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diy projects

Perfectly Smooth Walls: A Skim Coating Tutorial

Perfectly Smooth Walls: A Skim Coating Tutorial - Hi friends, Emmett here! Sarah mentioned she gets a lot of questions about drywall finishing, the texture of the walls in our home, and how to achieve those perfectly smooth walls. I’ve been plugging away on our home office renovation and of course- the designer (aka my wife) requested a level 5 drywall finish… which basically means she wants perfectly smooth walls. That’s always her preference, if possible. I thought it would be helpful to share some visuals and tips for achieving that super smooth finish with a quick skim coating tutorial. Click through for some helpful tips, finishing vocab (to pass along to your contractor, if you’re using one), and some tricks for achieving quality craftsmanship. Continue Reading

Quick Plaster Bust DIY -
diy projects

Quick Plaster Bust DIY

I picked up this extra large resin bust from an estate sale a few months ago- knowing the color wasn’t my favorite, but it could easily be changed. Rather than painting it, I thought plaster would add a nice…

The Last Piece of Our Dining Set Puzzle -
diy projects

The Last Piece of Our Dining Set Puzzle

Exactly one year ago, I shared our vintage dining set transformation, which was a total labor of love. It’s a fun story, if you haven’t read it yet! Today, I’m back with another dining set related post and an…

10 Painting Tips for Cutting In -
diy projects

10 Painting Tips for Cutting In

After sharing my balcony column project, I was surprised how many messages I received about not using painters tape, drop cloth, or protective plastic. I never use painters tape and am not a very messy painter. I’m confident, can…