Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comHow is it already time for a new Noteworthy post? The days seem to be flying by! I feel like I blinked and summer was here. It has consistently been in the 80’s here. How is your season going so far? Is your location heating up? Things have felt busy, but fun over here in Utah! Lately, we’ve been very intentional with setting aside at least one day each weekend to relax, recharge, go on an adventure, or do something fun. Summer is the perfect time for that! It goes so quickly and we always try to cross our favorite activities off the list before it comes to a close. Beginning that philosophy at the start of the season just felt right this year! I’ve already made a few pitchers of margaritas, had a few patio dinner parties, have spent time on the water, and even went camping a couple times. It feels good to be outside. Anyway… you know the drill! Click through for updates, inspiring links, recent purchases, random thoughts, and lots of fun things…

First and foremost, I wanted to send a giant heartfelt THANK YOU for supporting our little shop last weekend during our Memorial Day sale. I’m truly overwhelmed with gratitude and can’t believe how many orders we’ll be packing this week. It’s just Emmett, myself, and our amazing team member, Jordan, carefully boxing things up, so we’ll do our best to get everything out to you this week (thanks for your patience!), if you placed a weekend order. I hope you know how much we appreciate your support. The shop has been such a fulfilling part of my business, as I’m obviously very passionate about finding beautiful decor and home finds from talented makers. It has been such a joy to connect with you in that way… sending out my best finds and knowing they’ll be well loved and styled in your home! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. I know I don’t say it enough, but I’m thankful to have a job I truly love- and it’s all because of you.

Did you take advantage of any weekend sales? Lots of them have been extended. Emmett & I only made one purchase last weekend. After pinching our pennies for something we’ve wanted for a long time… we finally splurged on a Sleep Number bed. We bought one during their sale over the weekend and I’ll be sure to report back once it arrives (at the end of July) and we sleep on it for a few months. We’ve been getting terrible sleep lately and I’m hoping this makes a big difference. Have you ever had one? Many friends & family members sing their praises, but we just invested in a base / moderate model since it was more affordable.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comIn my last Noteworthy post, I mentioned some exciting travel plans that unfortunately were pushed due to cancelled flights. I was supposed to be underwater swimming with tropical fish right, but hopefully it will happen next month instead. Not that anyone was wondering why I’m still behind my computer this week, but just in case. Ha! I also owe you another thank you for the positive scuba vibes sent last week! Emmett & I both passed our open water certification and are excited to put our newly learned diving skills to good use.

Renovation updates… the tile sample I ordered for our entryway was a total flop, so it’s back to the drawing board for that! Once I nail down that selection, I’m going to get started on our stairs while Emmett is drywalling the office. If you missed that recent update, you can check it out here– the pocket doors turned out SO good. Thanks to lead-times on furniture & building supplies, along with devoting the majority of our hours to the shop– our home renovation seems to be crawling, but I’m more than ok with that. That’s real life, and it gives me adequate time to really think through each design decision and make intentional choices. Over the years, I’ve learned the speed changes with each room during the remodel process, and the seasons of life. Right now, we’re in slow speed (and in a busy season), so I’m leaning into the process and am enjoying our home in its current state. Does anyone else feel that right now?

I just renewed my subscription to World of Interiors… another magazine I really enjoy thumbing through and gathering inspiration. Do you ever read this one? I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for beautiful reading material that doubles as design inspiration!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comRecent purchases this past month were all over the place. Here are my top five…

  • shorts // Shopping for shorts is about as terrible as shopping for swimsuits, in my opinion. I finally found a pair that fit, are comfortable and loose, look flattering, and actually cover my rear. These have really great reviews, and I can now attest to that.
  • provence style book // My European travel itch is getting bad, so I was very excited to pre-order this beautiful French book that comes out in a couple weeks! I’ve heard great things about it from Jamie. Check out more of my favorite coffee table and design books here!
  • brown sugar saver // Please tell me I’m not the last person on the planet to know about this? How did I not know about this handy tool you pop into your kitchen canister of brown sugar to keep it soft? This might be the best $5 I’ve spent all month!
  • new pajamas // These are currently 50% off and they look and feel so much more luxe than this $25 set costs. I got the cotton blue striped top and paired it with the matching pajama pants. I got the shorts as well, but they were huge- so those got returned. The pants are great though! These are perfect for summer sleeping and lounging.
  • fresh tevas // My favorite, easy, water-friendly flip flop for summer! I had my previous pair of Tevas for four years, and they finally bit the dust, so I got a new pair. I still love these so much- they’re the most comfortable active flip flop and they pack really well (really lightweight). I toss them in my bag for the beach, the boat, river trips, camping, whatever!

Remember when I was professing my love for wicker & woven in this post? Welllll, I just ordered some really beautiful scalloped side tables for our shop! We don’t really carry furniture because it’s tricky to ship, but I convinced Emmett (our shipping & fulfillment guru) to figure this out since it’s lightweight and so beautiful. I can’t wait to show you once they arrive to us!

Speaking of wicker, rattan, and all things woven- this beautiful Palm Beach home designed by the talented Tamsin Johnson is packed full of beautiful wicker! Click through to take the portfolio tour. It’s a good one!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comI get a lot of questions about the books styled throughout our home. Do we read? Yes, we love reading! Did I pick them all out based on content or design? Both- I love beautiful books and content we’re actually interested in reading! Are they color coded or organized? Meh, not really, but somehow I know where everything is. Anyway, for those of you that asked about color coding… I stumbled upon this Etsy shop, with glowing reviews, that could take a lot of the work and time out of sourcing or thrifting books for you! You can buy color coded books in whatever quantity you need for a well-styled library, if that’s your thing. Just thought I’d share!

Amen to aesthetically pleasing and integrated vent covers in this article! I can’t wait to show you the custom ones I designed for my home office. They’re integrated into the built-in for form and function.

Deema wrote a really thoughtful blog post on a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve always been of the mindset to not be so quick to judge, show compassion, and understand that we’ll never know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Many of my friends are weighing in within the comment section. Social media is a bizarre space (that I personally have a love / hate relationship with) and it can be easy to forget there is a person with feelings on the other side of a screen. More understanding, less judgement! That’s a mantra I saved and try to remember.

I loved this article on the most famous hotel in every state. Do you think yours is accurate? In my home states (Indiana and Kentucky) I would agree that French Lick Hotel is the most popular (we grew up roaming those halls and had high school prom there!), and in Kentucky- I also agree that The Brown is very well known and historic. We lived in Ohio for a bit, and I actually don’t know much about The Golden Lamb Inn. Here in Utah, I would agree that The Grand America is definitely iconic in Salt Lake City. Let me know if it was accurate for your state! Did you discover any new hotels?

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links, Updates, and Finds - roomfortuesday.comSusan’s post on transferware was so enlightening and interesting- very educational! It’s a must read if you love blue & white.

Where are my fellow small garden people? This article contains fantastic advice on how to make a small garden look larger, and shares 12 ways to maximize space.

Well- that pretty much wraps this one up. I’d love to hear about any fun summer plans, adventures, or traditions you’ll be enjoying in the coming months! Feel free to also drop any blog post requests in the comment section for me as well. I hope June is off to a wonderful start for you!

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  1. Good morning! Lots to discuss…what a bummer that the entry tile didn’t work. Will you be looking for other sources for the cabochons? I just saw a cork floor in this style! So interesting. How nice that you can flow between projects while your office reno slows. I’m definitely a “deliberative decorator”, but why rush an enjoyable process? Case in point, it’s been 4 years since I renovated my bathroom, and I’m finally inspired to replace the vent cover! Rushing to judgement, another tricky prospect. I read Deema’s post and learned some interesting perspectives. Social media affords me access to ideas, voices and friends (👋🏻) outside my small world, which I value beyond measure. But. I am often aghast at the trolling. I definitely feel for those of you who navigate it for a living. Speaking of navigating, I now have 8 tabs open for further exploring! I’m intrigued by the famous hotel list but underwhelmed that Kennebunkport is listed for my home state; I feel like Maine has more to offer. I’ve also been thinking of new magazine inspiration lately; someone shared in stories a recent issue of Veranda which looked much fresher than I remember. And speaking of Susan Brinson, she often shares her World of Interiors, so you know it must be good! So much to investigate, but I need to get off my bum and get these pups to the park early; we’ve had heat warnings all week and highs in the mid 90s!🔥
    Before I go, I think I have to tease you about brown sugar. Have you never seen a terra cotta saver? Or the old trick of putting a piece white bread in the jar? I actually don’t buy brown sugar; I just make it as I need it for recipes. (My cupboard always contains molasses.) Kidding aside, have the loveliest of Wednesdays, my kind and thoughtful friend!💜

    1. I know! I didn’t even get the tile. Long story short, I paid a ridiculous amount for a sample and a shipping, there was some sort of miscommunication, it never arrived, and I can’t get refunded. I probably dodged a bullet in the long run, but YES- still looking for cabochons, so if you see any… please send a link my way! I’m having a really hard time sourcing it. It’s nowhere to be found here in the US, but really prevalent in Europe. I totally agree with you on enjoying the decorating and renovating process. For awhile, we were just go go going, and it definitely didn’t feel as fun. I also agree that social media allows us access to make new friends and hear voices outside of our inner circle. I LOVE that part of it and I think it helps us grow, become more creative, and just learn in general. I feel lucky that trolls rarely end up in my inbox. 99.9% of my social media friends are genuine, kind, understanding, and such incredible people. That occasional 1% is rare, but still something I struggle with mentally. Anyway, kindness is always the best practice! I’ve never been to Kennebunkport. Whenever I finally plan a trip to Maine someday, you’re going to be the first person I call for recs! It’s high on our list. Yes- you’d love World of Interiors, and I also get Veranda and have been impressed with that one as well. Hope you and the dogs didn’t get too hot today. Emmett is packing Tuesday Made orders, so I’m off to mow our field of a lawn that is looking pretty tall. Ha! I have NEVER seen a terracotta saver. This is totally new to me!! How did I not know these things existed? Oof. I’m behind the times. I did know about the white bread! My grandma taught me to do that in the brown sugar, as well as in a container with over baked cookies to soften them. My mind was blown when I stumbled across that little disc on Amazon. What world are we even living in?! It arrived and Emmett put it on my bathroom vanity, thinking it was a “face buffer” of some sort (his words). LOL!

  2. This one is packed full! I actually opted not to make purchases this weekend- I had intended to, but at the last minute I was iffy on so many of the purchases I thought I was certain of-I took it as a hint from the universe and decided to hold off until I was more sure. You won’t be disappointed with your sleep number! We have one and have loved it for 6 years and counting. There’s no way we’d ever be able to go back to a conventional mattress. Some pointers: 1) it’s going to feel a lot different than in the store; remember that the one that arrives has never been laid on- you’d be surprised how much different they feel, especially when, like in your case, it’ll be awhile between when you purchased and when it arrives. Don’t worry if it feels far different than the one you tested. A week or so of sleeping on it and the mattress materials will relax and settle, and feel just like it did in the store. 2) Your sleep number may change. Use the number you landed on as your guide- adjust up or down in increments of 5 for the first week, and if it’s still not feeling right, adjust up or down in increments of 10 to find your optimal zone. 3) If you’re truly unhappy with the mattress you selected, and you opt to use the 60 night guarantee to select a different model, you can only do that once. So be sure that you’re unhappy, and be sure in your back-up selection! 4) Don’t underestimate their rewards program. It’s easy to gain points, and I was able to purchase two pillows, with the temperature controlling covers, a separate set of covers for Jeff’s pillows, and two sets of pillowcases at no charge to me. All paid for with rewards money-and none of their products are what I’d classify as cheap or “affordable”. I’m excited for you! Are you ready for the best sleep of your life??
    I’m sad the tile didn’t work out! What a benefit of the office moving a bit slower though. I have no doubt that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and it will be incredible.
    I need that brown sugar saver! I’ve never heard of that before, but what an awesome idea! I’ll definitely be purchasing a new pop container and one of those!
    I saw Deema’s post, and followed along in her stories-its interesting to see the different perspectives out there. I will say that it’s equally disheartening to confront just how much judgement exists in the social media world. It makes me so sad for influencers having to deal with that extra burden. Have you heard about the changes Instagram has made? You can now change your settings on your posts and others, so that the number of likes no longer shows up. I have to admit, I didn’t realize that number was one I ever paid attention to. After making the switch it’s interesting to see how many times I actually do look for it. Not having it there is completely refreshing in every way.
    I must say, I am pretty disappointed in the hotel selection for California. I admit that the Beverly Hills Hotel is iconic on its own right, but in recent decades I feel like others have taken the forefront in terms of notoriety, design, and “iconic” status. It’s always interesting to read articles like that about California, and see what the outside view/perspective is.
    Susan’s article on transferware was chalk full of information I didn’t know! I actually scored the most beautiful vase for $9 at a local consignment shop last week. I think this summer is going to be packed with visits to the local shops, and I’m not mad about it. I’d love to expand my collection.
    I’m going to have to come back and visit the garden article…school responsibilities with the kids are beckoning. Six more school days, and boy am I counting down! I can’t wait to rid myself of this dumpster fire of a school year. Summer is calling and I have every intention of living it up with the kids this year, even if it’s all slightly different than the norm. We’re lucky not to have experienced the high winds…yet…I fully expect by the end of the week they’ll hit us. We’re in the high 90’s today, so a pool day after school it is! Cheers to hump day!

    1. I do that sometimes, too! It’s a good thing to take a step back and save for a change. Ok, you have me SO super excited about this mattress situation! Ha! And your tips are incredible… all things I never would have known, so thank you for sharing those! They said the earliest delivery is end of July or August, so we have awhile. Emmett was not totally on board because of the cost, but I convinced him we should take advantage of the sale and hopefully get better sleep. I’m going to make him read your response. Yeah- the brown sugar disc thing is a totally new concept to me. I think we’re late to that party, but better late than never. It actually works! I’m impressed. Instagram is probably my least favorite outlet these days. I miss the days of not having to worry about the algorithm, stats, and the negativity that creeps into my DMs every once in awhile. I actually haven’t had likes for over a year. I’m not sure why, but I definitely don’t miss seeing them. Since it’s a big part of my business, I feel like my mental health really suffers when I’m constantly having to pay attention to the numbers. Anyway, don’t get me started on IG. Lol! CA has so many great hotels. Which one is your favorite? Just curious! I have loved staying in Kelly Wearstler’s Proper Hotels because the design is just so incredibly cool and she’s amazing. Great score on your vase! It sounds beautiful. Six more days- you’ve got this!! Hope your pool day was a good one and the kids had a great time. xo

      1. Chateau Marmont takes the cake for me in terms of iconic. Everything about the design and detail of that hotel is superb! The aerial views of Sunset Strip, proximity to Rodeo Drive… Next in line would be La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla/San Diego, followed by Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. Rounding out the list would be Hotel Del Coronado on Catalina Island, and The Mission Inn in Riverside.
        Thank you for the mental good vibes and support! Xo

        1. Oooh! I’ll have to add these to my list! Thanks for sharing :) It’s always good to get a local’s recs. Five days! You’ve got this!

    2. Lauren, I completely agree with your disagreeing on the selection of the Beverly Hills hotel for the iconic California hotel. I was thinking of the Awahnee in Yosemite, or the Fairmont in San Francisco, or the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, or…

      1. Yay!! I’m so happy I’m not the Lone Ranger in feeling that way! I had a feeling it would be that one. The Fairmont!!! Yesssssss!! We’re definitely on the same brainwave Jennifer! Hope you have a great night!

        1. Yes!! I love the Fairmont… that’s one I’ve actually stayed at.

      2. So many beautiful hotels! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer

  3. I can’t wait to see those tables in your shop. I love wicker— loved your selections in that prior post— and love scallops! I hope you ordered plenty of them 😊

    1. I’m so excited about them! I ordered a small quantity to double check the quality in person, but if they’re as I expect- I’ll definitely order more :) Have a great day, Jody!

  4. I loved that hotel roundup; thank you for sharing!
    I have stayed at the Hotel Du Pont for work — it was incredible!
    I also love the Peabody and Timberline Lodge.

    1. I also enjoyed flipping through all of those :) I’ll have to add those three to my list. Thanks for sharing, Lexie!

  5. I LOVE my brown sugar saver! My sister was about to throw away a bag of brown sugar and I said absolutely not! I added my saver and it was totally soft within a few hours.

    I am from CT but I went to the French Lick Springs Hotel in high school! We were in the area for a cousin’s wedding and took a historic tour of the hotel. Embarrassingly, I fainted on the tour…just a little bout of dehydration! I’ve never been to the Inn at Mystic (the famous CT hotel) – maybe I need a staycation!

  6. Michigan is my home state- and the Grand Hotel is the iconic hotel here. It has new owners, so we will see going forward. I had dinner there on Wednesday, and it was a very delicious meal. If you visit Mackinac Island, please stay overnight. The quiet, the crystal air and sparkling water, the clip-clop of the horses (no motorized vehicles allowed) is magical.

    1. I love hearing that, Kari! I’ve added it to my list and would love to plan a trip someday :) It sounds perfect!!