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diy projects

DIY Bath Caddy Tray

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - Years ago, I used to write for a design blog that was hosted by Caesarstone- the quartz countertop company. I actually used to blog and write for lots of companies, as a way of getting my foot in the door. Anyway- for Caesarstone, I would share a monthly project, tutorial, or chat about a design topic of my choosing. I’ve recently learned that their online publication I used to write for is no longer active, and therefore- I’ve received lots of messages from people interested in our tackling DIY projects I shared in the past that are no longer available. The one I’ve received the most requests for is our DIY bath caddy tray. I figured this was a project worth revisiting and giving a permanent place to live here on my blog. Maybe you were following along when I shared this project back in 2017? Perhaps it’s a “new to you” project, which is cool! I still have and use this bath tray that Emmett built for me… in fact- it sees quite a bit of use! It fits our guest bathtub perfectly, and I’m always pulling it out of the linen closet to hold my laptop, a drink, or bath products. If you’re curious how he made it, click through. There are also some stunning images from our previous bathroom– I still adore that tiny space! Continue Reading

DIY Upholstered Bed -
diy projects

DIY Upholstered Bed

Without giving away too much of our guest bedroom, we finished the upholstered bed and I’m SO happy with how it turned out. As promised, I photographed the entire process to create a tutorial for you. Although, I will…

DIY Cordless Plaster Lamp -
diy projects

DIY Cordless Plaster Lamp

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! Did you see our surprise visitors on IG stories? They drove 10 hours to see us and hang out for the weekend! Laurie Anne actually had an Alaska trip planned…

10 Pro Painting Tips (+ A Giveaway) -
diy projects

10 Pro Painting Tips (+ A Giveaway)

Emmett and I have been renovating for almost a decade and the one task I’ve done more than any other is paint. Over the years, I’ve picked up a lot of professional paint tricks and thought it might be…