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Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been meaning to give you a proper tour of our Tuesday Made office for over a year now… today’s the day! I’ve finally accepted the fact that it will probably never be totally finished, as we’re always busy working there and crossing the important things off the list- like packing up & shipping out your orders. I photographed our workspace just before Emmett’s surgery last week and this is how it’s looking these days… click through for a peek into our office, take the complete tour, and get a glimpse into our day-to-day at the shop. This is what my work life looks like. Also be sure to save the date for our warehouse sale, so you can visit in person! This is a long post, but a good one… 

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comOur building is a typical cinderblock industrial warehouse with an office inside. We rent this space and our landlord happens to be the best (Emmett’s boss)– remember when I designed their Mapleleaf offices? We seriously lucked out. We were able to make some easy and affordable improvements… like renovating the kitchenette, painting walls whatever color we’d like, etc… all thanks to his flexibility. At the end of the day, it’s still an office space with drop ceilings, cinderblock walls, and ADA compliant features, but I did my best to make it a happy and aesthetically pleasing place, using what we had- and on a major budget. Want to see some before and process images?

The office itself was occupied by a construction company before we moved in. It was in rough shape and was extremely dirty, but it was a deal and our only feasible option. I did a terrible job of taking before images because we were in such a rush to move in, but there was a lime green wall I had already painted over, as well as giant bison taxidermy hanging on the wall- an interesting choice for office decor, ha! The previous tenants even left some of their furniture behind. We ended up keeping some of it and donating the rest.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comMy plan for the office was fairly simple, and Emmett & I pulled a lot of late nights to bring my vision to fruition….

  1. Deep clean– It was pretty gross. Think nicotine yellow walls, bad carpet stains, and lots of dirt & grime (and even spoiled food hiding in drawers).
  2. Paint everything– I just wanted a fresh start, so I decided to brighten everything up with neutral white paint.
  3. Renovate the kitchen– Having a nice break area was important to me because I knew we’d be spending a lot of time here.
  4. Paint & clean the bathroom– A clean bathroom was a deal breaker for me and I wanted to add storage for toiletries & supplies.
  5. Add shelving for our shop products– We turned three offices into organized product rooms and used secondhand shelving from a shop that had closed.
  6. Create a functional shipping room– We knew we needed a place to pack and ship orders, complete with organized packing materials.
  7. Setup some desks and a workspace– I wanted a happy place to work, so I decided our desks would live in the largest open concept room- the only space with natural light.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe’ll begin the tour with our workspace… initially it was just me working alone in here. Emmett would occasionally come in after hours to help pack orders, but we have 3 matching workspaces / desks.

To give you a little background on how we ended up here… I had always dreamed of having a shop. It was a longtime business goal and passion of mine. The pandemic was well underway and I knew I had to pivot and make a career shift… the timing seemed crazy, but I felt the need to go for it. We moved into this space in June of 2020 and Tuesday Made launched in November 2020, just after Thanksgiving. It was a whirlwind, but it kept me sane and optimistic during a really weird time.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comEventually, Jordan joined us and began working alongside me at the office (her desk is the one with the iMac), I sit in the middle, and Emmett’s desk is closest to the back wall- though we hardly ever see him because he still comes in after hours. Click here for to meet our team– we’re a small (but awesome) team of four. I do feel very lucky to have the most amazing work family.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comIn the same large open concept space where we work, we also have a couple seating areas. This room is actually my favorite because it feels the happiest- thanks to the natural light that pours in.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you probably recognize all of the furniture! I shuffled things from our home to the office… the vintage rug, our old sofa, the coffee table, the lamp, etc. They really helped to make our office feel less sterile and a bit more inviting. Immediately after we moved into the office, I received so many messages from people asking why I got rid of our furniture. Ha! I didn’t- it just ended up here.

It’s also fun to style goods from the shop and test things out in this seating vignette. From textiles and books to florals and decor, we are constantly moving things around for photos, and seeing what plays well & pairs nicely together.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThis is the view from our front door… we have a fun branded sisal doormat that was key in keeping our office clean & dry during the snowy winter season! It’s framed by our little tiled entryway.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe have another little seating area to the side of our desks that is handy for meetings, styling opportunities, and it’s our favorite place to hang our newest vintage rug arrivals.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe keep a couple side chairs over here that we use for pulling up an additional seat, or most likely- they end up getting stacked with things we carry home to photograph at the end of each workday.

Down the loooong hallway, we have five smaller rooms: three product room and two shipping rooms. You know I’ve be itching to color block another hallway after moving out of our previous home, so it happened here at the office. I also repeated the same budget friendly runner since it can be custom sized!

Want to peek inside some of those doors? Our product rooms look a lot like this… shelving piled with pretty things we curated and sell in the shop! Since we’re such a small business- our quantities are lower- we may only have two or three of something…

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comJust as we were moving into our office, a local Tuesday Morning (of all places) was going out of business. I stopped in and asked what they meant by EVERYTHING must go, and my suspicion was confirmed- the store fixtures were up for grabs. We bought our shelving, racks, and tables from them for pennies on the dollar… and being a home decor store, they also had speciality fixtures we needed, like rug racks. It felt kismet- like a sign from the universe that this shop dream of mine wasn’t a totally insane idea.

We have an entire product room devoted solely to vintage rugs and it’s my happy place. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a mess right now (with rugs rolled on the floor), as we’re preparing for our warehouse sale in a couple weeks. Normally, it’s very tidy!

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe also have a couple of shipping rooms… one solely for our boxes and one for fulfilling, packing, and shipping orders. This is our box room- we have lots of different sizes. Emmett is in charge of keeping track of these and restocking them as needed.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comOne thing I’m REALLY proud of is our packing materials. Not the branding (although I did design everything), but we use recycled materials. Everything is cardboard, paper, or something eco that will break down and can later be reused, recycled, or composted. Any plastic that arrives in your order has also been reused… our vendors and artists ship us their goods and sometimes use plastic for breakable items. We don’t like throwing that away, so we empty it into storage bins and reuse it for orders (things like bubble wrap). Therefore, if you ever see bubble in your order, know that it has been reused.

Packaging was really important to me and we’re continually trying to improve. When we first opened our online shop, we had no idea how to pack orders… eveyrthing had to be shipped and our broken rate was higher than we would have liked it to be. I’m happy to report- these days, it’s next to none. Who knew that shipping breakable home decor would be such a challenge? Ha! It hasn’t been an easy road, but we’ve learned so much and made adjustments along the way.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comAlright, let’s move into the break room. I’ll link the hallway and small seating area items below…

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe have a small dining space with four chairs, and if I’m being honest- we never eat in here. Hah! We always choose to eat at our desks in the sunlight. Can you blame us? It is pretty in here though and we often grab treats from the credenza or the kitchen, passing through.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comIf I’m working late, I do like to switch the buffet lamps on. They make it feel cozy and less scary when I’m working alone after dark. Those vintage chairs were a fun find, too!

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comLaurie Anne gifted me a giant print of one of my favorite paintings, so Emmett built and stained a frame for me. We carry her artwork in the shop, so it felt like the perfect large-scale piece for our office.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comI also enjoy swapping and testing the floral arrangements we carry as a dining table centerpiece. I try to rotate a different one each month. Have you been keeping up with our floral of the month?! This inspired it.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comWe have a couple bathrooms in our office, but we really only have access to one- the other is more of the warehouse restroom. I gave it a deep clean, a fresh coat of paint, hung a new mirror, added a rug & storage, and called it done.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comIf you missed the bathroom makeover, I actually shared it a few years ago- you can see it here, along with the before images! It looks so much better and is definitely more functional than where it began.

The closed storage cabinet holds our office cleaning supplies, toiletries, and keeps our bath products organized. For being an ADA compliant bathroom, I appreciate that it’s clean and convenient.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comI definitely appreciate the basic white tile in this spacious bathroom. Sometimes design is about working with what you have, and that was the moral of the story in our office.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe last area I have to share with you is our office kitchenette. This area sees a lot of use and it feels like the biggest transformation. Check out the before images and renovation in this post!

I love this kitchenette, but it took me two years to fully stock it. That has really been the trajectory and pace of Tuesday Made and our office… slow & steady. I wanted to make sure we were spending our money wisely and building something smart and solid. Despite pulling our office together on a shoestring budget, it’s something I’m really proud of. I also think it feels welcoming and happy, despite the industrious architecture.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comI really hope you enjoyed this peek into our Tuesday Made world. I can’t wait to see some of you in-person in a couple of weeks at our warehouse sale… it’s going to be really fun! We’ll have lots of good things up for grabs and I’m eager to clean up and restock our shelves with new items for summer, fall, and the holiday season later this year.

Tuesday Made Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe shop has taught me so many things and I feel very lucky to have a job I thoroughly enjoy, working alongside people who feel like family. While it may not be the most life changing or philanthropic industry we’re in, I do hope that bringing beauty to the spaces we call home, connecting with others on a creative level, and supporting other women owned businesses and artists makes small differences in our communities. I hope we’re just getting started over here because we’re having a lot of fun! I’m sending a big thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us over the years… it means more than you know. Hugs, friends!

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  1. Melanie T says:

    Hi Sarah, Come to think about it I don’t even know the story behind your choosing Tuesday Made as the name for your branding. Is that a story you could share? Such an extraordinary workspace! I’m sure if there was a contest for the best office by popular vote yours would win, hands down. Hope your sale goes well! I’m excited for you guys!!

    1. Thank you! I like our little office and am proud we were able to make the most of it. I’d love to share more about the name, Melanie. I actually started Room for Tuesday (my blog) for a design course in college and it was kind of a pain- I had to make room to blog for class on Tuesdays, and I also was more into interiors (it was a graphic design class), so it was kind of a play on the day of the class and the fact that I was more into interior design and ended up sharing more of that than the assignments. Ha! Here we are years later, it stuck. For my shop, I wanted to stay consistent, sharing curated finds, original goods, and vintage… so Tuesday Made felt appropriate. We’re really excited for the sale tmrw!! xox

  2. Good morning! I knew you could make an industrial space feel inviting and designerly…in a smart way. I love it! Even though the top of my desk might always have *ahem* signs of my workflow (post-its and piles), aesthetics really impact my concentration. Most of us can’t change dropped ceilings, cinderblock walls and questionable carpeting though. You’ve really proven what a difference paint, organization and a cohesive plan can make! Of course, having a steady supply of stunning designer home goods also helps. Ha! The kitchenette is an obvious favorite, but I appreciate that you considered a seating and dining area too; even if they’re not used often, having functional, complete vignettes feels calming and homey! I’d like to think that modern offices recognize human needs, but I’ve only had experience with schools.👎🏼 Your storage, packing and shipping spaces look perfect. What an auspicious sign from the universe that you scored all of that retail display equipment! Unbelievable. I can barely fathom ALL that you’ve had to learn; it seems daunting but also exhilarating! I can certainly declare that every package I’ve ever received has arrived flawlessly and beautifully packaged. Bonus points for adorable branding! I’ve said it before, but I do not have the courage (nor the work ethic tbh) for the entrepreneurial life. I have gobs of respect-awe really-for folks that do. A lot of us made life-changing choices during the pandemic. I’m SO pleased that your vision, dedication and industry has been rewarded. Such an honorable, lovely business you’re growing. Aaaand, I can’t wait to see it in person!! Squeal! One question…what’s the dress code for a warehouse sale?🤣 Here’s wishing you lots of productivity and continued smooth preparations! I’ve got Aries birthday cake number two on today’s agenda, so cheers to a sweet Wednesday, Sarah!!💜

    1. Thank you, Peggi! My desk at home is always organized chaos (and clutter), but my work desk at the office is usually pretty clean. Ha! Having a steady supply of designer goods certainly helps, and I think it turned out pretty awesome for being such an industrial office space. It’s a happy place! I can’t wait for you to see it in person, but it’s a mess right now with the sale, lol! You’ll have to look past the chaos. I’m just seeing this comment, but dress code is whatever you’re comfortable in :) I’m probably going to wear jeans, a tee, and sneakers! I have a shirt and hat with your name on it, if you want! xo

  3. Elise Duncan says:

    I love the office space! As long as I’ve followed you I’ve liked your design style and your shop has beautiful items!

    1. Thank you so much, Elise! I really appreciate that. Thanks for following along all these years :) Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful work/office space you have Sarah, the tour is fabulous and you have designed such a stunning space using creativity and many items you already had. That’s awesome! I did wonder where your gorgeous living room furniture ended up and it’s so nice to see those pieces being enjoyed at work.
    As someone who has worked in so many undesirable work cubicles without natural light or access to a window I completely appreciate and applaud the effort of making your workspace so comfortable for yourself and your coworkers. I’m a migraine sufferer and I believe many years of awful workspace conditions such as terrible lighting, poor ventilation and ghastly colors contributed greatly. The before pictures of your space is a perfect example of an awful work environment. I don’t understand employers who operate like this.
    However, I love the entrance and the Tuesday Made rug is genius. Of course the kitchenette is a gem and the dining area is so pretty even if it isn’t used as often. Capturing a positive happy vibe goes such a long way in a workspace. You have created such a beautiful, organized and efficient work home for you and your coworkers. Bravo! And the artwork Laurie Anne gifted is gorgeous 😍
    I have loved every item I have purchased and all my orders arrived in perfect condition, expertly packaged with recycled materials to be used again and again. I’m sad I’m missing out on the warehouse sale, we arrived in Canada yesterday but I’m sure it will be super fun for those who can attend. So thrilled Peggi and Lauren can go! Yay! I’m jealous 😜 in a good way 🥂Cheers to your lovely shop, may it continue to grow and flourish as we need more employers like you Sarah, creating healthy and happy work places as they are a home away from home after all ❤️🥳🏡

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! Yes- the living room furniture migrated to the office :) It’s nice to have a good spot to sit there. My first design job was in a cubicle and it was so miserable. It was not my favorite. I’m glad this feels more inviting and homey. I definitely believe the fluorescent lighting and bad ventilation could have attributed to your migraines. Emmett gets those often. I feel for you! I also love Laurie Anne’s giant artwork- so special to have that in there. Thanks for your kind words and for supporting our small business all these years. It’s so appreciated! We’ll miss you a the sale! Hope you have a fun spring weekend outside gardening though :) xox

  5. Good morning! What a pleasant tour through the office- you’ve created quite the home away from home. The simple renovations that have been done have transformed this space entirely. It definitely doesn’t look like a typical industrial space office. My favorite elements are the complete vignettes you’ve created, that serve the dual purpose of warming up the space and having areas for styling moments. I’m sure that makes photographing new product quite convenient, and offers a change to the environment every once in awhile. The universe was definitely smiling on your endeavors when you were trying to get the office together- and how lovely that you were able to save all of those retail shelves and rug racks from ending up in a landfill. I didn’t know retail spaces sell literally everything when they’re closing. Your packaging is stupendous- so much so that I always quell my excitement at a new item for a day or so, just to admire the pretty packaging. Dumb I know, but your packages are the prettiest packages to ever grace my doorstep. Fun fact- I keep your boxes for packaging gifts because they’re the only ones that never arrive damaged from the shipping process! Bonus points for the sustainability you’ve built into your business! I truly love and value when a business takes the extra time to build that into their model. The new artwork is gorgeous, and really completes some of those vignettes. All in all Sarah, what you and Emmett were able to accomplish in the middle of a pandemic is more than admirable, and we’re all so lucky to have small businesses we know we’re supporting when we shop Tuesday Made. Cheers to a lovely midweek friend!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I’m glad we were able to improve the space and work with what we had. When we first toured the office, I didn’t have much hope or vision for it. Ha! It’s definitely nice to have some cozy vignettes for shooting new products. We’re always playing with new decor and swapping things out, which is really fun. We totally lucked out with the shelving and fixtures- I can’t believe that happened! Thanks for your kind words about our packaging- that means a lot to me. It has certainly been a labor of love. I’m also so glad to hear that our boxes are sturdy and have held up during shipping. Thanks for supporting our small business- I can’t tell you how much that means! You made my day with your comment. I hope you’re having an amazing Friday! xox

  6. Beth Schaefer says:

    Hi Sarah, My two favorites out of all the things…the pupper supervising Emmett and that fridge (swoon)

    1. Hi Beth!! I hope you’re doing well :)