Hello, hello! How was everyone’s weekend? I’m nearly caught up after our week away at Lake Powell, which was such an incredible time and a beautiful place to experience. Thanks for continuing to read and share your thoughts on last week’s blog posts, despite my absence. I really appreciate everyone who continues to show up here, read, and chat design with me! I loved coming back to my desk to read all of your comments. Today, I wanted to kick off the week with a new Noteworthy post. I’ve got monthly updates, links, inspiration, and random musings for you. Click through for the good stuff and have a great Monday! 

As soon as we got home last week, Emmett & I immediately picked back up working on our entryway renovation. Things are really coming along, the newel posts are set, demo is totally finished, and we’re in the process of rebuilding and installing our new stair posts. I’ll work on a proper blog update for you once we get a bit further! Right now it looks like a chaotic mess.

Next week, Emmett & I are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. If you missed this post a couple years ago, it’s a good one… I shared some things you may not know about us (as a couple), as well as some entertaining old photos. This has been one of our more difficult years, but I feel incredibly lucky to have such a loving & supportive partner by my side. I still can’t believe we’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart, at this point. We’re gearing up for our trip to Italy and we can’t wait to properly celebrate with all the good food, wine, and experiences… we may or may not have tattoo appointments lined up while we’re there. Here’s to another decade of dreaming, tackling house shenanigans, traveling, adventuring, and making memories with my favorite person. If you’re in a long-term relationship, how do you like to celebrate momentous occasions or anniversaries?

I’ve been gathering and compiling my Amazon finds for the autumn season ahead… find them here! I’ve been adding to the list daily, if you’re itching to transition your home for the season and are interested in seeing my top picks.

Speaking of fall on the horizon, Emmett has been requesting all the cozy comfort foods lately. I’m not quite ready for chicken pot pie yet, but he convinced me to make stroganoff for dinner over the weekend. This recipe is my favorite because it’s a bit more healthy, a tad bit lighter, and I was able to sneak in a few zucchinis from the farmer’s market without him noticing. Ha! It’s a good one to save for the season ahead-  you can also sub ground turkey or a vegetarian alternative in place of the ground beef, if you’d like. It’s an easy one to adapt to your liking.

A recipe I want to try this September or October? Espresso glazed cinnamon rolls… these look amazing! We’re hosting for Halloween (also my birthday) this year, so I’m going to plan to make these the next morning for our overnight houseguests.

I am not a beauty blogger by any means, but oddly enough- one of my most asked questions is about makeup (lipstick specifically) and skincare. I linked all of my favorites in this post… I’ve been sharing lots of great finds and favorites on my LTK page. If you’d like to follow along over there, I’ve been having a lot of fun curating & sharing! I’ll take any excuse to virtual shop and make pretty collages.

How do we feel about this boot trend for fall? I have a pair of working boots (that I use for riding and working on the family farm), and I have a pair of “fancy” boots that I wore on our wedding day… they have white roses embroidered on them and are actually gorgeous. They’re hard to describe. You’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, I never wear either of them regularly or consider them fashion forward. Maybe it’s time to embrace them? Are you on board? I can’t decide!

What I’ve been into lately…

Reading… Things We Do in the Dark

Watching… Hacks (on HBO)

Listening to… Feelin’ Good playlist on Spotify

Eating… Roasted Beet & Carrot Lentil Salad with Feta, Yogurt, & Dill

Local to me, the Park City showcase of homes is currently underway. I’m not sure I’ll have time to visit the show homes this year, but you can tour them digitally online, if you’d like! That’s probably what I’ll end up doing. Emmett & I usually go together and make a day date of it… typically brunch or Park Silly (the local market), then walk the homes, chatting about what we like or could take away as inspiration. Does your city have a designer show home parade? They’re really fun! If you’re looking for a unique date idea, give it a try.

I’ve been a pinning machine lately. Do you follow along on Pinterest? Most recently, I’ve been diving down a deep hole of laundry and dining rooms. I’m hoping the laundry room will be the next space we tackle after the entryway, while Emmett is pushing for the dining room. What would you like to see next? Maybe your vote will help us come to a decision or agree on a room.

Having a bad day? I loved this post sharing 11 simple reminders to help you feel better. I think some of these are good tips for well-being in general… taking some deep breaths, getting outside, putting down our phones, drinking plenty of water, etc. It always amazes me how those little things can really boost our mood.

This is an interesting article on how to determine whether a decor item will be timeless or a trend. What factors do you consider? You probably already know my philosophy! I’ve shared a bunch of posts on this subject matter.

My recent purchases? Here are five of my recent random buys…

  • Caraway Bakeware Set // I finally got the Caraway Bakeware set I’ve been wanting. I swapped out all of our mismatched baking items (and organized the entire kitchen!) for this set that stores away so much more conveniently. It’s more compact and saved a ton of room in our cabinet. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and love it. I’ve got a recipe post coming on Wednesday for you with a closer look and my review on the set.
  • Open Toe Mules  // These have been my go-to slip ons for late summer / early fall. They’re surprisingly comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I usually wear them with jeans or white denim for a casual look.
  • Cozy Alpaca Sweater // Rather than buying lots of inexpensive sweaters this season (that probably won’t last as long), I saved up all summer for this popular Jenni Kayne number that has rave reviews. It has yet to arrive, but I’ll let you know how it is.
  • Black Athletic Swimsuit // I got this inexpensive swimsuit for our upcoming scuba trips (no ties, clasps, or uncomfortable straps to deal with under my wetsuit), and I can’t recommend it enough! You can’t beat the price, the cut is very flattering, it holds everything in, and it’s comfortable. It’s ideal for an easy pool or beach day, swimming laps, or diving. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, fuss-free, classic black suit- this is the one. Trust me!
  • Epilator // I recently gave up shaving and tossed my razor for this thing. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the hype (or price), but I’m hooked. I used to have bad razor burn and bumps, but this epilator leaves me with smooth, non irritated skin. I gave laser hair removal a try and haven’t been happy with the results. I’m not sure if it’s because of my fluctuating hormones, but it grew back very quickly.

Alex Boudreau’s Mexico home has me wanting to hang onto summer for just a tiny bit longer. She built this charming modern casita on her own, without the help of an architect… that’s pretty impressive. Consider this one last home tour to scroll, as an ode to summertime.

I’m still struggling with my health and my aforementioned hormone issues, so I decided to visit my dermatologist to treat some bad dark spots and melasma on my face that has been a result of that. She recommend the VI Derm Beauty peel and while my face is still a peeling mess at the moment (it kind of looks like I dunked my face in glue that has dried), I’m hopeful it will pull some of the pigment I keep trying to cover up. If anyone has any home remedies other than floppy sun hats and loads of SPF, I’m all ears!

The magic of Instagram sort of faded awhile ago for me (I’m still mourning static images, ha), but I do love connecting with you over there (despite seemingly constant changes). I wanted to get your honest feedback. Is it still a platform you enjoy and keep up with? How do you feel about the new IG subscriptions? I feel like that may be a nice way to connect on a more personal and approachable level- with a smaller community of friends I feel most comfortable with. Anyway, I just wanted to ask what you’ve been liking lately, on what platform, and in what ways… especially as less people are reading blogs. Let me know your preferences, if you don’t mind, as I’m brainstorming adaptations for my small business. Where and how would you like me to show up to connect? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

We have a couple more camping weekends planned, and I have to say- it has been one amazing month using our newly renovated camper! We love it so much. Emmett is trying to convince me we should renovate a boat someday. It seems like a similar project to tackle. Maybe if we ever move to a state with more water. Who knows… the camper was certainly a quick project that turned out to be so much more fun than I had anticipated. I’d do it again in a heartbeat! We want to catch the fall foliage in a couple of our go-to spots before we winterize it for the season. Where are your favorite places to camp or boat?

Can I ask one last question before I sign off? If you have any blog topics or posts you’d like to see, please drop your ideas & requests in the comment section below! Are you still enjoying the regular series I share? Do you have an idea for a single post or perhaps a new series? Since our entryway renovation is moving slow and steady, I’d love to be able to tackle topics that are helpful for you in the meantime. Between traveling, packing orders at the Tuesday Made shop, doctor appointments, and renovating… I haven’t had as much time to brainstorm thoughtful blog topics as I normally would. Let me know what YOU want to see and I’ll make it happen. Inspiration always strikes this time of year and I’m eager to fill up my calendar with helpful posts. Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a fall recipe lined up for Wednesday’s blog post, so be sure to check back for one of my favorites! While it’s still very summery feeling here (it’s HOT this week), I wanted to get a jump start on sharing my fall favorites with you (for when the time comes or the mood strikes)! Next week I also have a really fun giveaway lined up. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! As always, thanks for reading. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Love this blog, and all your content! Congrats on 10 years with your husband.

    Regarding Instagram – on a walk yesterday, I was saying how I think it’s time for me to scale back on IG. The reels (and honestly even stories) feel SO BAD for my brain, like they are robbing me of my ability to stay focused and engaged on a deeper level. And IG in general gives me such a false sense of “creativity” – sometimes before I open the app, I think to myself, oh – let’s look and get inspired (as I do follow some artist accounts), but in reality, once I’m on there, it’s 80% garbage. Then I end up using my time scrolling through that instead of actually DOING anything, or doing anything GOOD. I think it’s time to scale back, and perhaps when I am on there, only look at the static images.

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! I’m with you on the video content over there. It’s a lot. I feel like I mindless scroll and don’t come away feeling inspired from that. I miss the days of analyzing photos and having a quiet moment to myself. It just feels a bit chaotic, I think. I do think your 80% garbage sounds accurate. Ha! They sure make it tough for people to be seen when the algorithm favors that type of content. I’ve been spending a lot more time with books… design books, novels, self help books, etc, and that has been really nice. Anyway- thanks for the feedback. It really is helpful! I hope you’re having a great week. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. Good morning! I always enjoy a Noteworthy catch-up! Loved revisiting your baby photos 😉 in that anniversary post. We are the low-keyest of celebrators; we generally plan a special meal to cook together and spend some time outdoors-often with the dogs. We’ll celebrate 30 years together in the spring, and I’m petitioning for an appropriately-sized bash. Definitely no tattoos. I’m always excited for fall cooking and baking! I recently tried caponata to use some eggplant abundance and will absolutely be making it again! I’m currently scheming a cow cake for my friend’s granddaughter (last year was a hobbit house!). I’ll be eager to see what you’re sharing on Wednesday! Oh, social media. I have lots of thoughts and feelings about that…probably none of them helpful, I’m afraid. I’ll be interested in hearing others’ ideas. In the meantime, I’m going to head over to your Pinterest and check out the laundry and dining inspo! I’m very excited for your laundry room, but I see Emmett’s point about the dining room. Having all of those connected spaces finished does make sense… Geez, I’m officially zero help this morning. Ha. I’ll put some energy into thinking of blog topics and get back to you. 😂 Here’s to a beautiful week, friends!💜

    1. I’m glad to hear it, Peggi! Those baby photos are crazy. I can’t believe we met when we were so young. Wild! I love your special meal idea, and especially that you include the dogs with a fun adventure. 30 years?! I think you should go all out. Maybe that trip to the cabin in Maine could happen? I just noticed a flight deal from SLC to there for December. Keep an eye on them :) Congratulations on 30 years! I think I need your caponata recipe. I snagged some eggplant from the farmer’s market and need to use it up. Your hobbit house and cow cake sound incredibly cute. We need photos! I think the dogs were most excited about my pumpkin coffee cake this week, as they got the leftover pumpkin puree layered over their dinner. Talk about a happy Cash & Cros. I’m not sure if it’s just me getting older, the fact that my priorities have shifted, or that I’m still holding onto my favorite way to chat & share (the blog), but social media has felt uber frustrating these past couple years. It used to be a place I really enjoyed. I think I’m going to brainstorm some ways to make it more fun, or other ways to connect without it (while keeping things afloat). Pinterest is still my go-to, after the blog. That’s one platform I still really love and use often! Whether it’s the laundry room or dining room, we’ll be happy to dive in. The stairs have been so tedious, but they’re looking lovely. What’s next on your house to-do list? I hope you’re having a good week and are staying cool with these hot temps. C’mon fall!

  3. Jennifer Laura says:

    Love your finds for fall, would love to see if you have any faux branches you love- I’ve been on the hunt for some!

    1. Thank you so much! We actually just sold out of ours at the shop- I’m bummed because I wanted some for myself. I’m going to try to get more ASAP. These are my absolute favorite for fall! I’ll also work on a roundup for my LTK page… not sure if you follow along there?

  4. Good morning Sarah and Happy Anniversary month! Ten years feels so special and I’m glad you’ll be marking the occasion with your trip to Italy. In general we’re very low-key about celebrations, but milestone celebrations are what we live for. I’m not sure if other people consider a ten year anniversary a milestone, but we do. Matching tattoos would be incredible; I’ve always loved that travel tradition you and Emmett hold. Jeff has zero tattoos and likely won’t ever get any. Womp womp. Let’s talk about the boots…my answer is no. Especially in all the ways they were styled in the article. I lol’d hardcore. It’s difficult for me to see them as a fashion statement because I grew up wearing them while riding and working our horses, so they hold a specific purpose and context. Although I do love seeing a classic pair with a beautiful dress, I don’t see myself getting on board. As far as IG, it’s a double-edged sword. I love following there, but it’s an unproductive app for the consumer. I’m certain we all felt the same about FB at one point. I come here for the meat- IG, LTK and Pinterest; those are my potatoes, veggie, and salad. I see more large accounts bucking the algorithm trend, which is wonderful, because I can’t stand reels. Whether you know it or not, the way you’ve adjusted how you interact there is refreshing. I prefer accounts that have shorter interaction there, with more to love elsewhere. I love hearing that you finally got the Caraway set- I’ll be waiting for your honest review of them! I’ve always loved the idea of doing a “Sentiments of Home” series. A collection of ‘letters’ to mark the changes of the season, the milestones of home, the updates…and how we feel in the process of home ownership. How we can connect to our home during the transitions; how we make it a place of refuge even when there’s chaos around us. Or even just taking stock of the feelings that drive us to make certain changes, or keep things the same. I have no idea if that would translate well to blog posts people would love, or if I’m explaining the idea well, but one of your posts in 2020 is what sparked the idea. You asked if we could write a letter to our home, what would we say…anyway, that’s all I’ve got, hahah! I’ll see you here Wednesday for your recipe post. Have a fantastic kick-off to the week! Xo

    1. Thanks, Lauren!! It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years… time needs to slow down. We’re the same- we usually just have nice dinner for our anniversary, but milestones feel worthy of celebrating in a bigger way. We’re excited! We’re not getting matching tats (we still don’t know what we’re getting, lol), but we like to have those experiences together, despite our styles being very different. I love a good travel tattoo though! I thought the boot styling in the article was also weird. Glad I’m not the only one! I’m with you on wearing them for working and riding. It’s hard for me to put them on in a fashion sort of way. I wore my “fancy” wedding boots because I was on horses for photos that day, despite not getting said photos. Ha! Your social media advice and feedback is so refreshing. I feel the same. This is the place I love sharing and connecting… and it feels so weird to try to adapt into something that I’m not for the sake of an algorithm. Perhaps it’s a stupid business move, but I think I’d rather try to make my living or supplement income in another way. It’s just not for me and it feels overwhelming. I can’t get on board with dancing, clapping, and trendy music or voiceovers. I need to do some serious brainstorming. I’m obsessed with your “Sentiments of Home” series. I’m definitely adding that to my list. Thank you for sharing! You hit the nail on the head. I feel that about our home- it’s a refuge even during chaotic or trying times. That’s what home should be! Brilliant. Thank you for a really great encouraging brainstorm sesh. You’re the best! xo

  5. My husband and I got married on September 26 (almost 7 years ago!), and on the 26th of every month we give each other silly cards saying how much we love one another. Sometimes we’ll do something a little bit special that day, like something a little fancier when making dinner. It’s a simple, sweet little thing that always makes us smile.

    1. Happy almost anniversary, Deborah. I love your tradition of swapping silly cards. It really is the little things! Last year, we went out to dinner and it was simple and perfect. I hope you two get to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company for your anniversary later this month :) Congratulations on 7 years!

  6. Hi Sarah! It’s been a while since I’ve commented here, but I’m still here! And I wanted to address some of the questions you asked, because some of the things you brought up are things that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, so I appreciate the outlet :)

    First, I personally would love to see you tackle the dining room next, mainly because it has such a huge head start with the flooring and the dining set already in place. Unless you’re planning to do something HUGE (maybe you are? Is fixing the arch on the list if you go with the dining room?), it seems like even though it’ll be a full room makeover, it’ll progress a bit faster than your last few projects. Obviously that has nothing to do with you personally and EVERYTHING has slowed down in blogland because of lead times, so I’d love to actually see someone get a room done in less than a year! Plus your progress posts and tutorials specifically are so helpful, and obviously we’re getting fewer of those right now since you have to wait so long for materials and furniture purchases to come in.

    To kind of tie in to that, I’d love to see more posts discussing how you handle things like long lead times, or just how long some bigger projects tend to take. Do you stop to take on smaller projects to fill time, or just to give yourself a small win? Do you think about what you’re going to do for other projects down the road? I’d love to see more “the entry is taking a while so I did this quick afternoon project” or “we’re waiting on stair parts so here are some countertop materials I’ve been thinking of for the laundry room” type posts. Like, I’m in the middle of painting my living room and it’s taking forever because of time/motivation/I am using a standard ladder when a scaffold would have been better, so the other day I grabbed a piece of old cedar I was saving for shelving, took it to work to have it planed, and then started testing stains. I am at least a few weeks away from getting shelves up in there, but my brain just needed a break. Maybe it’s just me but I would love to see more posts like that. Even if they’re short. Even if they’re not as well researched as some of your bigger posts are. I’m fully on board with a few photos and a “which would you choose?” poll – as long as they’re still related to what you’re doing, those kinds of things can be fun sometimes.

    As far as the IG thing – man I am conflicted about this. I love, LOVE blogs. And I feel like there are so many social media platforms now and everyone feels like they have to keep up with all of them and they end up stretching themselves so thin. I cannot keep up with all of them. I don’t WANT to keep up with all of them. Even with just two or three different ones for the same person, it’s difficult as a consumer to know where to look sometimes, especially when it’s someone that I actually want to support. I know engagement is what brands are looking for, but where should I be engaging if I know I can’t do it everywhere? Like I said, I do love blogs, but I also start work pretty early (6am on the east coast) so some blogs don’t even have their posts up that early, AND I feel like a lot of blogs aren’t interactive after the first day or even the first couple of hours after a post goes up. If I don’t have a chance to comment on something until lunch, or after work, I often won’t even bother because I feel like I missed out on the real back and forth that happens on a single blog post. In that sense, commenting on IG is a lot easier/faster for me, but is that comment “worth” the same amount as a blog comment would be? Does the value of it change if it’s a sponsored post, and if so, how? I WOULD NEVER WRITE A COMMENT THIS LONG ON IG! Honestly I’d love a blog post on this, too. For things where you don’t make money directly (so like, not affiliate links) and the engagement is the point, what’s most important to you? What keeps your business running? Because if you tell me a blog comment in the first 12 hours after a post goes live is more important than a like on an IG post, I will focus on getting that comment in. Both of those things are “free” for me, so I’d rather do the one that’s more supportive for you.

    Dead LORD this comment is long! But hopefully it helped and was at least a little coherent :) I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling better and doing some fun things with Emmett and your friends. Happy Anniversary! I am excited to see some photos and maybe a recap of your Italy trip once you return. Have a fantastic day!

    1. Hi Stacy! So good to hear from you- thanks for keeping up all these years :) I really appreciate it! I hope you’re doing well! Emmett is pushing for the dining room too, but I think it is going to take quite a bit of time & effort because our plan is to install a tray ceiling to meet our living room beams. That’s the one architectural component in the room we’re kind of dreading, but it definitely has a significant head start. I’m guessing it would require the same amount of time as the laundry room renovation.

      Honestly, we’re just slowing down in general, in terms of renovating. Sure, lead times are longer which drags things out, but we’ve also reevaluated our priorities. For our current home, we’re tackling really large custom projects (on par with the house and our neighborhood) that are very detail oriented- which takes a lot longer thanks to more difficult craftsmanship skills. We used to renovate seven days a week and stay up into the wee hours of the night, which is just not sustainable for us these days. I think my hustle mentality has really changed a lot these past few years. We’re taking time to enjoy things like making dinner together, spending time with friends, traveling, and I’m also running the Tuesday Made shop (which is my full-time job), so our house has definitely taken a back seat… even more so with the health issues I’ve been struggling with this year. Instead of quick renovations, we’ve really been embracing a slow and intentional renovation schedule. I know that isn’t the most fun for content or quick before & afters, but that’s where we’re at during this phase. I think that’s the reality for many of us, despite what Instagram depicts.

      For me, I struggle to move onto other projects while we’re still in the midst of a big renovation- I have OCD, so I always feel the need to wrap one project before beginning another. They require a lot ongoing energy and time, so Emmett & I typically finish one thing before we dive into something else. That’s just kind of our tried & true system (that is not very conducive to social media). It’s also tricky living amongst the mess, so we try to contain the construction chaos to a single space. My small wins come from styling, getting creative and cooking in the kitchen, enjoying the rooms we’ve already renovated, etc. I do have inspiration and dreams for future projects, but they’re ever evolving, so I never share those until things are set in stone and a go. I’ll change my mind a hundred times. Haha! If I can find the time, I would like to paint and style one of our guest bedrooms (while juggling the entryway), which should go more quickly, but I always end up adding lots of unexpected details. TBD on that plan! Fingers crossed.

      In regards to social media, that’s great insight and awesome questions.. and so sweet of you for taking the time to ask about the best way to support creators! My Instagram engagement is nothing like it used to be (since I haven’t played nice with the algorithm), so I’d say IG comments would be more beneficial than a blog comment (for engagement, making money, and brand partnership purposes)… if you’re looking to support your favorite people in that way. However, personally- the blog is my happy place. I will always respond to a comment (even for old posts). Does it make me money? No, but I love it anyway. This is the place I enjoy chatting and connecting the most. So many wonderful people take the time to chat with me here and it truly makes my day! To answer your question on sponsored IG posts, if you’re going to comment on someone’s photo… make it a sponsored photo. Those mean more to us than the others. It does not change the payout for the content creator, but it does secure future partnerships as the brands look at the analytics to determine whether a campaign was successful. Since blog readership has significantly decreased in the past five years, I’d say engaging on social media is probably more important to creators at this point.. as well as supporting their other endeavors- shops, affiliate links, buy their books, etc. That’s a big one! I know many people are moving to a paid or subscription model for content as well. Everyone has their business set up differently. It’s a tough question, but you’re thoughtful for asking it… and I hope that helped to clarify a bit!

      You were definitely helpful and as always- I enjoy chatting and really value your feedback. Thank you for taking the time! In the next couple of months, I need to plan out our goals for next year and decide on projects to share. I’m looking forward to switching things up a bit! I’ll see if I can squeeze in some fast and fun content. I will most definitely share an Italy trip recap once we’re home :) We’re really looking forward to it! I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer :)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m so sorry you are still struggling to find answers for your health problems. Knowledge is power. I am hopeful that relief comes soon. I don’t really do social media (it is not good for my mental health!), so I definitely rely on your blog. In fact, when I have a design question, your blog is always the first one I search, as you have extremely practical information and a great aesthetic. So, I hope that you continue to post regularly. I’ll try to think of more ideas, as I am sure you have so many other things on your mind. In the meantime, I would love to see a dining room post and how to bring things together. I am focusing on my dining room now, and I have an awesome glass and lucite table I inherited, but I want to do a very traditional chair with it. I’ve been searching Facebook Marketplace, Cherish, Etsy, etc because I want something unique and a good deal. I am fearful about buying chairs online, however, without sitting in them. Is there a way to tell from the pictures whether something will be super uncomfortable? And I’m thinking about doing different captain’s chairs than the others. So maybe a post about dining room chairs, mixing and matching styles, patterns, etc. with each other and different styles of tables? Also, maybe something about landscaping? How to put different plants and flowers together? I love your Pinterest inspiration posts and Marketplace finds in various cities.
    Thanks and thinking of you,

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I’ve been trying to be patient… hopefully I’ll have answers soon. I feel for people who struggle with medical issues on the daily. In the past couple years, I also scaled back my media consumption and set better boundaries for mental health purposes. I love hearing that my blog has been a helpful resource for you! Your dining room table sounds amazing. We may or may not tackle our dining room next (it’s either that or the laundry room), so I may have lots of dining content coming up. TBD! I have a few posts that be help with your dining chair search. Check out this one, this one, and this one. I’ll also try to work on a dining room pairing roundup. I prefer things to look really cohesive or to have enough contrast to feel very different. I also have lots of landscaping and gardening posts in the archives, if you’re interested in those. Our landscaping needs major help right now and is looking pretty sad since we have water restrictions here. Too bad! Thanks again for your feedback, ideas, and for your kind words. I hope you have a good night!

  8. I really love your noteworthy posts! I trust your taste and recommendations because I feel like you are always honest about products. I personally much prefer blogs to Instagram for the same reasonsyou mentioned. I really dislike the reels! They are way too fast and chaotic for my brain ; ) I am sending healing wishes to you. I know how health issues really can turn life upside down, and hope your journey to great health comes soon for you.

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I’m so glad to hear that. Honesty is always my policy here. I’m with you on blogs > instagram. The reels definitely feel loud and chaotic to me. I’m struggling to get on board. I really appreciate your healing wishes. I’ve really struggled this year, but hopefully I’ll have answers soon. I’m trying to be optimistic and continue on with things that make me happy :) I hope you’re having a good week!

  9. First, if you haven’t checked out Rick Steves’ Italy travel guidebook, I can’t recommend it enough for your trip. We went in 2018 and everything we did based on Rick’s recommendations was perfect and memorable and every time we tried to go “off script,” it sucked! Second, the best treatment for melasma is a regimen that includes hydroquinone cream (it’s basically a bleaching agent). I believe this is only available at clinical strength by prescription but I could be wrong. It was very effective on my pigment issues – I had a pretty unfortunate melasma-stache for awhile and it was nearly back to normal after about 6 months of the hydroquinone regimen.

    1. I haven’t- thanks so much for the recommendations, Amy! My derm did have me on hydroquinone for a bit, but I’m giving my skin a little break. At first it helped, but now my melasma is back in full force, looking even worse. My hormones have been all over the place, so I’m guessing that really doesn’t help. Mine is mostly isolated to my forehead, cheeks, and temples. It has me feeling self conscious lately, along with hair loss. I’m hoping my doctors can sort me out soon! Thanks again for the tips! I appreciate it :) Have a good night!

  10. Wenda Scott says:

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations.
    i’m a big fan of the blog. i hope you don’t stop..
    best regards, w. scott

    1. Thank you so much, Wenda! I appreciate your kind words. I have no plans to stop anytime soon… this has always been my happy place. Have a good evening!

  11. Happy 10 year Anniversary you two! Cheers and blessings for many more years of travel, home renovation projects (still vote laundry room), tattoos & health. I cannot wait to read all about your trip to Italy!
    There’s so much in this post and I need more time to enjoy, catch up and browse. Love the Jenny Kayne sweater! The epilator has me contemplating that or a NOOD that permanently removes hair. I understand the hormone changes and sympathize with you. Tecova boots are beautiful! We just bought our son a pair. My husband is a little envious. Foresee some under the tree this year! ;) I’m a boot girl Big Time! All kinds except Doc Martins.
    So happy your camper is bringing you both joy and comfort while camping. Still want one.
    Lastly, IG isn’t what it used to be and it frustrates me that someone changes algorithms, etc to stay trendy. Why change a good thing? If I wanted to only watch reels, I would be on Tik Tok but I don’t want to. Sitting and looking at pictures was what I loved, not whiplash videos, ridiculous rants, or obnoxious music. I feel for you & all the creative designers out there.
    Hope your week is wonderful! Hugs to you both.

    1. Thank you, Danna! You’re so sweet! I’m definitely team laundry room. I think I’m going to give one of our bedrooms a little makeover while we’re working to finish the entryway… after that, I’m pushing for the laundry room (probably post holidays). We’re excited for Italy! I’ll send you an email you can share with your daughter :) Ok- I’ve never heard of a NOOD. I had to look that one up, ha. My hormones have been out of control. I’m so frustrated with them and am still hoping for answers. I had my weekly blood draw yesterday, so I’m anxiously waiting more results. I feel for those who undergo regular treatments or struggle with medical issues. It has been a rough year. Funny you mention Tecovas! I have a pair. My “fancy” wedding boots were Ariat brand, and my work boots for the farm are Justin. I think the Tecovas are more comfortable than the Justin boots. Maybe it’s time to bring them out for fashion reasons. I feel like you have to be a boot girl in Texas!! IG certainly isn’t what it used to be. It feels very overwhelming for more lately, and I just don’t have the capacity or bandwidth for it these days. I’m with you on the videos (whiplash videos, lol… I feel that). I hate how gimmicky and loud some of those can be. I need to find a tasteful, easy (quick), and authentic way to do those, if I’m going to give it a shot. I just don’t think that time is now. I miss scrolling and analyzing gorgeous photos. It’s definitely not a zen place like it used to be. I hate that it affects so many small business owners. Anyway, I’m going to keep on keeping on :) I hope you had a great day! xo

  12. I’ve read your blog for years and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your content! I find your posts super helpful and inspiring. Blogs continue to be my favorite platform and I find instagram a bit overwhelming at times. I continue to enjoy all of your regular series.
    Congratulations on your anniversary! ♥️ Loved the photos from your past – so sweet.

    1. Thanks so much for reading all these years, Jasmine! I really appreciate it. Such a nice compliment! Thanks! Instagram feels overwhelming to me these days, too. I have struggled to adapt over there. My blog is definitely my happy place! I much prefer sharing and connecting in this way. Thank you again for your kind words. I hope you had a good day! xo

  13. Hi Sarah, First your blog is one of the design holy grails on here. I trust the information you have on here, the choices you make, and the products you recommend. I recently had to replace my outdoor lights and immediately went to your site. I also appreciate that you do a mix of custom, big box, thrifted, amazon, etc. it hits every place where we might need a resource. While I enjoy your blog as is, maybe another option would be how to integrate styles into your home. Selfishly I need this help HA. so I currently moved into a large brown box from the 90s that has a pseudo facade of a tudor. I don’t want it to look tudor on the outside and farmhouse on the inside you know? (although if that’s what you want you should do it). like a mini masterclass series in getting styles right. is your house colonial? her are the trims, paints, and metal colors or profiles that work well etc.

    1. Thank you, Sue! Your comment made me so happy… I love hearing that. My goal has always been to share helpful, honest, and educational information & sources. I’m so glad it translates! I love your idea for a series on integrating different styles. That could be really fun! A mini masterclass series… love that concept! Our house is a 90’s builder grade colonial. Thank you for taking the time to share feedback. I’ll definitely add that to my list. Hope you’re having a wonderful week :)

  14. Viktorija says:

    Hi! I’m scaling back on social media – it honestly ends up feeling like a time suck most of the time. :/ Before I know it, a half hour has gone by. I’m here for blogs though! I love checking Feedly each morning to see what new posts are up. As far as post ideas…what about a house architecture post (different style of house each month)? You could introduce the style (Tudor, Victorian, etc), explain key elements integral to that style of house, and maybe tips on how to decorate it? It sounds like there are a lot of us attempting to figure out how to decorate a specific style of home while staying true to the sort of furniture, colors, etc that we love. My husband and I recently bought a 1920 foursquare and I’m still figuring out what to do with it!

    1. I totally agree, Viktorija. I hate how gimmicky and noisy it has become, thanks to algorithms favoring that type of content. I’m also still here for blogs, which probably isn’t the popular opinion- but they’re my favorite. I love all of your ideas- especially the architecture one. Thank you so much for taking the time to share feedback. I appreciate it! Congrats on your new foursquare. I hope you’re having a great week :)

  15. Happy 10th Anniversary Sarah and Emmett! A vacay to Italy is an awesome way to celebrate this milestone, so excited for you both 💕 Andrew and I just celebrated our 23rd anniversary with a 3 week escape to our cottage. Woohoo! It’s coming along quite nicely and I DIYed the bathroom with lots of paint and used wallpaper for the first time ever! I took your recommendation Sarah and used peel and stick, thanks so much for that tip. The bathroom looks so much cleaner, brighter and pleasant. Yay! I also spray painted two projects (your inspiration of course), an outdoor dining table and end table. So happy with that too. I painted a glass/aluminum outdoor table white and paired it with white/navy French bistro chairs ( as we discussed several months ago) that I ordered from Wayfair. Looks amazing! And I reupholstered a seat/back cushion myself on an existing log chair (first time for that too) it came out pretty good. Everything is coming together slowly but with each trip we keep crossing things off our to-do-list. Feels great :)
    Regarding the blog, I will always be tuned in if you choose to keep it going. I’m not into social media with the exception of Pinterest but if IG is what makes sense for your business I get it. You have provided so much valuable content on the blog over the years and much has been so much help to me on so many design levels. The renovation of the existing house and inspiration for many decorating/decor projects. Now that you have Tuesday Made more established maybe its time to switch gears on Room for Tuesday. I can’t give you any advice on the best social media tool but do what’s best for you. Regarding blog topics my only suggestion is designing and decorating for small homes and integrating dual purposes rooms. We certainly had to adapt to a much smaller square footage when we downsized our home in 2019 and with a cottage of only 700 square feet. It’s really interesting discovering new products that are multipurpose. You certainly did an amazing job on your recent camper renovation. So very lovely!
    Also, I vote for laundry room next, sorry Emmett but as our laundry room is unfinished and in our utility space and we wont be renovating any time soon :( I’m super excited to see what you two come up with. I know it will be off the charts amazing! Cheers to progress and exciting projects ahead 🥂

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! Happy 23rd wedding anniversary to you and Andrew. So sweet! I’m glad you were able to celebrate at your cottage- that sounds like the perfect getaway… and it sounds like you crossed SO many projects off your to-do list. Well done! I loved reading about your wallpaper, paint projects, and furniture pairings. I bet it’s gorgeous! And you reupholstered a chair?! I’m impressed. Your social media thoughts reflect my own lately… Pinterest is my favorite and I’m not as into the others (unfortunate, given the industry I’m in, haha). I love my blog, it’s like my baby, so I imagine I’ll always have this platform to share in one way or another. It brings me a lot of joy- even if it isn’t a smart financial investment. Maybe that’s silly, but I can’t imagine not writing here. I love hearing that it has been helpful and entertaining. Tuesday Made has been really wonderful, too. I’m enjoying life in retail and curating a shop. I’ll work on some small space posts- that’s one of my favorite topics anyway. Team laundry room! I hope you’re having a great week, friend! xo

  16. BTW, I have cottages on my brain but I forgot to mention/ask if you have seen Sienna Millers English cottage just outside London. She did a tour on AD and its incredibly enchanting and magical. So refreshingly authentic and sweet! Check it out if you haven’t seen it 💖

    1. Omg, yes! It’s amazing. I love that AD tour… I should have linked that one here. It’s so inviting and wonderful. I’m glad you liked it, too :) Very inspiring!

  17. Hi, I love reading your blog and seeing your design work. My style is very different than yours, which I think is a testament to how good you are! I don’t do any special media and have no patience for video so I’m glad you are still here!

    1. Thank you so much, Jody! That is so nice of you to say. I’m with you on having zero patience for video… it’s just not my preferred medium or outlet. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. Have a great day!

  18. I haven’t posted in forever, but I still check in almost daily. I would like to see more most about how a well designed home functions. I firmly believe a well planned home leads to a calmer, more functional life for everyone in it. Today’s recipe post hit that very well. Changing over the seasons, a cleaning tweak, different function to a previously used room, a new candle design, etc. are all things you do so well that set you apart from other blogs. No one needs gut renovations everyday if we never see how that made the home better from any point other than appearance.

    Hang in there with the health stuff. I’m praying for you.

    1. You are so sweet, thank you Paige! I’ve definitely been struggling with my health this year… I hope I have answers soon. I appreciate your prayers! I’m with you on appreciating and loving a well planned home. I really enjoy making little updates each season. While gut renovations are fun to watch- they take time and money, which doesn’t mean we can tackle them every month. I like renovating slowly and intentionally. Anyway- thanks for your kind comment… it made my day! I hope you’re having a good week :)

  19. Hi Sarah,

    I found your blog a few months ago and AM HOOKED! I have also bought a few things from your shop, which are beautiful and perfect for my space. I would like more design eye type posts. There is definitely a difference from normal home Instagram posts compared to designer spaces, but what specifically makes the difference? On a recommendation I bought Isabel Lobez-Quesada’s book and I am having a hard time identifying what specifically makes her work good design. How do I learn from books like this or from other designers and have them influence my space?
    I cannot stand all the reels on Instagram. I love blogs and if that makes me “old” I don’t care!

    1. Aww, thanks Emily! You made my day :) and thank you for supporting our little shop! I’m glad you liked everything. I’ll work on brainstorming some more series ideas that are similar to design eye. I love your suggestion on the difference in designer space. Isabel Lopez-Quesada is so talented- I love her book. I wish it were available for us to carry (but she’s with a different publisher). Anyway, that’s great feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share. I’m with you on reels- I struggle with them, and am embracing being “old” and sticking to what I like. Ha! Hope you’re having a great week!