Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! As I was thinking about blog posts for this short work week, a quick Noteworthy post seemed like the perfect way to kick off another weekend. I’m keeping it casual today with updates, inspiring links, good reads, recipes to try, recent purchases, and our current to-do list. Click through for a fun-filled post to start your weekend…

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAdmittedly (despite the short work week), it has felt jam packed over here. Anyone else? From work tasks to appointments, and trying to cram in a hefty to-do list within a four day window has proved to be challenging. I’m just thrilled we made it to the weekend, albeit the mad dash to the finish line. We’ve got some exciting things happening over at Tuesday Made that I’m looking forward to sharing soon (here’s a hint for one of them- a collection with a familiar face)! Emmett & I have also been busy with our regular projects- primarily the entryway and the camper. The entryway is ready to grout and our stair treads just arrived on a big pallet this week. All exciting things!

About the camper… we took it out for its maiden voyage a couple weeks ago and it was really fun! The dogs did well (minus getting the memo to keep quiet at night) and good memories were made. As we were rolling out on Sunday morning to head home, we made it about a mile down the road before our truck broke down. It was an all-day debacle, but we finally found a tow truck to pull the camper & truck safely back to our house. I actually just finished replacing the camper flooring and it’s already looking a hundreds times better! As for the truck… after a long week of Ubering to work (sans vehicle), Emmett finally found a replacement and now we have a functioning (new to us… used) truck again. Whew! Nothing like a little blip to really light a fire to get that taken care of. Hah! It has kind of been a whirlwind over here this past week.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAs for our next big project, it’s looking like our bedroom balcony needs immediate attention (unfortunately). As we were putting together our outdoor spaces last weekend, we noticed the balcony had really deteriorated over the winter. It was an issue we already knew about, but didn’t expect to tackle so soon. The water damage is much worse than it was last fall and at this point- it’s just not safe to use the majority of the deck… it’s very mushy underfoot and the likelihood of falling through seems probable. I have zero design plans for that as of now, but I’m sure I’ll need to work on those sooner rather than later. Emmett has been chatting with one of his contractor friends and we’re thinking we may need a permit for this project, which could complicate the timeline. I’ll share more on that once we have time to properly dive in and sort things out! Anyway, enough about our stuff…

Interested in a fun home tour? I loved clicking through the home of landscape architect, Thomas Woltz. I definitely pinned quite a few of those interior images for inspiration. What a gorgeous Queen Anne Victorian!

Area you team taupe & cream cabinets or do you prefer something more bold? You know I loved bold cabinetry (solely based on my own kitchen), but I have to admit- I love those creamy hues, too. They feel very classic to me. Check out this article for lots of inspiration!

Our garden is pretty much nonexistent this year, thanks to water restrictions… BUT I am thinking I’ll at least plant a couple tomatoes or peppers in containers. Looking for vegetable container gardening tips? This post is a good one! Edible plants are my favorite plants. I’m going to miss having a bigger garden.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI thought it might be fun to share some things I’ve been enjoying as of late…

Reading… Black Cake & The Soul of An Octopus (the scuba diver in me loves this one!)

Watching… Top Gun Maverick (in the theater) & Minx (at home)

Listening to… 60’s / 70’s Summer (playlist) & The Last Resort (album) & All Your’n (song) … summer always brings out my bluegrass / country / Kentucky side

Eating… Jeni’s Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream (sweet) & Soy Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice (salty) & Roasted Carrots with Feta (savory)

While we’re on the topic of food… in an effort to eat a bit more healthy, I just bought & tried Daily Harvest for the first time. My honest opinion? I’d give them 8.5/10 stars. I ordered a couple items I didn’t love (in terms of flavor), but the majority of them were surprisingly wonderful- and most importantly, very quick & easy. That’s usually when I grab for the unhealthy things… when I’m short on time. I’ve loved all of their smoothies so far, as well as the harvest bowls & bakes. The soup I tried wasn’t my favorite and I wasn’t into their “bites”, which I expected to taste like cookie dough. Hah! I think I set myself up for failure with that expectation. Anyway, if you’re looking for quick, easy, and healthy on-the-go… I think they have some great options! I’m definitely going to order more once this box runs out. Have you ever tried them? Let me know what your favorites are so I can try them in my next box.

Emmett & I are both really looking forward to our Italian anniversary trip later this summer. I just finished booking our hotels and we’re staying one night in Venice… funny enough- I actually featured an image from this hotel in one of my 10 Pins posts. Do you recognize this modern space?

Speaking of travel- I thought it was worth sharing more about how we save on flights. It came up in the comment section on Wednesday and I wanted to elaborate. We use Flights From Home SLC, but there are all sorts of these types of accounts in many different cities. For example, here in Salt Lake, we have multiple… FromSLC is another one we like to check. Many of them have a paid email subscription list, because the deals always sell out quickly once it’s shared on Instagram. Subscribers always get first dibs. It also helps if you’re spontaneous and don’t have specific dates or locations in mind. That’s usually how we book our big trips- spontaneously and on super sale. Skiplagged and Hopper are two other sites that share deals (for all locations). I could go on & on about how we use points to pay for everything, and the rewards accounts we have set up to save. Our Italy flights were totally free and we got two free hotel nights at a high-end boutique hotel for free (plus complimentary champagne & breakfast). Would anyone be interested in hearing about that sort of thing? It’s not really in my niche, but I’d be happy to share how we save money on travel, flights, hotels, etc. It’s all about points and free loyalty programs! Let me know.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAnother room to admire & save… did you ever see this space my friend, Marynn designed? Talk about powder room goals!

My recent purchases have been pretty random lately… from camper items to clothing, here are five of my recent buys:

  • Inexpensive Glassware // We hosted friends last weekend for Memorial Day and I needed at least 12 margaritas glasses on the fly (get my marg recipe here). I ordered these from Amazon (thanks to same day delivery) and was super impressed. They’re heavy, glass, have a classic look, are dishwasher safe, and they fit the budget. We’ll definitely get a lot of use out of these- especially when entertaining.
  • Smocked Dress // I’ve unintentionally lost some weight because of my health shenanigans lately, so I’ve been living in dresses lately. Not knowing if I’ll continue to fluctuate, these are easy, comfortable, and always fit! This is one of my new favorite dresses. I definitely plan to take this one to Italy with me! Breezy and perfect for warm weather.
  • A Knock Box // Oook- big confession. Some of our friends stayed overnight with us last weekend and my friend, Brooke, was appalled that I dumped my espresso puck down the garbage disposal during breakfast. I’ve only been doing this my entire life! No one told me! Why?! Oops! I had no idea you shouldn’t put coffee grounds or espresso down the disposal. She informed me I needed a knock box to sit beside my espresso machine, so I immediately bought one of those. Compost would also work.
  • Cabinetry Hardware // I finally snagged our cabinetry hardware for the camper. We’re hoping to get started on paint prep in the week ahead. I’ve got my paint swatches picked out and we’re almost ready to go!
  • Dog Collars // I won’t name names, but someone made a comment on how tattered Cash’s collar was looking (rightfully so- it’s destroyed & shabby looking). I grabbed a couple matching collars for summertime for both Cash & Crosby to replace their winter ones that have seen better days.

I’m actually really looking forward to seeing Emily Henderson’s Sunroom come together? Have you been following any of her projects? I finally played catch up last week.

A fun view of our shed from standing on top of the camper. Emmett snapped this one last night…

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comThis post ended up being a bit more lengthy than I had anticipated, so I’m going to sign off and ease into the weekend! What is everyone up to? I’m going to work on our camper, I promised a friend I would babysit one of my favorite littles, and I have some work to catch up on. I’m also hoping to sneak in some reading & relaxing this weekend. I’m also thinking Negroni cocktails are in order this evening alongside our pizza. Who knows- maybe I’ll get wild and bake another olive oil cake. Oh, and I have to wish my youngest brother a happy birthday today (who probably never reads my blog)… here’s to 26, Brett! Cheers!

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  1. Good morning! Love a good Noteworthy catch-up! Boo to unexpected truck purchases, but at least now it’s sorted. All future camper excursions should include less drama. Ha. Double boo to the bad news about your balcony; this should be its prime season. I never thought about a design plan for that space…now I’m super curious to see what it involves. I’m definitely on team creamy colored kitchen cabinets if the assignment doesn’t call for more color. The only things I like to be bright white are t-shirts and a crisp blouse. I might incur the wrath of the masses, but I also don’t like white stone counters. While we’re on unpopular opinions, I’ll share that smoothies are a hard pass for me. They give me barium “milkshake” flashbacks. IYKYK. As for energy bites, I have some great recipes! We like them for summer desserts when it’s too hot to bake actual cookies. Wow, a quick look at Emily’s sunroom tells me I need to give it more attention. Our dining space has a curved wall with 6 ginormous windows, so it definitely has a sunroom vibes. I wouldn’t mind some fresh inspiration. And, finally, a heck yes to all of your travel insider tips! Just the little you’ve shared tells me that I’m woefully out of date. We’re not frequent travelers, but a girl can dream! Here’s to a lovely weekend! I think we’ve actually got more thunderstorms and rain in the forecast, so a Negroni on the patio might not happen today…(plenty of summer weekends left!) Cheers to Pizza Friday, friends, rain or shine!💜🍕

    1. I love Noteworthy posts, too! I always feel like I’m rambling to a friend. Ha! It’s a fun way to recap and release. The truck purchase was a bummer, but I’m glad we were able to find one within our budget that works. It was stressful there for a minute. Haha! Here’s to hoping we have less drama on our next camping trip. The balcony is half usable. We can safely sit on one side, but it will need repaired this summer or fall. I’m with you on creamy neutrals and bright whites. I have the same opinion. I can’t believe you don’t like smoothies?! That’s my go-to breakfast most days. They’re just so easy. I may need your energy bite recipe- those sounds amazing! I was not impressed with the Daily Harvest ones. Ick. I’m envious of your curved wall and dining room… talk about dreamy! I’ll work on a travel tips post. Emmett is really good at that and I’ve picked up some tricks over the years. We usually always get upgraded thanks to our hacks (without paying more). I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We’re cleaning up our paint mess after working on the camper all day. I’ve got a recap lined up for tomorrow :) I did squeeze in time for a negroni and jalapeño margarita this weekend. Yum! xo

  2. It’s a beautiful day for fresh inspiration! I can’t scroll past without taking in your beautiful outdoor spaces. Maybe it’s the light hitting just right but I’m loving all of the white, woven, and clear glass. It has been jam packed-and with only 3 days left of school, I’m finally feeling like I have room to breath. I’m going to guess a new collection of Laurie Anne’s stunning paintings?? Fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see the entryway all grouted-but I’m looking forward to every last detail on the stairs: what do you consider before starting a project like that? Is there a proper order of operations? Every. Last. Detail. (For selfish stair project know-how of course 😜) Yay for the new truck, but let’s hope that’s the last of your outing debacles. If you have time and want to chat/laugh over hilarious camping memories, give me a call and I’ll tell you the story of the lucky bathroom card. It’s an unbelievable doozy! You may just need a lucky trinket of your own in the camper. Ugh. The balcony. That sounds like an enormous project with unknown headaches to be found. I can’t even wrap my brain around what that project would entail-but I’ll be paying attention, because we have our own balcony woes. Ours is smaller, but I’ll never underestimate the power of water damage. Your house is so lucky to have you and Emmett- if anyone can tackle it, and make it better in the process, it’s you two. I’m on the fence about cream and taupe, because every iteration reads pink/peach with the natural light in our home. And not in the good rustic Italian way. I’m with Peggi on stark white kitchens…not for me. Lately I’m loving the idea of a two tone kitchen- dark sage lowers with wood tone uppers from ceiling to countertop, crinkle or reed glass…and terracotta hex floors, or terracotta and travertine laid on a diamond…kitchen dreaming over here. *sigh* Light, woven shade sconces above the window, with relaxed linen roman shades…ok, I’m done. Lol. I pass the stone yard daily- yesterday they had a gorgeous white marble slab with the perfect deep taupe and tan veining, that would go perfectly with said dream kitchen. Let’s just say it took all the will power to keep driving. Top Gun is my favorite movie of all time- and a staple for me and my dad during the years we spent processing the loss, trauma, and grief that riddled my teens. Naturally Top Gun: Maverick was a must see! It definitely didn’t disappoint; and without intention, my dad and I saw it on the same day, at the same theater, less than two hours apart. Talk about soul connection. This one slid into the #2 spot of top five faves- and sealed the deal on Tom Cruise being a legendary actor. My latest read was a magazine profiling the making of the film- still in newsstands. If you see it, it’s worth grabbing. Recent purchases for me include both Half Baked Harvest cookbooks (available at Costco); the wide leg, pleat front GAP jeans everyone is raving about (still on sale, worth every penny, soft as better, flatteringAF- although I went one length longer than their size chart recommendation to avoid the pedal pusher look); a new pair of Birkenstock inspired sandals; and remember those t-shirts I linked on the last 10 pins? Do yourself a favor and search for the same brand ribbed tank from Target- size up for a perfect fit- best staple tank I’ve ever owned. I plan on ordering a few more! (I’m on a wardrobe revolution over here). I’m for sure interested in all the details on your travel savings. That’s one of the lovely things about Utah- there are so many groups like that for buying/selling, travel… (renting someone’s pool for a day, like, whaaat?!?🤯). How do people find this stuff?? I’m not in the loop on any of these wicked cool life hacks, and I’m having major fomo. This weekend is all about easing into summer break. Establishing a new/better morning routine, night swimming with the kids tonight; tomorrow we’ll be headed to Oak Glen Preserve for an astronomy night, and trying to make headway on clearing out the front room. I’m anxious to get it going, but stuck on paint colors. I’m feeling like a clean out is necessary to get past that block and really see the vision in my head. Thank you for adding Clover to your vintage rug highlight! I’ll be comparing some of the snapshots I took to the sectional and other pieces today. The rug is definitely one missing piece to the paint block. This comment is laboriously long- I hate it when I do that. I cringe on your behalf every time. Cheers to the weekend friend!

    1. Hi Lauren! I hope your weekend was amazing! I love our patio when it’s put together. I sat out there today while I had my coffee and it was wonderful (although our snowballs are pretty much brown now). I’m thrilled to hear you’re feeling good and like you have room to breathe and focus again. That’s wonderful! Laurie Anne does have some new paintings coming and I’ll definitely add some to our shop, but it’s not a collab with her. I think you’ll be excited about it though! To be honest- I’m kind of winging it on the stairs. I designed everything and we ordered it all at once. We’ll just tackle it as the parts and supplies trickle in. Lead-times have been wild. I definitely want to hear your camper stories!! Lol! We should have a phone date soon :) I think I do need a lucky trinket in there. Maybe I’ll hang up a horseshoe for luck after we paint. The balcony is definitely going to be a pain. It is super rotten at this point. We can only sit & enjoy half of it (safely). I think you’re going to like our camper cabinet color- it’s a green hue! I loved reading about Top Gun and you & your dad watching it at the same time. Soul connection, for sure! We LOVED the new movie… so nostalgic. I just ordered the Half Baked Harvest cookbooks for the Tuesday Made shop and can’t wait to read the newest one! Do you love it?! Tieghan is amazing. She has the best recipes. Ok, ok- I have no heard of these Gap jeans, but I just ordered a pair. Ha! Thanks for keeping me stylish. I basically live in my Birks… always my sandal of choice. I need to get some of those tops from Target, it sounds like. I’ll work on a travel post. I feel like we have some pretty good tips and secrets to get freebies & good deals. There are definitely some crazy things here in Utah when it comes to activities & travel. Our neighbors do the pool rental thing and I feel like I need to get in on that! I want a pool so bad… maybe I’ll just rent theirs. Hah! The Clover rug is my favorite one in the shop. I had Jordan add it to our highlights :) I hope you and the fam had a fantastic weekend kicking off summer vacay! PS- I love your long comments. I enjoy catching up with a friend! xo

      1. It’s been the best, most relaxing weekend! And yes, I love both of Tieghan’s cookbooks. So many incredible recipes eat marked for summer. It’s my favorite time of year to make dinner because with the sun setting so late, my kids are actually on my timeframe for when I really want to eat. Normally I’m forcing myself to cook when I’m not even hungry. Then there’s no heart in it you know? Yes to a phone date! Whenever your schedule allows; even more yes to a horseshoe in the camper for luck! You won’t be disappointed by the jeans, or the tanks. I just ordered some incredible art today, and I’m starting to amass a trove of artwork treasure. I can’t wait to hang it all. Oh!! And I had a negroni on the patio at sunset in honor and thought of you and Peggi. It’s good- a bit more bitter than I anticipated, but I liked it! Happy Sunday. PS. Love the camper already!

        1. I love hearing that! I’m with you on eating dinner later. I like that it’s bright all evening now. Maybe later this week or this weekend? This week is jam packed during the work week. We’re wrapping up sending out our Memorial Day orders and are playing catch up from that :) Let me know when you’re free! I’m so excited for your art find- it sounds wonderful. I’m even happier to hear you enjoy a Negroni! You can always add a splash of simple syrup if it’s too bitter! Thanks, Lauren!! xo

          1. Friday or Saturday works for me! We leave for Santa Barbara on Sunday. Otherwise I’m available in the afternoons this week. LOVE the green in the camper!!😍😍

          2. I’ll text you :)

  3. Viktorija says:

    I love your noteworthy posts! Always packed with so much fun, interesting info and links. :) As far as coffee grounds go…you can also toss them in a gallon jug (or pitcher or whatever), add water, and use as a liquid fertilizer for your plants! I’ve also sprinkled coffee grounds around my plants (no water added).

    1. I love hearing that, Viktorija! Thank you for taking the time to chat and say hi :) That is such a great idea about the gallon jug or pitcher for the coffee grounds. I can’t believe I only discovered I shouldn’t put them down the disposal in my mid 30’s. That seems too late in life. Haha! Oops. I also love your tip for using them as fertilizer- so smart! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  4. Ooooo, always love your Noteworthy posts, Sarah! Cannot wait to see how your camper turns out. For the past year I’ve been obsessed with renovated rv’s & airstreams (hoping one is actually in our future soon!) as we really want to take a couple of months each year and hit the road. I laughed when you said you’re at the age where sleeping on the ground is now more romantic than it sounds…same! B bought me a cot to fit in our tent and it was heaven on earth.
    Maryann’s powder room is alllll the eye candy….that custom marble she designed, the dark, luxurious wall color and did you spy the horse head towel holder. Figured you’d especially love that little detail.
    And speaking of designers, I also love seeing what Emily H is up to and her sunroom is definitely not disappointing me!
    As for the stupid social media algorithm’s, I’m SO over them. All the sped up reels, and even those that aren’t sped up, make my brain hurt when I’m scrolling. If I wanted to watch tik tok, I’ll watch tik tok, why does Instagram have to continue to be something it’s not. I know people HAVE to do all the reels now to continue having their posts show up and I feel for people like you, small business owners, who feel like they have to play the game, but I will always, ALWAYS prefer seeing more still images over video.
    And YES, love all your posts – date nights, travel, recipes, etc. They help us all connect with you even more so I say keep ‘em coming if you like doing them as I imagine most of your loyal readers definitely like reading them!
    Happy weekend, S&E!!

    1. Aw, I love hearing that, Anne! We got a lot accomplished in the camper this weekend. I’m really excited to make lots of good memories in that thing. Our friends are looking for a vintage airstream so they can join our adventures. Fingers crossed you can find one soon, too! I definitely feel my age when I sleep on the ground, haha. We also complain the next morning and I’m like- why are we still doing this?!! Lol. Marynn is so talented- I love all of her spaces and she is just the sweetest human. We’ve become friends over the past year. Emily’s sunroom is going to be amazing. I’ve loved following that one. Ugh to social media lately. I’m totally over it. I wish it weren’t such a large part of my job. If only there were a better way to connect, without being at the mercy of big companies. It’s a bummer. I miss the romance of still images. I love photography and I’m not much of a videographer (I have no clue how to edit videos), so I’m feeling the struggle over here. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I always love chatting with you and hearing your insight :) I hope you and B had a wonderful weekend! xox

  5. april smith says:

    If you are looking for other vegan/vegetarian frozen meals, I highly recommend Mosaic. I LOVE Mosaic! Daily Harvest was more meh for me, but probably because I focus on those with high protein content and less on the flavors that sound good to me.

    Glad you’re feeling healthy again and ready for traveling – Italy sounds like such a fun trip!

    1. Ok- I just checked out Mosaic and I think I’m going to order them next time instead of Daily Harvest. All of those meals look INCREDIBLE. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with me, April! :) I really appreciate it. Hope you had an amazing weekend!

    1. Yay! I would actually love to share a post on that, so I’m glad some of you are interested :) I’ll add it to my calendar! We have some pretty good hacks and tips for points.

  6. Happy Friday/Saturday! Your ‘noteworthy’ posts are so full of good inspo, ideas, information, insights. Dying to know who you are collaborating with. More clues? Sounds like the entryway and camper are full speed ahead on renovations and progress. Gosh, sorry about your balcony. I know you enjoy that space. Yes, to travel and how to save! My husband wants me to be a travel agent so we can travel more now that the kids are away. Enjoyed the Domino article on kitchen cabinet colors. My favorites were SW-Sandbar & BM-Swiss Coffee. Did you see the large wooden knobs on the kitchen cabinets? Summer is my favorite time to wear dresses because they are easy and cooler. Your dresses are adorable! The margarita glass recommendation reminded me we need more rim salt. HA! Loved loved Top Gun! I could go see it again. Still anxious to see Downton Abby and looking forward to seeing Elvis and Jurassic Park. It feels like a normal summer again with great movies & travel. Your Italy trip sounds like a dream! I must go catch up on Emily’s sunroom. We thought about adding one to our plans. The plans that have risen to 20+ different variations on paper. We are at a stand still but hope to revive them this week!
    Have a great weekend friend! I am trying to make it through this 9 day cleanse. I am on day 3! Next Saturday can’t get here quick enough!!! Happy Birthday to your brother.

    1. Hi Danna! I hope you had an amazing weekend. More clues… hmm- her style skews more traditional! It’s not Laurie Anne (but that would be so fun). Things are moving right along in the camper and in the entryway. I love the idea of being a travel agent- especially now that your kids are away. I’m all about traveling. We make the best memories on our trips and always learn so much. I want to take in as much of the world as I’m able. I too love Swiss Coffee and Sandbar- two SW favorites, for sure! I’m also enjoying the wooden knobs we’re seeing more of on cabinetry lately. Thanks for your kind words about my dresses lately. I’ve felt self conscious because I just don’t feel like myself, and my hair is coming out in the handfuls. I’ve been trying to put in more of an effort to dress myself these days. Have you ever tried Tajin on a margarita rim? That’s always my favorite! We also recently tried black margarita salt at a restaurant and it was so yummy. We loved Top Gun!! Emmett’s boss rented the theater for all of the employees and we got to see it early- which was really cool. There was a pretty hilarious volleyball scene reenactment before the show (LOL!)- Emmett is the 3rd from the left. I can’t wait to watch all of those this summer… Downton Abbey, Elvis, Jurassic Park, and Where the Crawdads Sing. So many good movies! I had really missed going on our theater date nights. We’re very excited about Italy later this summer, and I’m even more excited to hear about your plans! YAY!! I’m so happy for you. At this point you’re nearing the middle point of your cleanse- you’ve got this. I’m about to start another detox diet for health reasons, and I’m not looking forward to cutting out all the yummy things. I see an allergy doctor this week and she’s going to explain the allergy diet to me. Oof. I’ll have to channel your will power! xo

  7. Would love some travel tips! My husband and I want to do some international travel but airfare is so expensive. We’re clueless on how to play the points game.

    1. I’m working on a post, Melissa! Look for my tips on the blog soon :)