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Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comIt’s hard to believe summer is just around the corner. I don’t think I’ve ever shared a post of this nature before, but it sounded fun and I’ve been saving lots of pretty things for summer. I’m definitely in a cheerful mood lately as temperatures are starting to increase, and I’ve got summer travel & adventure on my mind. I thought it may be interesting to show some of my go-to items, what I’ve liked recently, some things I’ve added to my cart, and stuff I’m just feeling for the season ahead. With Memorial Day weekend ahead, the timing felt perfect for a casual post of things that have caught my attention lately. From home items to good reads and everything in between, click through for a summer loving mood board filled with ~40 favorites that are sure to inspire. I’m also sharing a list of summer activities Emmett & I are hoping to do this season!

Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comFirst, let me share our activity list for summer! Looking for some fun things to pencil into your calendar this season? Maybe you’ll find some inspiration from our list… here are 30+ things we’re hoping to do this summer (in no particular order). I’m not sure we’ll get through all of these, but I sure hope so!

Our Summer To-Do List…
  • Host a summer BBQ or dinner party.
  • Take the dogs hiking.
  • Kayak or white water raft.
  • Go boating.
  • Visit our neighborhood food trucks & eat on the lawn.
  • Summer breweries with live music.
  • Go camping.
  • 4th of July in Kentucky with my parents.
  • Go to the movies or drive-in.
  • Walk to the ice cream shop and get the campfire s’mores flavor.
  • Go fishing.
  • Cocktails around our fire pit with friends.
  • Get our advanced scuba diving certification.
  • Host out-of-town house guests.
  • Go off roading and grill at the top of the mountain.
  • Attend an outdoor concert.
  • Make time for a few picnics.
  • Cook & bake our summer favorites at home.
  • Go golfing (I’ve never been and we live on a golf course, which feels sad!)
  • Read at least three good books.
  • Go swimming.
  • Finish our entryway renovation.
  • Make a pitcher of margaritas.
  • Plan our next project.
  • Get shaved ice or make granita.
  • Go to the farmers market or Park Silly.
  • Plan our next vacation.
  • Make homemade pizzas on Fridays and eat outside.
  • Ride bikes.
  • Go to a local fair or festival.
  • Host a game night.
  • Take a nap in the hammock.
  • Deep clean the house & light a fresh candle.
  • Read a magazine under the shade tree.
  • Take a road trip.

Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comOur list is kind of ambitious, but we’ve already started crossing things off! Most of these are free or inexpensive, so I’m feeling pretty good & confident about having a great summer ahead.

Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comOver the weekend, I pulled out a big beach / picnic blanket and setup a makeshift picnic in our side yard. I forgot how pretty it is over here, on the opposing side of our shed! I caught up on some magazines, the dogs napped, and Emmett joined me after he worked on more of our entryway tile. We also squeezed in one night of camping! It was a full weekend. How was yours?

Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comAre you ready to see my favorite things for summer? It’s a healthy mix of clothing, accessories, functional items (like my go-to SPF), and home decor.

Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comTo shop & explore, click on the thumbnails below- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop… not all of the images are clickable. 

01: wrap dress // 02: florian chandelier // 03: glass jar candle // 04: chloe sunglasses // 05: wallaroo hat // 06: picnic basket // 07: things we never got over book // 08: hillside landscape // 09: phone case // 10: woven sandals // 11: glass hurricane // 12: pore purifier // 13: beach towel // 14: beach tote // 15: olive dress // 16: nesting baskets // 17: marble coasters // 18: blush pink lilies // 19: classic swimsuit // 20: wakefield planter // 21: platform sandals // 22: scallop edge quilt // 23: sunscreen // 24: pizza making gift set // 25: beach blanket // 26: poetry of place book // 27: espadrille wedges // 28: woven candle // 29: byredo perfume // 30: moss pedestal topiary // 31: white sneakers // 32: maxi dress // 33: black cake book // 34: woven scalloped table // 35: block print paper napkins // 36: green glass tumblers // 37: violet vintage rug

I can personally vouch for these and highly recommend… from my favorite reef-safe sunscreen to my go-to sunglasses (and everything in between), this is what I’m loving and am inspired by for the summer months ahead. Feel free to pick my brain if you have questions about anything! The only two items I don’t currently have are the sneakers (which are really close to my Eileen Fisher ones pictured throughout this post) and the ticking stripe beach towel- which is on my wishlist.

Sarah's Summer Favorites - roomfortuesday.comWhat are some of your favorite summer items? How about three things you’d take with you to a deserted island? I think mine would be: sunscreen, sunglasses, and my go-to swimsuit. I know I’ll probably regret saying this when it’s 100+ degrees outside and we haven’t seen rain for months, but I’m very ready for warmer weather, summer fun, and the long days ahead. I just love packing as much into each season as I can… and summer is no exception. In my opinion, it’s always one of the most fun seasons for activities, adventure, and making memories.

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  1. Good morning! Holy cow! That view from your picnic blanket almost looks like CGI. What an amazing spot. Your mood board does feel like the essence of summer. We’re still in the grips of spring, but I know the endless sun and heat are imminent. I love your summer fun list! I need to be more intentional like that; otherwise, we just fritter away the sunshine. I’m intent to find more ways to get into the water this summer. Jason has discovered that he likes the pond (especially the ducks!), so I’m anxious to see if he would swim with me. I’ve just finished refreshing my herb and flower beds for the season, and I’m looking forward to watching them flourish. (of course, the vegetable beds too!) As for a deserted island list…a generously sized towel, a stocked cooler, and a stack of reading material would keep me happy. (It’s deserted, Sarah. No swimsuit needed.😎) I’m off to create my own summer fun list! Thanks for the inspiration, as always! Cheers to a super week!💜

    1. Peggi, I lol’d at your no swimsuit needed! Very true…it is deserted! Have a great Monday and week!

      1. Lol! I’m just imagining sand in places I don’t want it and sunburned private bits. Haha!

    2. I always forget about that view, but it’s so nice! You can look out and see the Great Salt Lake (which is majorly shrinking, sadly). I’m all about a seasonal fun list! I love being in the water and that’s always a big summer goal- paddling, swimming, boating, rafting, whatever it takes to keep cool and splash around. Crosby also loves the water… Cash, not so much. Does Joe like the water- or just Jason? Way to go on your herb & flower beds! I think your deserted island list is more practical, BUT- I stand behind my swimsuit decision, so my bits don’t get burnt to smithereens and sand in places I don’t want it. Haha! I hope your week is off to a wonderful and sunny start, Peggi :) xox

      1. Joe likes the water…up to his knees. If it gets to his tummy, he’s done; we’ve actually had to have other people’s dogs retrieve his ball from the middle of the pond.🤦🏽‍♀️ Even though Jason is scared of everything, he seems like he might actually be a swimmer! We’re hoping to find dog safe water spots nearby. (The Snake River is too scary!) Since they both hate the heat, splashy fun would be a treat!🤞

        1. Joe sounds just like Cash, when it comes to the water. Crosby is definitely our water dog… which is also funny because he’s scared of everything else (just like Jason), ha. They’ve been providing some solid entertainment, love, and laughs this week. Our next door neighbors just brought home two great Pyrenees puppies, so we’ve been loving on them. Emmett & I would love to camp on the Snake River this summer, but we definitely don’t want the dogs getting swept away by a strong current. We’re both certified in white water rescue, but just for people (no dogs).

  2. Howdy and happy Monday! It was a productive weekend over here- I took advantage of Jeff’s time home to knock off my to-do list (it’s been getting long), and it feels good that I’m close to putting time in on the front room. We had originally hoped to be done by now, but here we are, and after a visit from our painters and one generously sized quote, your girl is going to be overcoming a fear of heights in the near future. 😵‍💫 I adore your summer bucket list, and it’s inspired me to create my own. As I was reading I realized that many of your activities can be accomplished here in town-I’ve loved staying close to home, now more than ever. Your roundup is incredible (love the dress you’re wearing in the photo by the shed); I’m on the hunt for a few summer dresses as we approach our anniversary, and a trip to Santa Barbara. If anyone has any recommendations for food or activities I’d love to hear them-we’ve never been, and while it will be a short three day stint, we’re looking forward to a mini adventure sans kids. (God I need that SO badly). I’ve always wondered if Sun Bum sunscreen is reef friendly- it’s not listed on any of their packaging or item descriptions, so I’ve hesitated to try them. The book recommendations are killer and I’m jonesing for a new read; all in all, I’m looking forward to summer and spending one-on-one time hanging out with the kids. They have boogie boarding on their summer bucket list, so it looks like we’ll have some beach fun on the horizon- and I’m not mad about that. Deserted island must-haves? Sunglasses, beach blanket, and all the reading material. Deserted island=no suit needed=no tan lines!! Hahah!! Peggi are we weird??🤣😂🤪 Cheers to Monday friends!! 14 days left of school!!

    1. Happy Monday, Lauren! I’m so glad you had a good productive weekend! How exciting about your front room- you’ve got this… heights and all. I’m also happy to hear you’re taking an anniversary trip to Santa Barbara- that will be so nice. That’s someplace I’ve actually never been. I wish I had recommendations for you. I discovered Sun Bum on a dive boat and have been using it since :) I like that it’s not super greasy like other reef safe options. Happy last two weeks of school for your kiddos! Here’s to summer vacation just around the corner! xo

  3. That view!!! What a beautiful picture of you on the blanket and the dogs with that view in the background! I like your summer to-do list. This reminded me of the times the kids and I would sit down and make one for the summer. I love drive in movie theaters. I wish we had a good one here. When we first got married and lived in Minnesota, we would go almost ever weekend during the summer. I still remember seeing “Twister” there!
    You have included so many lovely things from your shop. I have several things from Mark & Graham. The beach bag is adorable with the initials. The green wrap dress is beautiful on you! I love a good hat and sunglasses. All we need are sundresses, sunglasses, sandals and a good pair of sneakers each summer. Sam Edelman has so many good sandals this summer. We love Sun Bum sunscreen. Have you ever tried Elta Md broad spectrum sunscreen for your face? It is the best. I use it all year long and even have the tinted one for when I will be outside but not putting a full face of makeup on. But we also live in Texas where the sun ruins your skin.
    Hope the quick outing with the camper went well. Excited to watch the makeover and the update. Have a good week. Oh, and I would take music, a large swiss army knife, and a blanket. Ha!

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! I love making seasonal to-do lists. So funny you mentioned seeing Twister at the drive-in… because I also watched it at one. Ha! I like that movie. I love my Mark & Graham beach bag- I’m always impressed with their quality. I pretty much live in breezy sundresses all summer with sneakers or sandals… and I always have my hat & sunglasses. I used to use Elta MD on my face, but switched to Shiseido because their tinted one matches my skin tone a little better. I really like them both though! I never wear foundation anymore- just the tinted SPF. I have melasma and dark spots on my face pretty bad, so I’m diligent about sunscreen. Camping was super fun and the dogs did great, although our truck spontaneously decided to implode on the way home. We had to get the camper and truck towed back home :( Now we’re vehicle shopping.

  4. I love your recs, but that picture you have in your shop is Monet’s “Fruit Trees in Bloom”, and you should be crediting the artist! (and IMO, using the actual name of the piece, as Monet intended it to be called)

    1. Thanks, Vid! With many of our vendors (especially the art galleries we work with) everything is made-to-order and custom framed… we’re contractually obligated to name and price things accordingly (to their standards). The individual artist and galleries set the standards for the work we carry in our shop, to be a certified retailer. I hope that helps to clarify.