Noteworthy Inspiring Interior Links to Save - roomfortuesday.comHappy September, friends! I’m jumping back into blog posts after a busy, but wonderful summer. I hope you had a memorable sunny season, as well. Click through for the latest updates, inspiration for the season ahead, snippets from around my house lately, and to catch up with me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed keeping in touch via my email newsletter this summer! I’ve had a really wonderful time pulling those together for you each Tuesday. If you’re not on the list, I’m going to continue with those… so be sure to sign up here! The next one goes out tomorrow.

First, I wanted to chat about the blog… I’ve been hard at work with my developer updating things over the summer (many changes you won’t see or notice). The new version of the site will be rolling out later this month, if all goes as planned and it shouldn’t look much different. As far as blog content is concerned, I’ll be shifting into more educational & inspirational renovation and interior related posts. I’ll probably throw in the occasional travel or recipe post here and there, but for the most part… I’ll be focusing on and want to be your resource for all things home.

Noteworthy Inspiring Interior Links to Save - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of home… over the summer, Emmett & I have been working simultaneously on projects. He has been chipping away at our entryway renovation and I’ve been designing and ordering things for our basement renovation. I’ll be starting demo on that project this weekend while he continues millwork on the main level of our home. I’ll be sharing more of both projects in the weeks ahead!

I’ve been busy at the Tuesday Made shop, as we just launched our fall collection! Click over to check it out- we also just added some new vintage rugs to the mix.

Emmett & I are actually in California at the moment. We’re headed home in a few hours, but spent the weekend here celebrating our 11th anniversary- time flies. I’ll have a fun hotel post for you later this week because we stayed at the Proper, designed by Kelly Wearstler. Her beautifully designed properties are always inspiring. Here’s a peek at the Proper Hotel in San Francisco I’ve previously enjoyed.

Where should you save or splurge when moving into a new home or apartment? I shared my thoughts here, along with other designers.

Noteworthy Inspiring Interior Links to Save - roomfortuesday.comA London home tour I really enjoyed… lots of layers, pattern, and pretty materials to admire.

Looking for some fresh interior inspiration in the form of print? Some of my favorite designers just released new books…

Let’s talk more books. What is everyone currently reading? Has anyone read Fourth Wing? I need your thoughts! Personally, I loved it and have already preordered the second book in the series.

Noteworthy Inspiring Interior Links to Save - roomfortuesday.comWe had a summer filled with house guests & visitors, which was really fun… Emmett’s family came to visit, my parents, our nephew stayed for awhile, friends came and went- it was nice to see everyone. After all, it has been the year of bedroom makeovers. It’s great to see them being used and enjoyed! We tackled the maroon guest bedroom in February, the basement bedroom in April, and most recently I gave our primary bedroom a little refresh a few weeks ago.

I’ll admit, I watched a few episodes of And Just Like That over the summer, which eventually led me to gawking at these 7 New York Brownstones.

My recent purchases? Here are five of my recent buys…

  • Favorite Striped Sweater // I loved this one so much, I got it in 3 colors! I’ve been wearing it on repeat and it washes really well… no shrinking, no pilling, soft & comfortable, and only $25.
  • Stain Remover // I was out of my go-to stain remover and immediately had to restock- especially since Cash has been sick (poor dog). This stuff has saved my upholstery, rugs, and clothing time & time again. There’s a reason it has 45,000(!) 5-star reviews!
  • Cohasset Single Wall Sconce // I grabbed another sconce for our entryway, because I decided to install these in our upstairs hall as well. Emmett is thrilled to run more electrical, ha.
  • Loafers // Another favorite I’ve been wearing for fall… with and without socks! I sized up in these.
  • Pillar Candles // I love styling with pillar candles this time of year (remember my fall front porch?). I’ll group them together on a tray, nest them inside hurricanes or votives, or use them as a tablescape centerpiece. I had to restock after I burned them down over the summer- they also happen to be on sale right now.

Noteworthy Inspiring Interior Links to Save - roomfortuesday.comMake sure you’re following along on LTK, as well as my Amazon page… I share 3-4 really good finds each day. I honestly love curating those and am so thankful you ask to use my links! Y’all are the best for supporting my small business.

I clicked into this article, 4 Backsplashes Designers Say Are Outdated, and disagree with all of them. Ha! Are you surprised? Application is everything. Classic materials and contrast never go out of style, in my opinion! Here’s how you make subway tile look classic, not basic! It’s been used for decades and is going nowhere, I assure you.

The Expert’s Guide to Painted Stripes… we’re about to paint stripes in our entryway (eek!), and I’ll take all the help I can get!

We’re headed to New Orleans next month for my birthday, so please send any amazing recommendations you have. I’m staying at one of my dream boutique hotels, in terms of design. Any guesses?

Noteworthy Inspiring Interior Links to Save - roomfortuesday.comOne last request before I sign off… please comment below with any interior, home, or renovation topics you’d like me to cover here on the blog. As I’m building out a new content calendar and posts to share, I’d love your input! My goal moving forward is to be super helpful & inspiring when it comes to design. Put me to work!

Here’s to a great week ahead with fall on the horizon. I’ll be chatting with you soon- keep at eye out for that Kelly Wearstler hotel recap. For my modern aesthetic friends, you’re going to LOVE this one.

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  1. Good morning!!!! Yippee!! Welcome back!!! All the exclamation points!!! I’m going to keep this uncharacteristically brief because I inexplicably signed up for a 5:30am yoga class. SMDH. I’m super excited for the hotel recap later this week. I guessed it was a Proper based on your stories, and I had crossed my fingers for a blog post. (Admittedly, I felt guilty because it was your anniversary trip after all…) Painting stripes in the entry! I can’t wait for that process. I’m also quite excited for the basement design plan. Your sneak peeks in the newsletter were intriguing. Love that fridge!! I’m so happy to hear you’ve had a super summer! Sounds like you’ve been busy! What’s new, though? Ha. Mine has been sort of less fun and stressful, but…what are ya gonna do? I’m going to put my thinking cap on and come up with some blog post topics! It will be tough to think of ideas you haven’t covered already, but I will noodle on it. Look for an email soon! Now I’m off to yoga! Have a safe return home, friend! 💜

  2. Good Morning and Welcome back Sarah! Sounds like you had a busy and fabulous summer. Yay! Happy Anniversary ❤️🥂🥳 Celebrating in California sounds dreamy while enjoying a stay at a Kelly Wearstler designed hotel. Ooh lala! Can’t wait to hear all about it. While I’ve had a fantastic summer, I’m ready for fall, bring on the inspiration ☺️ It’s truly my favorite season 🍁
    Painting stripes in the entryway, sound both amazing and incredibly difficult (those high ceilings eek) But of course you will execute it flawlessly, your imagination and creativity never seizes to amaze. I’ll be over the moon if I can get my ceiling painted in my entryway 😉 It’s on the to do list.
    Sorry to hear sweet Cash has been sick 😩 hopefully he’s on the mend ❤️‍🩹
    My only suggestion for new topics to cover on the blog is designing for small homes. Of course, it’s a purely selfish request but I welcome any discussion or inspiration you can offer.
    I’m surprised the next space on your list to renovate is the basement. Thought for sure it was going to be the laundry room. Sounds like it’s going to be extensive. I’m amazed how you have endless energy for these huge renovation projects. You and Emmett certainly are experts so I look forward to see what you dream up. Exciting!
    Safe travels! Xoxo

  3. I’m so excited to see your plans for the basement! I love the monochrome navy look and ski prints you have in there now, so I look forward to seeing what changes and what, if anything, will stay the same. I’m sure I’ll love it regardless!

    I am really curious about Fourth Wing, but a bit skeptical since SO many people love it. I have definitely had a different opinion on some of the most popular books. Hearing you loved it is piquing my interest more! I just finished Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld. It’s about a writer at a late night show (essentially SNL) who falls for the host/musical guest. I loved it! I was able to just dive into that world, similarly to reading Carrie Soto is Back, by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I’m also enjoying a narrative non-fiction novel about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe. It’s really easy to read and I am learning so much. On the design front, I loved paging through Dabito’s new book, Old Brand New. I can’t wait to sit down with it and give it more of my time!

    Super excited to see how you will be incorporating stripes into the entryway!

  4. Good morning!!!! Ahhhh, now this is the morning routine! Welcome back Sarah!!
    Ok- having done stripes, I’ll get into my biggest tips before I forget: 1)only use Frog tape. Once you’ve taped, use a wet sponge firmly on the edges- frog tape adhesive is activated by water and it will you give you a fantastic seal on those edges, preventing the tape from peeling- trust me, it’ll be up there a hot minute! 2) the entire area should be painted your base color first 3)put X’s of tape through the stripes that will be left your base color- it’s super easy to get confused. 4) once your taping for the colored stripes is done, go over the edges of each stripe with your base color a second time- this will ensure that any bleeding of paint will be your base color, and will seal any lines further. 5) it can be tempting to only do one coat of of your stripe color (especially since you know the edges are sealed)- don’t buy into it. Do two coats of your stripe color no matter what. 6) peel your tape lines as you go around the room with your second coat of stripe color- don’t wait until the entire second coat is done. Clean crisp lines can be ruined by paint peeling up at the edges if it dries too much.
    I know you and Emmett have this in the bag, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’m so happy you both had an amazing summer with lots of family visits, and an anniversary trip. Your hotel was dreamy. I’ve not heard of the books you’ve mentioned, but you have my interest piqued! I’m in full disagreement of every “outdated” claim made in that article! And actually, I feel like the zellige tile they mentioned will be the hallmark of knowing when a home was updated. Especially the ones with the organic edges that don’t give crisp grout lines. I will forever love the look, but I definitely feel like that’s the one I’m most tired of seeing. Do you notice with that type of tile, that it’s easier to spot when it’s been diy’d? I feel like I can tell every time, and if I were ever to use it, I’d definitely pay a pro. Anyway, on the recent purchase front, lately I’ve been updating my wardrobe for dress, and Target is the GOAT right now. They have the softest wide leg dress pants in beautiful colors, with the best top pairings! I’ve been loving a monochromatic look, and have found several dressy, ribbed, tanks in the same color as the pants- so far they’ve impressed when worn, and I’m not mad about it! Don’t sleep on their fall sweaters either- so many amazing options. After a lifetime of living in SoCal, I think I’ve finally figured out how to dress for the weather. 😅 I’m so glad you’re back!!! On the post topic front, I’m in desperate need of a Sandpaper 101 course! Too many projects lately have had me second guessing myself, or haven’t turned out as I hoped because I just don’t get it. Lol. I need a guide- like, “Refininshing? Begin Here.”You like infographics- maybe I need one!! Hahahah. We’ve had a chill summer, and I’m not mad about it because the start of the school year has proven to be a challenge. I’ll be devouring any of your blog topics as respite from the frustrations. Ha! Hope you have a good one Sarah! Sending all the love. Xoxo

  5. I’m so happy to see blog posts again. I’m trying to chose art for a new baby girls room and I am paralyzed by indecision. There is so much art available that I can’t chose. I want to do a gallery wall, but am so overwhelmed. What art should I pick? What rules should I follow to have the perfect mix of types (landscape/portrait), mediums (pencil, paint, textiles), matted and unmatted, and sizes? Should I spend time trying to visualize it all together or order what I like and start framing? How do I pick frames? Online everything looks like a gaudy gold. I find the final touches of a room, specifically art to be so overwhelming. Not because I can’t find things I like, but because I like so many things that I worry it will all look disjointed. I’d love more posts about these final touches in a room.

  6. Maggie Smythe says:

    I lived in New Olreans for 4 years! Here are my top picks!

    Eat Things
    – [ ] Mopho — Vietnamese fusion
    – [ ] Parkway Bakery — Po Boys in Bayou St. John
    – [ ] French Truck Coffee — multiple locations, get the NOLA iced coffee
    – [ ] Saba — amazing Israeli food
    – [ ] Café Amelie — very romantic restaurant in the French Quarter with a really nice patio
    – [ ] Ruby Slipper — multiple locations, great brunch! Get the Brandy milk punch 😉
    – [ ] Pagoda Cafe — more casual, but great food!
    – [ ] 1000 Figs – also in Bayou St. John, really good Mediterranean food
    – [ ] Creole Creamery — best ice cream!
    – [ ] Brennan’s — my favorite traditional “New Orleans” restaurant

    Drink Things
    – [ ] Cane and Table — great cocktails (and food) in the French Quarter
    – [ ] Tiki Tolteca — tiki bar!!
    – [ ] Snake and Jake’s — ultimate dive bar experience — in our old neighborhood
    – [ ] Frozen daiquiris! — many places offer them — even better if you go to one of the drive though places!

    See Things
    – [ ] Frenchmen St — best place for live jazz. Lots of cool clubs. Where the locals go! Some spots: Blue Nile, d.b.a, The Maison
    – [ ] Bayou St. John — neighborhood along the canal, really pretty, quiet, also near City Park
    – [ ] Magazine Street between Nashville and Napoleon — my favorite stretch! Cute stores!
    – [ ] The Garden District — a classic, but worth it!
    – [ ] Royal Street — in the French Quarter, the quieter Bourbon

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Maggie! This list is AMAZING. I can’t wait to explore and try all the delicious local spots. I appreciate you taking the time. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!