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Timeless Terracotta

Timeless Terracotta - This blog post initially started as a “Trend Alert” post, but I changed the title because while terracotta is indeed having a moment, I firmly believe it’s not a trend. This timeless material has been around forever and feels super classic to me. Yesterday I spent my lunch break at the local greenhouse and I finally bought some matching terracotta pots for our little garden. Last year, we threw together the space in our side yard the best we could using planters that were left behind by the previous homeowners, but this year I wanted it to look a little nicer and better fit our aesthetic. While I’m still holding out on filling the pots with plants (it snowed here this week), I’m excited to tend to our tiny garden for the second year in a row. Soon, I hope! In the meantime, click through for my thoughts on terracotta, some inspiration for styling it, some good resources, how to get that perfect terracotta patina, and for a roundup of my favorite planters right now.  Continue Reading

Goals for My Outdoor Living Areas -
exterior & outdoor living

Goals for My Outdoor Living Areas

Happy Friday! I originally published this post in April 2019, and it has been fun to see what items we’ve crossed off the list since posting this! My plans remain the same and next month we’ll be getting a…

10 Pins : Front Door Edition -
exterior & outdoor living

10 Pins : Front Door Edition

How was your weekend? Emmett and I are trying to make the most of the nice weather, so we spent a lot of time outside… cleaning up after the recent storm, trimming back the landscaping, we ripped out our…