My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been wanting to share this post for awhile now! I’ve spent years designing, styling, practicing my photography skills, and capturing the corners of our home that feel most special to me. Some things translate pretty well through a 2D image on the internet, while other vignettes are so much better in person. I thought it would be interesting to share my favorite snapshots of our home. You’ve probably seen many of these before, because I often reuse the images I truly love. Sometimes it’s the lighting, other times it’s the styling, occasionally it’s the creativity or photo quality, and often it’s just the feeling I get from a spot in our home that feels like it was meant to be. These are the images of our home I’m most proud of! Click through for a peek at the photos of my house that really make my heart sing… 

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI was talking with Emmett about how powerful photographs can be. I’ve always loved design and photography… to me, they go hand & hand. I’m lucky to have built a business and stumbled into a line of work that allows me to do two of my favorite things. I think these images mostly evoke a feeling of home for me. They fill me with a sense of comfort, pride, and even fulfillment, knowing we’re slowly transforming this place we call home. There’s something really special & rewarding about capturing your home in a way that feels authentic to how you use it. Unless it’s your job, I know the majority of people don’t spend much thought on taking photos of their home.. at least without people in the shot. I say this- give it a try! You may discover something new. At the very least, it will be fun to look back and reminisce years down the road. It can help you make design decisions, too… remember this post?!

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comAnother thing I find incredibly fascinating… viewing your home through someone else’s eyes (or lens)! It’s fun when people come visit, having only seen our house on social media or the blog. They come in and say, “Ohh this looks nicer in person!” or “This room is smaller than I expected!” I’ll never forget when Dana (she used to have a blog called House*Tweaking) came over and photographed our first home in Ohio… just for a fun little collaborative post. She captured angles I never would have thought to shoot. She styled things in a way I never would have. I think it’s because home is so personal and I try to photograph spaces in the way we actually use them. Like anyone else, there are also areas in our home I have insecurities about… things I’d like to change someday rather than highlight in a photo. Home (and the images of home) are always a work in progress!

Sometimes getting a lovely shot of a vignette isn’t easy, but every once in awhile- the light hits perfectly, the styling feels right, the experience while you’re shooting feels good, and it just works. These images do that for me… I narrowed it down to 10, in no particular order!

#1 // Shower Vignette in Our Guest Bath

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comThis was the first room we fully renovated in our home and I still love this bathroom so much! It’s also a really difficult space to photograph because there is zero natural light- no windows or skylights. It has always been a challenging space to shoot, but this image of the shower perfectly captures it. Despite the lack of natural light, this room has a great lighting plan and still feels bright.

#2 // Shot of Our Kitchen Sink Area

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comThis is hands down my favorite image of our kitchen… I remember spontaneously taking this photo and being surprised with the end result once I uploaded it to my computer. The lighting was so nice! I love a happy surprise. From the flowers to our everyday dish towel, it perfectly represents how we use the sink area. It’s tricky to shoot toward a window with all of that light streaming into the lens!

#3 // Photo Looking Into My Office

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comNew images always get me excited and I love scrolling through the photos I recently took of my home office. It’s hard to believe this is my workspace! Seriously, pinch me! I’ve been loving every minute in this space since I moved in. Despite it being the most difficult room I’ve ever photographed, I came out with a handful of images I’m really proud of. This is one of them.

#4 // View of Our Bedroom Balcony

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comOur bedroom balcony was one of those spaces I wasn’t sure about when we moved in. Was it a waste of space? Would we ever use it? It turns out, it quickly became of my favorite outdoor areas! Sadly, we’re going to have to tear it down and rebuild it sometime in the future because of water damage, but I think we can get one or two more summers out of it. For a quick makeover with paint, it’s a space I absolutely love to photograph… maybe my favorite place to shoot at our house.

#5 // Peek at Part of Our Living Room Built-Ins

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comI think our formal living room is a thousand times better in person than in photos. It’s one of those rooms that I feel doesn’t translate very well. The built-ins can look busy in images, while it feels perfectly balanced and eclectic in real life. I love this shot because you’re able to see part of the built-ins and analyze some the fun shelf styling details… but it’s not overwhelming like certain photos of the entire wall. Those tulips also make me happy and you get a tiny peek of the furniture. There was such nice light in this space the day I photographed this one!

#6 // Photo of Our Patio During Golden Hour

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comOur backyard and patio is another exterior space we’ll eventually overhaul someday, but in the meantime- our dining table under the pergola at golden hour always makes my heart skip a beat. I wish I could have you all over for a dinner party, so we could sit around the table, eat good food, share stories, and have al fresco cocktails. It’s pure magic when the snowballs are in bloom! I was able to get this shot just as the sun was setting. I switched on the twinkle lights and it felt perfect. I loved this evening!

#7 // Simple Guest Bedside Vignette

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comThis guest room is another space we haven’t touched. The paint color is the same as when we moved in, but I love the light in here. It’s always a fun room for me to play with styling and swap things out… simply because I like taking photos in here. This easy bedside vignette is one I reference and use all the time!

#8 // Shot of Our Basement Media Room

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comObviously I enjoy many of the spaces we have yet to overhaul or renovate in our home- I think that goes to show you don’t need a huge budget to make beautiful home improvements… it’s amazing what paint and decorating can do! Our basement media room is a great example of that. Someday, we’ have big plans for this space, but for now- I enjoy capturing images against the deep navy backdrop! For a basement, I’m thankful for the natural light- especially when I’m photographing down here. The tone-on-tone curtains against the same wall color is always fun to shoot.

#9 // Photo of My Office Built-In Styling

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comThis little snippet of the corner in my office puts a smile on my face. It took me quite awhile to collect all those books and as I was shelf styling, I thought I’d never be able to capture them well. The glass cabinet doors posed a big issue for photographs, thanks to crazy reflections. I could barely see the books behind the glass through my lens. It took some creativity, but I was able to mask off the windows to accurately capture my shelf styling and I’m so thrilled it worked! I was a sweaty mess by the end of that shoot, but it was worth it. That felt like a big moment for me… problem solving and growing as a photographer.

#10 // Serving Cart Vignette on Our Patio

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comLast but certainly not least- I’ve always loved this image of the serving cart on our patio. The bluestone dog statue, the linen towels, the snowballs I quickly plucked from our viburnum trees, and the porch light glow… it all felt very kismet. I’ve never styled this patio vignette so well as I did on this particular day. I just love it and I can’t explain it!

Did you know wide shots are the most popular type of interior image? That’s right- those are the ones that always get the most engagement. Personally, I’m more of a medium shot type of gal. Closeups are great, wide shots are really nice, but medium shots are the best of both worlds- you still get a good amount of detail (without losing the details altogether) and you can still understand what’s happening in a room. Exactly like the name, it’s a happy medium and I always gravitate toward them. That’s probably why most of these are mediums. If I were smart, I’d probably only share wide shots (from a business perspective), but as a creative- I always just post what I feel in the moment.

My Favorite Snapshots of Our Home - roomfortuesday.comSo far, the most difficult rooms to photograph in our house have been: my office, the basement bath, the entryway, and the dining room. Do any of those surprise you? I never expected to have so much trouble shooting our dining space. Even though it’s not finished, that is a tricky room to capture progress in because the light is always uneven and steams in from three different directions.

It’s always kind of fun to see how your top 10 home photos look together. Are they cohesive? Do they feel like they belong under the same roof? How are they different? Do you see your personality reflected in each? Trust me- it’s a fun little design, styling, & photography exercise! I hope you enjoyed this post. Cheers to a lovely week ahead!

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  1. Good morning! What a sweet and thoughtful post! So many angles to consider…ha. First and foremost, I absolutely take your wonderful images for granted. My hearty apologies! Photography entails both incredible technical skills and original creative vision. You’re a wonder. Because I lack both, I don’t experience my home through a lens, but you’ve definitely got me wondering. I do sometimes think about how others see it. Just having a different set of eyes on your space would be so interesting! (And unnerving!) I love hearing what’s special about each photo for you. That adds to my understanding and enjoyment of the shot. It’s also funny to hear you talk about renovating spaces that already look perfectly dreamy, like your lovely navy media room and that divine patio! I can hardly imagine improvements. A detail that really surprised me was the popularity of wide shots. I definitely prefer a medium shot. Like a thousand percent! I appreciate a wider image for context, but as you say, a medium shot is the best of both worlds. You’ve really got my wheels turning on this Monday, Sarah! I need to study these images, reread your post about interior photography, and try a few shots around my house. Yikes. I hope you guys had a fab weekend and that Emmett’s birthday week continues gloriously!!💜🎉

    1. Hello, hello! It’s so fun to look at your home through a lens… even just on the phone. I always notice things I would have seen otherwise. I love getting my big camera out to play around with photography. Interior photos are definitely my favorite, followed by landscape photography. I was never very good at portraiture. Emmett wants to knock down and move some walls in the basement so we can fit a bigger sofa for lounging and entertaining. Right now, our small sofa barely fits, so we’ll probably rework a more functional floor plan when it comes time to renovate the basement kitchenette. Probably not for a long while though! And our patio… we have big dreams of a pool and outdoor kitchen, but $$$$ is the main thing preventing that project right now. Another someday dream! Wideshots always perform best… except now, no still images do well on Instagram (thanks to their goal of becoming the TikTok)- they’re really only pushing reels and video in the algorithm, which is such a bummer. I love zooming in to check out the details. I made a six layer chocolate cake for Emmett’s birthday that we’ll be eating all week long, ha :) how did your birthday cake baking go? I hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xox

  2. Happy Monday! One of the biggest reasons I love your blog (despite the obvious gravitational pull towards your impeccable styling), is your photography. I love the creative stream in your mind that propels you to capture a specific vignette, in a specific way, under various lighting circumstances. Your photos have such a clear, crisp quality that I could never dream of replicating! Above all, my favorite spaces you’ve photographed are the patio, the balcony, and the media room. The viiiibes. After your posts on how to photograph your home, I tried my hand at capturing a handful of spaces I felt really proud of. Our home is intensely difficult to capture! Lighting challenges abound, but it was the very best exercise in noting things I didn’t like. We are the worst when it comes to taking before and after pictures of the spaces we update. I still wish I had a portfolio of the renovations we did on our previous home. I told myself I wouldn’t forget in this house, but I have! Luckily, we can still find the list images of our house from when we purchased, so I usually pull from there (even though they’re terrible). I agree with you on medium shots. Those are the ones I naturally gravitate to, and close ups. Wide shots have their place for providing context, but I find it harder to pick out details. I’ll be photographing in the bedroom today as we’ve moved around artwork and finally filled a bit of dead wall space. Be ready to have your brain picked Peggi! (Side note-I LOVE having your input; you are my second set of eyes❤️). Hopefully using SW’s see it in your space feature will finally give me a direction with paint color, and I can get that space closer to the vision I see in my head. Fingers crossed! I hope you have a beautiful week, and the festivities continue for E. I’ll see you Wednesday. Xoxo

    1. Happy Monday, Lauren! You made my day- thank you! I love hearing that you like my photos. I’m one of the few home design bloggers that shoots with a Nikon- I feel like most use Canon. I like the crisp quality and color profile though. So fun that you took some images of your home! That’s always an awesome way to keep track of where you started and how far you’ve come. I also think it helps me see things I might not have otherwise noticed. Instagram is gravitating toward reels and it bums me out… I love zooming in on still images and appreciating the little details. The algorithm has not been kind to me lately, but I will never stop posting still images. I think they’re so special! How did it go with your bedroom?! Did you get your artwork installed? Hope your week is off to an awesome start my friend! xox

  3. Hello! You should be very proud of your home and all the work you have done. Both Peggi and Lauren said it best about your creative vision…and you have a superior one at that! I have looked back many times at rooms in your home in awe at how beautiful and inviting it is. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I enjoy them all.
    Oh, the power of a picture. When I took pictures of our last home to send you for color inspiration, I noticed things that I had not noticed previously. When it came time to stage our house for sale, I took a lot of pictures which helped with rooms or areas that needed to be tweaked here and there. I will continue to take pictures when I am wanting to rearrange a room from now on since it helped so much.
    Hope your Monday is going well. I sent you an email over the weekend about a Round Top trip. No hurry. By the way, the chocolate lava cakes are still being made and devoured by my family!

    1. Hi Danna! I hope your week is off to a good start :) Thanks so much for your kind words. You all are so sweet! It’s definitely fun to look back at all the spaces we’ve tackled so far. It really does help to look at photos of your home- especially as you’re listing it. I love that you’ve been doing that! We were out of town over the weekend, so I’m playing catch up on the blog and emails, but I’ll get back with you later this afternoon! Thanks you!! xox

  4. Jennifer Laura says:

    Your house is so lovely! These photos make me want to go vacuum, dust, and tidy up my house!

    1. I love a clean house! I always feel better when it’s dust-free, smelling nice, and looking clean & decluttered :) Thanks for your sweet words! Hope you have a great day. xo

  5. I never tire of seeing pictures of your beautiful home Sarah! The pictures you capture are always stunning and so crisp, sharp, and well perfect. While the spaces you design and style are curated so beautifully and so photo worthy, however photography is an art unto itself. Getting the right angles, light and capturing the perfect moment I imagine is tougher than it looks. I have taken pictures of small vignettes in my home when I’m particularly excited about a new décor item or fresh bouquet of flowers, I’ve never taken pictures of a whole room. I don’t have a better camara than my phone and why is that? I treasure the time spent with family and celebrations and pictures on my phone really don’t do those moments justice. However, then I’d have to take a course on how to use a more professional camara. Ha! Anyway, getting back to your home, I honestly can’t pick favorites when it comes to all the gorgeous photos in your reveals and posts. They are all stunning and jaw droppingly beautiful, I will say the shots with Cash and Crosby always warms my heart and the Christmas photos of all four of you are so fabulous. I think many design bloggers hire professional photographers when they post reveals of spaces which I imagine could be costly? So, the fact you take all your own and have really honed that skillset is marvelous. It must be a ton of work. If I were to start taking pictures of this house right now, would be a huge task. Clean the house, style, and curate every area and capture the room at the right time of day. Holy guacamole! I appreciate what you do Sarah and sharing your personal space with us, our homes are a sacred place, so thank you so very much! Your home feels very cohesive, something I personally have struggled with. I always learn something new here, especially on styling I’m not so good at that. I hope you guys had a terrific celebratory weekend, Cheers to a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Hi Colleen! Happy Monday :) Thank you so much! You really made my day. These days are phone cameras have such amazing quality- you really don’t need another camera option. I love my big camera, but it goes along with my job & love for photography… otherwise, I’d probably just rely on my phone. I love sneaking the dogs into my phones, but I’m not a fan of being on the other side of the lens. I spent a lot of years being self conscious, but I’ve been trying to do better about being in some photos. Ha! So many bloggers and the majority of designers definitely hire out their portfolio images. It really is super costly and I enjoy that part of the process, so I’m thankful I’m able to do it on my own- despite it being a lot of work. We had such a fun weekend relaxing and skiing in Park City over the weekend. It was a fun little staycation celebrating Emmett with friends! I hope your weekend was fabulous as well :) xox

  6. Yes, ditto what everyone else said, you photographs are impeccable and I appreciate hearing what it takes to get the glare off those glass cabinet doors in your office. If I could pick a dream job, it would be exactly what you are doing – design and photography. Luckily, I get to get my hands dirty and do fun projects, but I haven’t mustered up the time to photograph and document. But I’m happy having free time to spend looking at other people’s beautiful home photos!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I really appreciate your kind words. I have to say- I truly love my job and it feels like a dream job to me. Styling, designing, and photographing are the three main things I’m passionate about in regards to my creativity and work. It’s always a challenge and each day looks different :) I feel incredibly lucky to be doing something I love. If you ever get into photography to document your projects, let me know if you ever need some tips. Would be happy to share! xo

  7. Please add me to the list of those in admiration of your not only your design and style, but your photography! I love perusing through your photos and your beautiful home. I looooooove your kitchen!!! And how you arrange books and decor items on your bookshelves. And oh wait, your use of white flowers and greens, your patio, and I could go on and on!!! Thank you for sharing your vision and talent, I love your work!!! :D

    1. You are so sweet- thank you so much, Elissa! You made my day :)