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A Fire Pit Makeover

A Fire Pit Makeover - This will be our third summer using our fire pit, which I really love! It works great, I’m still into the aesthetic, it fits our patio space well, and it’s very convenient because it runs on gas. However, the fire pit has seen better days. I’ll admit, the first summer we got it, Emmett & I were toasting marshmallows, and in an effort to get the sticky remainder of the mallow off of the metal skewer, HE SCRAPED IT ON THE FIRE PIT. Metal to metal… it was a bad sound. You should have seen my face. Haha! I have no idea what he was thinking, but it scratched up the surface pretty badly, revealing white etched lines. I used some touch up paint to try to fix it, but the paint didn’t match that well, which honestly made it look worse. Fast forward to the next summer, I let it go and just lived with it… you know, called it “patina”. This past winter, the cover (we cover our outdoor furniture during the snowy months), ripped during a storm. The fire pit went most of the winter without a cover and the wear was looking pretty bad. As I pulled our patio together this spring, I decided to fix the fire pit once and for all! If you’re interested to see how you can easily makeover any fire pit, this post is for you. Click through to see the before & after, the process, and some tips for painting things that get really hot– like fire pits and grills. Continue Reading

How to Use Gel Stain (A Frame Tutorial) -
diy projects

How to Use Gel Stain (A Frame Tutorial)

I shared our office dining space a couple weeks ago (pictured above), and one item that made the biggest impact was large scale art from my best friend, Laurie Anne. I ended up ordering a natural, unfinished, maple frame from…

Banquette (or Headboard) DIY Back Cushion -
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Banquette (or Headboard) DIY Back Cushion

How was your weekend? I wanted one more day. Haha! We spent Saturday and Sunday working, but it was nice to cross a lot off of our list. I’m not going to lie- I definitely forgot to publish this post…