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Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comThank you for all of your kind words in regards to yesterday’s blog post! You made our day. Sherry, my grandmother, loved connecting with all of you and enjoyed reading all of your comments- so I wanted to send a big heartfelt THANKS for that. This week has been next level busy and I feel like I’ve been trying to cram too much into too few hours. Ever have one of those days or weeks where your to-do list feels impossible? It has been one thing after another over here- plumbing issues, Emmett had to replace our water softener, and last night our very expensive oven broke for a second time in six months. Argh. I think my review of the GE Café range has changed. Maybe we can replace it with a fancy French one? Haha! Joking, kind of. Anyway… is it Friday yet? I’m ready for a strong cocktail! Instead of throwing in the towel, I thought it would be fun to look forward and do some dreaming today. It’s all part of the rollercoaster that is homeownership- the good and the bad. The office renovation has me excited, and it has Emmett & I brainstorming what might come next. Click through to see what we’re thinking in terms of big house projects. 

Since we’re currently working on the main level and that’s where the majority of our finished room renovations live, I think we want to continue along that path. It would be pretty great to have an entire floor finished. Once the office is finished, it would be amazing to knock out the following. Oh- and all of the images throughout this post are how the rooms actually look right now-ish… pretty bleh, non cohesive, some have a bandaid fix, but they’re not my favorites.

1 // The Entryway

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comWe replaced our front door, the office is currently under construction, and once it’s finished- I know our entry and staircase sandwiched between those two updated areas is going to look very sad and dated. I’d love to replace the original hardwood with tile, change the stair treads, balusters, and perhaps paint the railing? Of course, we’d also add or replace the millwork as well. We’ve already swapped the chandelier. I feel like it’s a project that feels within reach and would be a natural transition after the office.

2 // The Dining Room

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comOur dining room is another project we’ve already started. It was actually on the docket BEFORE my home office, but I’m glad we switched them. We’ve already installed the herringbone hardwood flooring, skim coated the drywall, and refinished our antique dining set. The plan is to add lighting (a chandelier), install millwork, maybe wallpaper, and of course furnish and style the space. It’s another room that feels very doable since it’s technically already underway.

3 // The Laundry Room

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comThe laundry room is going to be a BIG, expensive project because we’re relocating the room entirely. Our currently laundry room will become the mudroom, and we’ll use our extra front room, pictured above (where I’m currently working while my home office is demolished) as the new laundry room. Why? It flows better with our floor plan, is larger, and has two windows for natural light. It’s just a better use of the space. It’s going to be a tall order: plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, tile, a dog bath, closing in a wall, and a lot of other things. I’m really looking forward to that though because the last similar space I designed was our kitchen. Kitchen, baths, and laundry rooms are my FAVORITE to design. Of course they’re also the most expensive and difficult, so we have some major saving to do.

4 // The Mudroom

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comThe mudroom is going to live where our existing laundry room is… right off of the garage entrance. Luckily, there is already a drain in the space, so we’ll be tiling, adding storage (for skis, outdoor equipment, snowy boots, etc), and making the room more functional. It will be nice to have a spot to drop coats, shoes, gear, and have a place for the dogs to dry out after romping around in the snow. It will also allow us a traffic path from the backyard into our house without having to track mud or water through the formal living room. That’s a big win!

5 //  The Powder Room

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comLastly, the powder room lives in our current laundry room. I think the footprint and location will probably stay the same (for budget purposes), but we may move the door, so it can be accessed from the hallway (rather than going into what will be our future mudroom). Emmett likes the idea of keeping the door where it is, because it feels very private, but I’m not sure? Maybe that’s kind of nice. Would you rather enter a powder room through a mudroom, or through a hallway? Odds are, guest will see the mudroom anyway, because that’s where everyone will drop shoes, coats, etc. I’m probably overthinking it! We have plenty of time to brainstorm. Until then, we’re enjoying the rooms that are finished (like the formal living room)!

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comIf I had to guess- given the lead-time of furniture, I’d say my office won’t be totally finished (or revealed here on the blog) until summertime. Oof, I know. My daybed is scheduled for a June / July delivery, so I’m thinking some of these other projects may bleed into the schedule sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you updated! Of course this list also depends on what our house has in mind. Ha! You know how it goes… pipes burst, ovens break, things happen, and sometimes other spaces demand our attention unexpectedly.

Will we get through all these projects this year? I’d assume probably not, but it’s fun to dream and think about them. I honestly get a lot of IG messages asking why a project or room isn’t finished yet, and my answer is always the same, “We renovate in real time, we do mostly everything ourselves after hours or on weekends, and we save money & budget for projects… good things always take time.” We live in a world with instantaneous Instagram makeovers, quick HGTV shows, and fast DIY projects. I’ll gladly be your reminder that renovating in that way isn’t the norm or realistic for most. It’s always worth the wait! Save your money, do it right, try not to stress, and embrace the journey of creating a home you love. That’s a pretty good motto.

Our Next 5 Projects - roomfortuesday.comWe’re trying to find a better balance, sneak in some travel later this year, but we’re also kind of jazzed about working on house projects again… in our own, real time. We decided we’re going to be in this house for a long while and that’s something Emmett & I are both very excited about. So cheers to that! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend planned. Next week I’ll be back with another reveal from our office building (the dining space, which is adjacent to the kitchenette), that custom furniture post I promised you, and crowd pleasers (like 10 pins). Have a good Thursday, friends.

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  1. Ohhhh! Very, very excited. I’m on hiatus from home projects for many reasons, but enjoy seeing what others are up to these days. I’m wanting to make some changes to our entry, dining light, and laundry room and look forward to getting ideas from you.
    My vote is hallway access to powder room.
    Also, thanks for reminder about the reality of time and projects. I needed it.
    That’s enough from me. I’ll just be here swooning over your formal living room.

    1. I’m really looking forward to all of the future projects, Misty! Another vote for hallway access :) I like it. That is my preference as well. We shall see how it plays out. Creating a beautiful home you love takes time, money, and lots of energy. I think doing it over a time period or in phases in the best way. Thanks for your kind words :) Have an amazing weekend! xo

  2. You are a mind-reader! When you mentioned the other day that the laundry room might be next, I got to wondering about what your list looked like. Anyone with a house and a budget knows that priorities (and motivations) shift. Plus, daydreaming always rejuvenates me! I’m psyched about all of these projects! The entry and the dining room definitely seem like no-brainers. I’m SO interested to see the direction you might go with tile, balusters and moulding in the entrance. A transitional space allows for endless, unique styling/restyling opportunities.
    Dining room wallpaper. The crowd roars.
    To say that I can’t wait for your laundry room design might make me sound cracked, but here we are. Tiles, cabinets, organization…DOG BATH! For a girl who doesn’t exactly enjoy that particular chore, I sure do relish all of the design elements. I always learn a ton when you design these spaces. As for the powder room snd mudroom, they are small zones packed with possibilities! Cue all the tile round-ups!
    I hope you feel like your week is beginning to wind down. Pizza Friday is just around the corner! But I can’t believe your oven quit again?! Maddening. (cough* sexy French range* cough) Cheers to a stiff drink and puppy snuggles!

    1. Yes! The office project has me all kinds of excited for future renovations. We were brainstorming what might come next, and now I’m ready to tackle all the rooms. Haha! Who knows if it will happen in this order, but this is what we’re hoping for anyway. Depending on what tile we choose for the entry, it would be super cool to have marble stair treads- maybe with wood in the center. Not sure yet! Wallpaper is definitely happening in the dining room, and I’m thinking on the ceiling. Don’t hold me to it, but that’s what is currently floating around my brain. THE DOG BATH is going to make us so happy. Haha! What a luxury that will be! I’m ready for that cocktail and pizza tonight :) Hope you have an amazing, sunny, warm weekend Peggi! xox

  3. Jonelle Riboni says:

    I love when you guys have more projects lined up – then we get to see all of your tips and advice in action. Plus the amazing rooms when they are done. I was wondering though, why not put the dog bath in the mudroom instead of the laundry, seeing as the dogs would be coming in the house from getting dirty through the mudroom? But without a floorplan I have no idea if that is a really bad idea because I’m not exactly sure how everything is laid out. So ignore me if I am way off base.

    1. Definitely! Great question, Jonelle! Our thought process was- the mudroom is smaller and it connects to the powder room, so we didn’t have the footprint to integrate the dog bath. We’re running plumbing in the future laundry room anyway, and the room is much larger, so we figured that would make sense. I’m picturing our mudroom with lots of built-in cabinetry storage. We’re also hoping to tile the hall that leads from our garage to laundry room, so here’s to hoping muddy paws won’t be a huge issue. Who knows… I may change my mind a thousand times before then. Haha! Have an amazing weekend! xo

  4. Charlotte says:

    Can’t wait to see all of these. About the powder room door… would you ever put two doors on it? Have access from either side? My grandparents had a bathroom with doors on both sides and we loved it as kids. Of course, if you didn’t remember to lock both doors, you could get surprised… ha!

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I’m not sure if we have room for two doors. It’s a small space, sadly! That’s a fun idea though :)

  5. Alll the excitement this morning waking up to this! To say that I’m interested in where you take these spaces is an understatement. I’ve been waiting on baited breath for the entry project, and now that you’ve mentioned it, that would be a pretty sensible next project. Ahem* tile roundups *ahem. As for the laundry room/powder room/mud room situation, my vote is relocating the door, but I see what Emmett is saying about it feeling more private. I’m anxious to see who wins. (Apologies for the Scorpio coming out 😂). If you’re going to do a dog bath, I’m taking notes! I would love to have a small version of one in my laundry space.
    And the dining room *swoon*. I can’t wait to see what wallpaper graces that beautiful table! It’s certainly been quite the week for you two. I wish I could say I’ve had better luck with my GE range, but sadly it’s the same for me. We’ve had to replace our igniter as well, and continue to have problems off and on. Plus Jeff got duped by the sales guy-I’d have gladly waited three weeks for more interior baking space. Instead we ended up with smaller cubic feet because he claimed they didn’t have a larger size. 🙄 THERES ALWAYS A LARGER SIZE!!! 🤣😂🤣 Here’s to hoping the rest of your work week ends smoothly without unexpected surprises. We’re sailing into pizza Friday quicker than I’d like to admit-but I’m with Peggi- it’s time for a stiff drink and relaxing by the fireplace. Sadly, my dog snuggles abruptly ended a couple months ago, but I’ll take snuggles with the kids gladly. It’s supposed to snow here today, and we’ll be bundled up watching some excruciating kids movie I’m sure! 🤣😂Cheers friends!

    1. Haha, I love it! I’m ready for another tile project too, Lauren. I feel like once my office is finished, I’ll want to look out of my french doors and see a pretty entryway. As a fellow Scorpio, I totally get it! Haha! My vote is for relocating the door, and Emmett is convinced privacy is better… but do dinner party guests really come over and take a big poo in there? Maybe? Lol! I feel like our good friends & family would go to our upstairs or basement bathroom for that, if it’s going to happen. Hahah! Idk. The things Emmett thinks about, I’ll never understand. So sorry you had to deal with the same GE issues. That’s so frustrating, and Jeff got duped by the sales guy?! Nooo! I’m so ready for that drink and pizza tonight. Ha! I am SO sorry to hear about your dog. How did I miss that?! I’m a terrible friend. I’m so so sorry. Kid snuggles are equally as nice though. Did you get your snow? :) Have an amazing weekend! Cheers!

      1. LOL Emmett!!! So in his defense…it’s actually not a bad way to think about it. True story-my sister has a powder room right off her kitchen, that opens to a very small mud room entry from the garage. The powder room is maybe ten steps from the range in the kitchen. And yea…it happens. *Ew…awkward* (now read that in David’s voice from Schitt’s Creek🤣😂). Something to think about is all I’m saying…luckily yours seems far enough from the kitchen that it shouldn’t be a major issue, lol.
        And yes, he got totally duped but it was Thanksgiving week and I think he was concerned about the turkey situation. (Stomach always wins with men, am I right?!)
        You aren’t a bad friend at all! I never mentioned it at the time-it was just so heartbreakingly unexpected. I still miss him everyday, and it’s been a rough adjustment, especially at night. My sleep schedule is finally back to normal, but for about a month it was so tough. Kid snuggles are the jam lately though, and I’ll ingest every excruciating movie they desire…(we’re on a reboot discovery of Moana lately🤦🏼‍♀️)…but I love the snuggles and the antics that follow. Lol. No snow!! The weatherman lied! It’s been nothing but sleet all day, and poured rain about an hour ago. It’s still super cold though so maybe we’ll wake up to white. Cheers to a cozy weekend Sarah!

        1. HAHAH!! I definitely read that in David’s voice. Lol! Something to think about, for sure. Ha! I totally feel for you and understand- it is so tough to say goodbye to our furry family members. Hate that for you and your fam! I hope your kids are doing alright. I’m glad you all are slowly finding your stride again. Moana is actually one of my favorite animated movies! It’s so good! I hope you had a good weekend filled with movies, snuggles, and relaxing. xox

  6. Exciting list Sarah! My goodness you have a lot of space in this house. Wow! All of your projects sound terrific and lots of work. Lol. I’m particularly excited for your laundry space. Thats a wonderful room you have selected as it looks quite spacious and bright. You are going to love the doggy bath, we have never regretted that decision in our home, it’s an amazing luxury that’s incredibly practical. Especially with your two active furry pups 😉 you are going to appreciate that space. Of course, I’m also excited to see that dining room all dolled up and styled to perfection, you are off to a great start with that beautiful dining set 😍 Cheers to a fantastic list, warmer weather and spring. My tulips are starting to peek above the soil. Yay!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I’m looking forward to tackling all of these spaces. Our house is pretty big- we have a LOT left to renovate. It’s fun to have plenty of room to play with design. I’m equally as excited for our laundry room and that’s a project I’m really looking forward to. You have a doggy bath?! I’m so jealous. I can’t wait to have one. Cash gets baths in the sink, but Crosby goes in our shower for baths and it kills our backs. Cheers to the warm weather, spring around the corner, and yay for your beautiful tulips peeking through- exciting!! Happy Friday! xo

  7. What a fun post! Two questions/thoughts:

    If you don’t end up with a ~*~ fancy ~*~ french range, would you consider a lighter or stainless steel option? I know that may push it more utilitarian, but I think it would be stunning against the deep cabinetry!

    You guys are planning to stay in this home for quite a while (yay!), but are you at all concerned about resale value with the laundry room move? I am not sure how I would feel about buying a house where you almost walk into the laundry room at the front door, but more than that, it seems like with the number of bed and baths you have it would be a great big family house someday. I grew up a similarly sized home (by my very rough estimations), and that front room away from the busy kitchen area and cozy basement area was always prime real estate – practicing piano without being louder than the tv other kids are watching or your mom trying to talk on the phone, etc. This question/thought isn’t AT ALL to insult your plan or skills – it just seems like an unconventional choice to me and I would love to know more about the thought process.

    Excited to follow along for everything!

    1. I actually think an industrial looking range (like the one we currently have) would look best- it’s a nice contrast with our traditional cabinetry and brass hardware. Although I’d love to have a french range, ha. Great question on the laundry room! It will actually be further away from our garage entry, relocating it… and we’re closing in the wall by our stairs / front entry (you won’t be able to see or access it from the entry anymore), so I think it might actually help resale & floor plan someday. I really do love our house and the space we have to play! It’s a big home and we have a lot to do, but it’s really fun to envision what it might look like someday. Thanks Danielle :) Have a great weekend!

  8. I am sorry you are having a challenging week. So frustrating about your oven. I hope it is an easy fix. Very excited about your upcoming renovations. I will be following along and hanging on every detail! Sounds like you & Emmett have really thought out the mudroom, laundry room layout. We don’t have a mudroom and lets just say, there should be no house without it. We have been looking at house plans and we haven’t found one that fits our laundry, pantry, or mudroom wants exactly. Love that you are going to spoil those dogs!
    Have a great weekend. I’ll be back to see you office dining room. We plan to spend a couple days looking at land.

    1. Some weeks are more challenging than others :) Haha! $200 later and two hours of Emmett’s time later, we have a working oven again. Yay! Here’s to hoping the repair will last longer than the last one. I’m really excited about our future projects. It’s so fun to dream and make it happen eventually! I also love having a mudroom and definitely miss that space right now. I’m so excited for you, Danna! Looking at house plans and land?! That’s so fun and exciting. I hope you find something beautiful this weekend! Good luck, my friend. Happy Friday! xo

  9. love your kitchen. We just redid ours. Do you have snow? Denver expected to get snowstorm rolling in… save some for us ;0) we need snow! laura in Co

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! Congrats on your beautiful newly renovated kitchen :) We did get some snow yesterday! We had such low precipitation this year. I have a feeling summer is going to be rough, in terms of water. Fingers crossed for both Utah and Colorado! xo

  10. I like the door for powder room to stay in the mud room! It reminds me of my great-aunt’s old farm house. If anyone was outside doing work, you didn’t have to take off all of your gear (work boots!) to go in and use the restroom anywhere. The floors were consistent and easy to wipe down throughout. It wasn’t precious, but was super functional and used tons! Just a thought depending on how often you envision going in/out of the house with a little more of a “mess” :)

    1. That is a very valid point, Alison! Functional is very important to us, and that’s giving me another reason to consider that option :) Appreciate you weighing in! Super helpful. Have a great weekend! xo

  11. Yes to renovations/updates taking time. I always need to remind myself it’s a marathon not a sprint but it can be so hard to wait. All of your projects sound exciting but your laundry room has me the most excited! Mostly because I know it will be beautiful and you are doing something I have been contemplating since we moved into our home two years ago. Our current laundry room is a closet in the eat in area and I am deciding if I should get rid of our formal dining and make it a laundry/butler’s pantry off of the kitchen (we have a colonial floor plan – middle staircase, rooms right and left of front door, kitchen in the back but both front rooms are living areas and not dining.) or reduce the size of our massive primary bathroom and use some of the space to make a laundry room. Our eat in area can fit 8 comfortably, so it is rather large, and we almost never use the formal dining that can only hold maybe 6. Our primary bedroom and bathroom are massive and were additions for when the husband became wheelchair bound, so their size is not cohesive to the rest of the house, which is why I don’t mind stealing space from that area. Plus it is close to the garage and easy access to outside for the dog. We will probably end up doing whatever is cheaper but I always worry about resale despite no plans to move anytime soon. And because you are so lovely with responding to everyone, I would like to say thank you in advance. Your blog is wonderful and your responses are always so thoughtful!

    1. It’s definitely a marathon, although social media and television make it look like a sprint. Especially today- with lead times being much longer than normal, it can take months to renovate! It’s always worth the wait though :) I’m equally as excited for the laundry room. Our floor plan must be the exact same… two rooms off the entry, centered staircase, the living room and dining room, then the kitchen at the back. I actually love your idea of the laundry / butler’s pantry. I feel like that would be a great use of space! I also like that you have adequate room in your primary suite for your husband. I don’t think either is a bad option. I’d price it out and see what makes sense for the budget and functionality standpoint. Thanks for your kind words, Lena! I’m so happy the blog has been helpful and enjoyable for you. That’s why I love what I do! Have a fantastic weekend. xo

  12. Hi!! I love the kitchen above. Can you let me know the make and manufacturer of the tile on the backsplash? I’ve been looking all over for something like it! Thank you!