Noteworthy : Inspiring Links & Updates - roomfortuesday.comHappy April! How was your weekend? This year is seeming to go by quickly, but winter is definitely hanging on. We took the camper out again over the weekend to escape more snow. It’s amazing how driving south a few hours can drastically change in terms of temperature. Utah is magical like that. You can go from snowy mountains to the warmth of red rock pretty quickly. Anyway, today I’m kicking off the month and week with a new Noteworthy post! Click through for monthly updates, links, inspiration, random musings, and things I’ve found interesting lately… 

Let’s catch up… first- renovation updates! Our entryway is still a work in progress (it’s a slooow burn), but the good news? The basement bedroom is finished and ready for its blog debut. I’m planning to photograph it this week and share it with you, just as soon as I can get the blog post drafted & linked. I’m really happy with it!

In other renovation-type news, I’m also working on a big Tuesday Made office tour for you. We finally installed artwork last week and my plan is also to photograph and share our home away from home with you in the next week or two. We spent a lot of hours at our shop… which is really just an office and a warehouse (since we’re totally online), but that building has come a LONG way and I’m pretty proud of it.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links & Updates - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of the shop, we’re hosting our first ever warehouse sale! I’ll share a dedicated blog post with the specifics, but if you’re local (or within a close driving distance)– mark your calendar for April 29th! We’ll have furniture, lighting, decor, artwork, vintage goods, rugs, etc… with deals up to 70% off. It will be at our Salt Lake City office & warehouse, so if you’re nearby- please come shop and say hello! I’d love to meet you. We’re trying to “clean house” and make room for new inventory, so anything that is slightly flawed, has been returned, that we have excess of, or is just taking up precious space- we’ll be parting with. Sign up for our email list to get the details and address!

A bit of a personal update… April is shaping up to be quite a chaotic month for us. I’m going to do my best to stick to the regular blog schedule, but between prepping for our warehouse sale & ongoing health appointments- if I’m absent or end up skipping a post, no need for concern. I’ll jump back in as quickly as I can! I’ve got a lot of health imaging, labs, & new doctor visits on the calendar this month (I’m still a mystery), and even more importantly- Emmett is having surgery in a couple weeks. His injury ended up being quite rare and after meeting with a handful of surgeons, he’ll be recovering for 6 months post op. It’s not the news we hoped for, but we’re feeling optimistic & positive. This will put a damper on our home projects with his restrictions and physical therapy, but there is plenty I can do on my own and our health obviously takes precedent. He’ll be seated or hobbling along on crutches if you see him at our warehouse sale…. I joked that he must have strategically planned this, ha!

Anyway, given the timing of everything- I’ll see what I can manage in the moment. I’m hoping with some excellent calendar planning, I can stick to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday blog schedule… even if posts are a bit shorter. I may also fall behind on comments, but please know that I read every one and will respond as soon as I can! I just wanted to candidly share in advance. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support my small business, offer encouragement, and remain such wonderful friends. I appreciate you!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links & Updates - roomfortuesday.comOk- now for the FUN part of this post… links, inspiration, random musings, and the things I’ve saved lately. Let’s do it! Ready for a WILD home tour? Step inside the Greenwich farmhouse that Susie Hilfiger is selling for nearly $18 million. Whoa!

I’ve been an Alexa Hampton design fan for years- I enjoyed this interview… she chats about her newest renovation and gives some solid design advice.

What I’ve been into lately…

Currently Reading… Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes – see all of my book club reads here.

Watching… Daisy Jones and the Six – I read and loved the book last year!

Listening to… Ben Chapman’s new album, Amber Sound – we saw him live in Arizona last week and he was amazing.

Eating… so many good recipes from the Sweet Laurel Savory cookbook – we’re adding it to the Tuesday Made shop next week!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links & Updates - roomfortuesday.comWe pulled our camper south last weekend for Emmett’s birthday festivities and I had forgotten just how charming our little home on wheels is. It’s such a happy space! Having used it for a full camping season, I think we finally have it dialed in. We ordered a few things- like an indoor mat for kicking off our shoes and some folding hooks (for hats)– but I think the organization and time we put into it last year really paid off. My mom tried to convince us to let them drive ours home to Kentucky, so we could keep and renovate theirs. I think we have enough on our plate for now (nice try, Mom!), but I really did enjoy the camper makeover. I’d do it over again in a heartbeat!

Since many of us have had bedroom design on the brain… according to My Domaine, here are the 2023 bedroom decorating trends vetted by designers. Do you agree with them?

Not to be missed (because it’s one of my most asked questions!)… where to find affordable, readymade gilded frames. I made a big roundup for you here!

I found this article pretty interesting (some things I’ve never considered)… The Rudest Things You Can Do In Someone Else’s House.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links & Updates - roomfortuesday.comMy recent purchases? Here are five of my recent buys…

  • Black Oval Sunglasses // While I love my tried & true tortoise Chloé glasses, I wanted to try the trend (without spending too much) of a narrow cat eye frame. For $15, these are amazing and flattering! Definitely recommend.
  • Button Up Shirt // I swooped into Madewell before leaving for Arizona and came out with one item… this shirt. It’s comfy, lightweight, classic, and not overly cropped (the model must have a very long torso- it looks a tad longer on me).
  • Merit Brow Gel // My go-to brow gel was sadly discontinued, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new one. While it took some searching, this is my new favorite and I think it’s even better… plus it’s a clean product!
  • Travel Hair Dryer // I accidentally left my favorite travel hair dryer in Canada a couple months ago. Before leaving for Arizona, I ordered the exact same one… I don’t travel without it, and it’s perfect for the camper.
  • No-Show Socks // My newly organized sock drawer was looking a bit ragged, so I figured it was time to toss the socks with holes and replace them. I’ve been wearing these for years.

I am endlessly inspired by Leanne Ford. I pinned many images in this home tour! That dining table vignette with the gigantic lanterns is stunning… what a fun play on scale.

Personally I love a good terracotta patina, but in case your planters are looking rough- here’s how to clean them up in time for garden season. Good to know!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links & Updates - roomfortuesday.comThat’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading my rambling Noteworthy post of the month! I promised to keep this series in the regular rotation, so I’m staying true to my word. I hope you still enjoy these! I’ll be over here crossing my fingers for warmer spring weather, and hopefully I’ll see some of you later this month at our warehouse sale. I’ve got lots to do, so I’m signing off! Have a great day, friends.

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  1. I hope Emmett’s surgery goes smoothly and that your appointments go well. You definitely have a lot on your plate! Best wishes!

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda! Have a great day.

  2. Good morning! Happy April Monday! What a nice catch up! First of all, yikes to surgery and 6 months of recovery?! Also, why did I think Emmett’s injury was an elbow or shoulder? I know folks can use those scooter-y things these days, but hobbling around on crutches is a serious drag. I’m glad to know you’ve got access to excellent specialists though. Sending all the healing energy to House Gibson.💜 As for interiors, the extremes of the Hilfiger estate and the Leanne Ford cottage were so interesting. I live for color & pattern, but wowzer that was a LOT of stuff in the 18 million-dollar “farmhouse.” I did love the kitchen and the allover red-patterned bedroom with the bamboo canopy bed. While I can appreciate the cohesiveness of the white plus neutral palette that is Ford’s signature, the “before” of the cottage was much more my vibe. I liked her attitude of try something new, but don’t be afraid to change! That feels right to me. As for the bedroom trends of 2023…guess I’m not trendy. 😄 Turns out, I’m also not rude! I’m mostly only in the homes of my closest friends, but I still usually ask before touching or moving items. And who would feed the dog from the table?! SMH. Even though you’ve got a super-busy month, it sounds like there will be fun reveals! I’m eager to see the basement bedroom and your office tour. And you know I’m beyond excited for the warehouse sale! Of course I’ll be here seeking inspiration and cheering for you! I’m constantly in awe of the schedule you keep. Here’s hoping that spring starts feeling springy soon. Our 10-day looks cloudy with occasional showers, but temps hit 70 one day next week! Yikes. I’ll go from anxiously awaiting garden weather to being behind. *head smack* Cheers to a busy but manageable April! Let’s go, Sarah!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! You’re not wrong in thinking Emmett had an elbow injury- he fell on the ice this winter and actually had to have an MRI of his elbow. Luckily it wasn’t broken- just a bad case of bursitis they had to drain. This is for a knee injury he’s had for years. He’ll be having knee & ligament surgery. We’ve ordered his crutches, so that will be his mode of transportation starting in a couple weeks. I told him he should probably finish installing the handrail on our stairs in the entryway before he goes under the knife- if he wants to survive our unfinished stairs. Lol! Thanks for sending the healing energy our way- very appreciative of that! Two totally different home tours, right? OMG- our house guests are definitely guilty of feeding our dogs. I’ve definitely had to ask them to reframe from feeding the boys human food… it’s tricky since they both have bad allergies. I’m thrilled you’re getting a glimpse of spring this week! We woke up to 9″ of snow, with what I hear could be a foot on the way. Oof. I’ve never been more ready for spring. Here’s to hoping this melts before the warehouse sale! Fingers crossed! I hope you have an amazing week. xox

  3. Happy April indeed! I agree this year seems to be moving swiftly. Winter has been a stage-5 clinger over here too. Amazingly the weekend was a glimpse of spring (finally), with sunshine and warm temperatures. My weekend was full of birthday/Easter prep (Jeff’s bday is tomorrow), and pondering my outdoor spring projects. The kids have been sick since Utah but are finally on the mend, so a quieter weekend was welcoming. The red rocks of Utah and Arizona are stunning- it looks like a lovely camping trip was had by all. I’m jealous of your locals who will get to come peruse the warehouse sale; what a fun, albeit busy, way to make room for new items. I’m crossing my fingers for you that April sheds newfound light on your health, and your doctors will be able to find some answers. I shudder at the amount of appointments and proddings you’ve been subject to over this past year and pray that this will be the light at the end of the tunnel. Plus surgery for Emmett! I’ll be praying for smooth recovery for him and hoping that physical therapy isn’t too grueling. What timing! As to the blog- please know that your health and well-being are first and foremost, and while you and Emmett take the time you need this month we will all be sending the best vibes your way! I’m always amazed at your tenacity to prioritize and still show up- why not take the month off from the blog? The opulence of Susie Hilfiger’s farmhouse is jaw dropping. So many rich textiles. I will say, the black and white spaces feel somewhat disjointed to the rest of the home, but hold a certain beauty in their own right. Alexa Hamptons tip about starting with a birds-eye view and allowing layout to dictate the space, makes so much sense- it’s exactly how I narrowed down plans for the front room. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to doing it another way; I feel like this tip is key for those that have large spaces or open floor plans. I’m feeling a bit of fomo over Daisy Jones and the Six- is this something I need to add to my reading list? As far as bedroom trends for 2023- I’m one foot in the door on most of them. Had they caught me when we first moved in I’d have given a resounding “hell yes” to a red primary- not so much now. I think the biggest part of bedroom design in 2023 is probably taking inventory of pandemic created spaces. Many of us jumped full force into our homes and reworked spaces that didn’t serve us being there full-time. Necessity was a likely dictator behind some of the choices, and now we’re collectively coming to a place where we have the opportunity to reconvene, assess, and capture the true essence of how we want to feel. Creating that luxury retreat, whatever it means to you, still speaks to many of us and is probably the silver lining of having lived through it all. May we always utilize our homes as the slow-down from such a fast paced world! Anyhow, I’m off to sort fundraiser candy with some pta friends in advance of our return to school tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful week Sarah!

    1. Stage 5 clinger, indeed! We woke up to 9 inches of snow this morning. Oof! We ended up driving down to Moab Saturday just to escape the snow for a night. Happy early birthday to Jeff!! I’m glad to hear the kids are finally on the up and up. That’s never a fun way to celebrate the season. Thanks for thinking of us and for your prayers, Lauren. It’s definitely been a roller coaster with health things, but I have hope I’ll have answers soon and Emmett will be on the mend before we know it. He’s having knee & ligament surgery. I’m going to play it by ear, but if I’m feeling too overwhelmed, I’ll definitely take some time off. You should definitely read Daisy Jones and the Six before watching the series! The book is always the best, but they did an amazing job with the TV series. I loved the costumes and set design. That’s such an accurate statement about pandemic influenced design and how things are shifting. Good luck with your PTA meeting and sorting. Emmett bought 15 boxes of girl scout cookies last week- those kids are just too cute with their candies and cookies! I told him he has to leave them at his work (otherwise I’ll eat all 15 boxes), ha. Have an awesome week, Lauren! xox