Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! The camper is finished and we’re hitting the road to meet my sister-in-law and her family in Montana. I can’t wait to make some good memories and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It turned out so charming, and I’m looking forward to sharing the entire renovation with you soon… although if you follow along on Instagram, I’ll share a quick & casual tour later today! I photographed it right before we left, so I’ll probably have time to pull together a blog post with sources in the next week or two. Stay tuned! Today, I wanted to share a Noteworthy post with you. It’s always a fun way to kick off the weekend- plus, I have so many updates and things to share. It felt like the perfect post to catch up. Click through for renovation updates, inspiring links, good reads, recent purchases, and more. Click through, if you’d like!

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comFirst up, a renovation update! Now that the camper is finished, we’ll be turning our focus back to the entryway. Our stair parts are slowly beginning to trickle in and we are eager to knock it out. Emmett is going to start demo on the stairs next week. Sadly, our upstairs doors are delayed. The gorgeous chandelier is sitting in our garage just begging to be installed, but we’re waiting until we’re further along in the process so it doesn’t get dusty and icky amongst the construction mess. After that, who knows what we’ll tackle next! I’m hoping for the laundry room and Emmett is trying to convince me the dining room would be best.

A tasty quick and easy breakfast recipe I’ve been loving lately? Creamy cold brew coffee smoothies… I freeze almond milk cubes instead of coconut milk, and I usually swap the maple syrup for a tiny bit of honey. It’s so good and perfect for hot summer days!

Work has been busy this summer! Our holiday items have been arriving at Tuesday Made (nothing like Christmas in July!), so Jordan and I have been planning & prepping for that. It’s actually pretty fun. In addition to packing up your orders, I’ve been busy planning more house projects and planning ahead for the shop. I’ve also been posting a LOT on my LTK page and Amazon storefront. Be sure to follow along over there (if you’re not already), for good deals, my top picks, and fun finds! I’ve been on a collage making spree… virtual shopping and curating roundups is one of my favorite parts of my job. I hope they’re helpful. It takes me back to my 2D / graphic design roots.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI stumbled upon this article about lawn games for your next backyard party and was surprised to see one of my uncommon favorites… kubb. Please tell me someone has heard of it?! It’s also called viking chess, but it is so much fun. I’m not going to lie- I’m pretty good at it. Haha! When living in our previous home, we played with our neighbors at least twice a week. Our friend who is an amazing woodworker actually made a beautiful set and I’ve been looking for a good version for our house ever since.

Some things I’ve been enjoying lately…

Reading… The Hotel Nantucket & Every Summer After

Watching… Where the Crawdads Sing (in the theater)

Listening to… Bossa Nova Covers (so summery)

Eating… Southwest BBQ Chicken Pizza

Looking for a punchy and colorful home tour? Look no further! This Sorrento beach house by Anna Spiro is packed with patterned and colors- perfect for summer dreaming.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI was chatting with Peggi earlier this week and she shared David Netto’s new lighting collection for Soane with me… how did I miss that? I want every single fixture- they’re gorgeous.

Emmett & I have been busy enjoying summer. Our schedule has been jam packed with fun plans- no doubt we’ve probably overcommitted, but I’m all about cramming as much in as we can this season (despite my health frustrations). Last weekend we joined our scuba group for a fun treasure dive at Bear Lake. We’ve got more lake trips in our near future, camping plans, live music, and two international trips… Italy for our anniversary & Bali for an adventurous scuba trip! Remember my post on scoring flight deals? We couldn’t pass those cheap tickets up. We’ve also been making our way down our summer list… floating the river, making homemade pizzas, camping, boating, making s’mores around our fire pit, diving, food trucks, visiting with family, etc. How has your summer been so far? I can’t believe we’re nearly to August. Time is flying.

If you also have summer travels planned, this list is really helpful… 11 home tasks you should do before leaving for vacation.

I stumbled upon a new to me design firm the other day, thanks to PinterestMurphy & Co. They’re based in MN and the homes and architecture coming from their firm is aspirational. Their portfolio is definitely worth a browse.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comMy recent purchases? Here are five of my recent buys:

  • Stick Vacuum // I ordered this lightweight vac on Prime Day, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve used it for a bit. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a 10/10 for me.
  • Jeans // My favorite summer jeans are on super sale right now, so I grabbed a second pair. These are SO comfortable- they’re made with tencel, which is the same material as our silky soft sheet set on our bed. Anyway, they’re a great classic wash with a little stretch for year round.
  • Handbag // I’m the type to invest in a bag and carry it for years. I’ve toted my Furla bag around for almost four years, and accidentally shut it in the door at one of my doctor appointments recently- which sadly gashed the leather pretty bad. I traded up for a used Polène bag, which I’m loving!
  • Closet Organizers // I ordered these for our camper cabinets, and decided to get more for my closet here at home. They’re really nice and are budget friendly!
  • Comfy & Cute Sweatpants // I’ve been living in these lounge pants with a tank top here at home this summer. They’re cute enough I can run errands in them, but are also perfect for relaxing at home.

Speaking of organization… BRB- going to buy more bins, baskets, and drawer inserts thanks to this article. Ha! I think utilizing every square inch of the camper and playing around with organization in there has inspired me to do the same in our house. I’ve been on a cleaning and organizing journey this month.

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates - roomfortuesday.comFarrow & Ball’s color curator shared how to pick the right green paint color for every room… read about it here. You know I love a good green!

As for Monday’s blog post… I may push it back a day or tack on an extra blog post later in the week, since we’ll be visiting with family this weekend. I just wanted to give you a heads up! Here’s to a fun and adventurous weekend ahead. Summer weekends are the best! What is everyone up to? I’ll chat with you next week. Have a good one and stay cool, friends!

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  1. Good morning! I definitely thought today was Thursday…I think the heat has finally gotten to me. Anyway, you always pack so much fun into a Noteworthy post! The sneaky peeks of the camper were so adorable! I can’t wait to hear all the things. As for your next project, I’m selfishly rooting for the laundry room…although I think the dining room might offer wallpaper drama (fingers crossed!). Whatever you choose will be a delight to follow! I’ve definitely never heard of kubb, but I adore the idea of lawn games. Sadly, none of my friends really dig them. #boring (I’m wondering if I could use their Bridgerton love as leverage…) Speaking of love, Anna Spiro is a fave! That particular beach house has the incredible rainbow marble mosaic floors that I have pinned multiple times. Swooooon. Italy and Bali?! I will just keep living vicariously through your international adventures. Although I did just learn we’ve got a getaway to a secret destination planned for my birthday. We’re taking both dogs, so that’s sure to be interesting! Ha. I had also started a summer purge & reorganization campaign, but the Ac situation has muddled my summer a bit. Time to shake it off and get back to work. Maybe a new list will help me focus? While I’m sorting through closets, I’ll be imagining the Gibson fam enjoying some cool mountain shenanigans! Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜🍕

    1. Hi Peggi! My days were all sorts of mixed up last week. We left for camping on Thursday, which felt like a Friday. Anyway- I’m also crossing my fingers for the laundry room. I think that would be such a fun and functional space to tackle next! Lawn games are so fun. I need to buy some more for our house… we have ladder golf, kubb, corn hole, and bocce. I thought you’d like those tours! A secret birthday getaway?!! I can’t wait to hear all about this. A family celebration, indeed! I hope you’re going someplace wonderful. That’s going to be amazing! I’m sure the lack of A/C is definitely cramping your summer style. I hate that you’re still dealing with that. Ugh. We definitely had a fun time in the mountains… hiking, floating, eating all the good food, taking in the cooler temps, and just enjoying the view. It was a fun trip!

  2. Let me start by saying I’m gushing over the camper! I loooved the reel you put together. My favorite elements are the vinyl against the green, the artwork placement (dying to know how you hung those; Velcro?), the cafe curtain moment, and how luxurious your bedroom area looks. I’m crossing my fingers the dogs really settle into camper life during this trip. Hip, hip, hooray for stair parts and getting closer to finalizing the entryway! Such exciting projects on the horizon. The cold brew smoothie looks delicious. What kind of cold brew do you use? I’ve yet to jump on that trend but this looks like such a treat I might have to get on board. While we play lawn games at other people’s homes, we sadly have none at our house. My favorite has always been croquet. I have never heard of or played kubb, but it sure looks like fun! The beach house is jaw dropping. That was a fun click through, and the use of pattern and color is awe inspiring. My favorite was bedroom #1, followed by the primary, and the library. Peggi will surely be inspired by the color experience of that one. Speaking of Peggi- kudos to finding the lighting! All the textural woven dreaminess is too much to handle. That woven shade picture light is the cutest! Thank you for sharing the pantry article; another enjoyable read. I’ve had kitchen/pantry/closet organization on the brain; the major pain points in our house. This article has me itching to empty it all out and completely reorganize! This weekend is going to be filled with pool time and as much relaxation as we can muster…our upstairs A/C unit stopped working yesterday just in time for a triple digit weekend. Ugh. I knew it was coming and tried to get Jeff on board with getting ahead of any issues…sadly he hasn’t learned that his wife is usually right. Last night was…suffocating? I’ll be making a temporary bed on our sectional (really proud of my decision to choose a modular 😜), and crossing my fingers for nighttime cool downs. Is it rude to swim in your pool at 1am? Asking for a friend, lol. Enjoy what sounds like a lovely trip full of adventure and family time. Safe travels friend! Xoxo

    1. OMG! I cannot believe you all are having ac problems as well. Hoping yours is a fast fix.
      I got up this morning to our ac (which is only a year and a half old) making noise and now is not working. Ugh, the heat is just too much this summer and not only in Texas! Crossin fingers the repair guy comes today if not early in the morning. Shocked our landlord found someone to come so soon. Hang in there friends.

      1. Ughhh no! Everyone is struggling with this lately. We called the repair shop this morning. Hopefully everyone will have cool A/C soon. What a hot summer!

    2. Aw, thanks Lauren! Velcro for the art… and a lot of it. Haha! The art is actually pretty heavy, so I was worried, but it worked like a charm. Cash immediately loved camper life, and Crosby was good after he warmed up to it… it took a solid day or two for him though. Ha! I usually buy cold brew from a local coffee shop or brew my own with my espresso machine. It’s weird- I just started drinking cold and iced coffee this year (during our Hawaii trip). I was always a hot coffee purist and now I love the cold version equally as much. I played SO much croquet as a kid (probably not the right way), but it was always so fun. I need to buy a set for our house. Kubb is really fun! I’m envious of your weekend pool time. Sorry about your A/C, too! Same happened here.. our main level is working, but upstairs is not. I say- swim in that pool anytime you want! Haha! Hope you have a great day! xo

  3. Informative and fun post Sarah! I will have to go back and read through several suggestions. Enjoyed your reel on insta of the camper….beautiful and comfy! Montana sounds like a great trip & especially with family.
    Hope your staircase parts arrive while you are away. I vote laundry room as well. Is Emmett thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in your dining room and that is the pull? Ha!
    Sorry to read you are still having medical issues that are getting unresolved. That can be so frustrating and my heart goes out to you.
    Have a wonderful camping trip. Happy Friday friends. Stay cool!

    1. Thanks, Danna! We had such a fun time in Montana with our family. It was great to see our niece and nephews. They grow up too quickly! I’m crossing my fingers for the laundry room next. I think Emmett’s reasoning is the dining room will be fast and easy, in comparison (since we’ve already started it). I wish we were hosting this year! We usually just get together with a few friends, since our family lives so far away. It would be awesome to have them all out for a holiday at some point. No takers yet, haha! I have some more doctor appointments this week- hopefully they’re getting closer. It has been a struggle, but I’m hanging in there :) Have a great day!! xo

  4. Woohoo Sarah I hope you are having the most amazing camper vacation in Montana! How wonderful to be meeting up with family there ❤ Quick question since you mentioned you are stocking for Christmas now at the shop. The wooden beads I purchased with the garland last year, will you be carrying those again this year? I should have bought some for the tree too so I was hoping I could purchase this year. If not, no biggie ☺
    It’s been a great summer here, but busy busy. The cottage is coming along and we feel like we are making headway. New post and beam foundation (the cottage won’t sink into the ground now. Yay!) And beautiful new cedar decks in front and back. Also, a much greater connection from inside to outside with 12 foot patio sliding door. Exciting! And new gutters added too. Andrew also installed new water heater and re-worked plumbing, electrical and gas. Still some stuff to do but great progress feels good. New pedal boat (the really old one which was my late mother-in-laws) just couldn’t be fixed again sadly, we tried. Lots of amazing memories with her pedaling around the lake 💖 Now new memories will be made without sinking Lol.
    Anyway excited to see the reveal of the camper and I vote for the laundry room next. The laundry room in your last house was beautiful and I expect this one will be over the top gorgeous 😍 based on your ideas you’ve shared thus far. Whatever you decide I’ll be here always, dining room would be fantastic too! Cheers to progress and summer vacations 🥂

    1. Thanks, Colleen! We had such an amazing time with our family. Being in northern Montana made us wish we could drive all the way into Canada. It’s crazy that neither of us have traveled to Canada and it’s relatively close. Hopefully soon! I’d love to make it there for some skiing this winter. Anyway- yes… I ordered more of those wooden beads for the holiday season! :) They haven’t arrived yet, but I’m hoping they will soon. Last holiday season, many of our items didn’t show up until January / February due to shortages. I tried to order everything really early this year. Fingers crossed! We also have some really pretty garland that just arrived, and some bell garland that I absolutely love. It’s funny unpacking Christmas in July. It strangely has me excited for the holidays (already).

      That’s fantastic news about your cottage! It sounds like it’s coming along so quickly and beautifully! You had me at cedar decks in the front and the back. How lovely! I bet it smells wonderful, too. I love your emphasis on the outdoor living spaces. It sounds like Andrew has been busy, busy! You just reminded me that we still need to arrange for new gutters. It’s never fun to spend money on those sort of things, but they do make a big difference. Congrats on all your progress! I loved reading about your pedal boat! My parents have one at their house and it’s always a fun time. I’m crossing my fingers for the laundry room renovation next! We’ll see how it plays out. Hope you’re having a wonderful week! xo