Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Interiors - roomfortuesday.comIt has been a couple months since I’ve shared a Noteworthy post, so I thought it was time for updates, inspiring links, and a fun casual chat with friends. That sounds like a nice little bright spot in this heavy week. If you’d like to catch up, feel free to click through and talk about all the things with me. We’re excited to have family in town and put our guest spaces to good use!

We have house guests arriving today- my mom and stepdad! We’re excited to see the two of them… it has been over 3 years since we’ve seen them in person and we’re looking forward to cooking at home and catching up. They’ll be the first guests to stay in our recently finished guest room… which is why this post is filled with images of the two finished guest spaces in our house. They helped us unexpectedly move into this house (that was the last time they visited), and it will be fun to show them all of the improvements we’ve made thus far- especially the kitchen. My step father (who used to run a construction company) was super hands on with our first home renovation in Ohio and taught Emmett much of his knowledge of plumbing & electrical. They offered to help with any projects we have while they’re here visiting, so who knows what we’ll get into.

My parents are driving and camping across the country to come see us, which sounds like such a fun adventure. Emmett & I took a three week cross country camping trip together during our college years, and it has been neat to hear about our family’s adventures along the same route… although we tent camped and they have a camper (it’s more like glamping for them). Anyway, my grandmother was going to tag along on this trip (the one who makes our Tuesday Made pillows) and she asked if there was anything she could sew while she was here (insert box pleated table skirt)! However, sadly she ended up having to stay home because of some important appointments. Here’s to hoping she can join next time. Has this also been a year or reuniting with your long lost family members? We have really missed everyone, and we live pretty far from our family so even during normal times, it’s tough. It has been wonderful to make plans with most of our family members and make up for lost time.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Interiors - roomfortuesday.comReady to talk design? In addition to my World of Interiors magazine subscription, I just subscribed to another new-to-me printed design publication: Milieu. I haven’t received my first issue yet, but it sounds like another promising source of creativity and interior inspiration! I’ll keep you posted. I’ve been very into printed inspiration these days.

I loved scrolling through Emma Milne Watson’s house tour, based in Sussex. It’s so charming and inspiring- indoors and out.

Did wallpaper ever really go out of style? I don’t think so! This article shares some tips on how to execute a classic wallpaper look and what to avoid. Do you agree? I’m loving chinoiserie prints, florals (always!), simple geometric patterns (like stripes), and anything organic looking (think grasscloth and patterns found in nature). I’ve got a big wallpaper roundup coming to the blog next week. I’ve been saving a lot that has felt fresh!

And just like that, this article has me daydreaming of a magical trip to Rhode Island.

Speaking of travel… Emmett and I were supposed to visit Alaska for our wedding anniversary in a few weeks to go on a quick fishing trip, but it was cancelled again. Here’s to hoping that dream comes to fruition next year! If you’re interested in a very cheesy anniversary post, I shared some old photos and things you might not know about us last year on our anniversary. Since Alaska is off, we decided we’ll enjoy a quick secluded weekend (which sounds safer anyway) celebrating on the California coast. We’re headed to the cutest bed & breakfast that looks like it’s straight from the European countryside. I’ll definitely share a post and take photos if it’s as beautiful as I think it will be!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Interiors - roomfortuesday.comOur house guests requested burgers on the grill this weekend, so I’ve been scrolling through some interesting recipes in an effort to savor the last bit of summertime and appease our parents. I might convince them to pitch in and make some of my favorite foods from back home (Kentucky) while they’re here… deviled eggs, cornbread, fried green tomatoes, zucchini bread, greens, etc (we have lots of zucchini, tomato, and produce right now- thanks to our garden). What foods are you trying to make or eat before the summer season comes to a close? Has anyone tried my pavlova?! I’m telling you- it’s delish.

Speaking of gardens… I am just smitten with Cathy’s garden this year. It’s so beautiful and spacious. I’ve also enjoyed following my friend Chloe’s garden evolution, and I’m constantly following along with Brandy’s IG garden account. If you like plants and gardening, definitely give these three talented ladies a follow.

This article popped up in my feed and put a smile on my face. A family dog was reunited with its people after being lost for two years. So sweet! I don’t know what we did to deserve dogs, but they’re simply the best. Give your pups a cuddle for me.

You have to check out this bold and colorful seaside home tour! It was another one that felt really creative to me.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Interiors -

Recent purchases? Lately, most of my purchases have been for my home office… so consider a few of these sneak peeks of what is to come:

  • vintage french stool // Remember how I was talking about wanting a little wooden stool or ottoman? I snagged a vintage French one from this shop. It won’t let me share that exact listing anymore since it was one-of-a-kind and I bought it, but it has three legs and is really charming. I can’t wait to show you once it arrives!
  • built-in knobs and pulls // I finally bought hardware for my office built-in, since that will be the next part of the renovation, as we’re wrapping up drywall. I’ll try to work on an update post for next week!
  • phone case // I dropped my phone over the weekend and shattered the case and the screen. Oof (I’m clumsy). I immediately ordered this affordable case that will hopefully do a better job at protecting my phone. I got the stone color.
  • sandals // I actually got these before our family vacation and have been living in them since, so I wanted to share! These are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn and they don’t look as casual as my Birkenstocks. I have wider feet and these fit so well- I can even run in these things (which I had to do at the airport, ha). I also like that they have a tiny bit of height. They’re nice for the everyday!
  • pocket door hardware // I bought this gorgeous hardware for my office pocket doors. Don’t you just love that shape?! It’s on backorder so it has yet to arrive, but I’ll be sure to share once it’s here.

Speaking of the office renovation, did you see my IG stories yesterday? I’m feeling very excited about my floor tile choice after seeing the talented Jessica Helgerson’s post featuring limestone cabochon!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Interiors - roomfortuesday.comThis week I’m thankful for much needed rain. We had a few rainy days here in the Salt Lake area, which has helped to improve our air quality (from wildfires) and give us a boost in the middle of this drought. It’s funny how weather can really affect your mood. The thunderstorms left me feeling refreshed and recharged. What are you happy about or thankful for this week? Despite lots of tragic and negative news lately, I’ve been trying to be conscious about picking out a few positive things from each day.

I wanted to give you a heads up… I may be slower to respond than usual while my mom is here visiting, but know that I’m always reading your comments as they come in, and will eventually write you back! As an entrepreneur herself, my mom is also insisting we hangout at the Tuesday Made office so she can help pack orders- don’t be surprised if you get a Tuesday Made note in your package signed from Tamara. Hah! I think I’m going to have to take advantage of the free help my family keeps offering. I’m halfway joking. I do love that they get excited about things like that and are willing to help with work and projects, but I also want them to have a fun and relaxing vacation. Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead, friends! I hope it’s filled with some things, people, or pets that make you smile.

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Once again, your post prompts me to open all the tabs. I recently stumbled upon Milieu magazine (maybe from one of your pins?), so I await your review. I really do enjoy perusing print, but how do you handle the stacks that accumulate? I purge after about 5 years, but that still leaves so many!
    Speaking of abundance, our cucumbers, beans and basil have been especially productive. At least something benefitted from the SIX weeks of 100+ temperatures. (One week is more normal.🥵) We have finally dropped into the 80s and the smoke has cleared a bit, but no rain yet. It’s funny that you mention fried green tomatoes because I’ve been wanting to find a baked version. The awesome movie peaked my interest years ago, but I only recently tried them on our Memphis trip. We always pick tomatoes that don’t ripen before the frost, so why haven’t I made them before? I already follow Cathy, Chloe and Brandy, and my brother in Colorado recently introduced me to @gardenanswer. She’s actually from my local nursery, and she’s internet famous! (Over 3 million subscribers on YouTube…that seems like a lot.)
    Oh, that Sibella Court beach house is my dream. If I’m honest, although I adore high design and rare Italian glass sconces, my real life aesthetic is casual and colorful. A camp with a screen porch on a sunny lake. Yes, please.
    Boo that your Alaska trip got cancelled again? I’m sure your CA getaway will be lovely, and Alaska will be spectacular whenever you visit!
    Enjoy your long-awaited family time! They will hardly recognize the house with all of the upgrades you’ve completed. I’m never one to refuse a little free labor, and working on projects together builds memories too!😉
    Here’s to bluer skies and late summer adventures!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I’ll let you know how Milieu turns out to be. I sound like a hoarder, but I keep all of my design magazines! I think they’ll make an appearance behind the glass doors of my office built-ins. I like the way they look styled in big stacks with those slim matching spines. It’s fun to revisit them for inspiration. It can get to be a lot though- the older ones or ones I grew out of (in terms of aesthetic) I donated to local design classrooms. I feel bad throwing them away or recycling. SIX weeks of100+ temps?! I feel for you. It’s finally cooling down here. It was in the 60s yesterday and felt like heaven. I’m glad your location has cooled off to 80. Fried green tomatoes are so delicious! The baked version sounds much more healthy. Haha! I should probably opt for those instead. I just followed Garden Answer- thank you for the tip. She seems super knowledgeable, and how cool that she’s a local in your area. 3 million is definitely a LOT. We’ll make it to Alaska eventually :) Here’s to a few more summer adventures before the season comes to a close. Hope you have a great weekend ahead! xo

  2. I am so thrilled for you that your parents will be visiting. Sorry that your grandmother could not make the trip. I bet you are planning out delicious meals and prepping rooms. Your parents are in for a wonderful time in your home. Take them up on the help.
    Excited to see the stool styled in your new office. I hated to miss Emmett’s post on mudding walls. I have a lot to go back and read this week.
    Unfortunately, have to jump off this one now that my youngest just woke up. Don’t want to miss a minute of him home before he leaves to go back to college.
    Have a great weekend; enjoy every minute of your parents; we will be here when you get back. I second the nod to watching and following Garden Answer. I got my mom watching her and she talks about it every time we chat which is almost daily!

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! We’re excited for some quality time. I definitely did a lot of meal prepping & planning… that’s fun for me! I hope you’re also enjoying time with your youngest before he leaves for college. Enjoy the rest summer! Blog posts will be here whenever you have free time- they’re not going anywhere :) I’m excited to follow along with Garden Answer! xo

  3. Cathy | the Grit and Polish says:

    Thanks so much for including our garden, Sarah! Also that vintage French stool has me rethinking our kid’s pantry step stool..thanks for sharing!

    1. Your home and garden is the most beautiful, Cathy! I’ve really been into those vintage French stools and artifacts lately. So pretty! I hope you and your family are having a great summer :)

  4. Happy Friday!! How exciting to reconnect with your mother and stepfather after so long. Here’s to hoping the cooler weather stays and the fires subside. Also big cheers to them on their journey cross-country! No matter how glampy their trip was, they will no doubt find better (and more beautiful) accommodations at Chateau Gibson.
    I can’t believe your Alaska trip was cancelled again! I’m sorry to hear that friend, but eventually you’ll make it; judging from all I’ve heard about Alaska, it will be worth the wait.
    I don’t think wallpaper will ever go out of style—but there’s a ton of examples that are all wrong for the space; perhaps that’s one of the reasons it gets such a bad wrap (on top of being a pain to remove). I second all of your choices in terms of print, and I’m on the hunt for the perfect pattern for little B’s room. That renovation is pretty far off, but you know I’m always down for a good hunt of sorts.
    I’m of course excited to see the office come to fruition (just don’t decide to move a month after it’s done this time)😂🤣! I think I’m even more excited to lay eyes on the French stool you chose. That shop is a treasure trove! I’m loving the gardens you shared here; it’s providing major inspiration for our backyard.
    We finally have a cool down trend happening, and so far no major fires to speak of. This week I find myself feeling grateful for the life we are allowed to live here—it’s been a heavy week around the world, and in our home, but I find myself clinging to gratitude. I’m off to get little man ready for school, and later we’ll be replacing faucets in both of the upstairs bathrooms. We’ve had a bit of a pesky situation off and on for the past six months and finally decided the old faucets have just had it. I’m excited to put new jewelry in these spaces- it will definitely make an impact (of some kind) on these dated spaces. Function for now, right?! Lol. Enjoy your visit with your family, and have a relaxing weekend!

    1. HAHA!! We’re definitely not moving this time around. Lol! That is so true though- I want to enjoy this office for years to come, and plus- moving is exhausting, so I think we’re going to be here for a long while (fingers crossed). I’m glad CA is finally cooling down. It felt like fall here over the weekend and our ski resorts got SNOW!!! It was bonkers. I’m so sorry to hear last week was a rough one for you. Here’s to a better week ahead. I love your mentioned and focus of gratitude- that rings true here as well. I hope the faucet swap went well and you’re feeling good about the new fixtures :) xox