2023 Outdoor Living Tour

2023 Outdoor Living Tour - roomfortuesday.comNow that I’ve shared all six outdoor spaces for the summer season, I wanted to give the complete tour a permanent place here on the blog- so you can easily search and browse. Click through to navigate and take my full 2023 Outdoor Living Tour. Thanks for following along with this series- it was a fun one to shoot and share with you. Click through for the menu and to jump from space to space…

The Balcony

2023 Outdoor Living Tour - roomfortuesday.comOur bedroom balcony has surprised me over the years… I can’t believe how often we use this space. While it will undergo a complete rebuild in the future, for now- it’s lovely as is and I thoroughly enjoy it! It includes a bistro set for dining, excellent views, and a seating area.

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The Garden

2023 Outdoor Living Tour - roomfortuesday.comOur charming side yard container garden was previously unused neglected space. We pulled out the invasive vines, added a weed barrier, marble chips, a bench, a raised bed for vegetables, and plenty of terracotta containers for growing florals, greenery, and food.

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The Shed

2023 Outdoor Living Tour - roomfortuesday.comOur shed is a project I’m very proud of. I designed the structure and Emmett brought my vision to life from the ground up. It’s perfect for our outdoor equipment, tools, and storage needs. The solar sconces are one of my favorite exterior buys!

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Al Fresco Dining

2023 Outdoor Living Tour - roomfortuesday.comIf there is one thing I look forward to during the summer season, it’s hosting outdoor dinner parties under our pergola! I’ll take any opportunity to set our outdoor table, spend time with friends, and al fresco dine.

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The Patio

2023 Outdoor Living Tour - roomfortuesday.comOur patio sees a lot of use during the summer season. We love gathering around the fire, having drinks, s’mores, and enjoying cool summer evenings. I made the most of our odd curvy shaped patio with an arched outdoor sectional that fits the floor plan really well.

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The Exterior

2023 Outdoor Living Tour : Exterior - roomfortuesday.comLast, but not least- I wanted to give you a glimpse of our exterior. From the garage and driveway to the front porch and yard, this tour shares snippets of our home exterior and the curb appeal we’ve tried to encompass.

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Thanks for following along, friends! Here’s to a lovely summer season filled with fun, good food, friends, and beautiful outdoor spaces. I hope everyone enjoys the sunny months ahead! Thank you again for joining me for my outdoor living tour this year. I’ll be back on Friday with a regular post… in fact, I’ve scoured Facebook Marketplace and have some finds to share with you. Be sure to check back!

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  1. Good morning! Whew! That’s a LOT of incredible exterior eye candy…so thoughtfully designed, maintained and photographed. You absolutely inherited some beautiful bones, but the way you Gibsons really inhabit, enhance and maximize your outdoor spaces is admirable! It’s an obvious ethos; I’m remembering the epic (summertime?!) backyard project at your last home and the ingenious carport makeover. I could definitely take notes on utilizing every precious bit of real estate. Nicely done, Sarah! And Emmett! Speaking of the great outdoors, we were treated to the most epic thunderstorm last night! A full boom-crash, drenching light show. TBH, kinda dramatic for a Tuesday night. Ha. Here’s to harnessing that energy for this lovely Wednesday! And you know I’ll be back for some virtual shopping on Friday. Have a good one, friend!💜

    1. Thank you, thank you friend! I just love spending time outside- this was really fun for me, so thanks for sharing in my excitement for this series :) An epic thunderstorm?! That sounds amazing. I miss those! Dramatic and energetic for a Tuesday night, indeed. We’re supposed to get thunder showers today, so I’m crossing my fingers it happens. I love a good summer storm. Hope you’re having a good week! xo

  2. Every last inch of your outdoor spaces are goals! I am constantly in awe of your ability to capitalize on space, function and beauty. I always look forward to your outdoor living tours- inspiration abounds at every turn. Thank you for taking the time to style, photograph, and blog these spaces. We’re making a few more stops in Vegas today before heading home. It’s been a wildly relaxing trip and the weather has been absolutely perfect! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Happy Anniversary Lauren! Glad you had a fabulous time in Vegas and the weather was perfect!

      1. Thank you so much Danna!! 🥰 I’ve missed you here, and hope you and yours are well!

    2. Thank you so much, Lauren! I hope you’re eating all the good food in Vegas- the Knights just won the Stanley Cup, so I bet it has been crazy there with people celebrating. Thank you for following along with the tour… I had a lot of fun pulling it together this year. Happy celebrating!! xox

  3. You home is stunning Sarah inside and out and your talent for putting everything together so naturally is astounding. All the exterior living spaces are above and beyond beautiful and I so admire each vignette. It takes such creativity to curate everything so effortlessly. I need to put a bit more effort into the styling part I think 😬 but I’d rather look at your beautiful spaces instead 🥰 I hope you get to add that pool someday, especially if you like to swim. Have a fabulous Wednesday and thanks for the gorgeous exterior tour. So incredibly fun and inspiring 💐❤️🥂

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I’m envious of your pool- I love swimming and being in the water. Hopefully someday we can add one to our home. I wish they weren’t so crazy expensive. Enjoy yours for me this summer! Thanks for joining in the fun on my exterior tour and for your kind words. Hope you’re having a better week! xox

      1. Yes pools are a huge expense, we under estimated the cost and we went way over budget like 50 k 😳 It’s why no new kitchen for me and painting the cabinets for now. For us it was totally worth it, we use it practically every day in the summer and we added a spa that also gets so much use. So glad we did it! We dreamed of it for so many years and to finally have it is so super sweet 😜 Cheers to making dreams happen 🥰

        1. Right? Our quotes I got a couple summers ago were crazy… the highest being 250k for a small pool (12-14 feet). I do feel like we love being outside so much though it could be a worthy investment. It’s definitely a pick and choose what project comes next and how much money to save sort of situation. I love hearing that you use yours so often! I think we would as well. Cheers to making dreams happen, indeed! xo

  4. Your exterior is beautiful and all the hard work shows. Hoping you have a great growing season in your garden. I have always loved your outdoor dining and seating set. So cozy and inviting! The woven runner on the table is a favorite.
    Hope Emmett keeps improving and you are getting the much needed medical answers. Have a great day!