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    Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA

    Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - It’s already time for another Facebook Marketplace Finds post! Speaking of, I just parted ways with my navy vintage nightstands. They were just taking up space, so I sold them on Facebook to someone who was really excited about them, which made me happy. Today I’m searching faithful blog reader (and friend), Lauren’s request, in Riverside, California. I fully embraced the west coast vibes and dug up lots of interesting modern pieces in this one! Lauren mentioned it was tough to find beautiful vintage furniture and decor in this area, so I was ready for a challenge. While I didn’t find what I expected to find- I certainly was able to uncover some gems. I always use the 100 mile radius filter because I’m willing to drive for the really good stuff I find on Marketplace, so if you’re in the surrounding area, maybe you can snag something. Click through to see what I found on FBMP in California this month!  Continue Reading

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    Design Eye Training : 104

    Our first female designer, and one of my personal favorites, we’ll be admiring today in the Design Eye series is a stunning kitchen by the talented Leanne Ford. It actually appeared…

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    New Arrivals & 25 Under $25

    How was your weekend? It always goes too fast! I spent one day skiing and one day working on Tuesday Made things. My work life balance is slowly improving, haha! Progress…