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Designer Trick : Artwork Installation

Designer Trick : Artwork Installation - Hello hello, and happy August! I’m back to my desk after a fun family vacation- thanks for being patient with me last week! I hadn’t seen my siblings in years, and it was great to give hugs and spend quality time with our niece and nephews. I hope you had an equally as fulfilling weekend. July was a busy month of travel for us- I suppose we made up for lost time. Anywho, I’m excited to be back! Today I wanted to share a new Designer Trick post with you. I just ordered a big haul of artwork (both new and vintage pieces for our house & office), so my design brain has been on that specific topic lately. Artwork really makes a home and is a detail that shouldn’t be missed when it comes to interior design. It adds character, shares the unique taste of a home’s inhabitants, tells a personal story, and is the perfect conversation starter. It’s always a good investment that may or may not be sentimental. I usually think of artwork in three categories: originals, vintage & antique pieces, and prints or replicas- being the most affordable. In today’s post, I’m sharing my installation & interior design tips for all things art! Click through to see how to make good selections you’ll love for years to come, my thoughts on pairing works of art, how to consider composition, and tricks for installations & pairings that look timeless and designerly. This post is packed full of great info, my seven best tips, a quick Q&A, and some examples. I hope it’s helpful!  Continue Reading

Roundup : Wall Art -
art interiors & styling

Roundup : Wall Art

We’re moving right along this week! I’ll admit- I blocked yesterday off because I got my second vaccination on Monday, so I assumed I might feel side effects and be stuck in bed on Tuesday. Luckily, I felt totally…

art interiors & styling

Design Discussion : Nude Art

We’re kicking off the week with a very interesting Design Discussion post… today’s topic is nude art. It’s a controversial subject (like the majority of our Design Discussions), and I wanted to share my perspective and hear about yours, when…

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art -

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art

Hi friends, Laurie Anne here! Last week Sarah, Emmett, my husband, Taylor, myself and our pups spent a few days on the Oregon Coast and it was a WONDERFUL break from the Phoenix and Salt Lake City summer heat!…

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives -
art interiors & styling

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives

It has been a couple months since I’ve shared a Best of Etsy post, and I’ve been on the hunt for a very specific type of art for our kitchen… a fruit still life oil painting. I’ve been noticing…