Custom Furniture Resources (For Non Designers) - roomfortuesday.comWe’re just getting settled and caught up after a long weekend spent in Jackson Hole. Emmett and I took a little break from work to immerse ourselves in nature and go skiing (it snowed over 50″ in 72 hours, so we were in powder heaven). Anyway, it was a really fun and much needed weekend away. Today I’m back to work with my regular routine, so I figured a Noteworthy post was in order- complete with a couple images from our weekend away. I honestly only took a total of three photos- it was nice to check out and detach from technology for the weekend. Click through for renovation updates, inspiring links I saved while in the car road tripping, and recent finds! 

Emmett planned our weekend away and rented this Airbnb cabin for us- and I felt like it was the perfect (safe) winter getaway. It’s always fun to stay in a home with a totally different aesthetic than your own. The rustic ski cabins always give me major Ralph Lauren vibes. It was a nice change of scenery and was an absolute winter wonderland- it didn’t stop snowing the entire time we were there. We made a big batch of chili, were able to order some Jackson Hole carryout favorites, and eat all the comfort foods during the storm.

Custom Furniture Resources (For Non Designers) - roomfortuesday.comNext up- a renovation update. My office renovation is going slower than expected. I finally nailed down the built-in details and we decided to have the material cut on the router at Emmett’s work (so it’s perfect). This is their busy season, so it’s looking like 6-8 weeks before we can install the built-ins. Luckily, there are plenty of other things that have to happen before then. Our plan was to begin demo this week after getting back from Jackson. I’m assuming we’ll bust out the sledge hammers this weekend, given we don’t have a ton of orders to pack for the shop. It has been a balancing act lately, but all exciting things!

Luckily, Emmett said my home office shouldn’t take long once things are in motion. We already have the flooring finished, the window treatments are done, and I’m planning to head to Lowe’s tomorrow to order the french doors (you can find more on that process in this post). Those usually take 4-6 weeks to arrive, so we’re looking at a reveal in March if all goes as planned. I’ll share the built-in design plan in the coming weeks!

We added the first member to our team this week and I could not be more excited to grow our little business, return to a normal-ish workload (I’m still trying to achieve “balance”), and I’m most excited to have another creative brain around here to bounce ideas! That’s why we’ve been working on our workspace a lot lately- we’re trying to set it up to be a functional, productive, and creative environment. I have some posts planned to share what we’re up to over there- which is mostly just paint and styling. In the meantime, this is the kitchenette in the break room we renovated last year, if you missed that one.

I was honored and surprised to be featured in the Wall Street Journal last week, talking about wool rugs! If you missed the article, you can check it out here. Additionally, I chat about wool rugs in the bathroom in this blog post, if you’d like to read more.

Tuesday Made also had a fun feature in MyDomaine- we were included in their favorite small businesses to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ve been packing up LOTS of candles, candle pedestals, floral arrangements, and mailing out gift cards.

I’ve always been a Diane Keaton fan. Did you see that she came out with a lighting line? It’s not my personal aesthetic, but kudos to her for doing something fun in the home industry. The collection is very graphic, high-contrast, and bold.

Remember how I said I was going to keep my home office color palette pretty neutral and bright? This article pretty much solidified that decision. Haha! Not really- but it is interesting that those colors are said to boost creativity and de-stress.

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comThe gift (that keeps giving) I asked Emmett for this year for V-Day? A Jeni’s pint club subscription. Haha! Ice cream really is my weakness. Fun fact- back in the day, when I used to be a designer in the chocolate industry, I got to meet and hangout with the ice cream queen herself, Jeni. She is such an inspiring and interesting creative. Her ice cream is top notch, but I also love knowing I’m supporting her business because she’s a good person. Sooo- I’m hoping Emmett took that gift “suggestion” to heart and ordered some Valentine’s Day ice cream for me. Do you do Valentine’s gifts?

If I’m being honest, we’re all about those food subscription services. We get 3-4 HelloFresh meals per week to make for dinner (here is a $40 off coupon), Emmett is always ordering Pig of the Month BBQ (owned by one of my awesome girlfriends), Cocktail Courier is always fun and makes for a special evening at home, as well as Dana’s Bakery “mac of the month” club. They all make great gifts, too! I told you- we basically use this holiday as an excuse to eat or drink delicious things together. Haha! Anyone else?

My recent purchases have mostly been things for my home office renovation and our Tuesday Made office space. I’ll save you the boredom of seeing things like printer toner and crinkle paper packing materials. Instead, here are five things I recently got and loved:

  • blue light glasses // I got a new pair of blue light glasses- these are affordable, look nice, and have been working really well for me.
  • socks // I know, I know- socks are boring, but these are my new favorite! They work with any shoe, are padded, they stay in place, and there’s a reason they have almost 9k five star reviews.
  • tinted sunscreen // I’ve been searching and searching for a good, light weight tinted sunscreen. I tried BB and CC creams with SPF and they all felt heavy- I don’t like feeling makeup on my face. I finally found the best, light SPF that has a tiny bit of color and feels like I’m wearing nothing at all while looking natural (and protecting my skin). I’ve been using this stuff for about a month and I love it!
  • pajamas // I’ve had the same pajamas for a few years now and the pants had seen better days. I ended up with this new set and it’s incredibly comfortable!
  • woven shades // I’m tired of the plantation shutters in our main bedroom, so I finally broke down and bought some budget-friendly woven shades to hang. We haven’t installed them yet, but they’re here whenever we find time.

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comThis SNL skit had me spewing my morning coffee. Hahah!! Browsing Zillow is definitely a big time suck for Emmett & myself. We both love perusing houses and dreaming of what how we’d update them. I’ve also accidentally hit the “contact agent” button and had that same panic moment. Please tell me someone else can relate? We look at houses way too often. It’s so fun though!

That’s all I have for this one! I’m playing catch up from being away, but tomorrow’s blog post is a highly requested one… should the interior of your home match the exterior. We’re going there! It should be a fun chat filled with personal preferences and design opinions. I hope you’re all having a great week so far. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Whoa. That is a lot of snow! The cabin looks picture-perfect. (Great job, Emmett!) Good to hear that you’ve hired some help; I bet having another creative around will be invigorating. Maybe everyone doesn’t feel this way, but I miss having a work partner. Look at you, in the Wall Street Journal! And My Domaine! Amazing features. OK. I had no idea so many food subscription services existed?! I definitely drooled over the Jeni’s site; dang, I love ice cream. Cocktail Courier would make an amazing gift. I confess though that when I read “Mac” of the month, I envisioned a different macaroni and cheese arriving at my door every 30 days.🤣 I was pretty psyched. Oh, Dan Levy. He’s the best! I’m far from a Millennial, but who doesn’t spend hours on Zillow dreaming of houses? But I’m very careful to steer clear of the “Contact Agent” button!
    Thanks for the heads up on tomorrow’s topic! I instantly knew my answer…then I changed my mind. Ha. Should be interesting. Happy Back in the Groove Tuesday!

    1. Yes- good job, Emmett! I have really missed having a work partner on the creative side of things. I’m very excited! Those articles were definitely happy surprises last week :) We’re all about the food subscriptions. I think you’re onto something with the mac and cheese one. Haha! I’d sign up for that. I also love Dan Levy and am so sad Schitt’s Creek is over. I thought the same thing… Zillow is a universal thing- not just a millennial activity. Lol! Happy Tuesday to you, Peggi! xo

  2. Ah congrats on the article and growing your business, I love your style and aesthetics.

    Regarding sunscreen check La Roche Posay Anthelios series, I’m a big fan of the brand (I’m super allergic). I apply it all year round as I use acids and I like my skin undamaged by sun, thank you very much 😉
    They have a several versions, one of them with tint. It’s light, skin is soft and it absorbs quickly.

    1. Thank you so much, Kinga! I also appreciate the sunscreen tip- I’ll definitely check it out :) Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Wha?! WSJ and MyDomaine in the same week no less? Soooo awesome and congrats on the very well deserved press,
    Sarah! I loved their list and am checking allll those shops out.
    I love all things Diane Keaton (Have you ever caught her on Ellen having her “iced” wine? She’s pretty hilarious.) and that lighting line looks super cool. Definitely very modern industrial, but can totally see those in the right space.
    I’m with you on the neutral office-working on ours as we speak-and can’t wait to see what you have in store. I loved some of your inspiration pics, but did I miss a design board/floor plan for it?
    Oh, and another sunscreen rec if you ever want to try a different one – I’ve been using EltaMD Broad Spectrum UV Daily, SPF 40 Tinted for years now and love it. I’m not a foundation girl either so I love that it gives me just a touch of color. It’s been great for my sensitive skin, too – no breakouts, no redness, no extra dryness. I think it’s a little less $, too, but it may be a little heavier than you’d like.
    LOVE your Noteworthy posts, lady!

    1. I know!! It was a BIG, exciting week. I picked a great time to go out of cell service range, haha. Thank you so much, Anne! I LOVE the iced wine segment on Ellen. Haha! She’s a hoot. I still need to share the office design plan. I think I’ll photograph my renderings and share the built-in plan on Monday. Thank you, thank you for the sunscreen rec. I’ll definitely give it a try! So happy you’re still liking the Noteworthy posts. These are fun for me too :) xox

  4. Your ski trip sounds so fun. I just learned to ski last year and it’s actually the last thing I did before the world shut down! I have only skied in Vermont and Massachusetts, so the snow looks very different from your photo! I’m excited to get back out there eventually. I liked it enough from my three outings that I bought some used skis and boots so I’m ready to go when it’s time. :)

    I am definitely jealous of your Jeni’s purchase. I had heard of her ice cream but was never super interested until recently – I am so intrigued by the new everything bagel and pineapple upside down cake flavors! I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw that pints are $12. I thought Ben and Jerry’s was expensive at $6 a pint! I’ll stick to B&J’s for now. My boyfriend was so thoughtful this Christmas – I had been complaining that I couldn’t find my favorite limited edition flavor, Chip Happens, anywhere, and he sent 7 pints to my door! So sweet. We love food gifts!

    1. Skiing is my favorite! Fun fact- in high school and college, I was a ski & snowboard instructor. I love that you’re getting into it! Hopefully you can get back out there soon :) Our resorts are operating at half capacity and are being very safe. I’m already wearing ski goggles, a mask, gloves, and a ski face covering, so in addition to all of the extra gear, I feel like it’s an easy hobby to avoid people and stick to less frequented trails. Jeni’s is expensive, but it really is THE BEST. It’s so rich and flavorful, you don’t need a lot. We’ll usually eat one scoop at a time and make the pints last. She also has an amazing cookbook. I’ve shared three of her recipes here on my blog, just search “ice cream” if you want to make them at home! So sweet of your boyfriend to send you Chip Happens for the holidays! That is so thoughtful…. you also have me convinced I should try that flavor. Ha! Have a great day, Brittany!

  5. Wait, wait, wait. YOU DON’T WEAR FOUNDATION??? I mean, I also don’t wear foundation, but it’s because I work with mostly men and also I DON’T CARE, so my everyday makeup is pretty minimal. But every time I see your face in a photo here or on IG stories I’m like, man, Sarah looks great, I hope she wears twelve thousand products and then decides to tell me what they all are so that I, too, can wear twelve thousand products and look great. And now you’re telling me that it’s SUNSCREEN? I’m doomed.

    1. Sometimes I do, but 95% of the time- I do not. Haha! I just hate the way it feels on my face and it takes precious time. I’ve really been working on my skincare these past couple of years and I’m finally feeling confident sans makeup. I really appreciate your kind words, Stacy! To be fair, on IG I usually throw a little concealer under my eyes on top of the sunscreen and bust out a touch of blush ;)

  6. Hold the phone!! You don’t wear foundation??!!! Clearly I need to up my game. Your skin always looks so even and balanced, I’d swear you have a killer makeup routine! You go girl! I’m not brave enough to just pop on a tinted moisturizer, because well, I don’t even want to see my natural skin, let alone show it to anyone else, hahah!
    Jackson Hole looks like it was quite the winter wonderland! Emmett picked an incredible air b&b! #jealous
    Congratulations on the features, and your new hire! I imagine that is going to be crucial for getting that work-life balance just right without feeling tugged in one direction or another. I can’t wait to see some of your other office spaces!
    Ahhh, home browsing! I’ve definitely accidentally hit the button a few times myself! It’s just fun to see homes that are different than my own and how people have their homes decorated, or what they’ve chosen for updates. I always enjoy these posts! Thank you for sharing Sarah!

    1. Haha!! I used to care a lot more, but these days- I’m more about comfort (makeup and masks don’t mix for me) and a quick routine. These days I’m all about that tinted sunscreen life. Ha! I’ve been doing laser treatments twice a year on my dark spots (BBL), and peels a few times a year. I feel like it has really helped my skin and confidence. Jackson Hole was so wonderful- Emmett did an awesome job planning that one :) I’m all about searching Zillow- and here’s to hoping I can find a better balance. All exciting things! I hope you had an amazing weekend (and a fun date with your husband!!), Lauren! xox