 And it’s SO funny that you mention Frederic! I have just stumbled upon it, as well. I haven’t subscribed (yet) because I just added Milieu to my list at your recommendation. (first issue coming in May!) But I’ll definitely keep it on my radar. It’s somehow affiliated with Schumacher, right? Wait. No adorable photos of you two all dressed up for the Gala???? Sad face. I am happy that you are feeling a bit better and more optimistic.💜 Surely a visit from the bestie will be a pick-me-up! And they’ll get to stay in the lap of luxury! Keep the good times going. A camping trip to AZ in spring sounds like perfection; it’s absolutely my favorite season in the desert. I can almost smell the creosote, Palo Verde, and. orange blossoms. Sigh. Do you have a specific itinerary, or will you wander? I’m itching for a little adventure myself, but I’d settle for spring. Ha. Your recent bedroom revamps have inspired me to tackle a little refresh of my own. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go horribly awry. I’m anxious to see your plan for the basement guest room! Now, I’ve gone on too long, and Joe is informing me that it’s breakfast time. So, cheers to a fantastic week, Sarah!!👍

    1. Gooood morning!! Ha, had to laugh at your teacher joke. The art gallery ski trail was the find of a trip. There are works hidden across the mountain and they’re so beautifully maintained and professionally framed- such a fun surprise! Not sure if you can see the art title behind me, but it was a hilarious parody of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper… titled, The Last Aprés by Da VinSKI, lol! I would love to visit Canada during the summer months. I know it would be absolutely stunning. Ohh the entryway… it has definitely been a challenge, but Emmett is doing a great job. He took a break from working on it this weekend because of his elbow. He hit it again and it swelled up like a grapefruit (again), so I’ve given him strict orders to take it easy with that arm until he sees the ortho for more scans. Oof. I love that the zodiac article was accurate for you too! Now I’m curious to know why you dislike yellow- I’m intrigued! I’ll let you know how Frederic is- you’re going to love your Milieu issue… it’s still my favorite! I’m very much looking forward to the May edition. Our gala photos were a bust- we were running late and didn’t have time to snap many before the event started. They had a professional photographer there, so I’m hoping they’ll share photos. I rented a really fun colorful dress and I’m sad I don’t have photographic proof of how pretty it was. I’m very excited to see Laurie Anne- we always have the best time and we haven’t gotten together since Thanksgiving, so it’s time! My parents and grandma are meeting us in Arizona (pulling their camper from Kentucky!) and we’ll be hanging in the dessert for a long weekend of live music for Emmett’s birthday. There’s a little bluegrass music festival going on, so we’re going to swing by and do that for a day or two. I can’t wait to soak up some sunshine and take in the desert landscape. While my family is a “stick to the path / plan” kind of group, Emmett & I will definitely do some wandering on our own before and after meeting up with them. I’m excited to hear about your bedroom refresh! I know it will be fabulous. I’m officially starting the basement bedroom today- picking up my paint in a few hours! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. xo

  3. Good morning! I’ll start by saying how much I loathe being cold, but…the amazing photos of your ski trip to Canada make me want to bury myself in snow! Ha! I’m so happy you had such a glorious time-Canada is a place I’d love to visit. Speaking of trips we’re planning a spring break getaway to the Grand Canyon, another anniversary trip, and trying to decide where we want to roam this summer. Considering we’ve made our way up the coast and hiked through the sequoias, I’m crossing my fingers for a Yellowstone visit. We’d definitely have the opportunity to knock out a stop at my sister’s house and multiple states. We’ll see…Jeff usually has lofty plans for a guy who can’t sit in the car longer than an hour and a half. I’m loving your Pinterest board of bedroom ideas- I went down the rabbit hole and found some lovely examples for our exact layout. I’m itching to jump back into the front room and knock more of that project out. Michael Imperioli’s home was the most fantastic surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that article in AD. The Scorpio decorating is pretty spot on, but the Aries definitely isn’t matching up to Jeff’s preferences. In other news we made it without power outages this weekend and I’m living for our views of the valley and snow covered mountains. Every mountain range for twenty miles is covered and it’s the first time I’ve seen this in Southern California since I was a kid. I made a trip to the Great Junk Hunt this weekend and had a lucrative shopping day. I scored the most enormous Greek key concrete planter and ended up finding an exact match in a much smaller size- it has me longing for setting up our patio. Among my other purchases is the tiniest lamp I’ve ever seen, a solid and heavy black horse statue, and a lovely spring tablecloth. With all my purging and organizing lately it felt nice to find a few items to liven up the house for spring. I’ve rambled, and the kids need to get off to school- the ear infections are clearing nicely and I’m looking forward to a quiet week after last one😅. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

    1. Good morning, Lauren! Canada was really magical, but definitely really cold. Ha! So fun to hear about your spring break trip to the Grand Canyon. You know I love Yellowstone… we’re also hoping to get back there at some point this summer- or at least to the Tetons. I love a good National Park camping trip. Let me know if you make it back to Utah this summer- would love to see you! How am I just now putting together Jeff is an Aries (so is Emmett). You know we had to find someone to match our Scorpio energy, haha! I’m thrilled to hear you survived the weekend without power loss and that ear infections are on the mend. It also sounds like your trip to Great Junk Hunt (cool name, BTW!) was a total success! I’m envious of your greek key planters, and I need photos of your horse statue! I’m also itching to start planting in the garden and setting up our patio, but I’ve got awhile to wait before our snow melts and the weather cooperates. Hope you have a great week ahead! xo

  4. The pictures from your Canadian ski adventure are gorgeous Sarah! I’m so glad the trip to Canada was enjoyable, looks like there was some awesome skiing and I can’t believe Emmett skied considering his nasty fall. He’s made of some tough stuff. I have to admit I’d be chilling at the lodge by the fire with a hot toddy awaiting your return and taking in the scenery 😝 Lake Louise is so pretty, I visited in the summer but I’m sure it was beautiful this time of year too. All of my travels within Canada happen in the summertime so I’d definitely recommend a summer trip upon your return 🥂Wine tasting in the Okanagan Valley accompanied by wonderful restaurants is a food lovers delight. I think it’s worthy item on the travel bucket list indeed 👍 I’ll meet you there 🥰
    On another note I’m relieved you are feeling better and able to enjoy traveling, fun family visits, and exciting ski adventures. Yay! I admire your positive attitude and undeniable strength as you navigate your health issues. Prioritizing your health is a must always and I’m so glad you are regaining your ground. Cheers to a healthier 2023 🥳
    That front entry is going to be spectacular with Emmett’s incredible carpentry skills and your design perfection will make it an incredible entrance into your beautiful home. We could definitely use both of you at the cottage. Oh my, I think it’s more than Andrew and I realized 😩 and we don’t have your skills. Yikes! Definitely a challenge 🙄 I want to make it pretty but realistically we need it to be functional first. We’ve had a deposit for a well install for a year and a half, it’s crazy how busy they are. Fingers crossed this summer…..Nice catch-up Sarah! Lots to look forward to and enjoy your upcoming visit from Laurie Anne, please tell her I love her artwork I got from your shop 🥰 Her talent is so appreciated in my living room ☺️ Have a glorious week! Stay safe and warm, gosh so much snow by view from your patio door ⛄️ Looks so pretty though!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! We did have some amazing skiing- we skied the longest run in North America and I was so sore afterwards. Ha! I’d love to see Lake Louise in the summer, glistening and turquoise. It was covered in snow, excluding the ice skating section. Alright, I’m adding Okanagan Valley to our list… would love to meet you there someday :) how fun! Thanks for your kind words… I’m definitely prioritizing health and such have started doing that far sooner. Things are looking up! Cheers to a healthy year, indeed. Fingers crossed you can get your well dug this year. Water is definitely a priority. Good things take time and I know it’s tough to be patient when it comes to home things. You two are doing great! I’m excited to see Laurie Anne and I’ll definitely pass along your message. She’ll love hearing that! We had more snow today. I’m itching for warm weather and the beach, haha! Hope you had a great day, too! xo

  5. I can’t decide if I’m just an oddball Capricorn or if my parents (and my birth certificate) lied about my birthdate. I’ve rarely read anything relating to Capricorns that I could say “Yup, that’s me all over.” With the exception of books, I love books and have a 16’ wide by 9 1/2’ wall of bookshelves that has overflowed onto most horizontal surfaces anywhere near them. I also married a Capricorn and, according to astrology experts, Capricorns are at the top of the list of signs that should not marry someone of the same sign. Hmmm, we’ve been married 43 years and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I have to admit however that I’m a little jealous of people who find relatable things in their astrology signs, lol!

    1. Ha! So interesting, Kim! My zodiac predictions are usually spot on- which is really fun. It’s a bummer that yours has never aligned. Congratulations on 43 years of marriage- that’s amazing! :)

      1. My two children’s zodiac signs information is pretty accurate for each of them…. I have to admit to a small amount of envy for all those who are in alignment with their signs. My grandmother would probably have said that I was just ornery enough to bucks the system, lol! As for marriage, I think being ornery helps carry you through the not so great times. I think most marriages have a few not so wonderful periods but, if you can get through those times without giving up, you’re rewarded with a stronger bond.

        1. It’s always fun when zodiac horoscopes feel aligned. Ha! I got a good laugh at your grandma’s theory for you. Such great marriage advice! Thank you for sharing, Kim :)

  6. Good morning! I am a day late due to celebrating our daughters birthday & busy with life! I made the red velvet cake and she absolutely loved it! Long story but I did not get to try it which is okay since I am trying to give up sugar. Very hard as you know. Your Canada trip look beautiful with snow and skiing. I have only been to Victoria via boat from Seattle Washington when I was in high school. We are watching several things and 1923 is one. I enjoy the scenes from Africa. Of the 3 (Yellowstone, 1883, & 1923) I think I like this one the most. Less vulgarity I suppose. Plus I always enjoy costumes and sets from different eras. I devoured White Lotus 2 seasons. Wow, makes me want to go to Italy now more than ever. I recently heard you can get the music from the show. I’ll be interested in reading about Michael’s home and the Parisian apartment next. Cannot wait to see your entryway as I know you are excited to style it. What is not to love with swivel and boucle? Let us know what you think about the quality of the chair. I too would love to see a picture of you from the gala (no pressure). What a fabulous charity! I am so happy your struggles are lessening and you are able to travel and do what you love most.
    In Texas to see a popular entertainer (that doesn’t cost you a lot) you go to the rodeo to catch their show. Our son has caught on and will be attending with his girlfriend & fraternity buddies. Last year we saw Chris Stapleton. This year we are seeing Brooks & Dunn (oldie but goodie from college).
    Have a great week. Hope the weather improves.

    1. So fun!! I hope your daughter had an amazing birthday. I love hearing that you made the red velvet cake and she enjoyed it. Good for you for giving up sugar- I’m still struggling my way through food restrictions, but I’ve definitely had a few “cheat” days that my doctor doesn’t know about. hah! It’s so hard! Canada was amazing- we had a blast. So funny you mentioned liking 1923 most because Emmett & I just had that same conversation. It’s our favorite from the entire series. I love the set and costume design, too. White Lotus definitely made me crave another Italian getaway… such a good show- they do have a playlist on Spotify. I downloaded it! I’ll have to text or email you a gala photo :) It was a fun night for such a good cause… really special! Ok, Danna… I would LOVE to come to Texas and go to the rodeo. Emmett & I both used to barrel race and we love the rodeo. I can’t believe such big musicians play! What a fun time. We love Chris Stapleton and Brooks & Dunn. We’re seeing Lainey Wilson for Emmett’s birthday. Do you like her? She randomly showed up on Yellowstone. Hope you’re having a good week, friend! xox