The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour

It seemed fitting and momentous to share this one on my birthday, so I’ve been sitting on this post for a bit! If you’re a regular reader or have been here before, you’ve probably noticed the newly updated website. Things have been shuffled around, the navigation has changed a bit, and blog posts have an updated format. While I’m still ironing out a few details, I wanted to share a tour of the new site with you, point out some new tools I’m proud of, and take this as an opportunity to familiarize everyone with the new site! Click through for a tour and to read about where Room for Tuesday is headed…

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

My goal here has always been to share educational & entertaining home, design, and renovating content. Think styling, interiors, DIY projects, vintage sourcing, quality home resources, really good finds, and all the fun things pertaining to home. I’ll be leaning into those helpful type of posts because my data shows that’s what the majority of you are here to see & read… which makes me happy that posts of that nature have proved helpful over the years! While it’s not in my best interest (from a business POV) to share personal, travel, or recipe posts- you can still expect those from me occasionally… simply because I enjoy sharing those topics from time-to-time and I think they’re fun. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Blog Post Format

You may have noticed my blog post format has changed… and hopefully for the better! I’ve added headers (for better post hierarchy) and a Table of Contents that allows you to jump from topic-to-topic within each post. In addition to making posts easier to navigate, I’ve also added an FAQ section to the bottom of each blog post.

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

Images might also look a bit different, as I’ve added sliding or scrolling photo carousels into my posts that are particularly image heavy. I hope those are a fun way to see more visuals without clunking up the site. It keeps things running & loading quickly, while providing more images.

Thanks to SEO updates and in an effort to make things easier to read & navigate, you may also notice posts are more direct. I’ve never been one to add too much fluff or filler to blog posts because I’m a pretty matter of fact person, but I hope my to-the-point posts allow you to find what you’re looking for here, without wasting your time. Because I’m me and I’m also a talkative person, you can still expect to find some personal tidbits in the closing paragraph of each post. That info will always be at the bottom, if you’re interested.

Home Resource Section

One section I’ll continually add to, is my Home Resource section. If you’ve ever wondered, “What paint color is that?” or “Where did that come from?!” this page holds all the answers, sources, paint colors, and relevant blog posts.

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

You can browse the main Home Tour & Sources landing page, or use the menu navigation drop-down to jump from room-to-room. I’ve still got a few rooms & spaces to add, but it has taken me months to build out this feature and it’s one I’m really proud of. I hope it’s helpful! Each space will continue to look more robust…

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

Shopping Links & Favorites

You can find all of my shopping links under the “Shop” tab in the top main menu navigation. There you’ll find direct links to my Home Resources, my LTK Page, my Amazon Storefront, and the Tuesday Made shop. Of course you’re always welcome to bookmark these pages as well!

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

My Voice and Direction

During the process of my site redesign, rebuild, and SEO update, I learned a lot. Ten years worth of updates, to be exact. While it may be hard to believe, I’ve been winging it and flying by the seat of my pants over here… for a decade, ha. In an ever-changing digital age, during a reality where you’re competing with AI (never in my creative or design career would I have imagined having to compete with artificial intelligence), changes were necessary. I’ve watched so many blog friends shut down their sites these past couple years, and I’m giving it my all to forge ahead because this is my passion and happy place. I feel fortunate to have a job I love with a community of the most incredible people (that’s you)!

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

I’ll always remember the conversation of “creative jobs being a safe & smart choice because computers will never be able to think creatively” … boy, were my design professors wrong. Then again, I also never envisioned myself having a platform like this. My career path has shifted from juggling multiple client design projects to renovating our own home, working with home brands I used to only dream of, all while sharing my best educational design tips & sources. What a ride. All of that to say, as a creator- AI is being prioritized and it makes the jobs of real humans and designers (like myself) more challenging. That means a shift here was necessary to keep things going… leveling up, per say.

I’m really honing in on my area of expertise (design & home) and the valuable, educational information I can share here within that realm.

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday

The Comment Section

The comment section always feels like catching up with friends over coffee- which is my favorite part of writing, sharing, and answering questions here on the blog… knowing that I’m connecting with, helping, and reaching friends from all over. Comments mean so much to me and I’ll always respond- even if it takes me 5-6 days. It’s the best place to ask me a question or say hello! The comment section functionality has not changed, but it did get a stylistic update. Hopefully it’s easier to use!

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -


Make sure you’re on my email list! While this month has been busy completing the new site, I’ve got grand plans to share weekly email newsletters with fun info each Tuesday (obviously). I’ll be starting these up again in November. They’ll give a more personal peek into projects, real time finds, and my life. You’re also welcome to reply to emails… some of you have been surprised that I responded to your email reply, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -


How can we help support you and your small business?

I’ve gotten this question multiple times, which really makes my heart burst… because I truly have the best blog friends & community here. Thank YOU for that! Here are a few ways you can help support my small business and continued free blog content…

1. Follow along on social media and engage with posts. Every comment, like, save, DM, and share makes a huge difference. It’s highly appreciated and costs nothing.

2. Use my links. When curating home finds, I make a small commission for things I share. It’s very helpful when you use my affiliate links, shop via my Amazon Storefront, or use my LTK page. I only share things I truly love and try to compile them in an organized way that saves you time & money when making home purchases.

3. Shop small at Tuesday Made. If you’re on the hunt for unique or vintage home items & gifts, please keep my small shop, Tuesday Made, in mind!

Would you ever setup a Room for Tuesday Facebook group or community of some sort?

I would definitely be inclined to set that up for you, if there is enough interest? I think it could be a great way to chat with others outside of the comment section. I’m not sure how many of you have Facebook, but it would be a closed RFT group where I approve each member, share, and moderate content. If so- are there any groups you’re in and love? Which platform is your favorite?

Blog posts via email- they no longer come to my inbox?

That’s something I’m still sorting out! I’ve changed hosts and I’m trying to figure out how to get those up and running again. Hopefully in the next week or two, we’ll have those back up and running. In the meantime- new blog posts are published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:00am Eastern time. You can also come directly to the site to see what’s new on those days!

Where else can we follow along for different types of content?

Each outlet has a different experience with unique content… I’ll link them below!
RFT Amazon Finds
My LTK Page
Tuesday Made Social Media

While things may look different, I wanted to assure you- it’s still me writing & sharing over here (not AI)… just in a new format. Picture me seated at my antique desk in my home office pounding away on my keyboard- because that’s exactly how each blog post comes to fruition. The website may look different… but it’s really the same. Although, hopefully easier to navigate with more helpful & relevant posts.

The Newly Updated Room for Tuesday Website Tour -

As always, I love the Room for Tuesday community we’ve built together. I’m incredibly thankful and thoroughly enjoy chatting & sharing with you (please continue to drop me notes!), and I love to be as helpful as I can. Therefore, please leave your feedback and ideas for future blog posts, and some series you’d like me to continue in the comment section. Your input is always valued! Fire away with questions & ideas below to kick off the week. I’m off to three doctor appointments to celebrate my birthday today, ha. Thank you for being here, friends! Here’s to a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Happiest of birthdays, Sarah! You killed it with the new site; your hard work really shows! I especially love the sliders of bonus images and the FAQs (a perfect way to add interesting tidbits that don’t fit neatly in any paragraph!). Although I haven’t checked them out yet, the layout of the individual room pages looks fantastic. I really love the layering of text and images. As for blog topics, you know I’m going to read everything you post, but I particularly devour design process, new-to-me talents/spaces (10 Pins and home tours), and all the nerdy details. Of course, I also adore travel posts and a good Noteworthy catch up. I’m sure I’m missing something. All I will say about AI is that its current use makes me kind of queasy…for a lot of reasons. On a happier note, I would love to join any group you create! The only platform I really know of is Facebook, but I’d gladly learn another if it meant engaging with this lovely community more regularly! As always, I’ll be eager to hear what everyone else has to say. (BTW, I no longer see a “Notify see of Comments” option, so I just keep checking back.😄) Yikes, gotta run to early yoga! Have the best day (doctors appointments notwithstanding)!! Stupendous job on the RFT revamp!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Peggi! And thank you for the amazing treat and surprise. I gobbled those right up, savoring each truffle. You’re the sweetest and you made my day! Thanks for your kind words about the site. I agree with you in regards to AI… it’s going to be interesting to see how that continues to unfold. I think I’m going to work on a FB group for 2024 (post holidays). I do think that would be a fun place to share finds, casually chat, and have a specific community place that’s ours. I’ll dive into research on that one. Hope you had great yoga session! Thanks again for the birthday wishes and sweet treat! xo

  2. Happy birthday and good morning sweet friend! I have enjoyed perusing the site in the wake of the revamp- you thought of everything! It feels lighter, easier to find new posts, and is just fun to browse. I’m crossing my fingers for the direct to inbox posts but if I had to continue to find it the old fashioned way, you know I would! Ha! I also miss the comment subscription- but like Peggi, I just come back and stalk your post.😝 You know I love the usual suspects: 10 Pins, Noteworthy, Design Eye Training, FBMP finds… but I also have a few new series ideas: 1) “Learn the Skill” or “Trick of the Trade”- you share a process as though you’re a beginner. Similar to Emmett’s post on level five finish. Sometimes with tutorials on larger, specific projects, I find myself wanting more detailed info on the in-betweens or individual skills. 2) “Design Eye 201”- help us spot when and where designs go wrong. As you’ve refined my eye for design, I’ve often asked myself questions like, is there a point where wrong art choice can make a home look less cohesive? Design eye reversed, if you will. I definitely would join a FB group if you decided to create one- the idea of connecting with this community more frequently and casually than our comments section, sounds lovely. It’d also be fun to be able to share marketplace finds with each other to enhance our algorithms. Do it for the vintage Sarah!😝 Anyway, I’m here for anything and everything this next trip around the Sun brings your way. Cheers to you, your hard work, and all the love and care you pour into this blog and it’s community! Happiest of happy birthdays friend! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy birthday to YOU, Lauren!! Hope you have an amazing day today and get to relax. Thanks for your awesome feedback, as always. I really appreciate it! I’m also hoping we can get the inbox posts back. Love your ideas for new posts and series! Trick of the trade is right up my alley. I do also really like the idea of sharing vintage and having a place for everyone! Maybe that will be a fun thing to work on for 2024, post holidays. Anywho…. happiest birthday, friend!! Enjoy your day! xo

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah🥳
    I hope you had an incredible weekend celebrating 🥂 Three doctors appointments today, ugh! You are a trooper friend. I love the new website, it looks refreshed and very easy to navigate. Keeping up with the ever changing needs of technology is a challenge and yes many blogs are discontinuing as a result. I’m so glad you decided to keep going. Yay! And thank you! As you know I don’t have any social media but shopping your links and Tuesday Made have been a wonderful way for me to spoil my friends and family around the holidays or special occasion while occasionally treating myself to something nice ☺️ I’m still using the woven purse from your roundup earlier in the summer. Your suggestions always work out, you have great taste 🥰 Your website looks great, all your painstaking work is so appreciated. Your blog has been so wonderfully helpful and chatting with you is always fun! BTW I picked up the pottery I made with my daughter and they are the cutest little vessels. I’ve never done pottery throwing on a wheel but it was so therapeutic and fun! I’m using one as a salt cellar, one holds the scrub brush I purchased from your shop and the other holds sponges. So all were useful objects for the kitchen. I elected to keep them in the natural pottery color beige but my daughter painted hers and they are so pretty. On another note, I hope Cash is doing better. I know you have been worried about him. Are the meds working? Hope so ❤️‍🩹
    And I hope you have a nice dinner planned for your special day! Cheers 🥂

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Colleen! I love to hear that the updated site is easier to navigate. You are the sweetest for all the orders you’ve placed at the shop and using my links- I truly appreciate your support over the years! I also love to hear you’re still enjoying the woven bag. I’m excited to pull mine out again next spring. Thanks for your kind words- you made my day! I’d love to see photos of your beautiful pottery- it sounds like they both turned out amazing. I still want to do that. I haven’t thrown in years (since art school). I think Cash is showing some improvement and we’re trying to wean him off the steroids with his vet (which have side effects of their hope). We’re hoping he’s out of the woods in the next couple of weeks. Whew! I’ve definitely been so worried about the little guy. Thanks for asking! Hope you’re having a great week! xo

  4. Happy Birthday. I love your blog and am very happy you are continuing to keep it going. Best Wishes, W. Scott

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Wenda! Have a wonderful winter season ahead! Thanks for reading.

  5. How can you possible create “different experience and unique content” for all those spaces? It must take you all day! I enjoy what you share on this blog, thank you.

    1. Oh my goodness, I forgot the “Happy Birthday” – hope you could enjoy it amid all the appointments!

      1. Sarah Gibson says:

        Thanks so much, Teri! It was a great day, despite the appointments :) Thank you for being here!

  6. Happy Birthday! Love the new site and all the upgrades, it definitely shows how much thought you put into the improvements and continuing to provide high-quality content for your readers. Thank you!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Melissa! I love to hear that- thanks for being here and for reading :)

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah! Wishing you a year of GREAT health, happiness and peace. I like your Instagram a lot, but really, really enjoy your blog posts. Congrats on finishing the redo. I’m sure that was a crazy amount of not-so-fun work.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Arli! I truly appreciate that. Hope you have a great month ahead!