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Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.comThe Tuesday Made shop (my happy place) has been keeping me very busy this month, which always a good thing! I feel so lucky that we’ve been packing orders, brainstorming new collabs & product ideas, and are fortunate to have plenty to do. Today, I’ve got a special blog post lined up for you that contains our team picks! If you’re an email subscriber, you might have already seen one or two of these in your inbox, but for those who aren’t- I thought this series was so much fun… our Tuesday Made top picks! Jordan, Christiane, and I compiled our top five favorites from the shop to share with you, and why they were worthy of making our list. It was difficult to narrow down our top decor picks and fun to compare them with each other. Click through to get to know my work family a little better and to see what made our list in regards to our homes…

Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.comAll of Christiane’s picks are practical and beautiful… which should come as no surprise! She’s a busy mom with three boys, loves thrifting (she finds lots of our vintage decor in the shop!), fitness, and has a great eye for design. She and her creative husband have been renovating their house since they moved in and it has come such a long way. I have no idea how she finds time for it all. These are her top five picks…

Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
antibes coast print
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
stoneware oil bottle
round marble brush set
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
linen stripes kitchen towel
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
tuesday made tote

Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.comJordan has also been renovating her beautiful home… are you picking up on a common thread here? Apparently, everyone on the Tuesday Made team is in renovation mode. We like what we like. Ha! Jordan lives with her husband and their giant Saint Bernard, so she leans toward dog friendly finishes while Margo is still very much in the puppy phase. She has a classic aesthetic, has totally impressed me with her interior styling & photography skills, and we’re constantly chatting books, food, movies, and entertainment together. The Tuesday Made office is more fun with Jordan there!

Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
petite pepper mill
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
sunday suppers
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
notes to inspire candle
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
classic taupe tassel
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
classic table lamp

Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.comI think many of you know me well enough to guess my top picks because I’m constantly talking about them and sharing with you. As I’ve aged, I’ve become more careful about what I bring into our home. I try to purchase with the intention of loving something that is both functional, beautiful, and will last us many years to come…. especially when it comes to furniture & decor. These are the things that I’m most into at the moment- although it was VERY difficult to narrow it down to just five. I also had to throw in my favorite car freshener, because let’s face it- those little pleasures always make me feel like I sort of have my life together. When things feel chaotic, I try to appreciate the little things: fragrance, organization, something beautiful or handmade, a vintage find, etc. These things kind of ground me…

Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
handmade oil bottle
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
culti car sachet
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
horse art gallery
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
hyacinth arrangement
Tuesday Made Team Picks - roomfortuesday.com
glass jar candle

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m trying to do a better job when it comes to putting faces with the Tuesday Made shop and brand this year. We’re proud to be a small business and we really do love getting to know everyone who shops with us! It only seems fair to give you a peek into our life as well. These two feel like family to me at this point and I’m thankful we get to work together while having fun. I know that’s a total luxury… loving your job and the people you work with. I’m also working on planning a Tuesday Made office tour for you- I just need to photograph it someday. If you have anything from Tuesday Made, I’d love to hear your favorites and why! I hope you’re still enjoying them in your home. Check back on Friday for a post all about doors & hardware! It’s a good one.

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  1. Good morning! So fun to put faces to names! That Tuesday Made office looks like the place to be. A tough task narrowing favorites down to just 5 though. Of the beautiful and functional items from Tuesday Made that live in my home, I’d have to say my top 3 fall into these categories: luxury, practical and amusing. Until I burned your Woodland candle, I never actually believed that scented candles were a necessary indulgence. That intoxicating aroma changed my mind; it’s possibly the one aspect of the winter season I enjoy. Ha. For everyday use, hands down the prize goes to my large brass pepper mill. Quality kitchen gear is one area where I splurge more readily, and this piece does not disappoint. Its cool heft fits perfectly into my hand, grinds like a dream and looks fab on my counter. I know I’ll use it forever. You might wonder what you stock that I’d find amusing. After puppy Jason ate both a plastic AND a metal food scoop, I snagged the white stoneware scoop in desperation. Success. If I accidentally leave it out, he may give it a good “cleaning,” but he certainly doesn’t chew it! I cherish everything I’ve purchased from the shop, not only for the stellar quality, beauty and utility, but because I’m proud to support the loveliest of humans. Cheers to much continued success! Happy Wednesday, friends!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I definitely need to work on an office tour, but that requires finishing some things and busting out the paint. Haha! Hopefully soon. Luxury, practical, and amusing… I love that! I wish I had an extra Woodland candle to burn this week- we are buried in snow right now. The pepper mills are also my favorite- between that and the olive oil bottle- those are two I use everyday. I had a good laugh at puppy Jason and the scoop, because that seems like a puppy Crosby move. I’m glad the scoop survived! Thanks so much for shopping small with us and for being so encouraging over the years! I appreciate you. xo

  2. Good morning! It’s lovely to put faces to the names at the Tuesday Made shop, and I love that it’s your home away from home, with people you enjoy. It’s difficult to narrow down my own top five, because I love everything I’ve purchased, but I’ll give it a go: #1 glass bathroom accessories set. The set is substantial, with a heavy feel in the hand, and the polished nickel details on the soap dispenser and soap dish are stunning against the glass. The shape is modern, yet delicate, and each piece makes our guest bathroom feel luxurious. #2 Ticking stripes kitchen towel (and every towel you sell really). What my family loves about your towels is the size and quick dry time. What I love is how soft they become over time, and how many I can fit in my tiny drawer. They make my kitchen a joy to be in everyday, and I’ll likely never purchase towels anywhere else. #3 Match-strike & marble trivet. This little set has saved me (and my furniture) countless times. It lives on a small acacia board next to my knife block in the kitchen, but come over on Friday (cleaning day) and you may find it any number of places, burning a candle. I love how convenient the match strike is for lighting candles in any room, and the gorgeous texture it adds. The marble trivet is a stunner even with nothing on it, but it’s perfect for protecting my furniture when I burn candles. #4 sage tassel. This tassel is my favorite little detail in our master. It has added the most unique touch to my stoneware lamp; without it the lamp just looks…unfinished, ha! #5 every Christmas ornament I’ve ordered! Each year for the past three I’ve ordered ornaments from Tuesday Made, and they don’t disappoint. My favorite are the taupe ginger jars- I find myself wanting to see them multiple times a year, not just Christmas. The quality of your ornaments are perfection, and they truly feel like Christmas heirlooms. All in all, I’d say shopping Tuesday Made is a complete joy, and I’m always confident that it’s going to be fantastic quality. It feels wonderful to support such an amazing shop, and such amazing people. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us!

    1. Hi Lauren! It really is my home away from home- I’m so lucky to work with awesome people I enjoy! Thanks for sharing your favorites- your comments on each made my day. I liked hearing where everything lives in your house and how they’re used. I just picked out our holiday ornaments for 2023 (we have to get our order in well in advance), so I hope you like this year’s selections! Thanks for always being in my corner and for supporting our small business… you are the best and I appreciate you! Hope you’re having a good week. I’m finally back into the swing of things after arriving home to a massive snow storm.

  3. Enjoyed meeting your Tuesday Made Shop team & their favorites! I agree with Peggi & Lauren that it is nice to see faces behind the scenes. You are a very lucky lady with such a great group of ladies helping in your shop & even more so they are lucky to work with you. Who wouldn’t?! Your store is the first place I shop for gifts or home finds that I need. I will share my favorite 5 items I have purchased although there is more! #1 The Stoneware Oil Bottle is used every day. We have 2. One for olive oil & the other for my avocado oil. I am bummed that the grey one is oos because I need another for vegetable oil (doing more baking because of a certain someone who keeps sharing delicious desserts….wink!). #2 Vintage Rug was my first purchase and it is one of my favorites. The colors and size are perfect for a bathroom. I would buy more if money was no limit. #3 The Ribbed Marble Dish sits on my chest in our entryway and I love the weight and size. I have your Warmth candle on it. #4 Your candle collection is awesome! I have enjoyed the Warmth and Clean scents so much. I only burn for special occasions. My poor hubby has been given strict instructions on this. Ha! #5 Tuesday Made Tote carries a lot! I first used it for all the building pamphlets and color swatches. Now we use it whenever we travel for my magazines, snacks, blanket, etc. I have enjoyed every single purchase and it all comes so well packed. I have even saved the packaging because it is that good! Your lighting is absolutely beautiful and my wish is to purchase some in the future. You have put a lot of thought and care in selecting items for your shop and it definitely shows. Great job Sarah!
    I hope the cold stormy weather is not bad. We are getting high of 80* today…crazy! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

    1. I love hearing that, Danna! I’m definitely a lucky lady. Thanks for always checking the shop for your gift & home finds- that means so much! Vintage rugs will forever be my favorite thing in the shop. They’re my favorite thing to collect and I like seeing them go to great homes. I love that your husband enjoys the candles, too! I can’t believe it has been in the 80’s- we’re buried under 2 feet of snow. We came home to a massive winter storm after our Canada trip. I think I’m officially for warm weather and spring! Hope you’re having a good week! xo

  4. Tuesday Made is a beautiful shop and I’m so happy it’s been a success. Yay! Being a small business can be tough in this big world but I’m not surprised it’s keeping you so busy. You give wonderful service, provide great quality products and you stay connected to your customers. I love seeing an email from Tuesday Made popping into my inbox 🥰
    I’ve purchased some lovely items since you started and there are kitchen necessities I use on the daily that I love such as dish towels, berry bowls, candles, marble trivet, measuring spoons which have definitely contributed to enjoying my kitchen everyday ☺️ While its hard to play favorites as I love it all, I really adore several purchases I’ve made which include a vintage rug (it looks beautiful in my entryway). Like Christiane I have a canvas print from Laurie Anne’s collection the lakeside and it’s really pretty (it resides on a console table as you enter our living room and the colors work perfectly with my home) Also, the crystal bud vase is stunning, and I love the white plaster easel that holds a cookbook on my kitchen counter. So many beautiful things Sarah and gifts I have purchased for others have always been so wonderfully received 😍 Cheers to Tuesday Made and may it continue to be an awesome source of beautiful, useful objects for many years to come 🥂

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! Jordan does all of those pretty emails for us- I also look forward to them. Thanks for your continued support over the past couple years- that means more than you know. It’s fun to read about your favorites! Vintage rugs will forever be my favorite part of the shop. I really enjoy collecting & curating those. Hope you’re having a great week! I’m just getting back into my routine after our Canada trip.

  5. Sarah, it’s such a pleasure to shop from people who know and love their products! I think my favorite and most-used purchases are the brass lion-footed candle stand, the white ceramic cream pitcher (that I use constantly for cut flowers), the French-milled soap, the scalloped marble dish, and the Oud Noir candle.

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I love hearing about your favorites- you are the best for supporting our small business :) Hope you’re having a great week!