Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesdayHappy Friday, friends! I have a little celebratory / thank you post of sorts lined up today. Somehow two years has passed since I opened the Tuesday Made shop! I’m not exactly sure why I thought launching a store in the middle of a pandemic was a good move, but against everyone’s advice, I did it anyway. I’m sure glad I took a chance because Tuesday Made brings me an immense amount of joy. Here we are two years later, still in business, doing happy dances every time an order rolls in, high fiving our tiny team of four, and having a whole lot of fun along the way. It feels like a total dream to work with the kindest people who feel like family. While our official business birthday is technically in December, we always celebrate in January after the holiday madness. Just like our first birthday, we’re giving away our popular heavy duty Tuesday Made totes I designed, as a thank you for shopping small with us these past two years! Click through for the details, to celebrate with me, and to read some fun shoutouts to the best crew I could ask for… 

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesdayFirst, I would like to say thanks to YOU! Without your support of our small business and shopping our little corner of the internet, none of this would be possible. My blog & internet family is filled with the most thoughtful people that I’m proud to call my friends. Thank you for showing up for me (especially during a weird year), for supporting creative women, artists, and for keeping things local. It means more to me than you know. With that being said, I’ll dive right in with the details if you’d rather not read this entire lengthy post…

We’re gifting our favorite functional heavy duty zippered totes again, in honor of our second year in business (use code: BIRTHDAYTOTE). Totes come free with every order of $100+. If you’ve had your eye on lighting, artwork, or some vintage goods, snag them now, so you can get a Tuesday Made bag on us! Click here to add it to your cart…

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesdayOur oversized boat totes are perfect for trips to the market, grocery, thrift store, or just to haul everyday essentials. It’s the perfect bag for interior designers and homeowners, alike. For work, I like that it fits my laptop, planner, books, folders, swatches, and has a pocket for keys & my tape measure. It can really hold quite a bit of weight- I’ve toted around tile samples with no problem.

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesdayI’ve also been known to travel with my trusty tote. It has a zippered closure, so everything is secure and won’t fall out. It fits perfectly with my roller carry-on and has reinforced seams so I can stuff it pretty full. I’ll pack it for a road trip, a weekend flight, or even with dog things if we’re bringing Cash & Cros along. It’s just one of those bags I’m always finding a use for.

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesdayNow that I’ve doted on my favorite tote, of course I want to say thanks to my Tuesday Made family (who also carry these totes and love them, BTW). I’m lucky to have the BEST people in my corner. If you’ve ever purchased anything from our shop, chances are- you’ve crossed paths with all of us. Of course you already know Emmett. Dating him back as teenagers in high school, I never would have imagined someday we’d be married and working together. In addition to his regular 8-5 full time job, he makes time to renovate our house and help with the shop. He packs orders, he keeps our shipping supplies stocked, he does our accounting, organizes shipping with our carriers, drops off boxes, and of course he’s always there to lift the heaviest ones for us. Of course he does a lot more than just that, but I’m in awe and just so thankful for a supportive and loving life & business partner. Emmett, thank you- I love you.

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday
emmett often grabs our totes for road trips & packing the car… but let’s be real- I styled this one

Jordan was the first person we hired and it only took one interview to know she was the one. We immediately hit it off and I can’t think of a better person to be my right-hand. She wears so many hats and does it with the best attitude… from running our Tuesday Made Instagram to styling & shooting photos, packing orders, helping me write notes, designing emails for subscribers, and pretty much everything in between- I feel so lucky to have her in my life and work family. We have way too much fun together and I can’t imagine running the shop without her. We’re also hoping to share some more of her home with you in the year ahead, because she’s very talented when it comes to interior design, thrifting, and all things home (obviously). Jordan, thanks for being your amazing self and for learning & growing with me!

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday
styled by jordan for traveling

I met Christiane fresh out college. We were living in Ohio and I had just been hired as the in-house designer at the same company she was heading customer service for. We spent a couple years working together and became fast friends. In fact, she was cheering me on as I was attempting to launch the Room for Tuesday blog during lunch breaks, ha… this was well over a decade ago. Christiane is an amazing mom and she already had a great job, so I knew there was a slim chance she’d have time to work with me at Tuesday Made, but I asked her anyway. When her schedule changed months later and her boys were off to school, she gave me a call and joined our Tuesday Made team. Knowing her strengths, incredible work ethic, and that we work so well together, she took charge of customer service, the backend of our shop website, and keeps everything organized & running smoothly. She and Emmett make the best analytical and logistics duo. If you ever email or live chat with us, Christiane is who you’re talking to. I love being able to work with one of my favorite people on the daily. Christiane, you put a smile on my face, boost my mood, and bring me a sense of calm. Thank you for being you!

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday
styled by christiane at the beach

One last shoutout… Emily helps with our Facebook page and oddly enough- she also worked with Christiane & I at the same job, running social media back in the day. She’s an avid runner, has more discipline than anyone I know, is one of the funniest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, crafts words in the most clever way (a copywriting genius), and is the queen of hilarious memes. Thanks for keeping our social presence on FB, Emily- and for keeping us entertained! We appreciate the daily laughs. I wish I would have had the foresight to have her style her tote and send me an image, but I quickly pulled this post together at the last minute, per usual.

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesdayThat’s it… a big post of thank yous for all the wonderful people (including you!) who have contributed to our success this year. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, as we have plenty of exciting things & new products (new and vintage) to share with you. We’re also planning a warehouse sale once the weather warms, so if you’re local (or within driving distance), I’ll be sure to share details as things progress. It would be so much fun fun to meet in person and pass along good deals as we clean out the warehouse!

Happy Birthday + Free TM Totes - roomfortuesday

Thank you for another wonderful year, friends. It has been such a joy to collaborate with artists, small businesses, and connect with fellow home & decor lovers through the shop. Cheers to our birthday and to another exciting year ahead! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… when you shop small, the tiny teams of people who make up small businesses get excited for every single order, social media share, and positive message. It goes a long way! We truly appreciate you and can’t wait to bring you more beautiful moments in the details at home. I’m also planning to share a complete tour of our office soon… I just have to find the motivation to finish painting it and hang art, ha. Hopefully soon! Have a wonderful weekend, friends. We road tripped for a quick weekend of skiing (complete with packed totes in the car)!

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  1. Good morning! Happy birthday, Tuesday Made!🎉🥂 A well-deserved milestone! Although the idea of creativity and freedom holds much allure, I’ve always been impressed with the sheer fortitude and courage required of a true entrepreneur. That level of determination eludes this girl. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. I’m not a bit surprised that you’ve assembled a lovely, committed team; your kind, positive energy naturally attracts people. As for the amazing totes, I was just thinking of how handy mine would be for my trip to Maine this summer! (Eep! I made our reservations yesterday!😎) The strength, quality and size are top-notch! I should carry Tuesday Made business cards, so I can be your roving brand ambassador! Ha. How perfect that you’ve scheduled a quick ski trip reward/celebration to commemorate your achievement! Have a safe and rejuvenating escape! Cheers to much continued success and happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜💜💜

    1. Thank you so much, Peggi! Thanks for being in my corner- your energy & support is my favorite. I appreciate you and I’m SO excited to hear about your Maine trip this summer. I know you’re looking forward to getting back there, and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Definitely something to look forward to… lots of things to celebrate today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, too. Happy Pizza Friday!! Woohoo! xox

  2. HAPPY 2 YEARS TUESDAY MADE! What a great shop you have curated Sarah! I have to sit on my hands because I want so many beautiful things. I dream of the day I get to place a lighting order for our home. Your tote is very functional and a favorite of mine. When we travel by car, I like to use it for all my reading materials or items I am taking for my mother in law. Look forward to seeing more of Jordan’s home. They are lucky to have you and it sounds like they are all just what you need for your business. Win Win situation! Emmett does a great job of packing btw!
    Enjoy the ski weekend! Fresh cold air and change of scenery are always a great recharge.
    Happy Friday friends!

    1. Thank you SO much, Danna!! I really appreciate your sweet words and your support these past couple years. That means more to me than you know! I love hearing that you put your tote to good use. Jordan’s house is gorgeous- we’ll have to plan some photoshoots and share more of it (if she’s up for it)… and her dog is the cutest. She has a sweet Saint Bernard! Thank you again! xox

  3. Happy Birthday Tuesday Made! Wow, two years already 👍 Congratulations Sarah, Emmett, Jordan and Christiane 🥳
    I love supporting small business, and your store is fabulous 😍 Andrew and I started our small business 8 years ago and every single day/year we are grateful. I’m so happy you are still enjoying it as loving what you do is so important. Life is long if you dislike your job that’s for sure. I love every purchase I’ve made and appreciate product quality as well as your sweet and thoughtful hand written notes. Thanks so very much ❤️
    I have a quick question regarding the Grove scented candle. Will you be restocking? I think I snagged the last two before Christmas. I love that scent, it’s my favorite. I’m burning one right now ☺️ I just love it!
    It would be amazing to tour your office, the kitchen is so precious. I look forward to that once you are ready 👍 I bet it’s such an incredible work space. Ugh I wish I could attend your warehouse sale, it would be so fun!
    Cheers to another wonderful year at Tuesday Made 🥂 Woohoo! And to many more ❤️🎊🥳

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I can’t believe it has been two years. Time flies and I feel so lucky to be here a couple years after starting our little shop. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been so much fun and I’m looking forward to the future. Thank YOU for supporting us this entire time! You are the sweetest. I love hearing that you and Andrew are also small business owners and are still around and doing great. I totally agree that having a job you love is so important, and I feel incredibly lucky that mine brings me so much joy and I get to work with the best people. I am bummed because we had to disable our Canada shipping this month. We really struggled to keep up with taxes & import duties and were consistently on the losing end. It made me so sad because you know I love my Canadian friends (you’re at the top of the list, obviously!)- I’m hopeful we can figure out a better way. Anyway, just want to let you know in case your friends or referrals tried to place an order. Our Grove candle is totally gone and won’t be coming back (another bummer) because the women-owned soy candle shop we use went out of business. We’ll be looking for a new partner to make our candles, but I’ll most likely have to rework all our fragrances. Maybe I can create something similar- fingers crossed! Thanks for your kind words and continued support, Colleen! Your message brought such a big smile to my face :)

  4. Happy birthday Tuesday Made!! Congratulations are in order to you and the team- your hard work and determination has paid off, not to mention brought so much value to the homes who have chosen to shop with you. I love shopping small, but it means so much more to know the people behind the shop; especially when they’re downright incredible in their own right. Shopping Tuesday Made has been, and will continue to be, a complete joy. As I look around my home I see the touches of Sarah that I’ve had the pleasure of bringing in: from my sink-side Grove candle and marble trivet, to my candle pedestal gracing our entry table, to the gorgeous glass bathroom set in our guest bath, the ornaments that have graced my tree the last two Christmases… I could go on and on about the quality of the items you carry- among my favorites are your kitchen hand and dish towels. My entire towel drawer is three towels away from being exclusively Tuesday Made! (Time to buy more😜). I appreciate the care and attention to detail you put into curating items for the shop- the collection you have is just lovely, and I always look forward to making purchases. There are many purchases planned for this year ahead, and I’m ecstatic. Though I usually have to save and plan my purchases, it’s always been well worth the wait. I want to thank Emmett for so carefully packaging all of the items- his notes are always the absolute best! Jordan, thank you for your attentiveness with the Instagram account- many times when I’ve messaged I’ve gotten replies within minutes (which I never expect), and often I can’t tell if I’m talking to you or Sarah. To say that you have been a joy to interact with would be an understatement. While I have yet to interact with Christiane or Emily, I know that they’re likely as incredible as the rest of the team, and for that I personally thank you. You all have made Tuesday Made such a success. I hope you had the best day celebrating! Cheers to all of you for your hard work and the community you’ve built, your ski trip, pizza on Fridays, and a wonderful wintery weekend! Our house would not feel as cozy without you all!

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! You’re the best… you made my day with this comment. I had to chuckle about your kitchen towel drawer because mine looks the same. I love being able to source those handmade towels from Europe- they’re such good quality and get so soft with time. Anyway, it makes me so happy to hear that you love them, too. They’re my favorite! I feel so lucky to have a work family that feels like family. I’m obviously thankful for Emmett, but Jordan, Christiane, and Emily are my gals! I just love them and working with them is such a joy. Thanks for taking the time to share such thoughtful works- you really did make my day! xox

  5. I’d love to know when you have your warehouse sale. We don’t live in Utah but have a cabin there that we visit frequently., so I could arrange a trip when it happens. I started following you after you did a “one room challenge” quite a few years ago and have enjoyed your posts ever since. Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary, Tuesday Made!

    1. I’ll definitely share details well in advance, Teri! So fun that you have a cabin here. I love hearing that you’ve been following all these years- thank you for that. It means so much to me!