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diy projects

Enamel Desk Makeover

Enamel Desk Makeover - I picked up a cool vintage desk a couple months ago for $20, really liked the shape, and decided I could easily make it look better with a fresh coat of paint. It needed some serious TLC. Here we are two months later (I procrastinated per usual), and I’m finally sharing the makeover and tutorial. This time around, I painted the furniture with enamel. I typically use lacquer or gloss paint, but wanted to take a stab at enamel because of it’s durability. This desk will live in one of our guest bedrooms and I wanted it to hold up to the wear and tear with friends & family coming and going. Click through to see what it looked like and how it changed throughout the process… Continue Reading

Spice Rack Organization DIY -
diy projects

Spice Rack Organization DIY

I realize this post may or may not be all that exciting to some of you, but for my fellow type-A personalities out there… I promised to share the links for my spice rack organization DIY. I’ve received a…

DIY Sugar Scrub -
diy projects

DIY Sugar Scrub

My amazing friend Susan, of House of Brinson, challenged myself and a bunch of our mutual blogging friends to post once a month about how we’re changing one little thing to better our health, wellness, sustainability, or the environment.…

A Peek At Our Cabinetry Installation Process -
diy projects

A Peek At Our Cabinetry Installation Process

Happy Friday, friends. I promised a kitchen update and this is a BIG one! Things are looking a lot different, right?! Click through for the latest kitchen update, a video, and a peek into our cabinetry installation process. This…

How to Paint Exterior Brick -
diy projects

How to Paint Exterior Brick

Tomorrow I’m revealing the bedroom balcony and it’s SO gorgeous, but before we get to the good stuff- I’ve had LOTS of questions about the painted brick. How did I choose a color? What does the process for painting…