15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024

It has honestly been months since I’ve ducked into a Target, but I found myself needing a few essentials over the weekend and took some time to peruse the home decor section. I figured it would be fun to share my shopping trip with you! I decided to photograph 16 of the best home decor finds I found, as the 2024 Spring items are surprisingly good! Click through for my top picks, as well as some tips for choosing timeless home decor from Target (that won’t end up in the donation pile)

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

I used to share casual home shopping trips like this often… snapping quick photos as I browsed. I’d visit readily accessible stores like Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and World Market. While it’s been a few years, is this something that would be helpful or entertaining for you? I’d be happy to resurrect this series. Today, we’re popping into Target. I spent 30-40 minutes deep diving in the home decor section. These are the things I’d buy. Let’s go shopping!

1. Woodland Carved Wood Accent Stool

This small stool or side table immediately reminded me of my own vintage wood stool that lives in my home office. It’s a great size, the medium colored stain is really nice, and I like the raw construction. It would be an easy piece to layer into a vignette for added warmth & depth!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Accent Stool $70

2. Flared Rim Stoneware Serving Bowl

The scale of this heavy stoneware bowl is what grabbed my attention. It measures 12″ diameter, is a great price, with a classic colored glaze. The rim detail is also a nice touch. It would be great for mixing, serving, and styling.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Serving Bowl $24.99

3. Black & Brass Gallery Wall Frames

I knew I had seen these frames before… in Jordan’s dark green home office! Click over there to see them expertly styled, because they are so beautiful alongside the right artwork. The inner gold bead is a nice touch that adds dimension, and I appreciate there are multiple sizes to choose from.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Gallery Wall Frames $50

4. Stoneware & Wood Paper Towel Holder

This stoneware & wood paper towel holder is a nice simple option. It’s actually very close to the one I currently use in my kitchen, but with the addition of a stoneware base… which I think adds a nice stylized touch. The neutral color of the stoneware also means it would pair well with a variety of countertops: soapstone, marble, quartz, etc.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Paper Towel Holder $16.99

5. Solar Woven Rattan String Lights

I wasn’t prepared for the outdoor section to be on full display so soon! Apart of the Studio McGee collection, these solar LED string lights are super charming. I like the woven rattan shade which adds a playful touch. These would be really nice above a patio or beneath a pergola this spring & summer. I know their collection usually sells out, so for $20… grab them now!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the String Lights $20

6. Woven Wastebasket

Making my way down the bath aisle, I stumbled upon this woven wastebasket. It’s lined with plastic, which is a nice functional touch. For $20, this is such a great deal for a timeless & textural trash bin. It’s a good size, too.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Woven Wastebasket $20

7. Ceramic Beaded Dishes

This entire section surprised me… in kind of an ughhh way. Why? My dinnerware is the Pillivuyt Beaded Coupe Set (made in France) from Williams Sonoma. I splurged on the set three years ago. These Target dishes are basically identical… and for a fraction of the price ($4 per plate versus $30 per plate)… and both are microwave / dishwasher-safe porcelain. The weight feels the same, the size is the also similar. I’d scoop up this set in a heartbeat, along with the serveware that accompanies it. It’s such a classic look!

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Beaded Platter $20

8. Chambray 100% Cotton Coverlet

Anything made of natural materials is a win in my book. The Casaluna products are really nice and check all the boxes. I loved the color of this reversible chambray cotton coverlet. It’s super soft and has a timeless look… it’s also 100% cotton.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Cotton Coverlet $119 (king size)

9. Marble Utensil Holder

I sourced some marble utensil holders for the Tuesday Made shop that looked almost exactly like this, and my wholesale cost was triple this price. I picked some of these up while browsing to further inspect, and they’re heavy and well-made. I was impressed with the craftsmanship and they’d give a good clean look on the countertop.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Utensil Holder $25

10. Burlington Flatware Set

This stainless steel flatware set has such a timeless look. They almost look like bone inlay… but with a budget price point. Four place settings for $40? That’s a deal. They’re dishwasher safe, too. If I didn’t already have flatware I love, I’d scoop these up. Maybe they’d be fun in the camper?

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Flatware Set $40

11. 100% Cotton Waffle Bath Towel

Another Casaluna win… these waffle weave bath towels are really nice. They remind me of my beloved air waffle Uchino towels, but instead of $100 per towel, they’re only $15! Both are 100% cotton.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Bath Towel $15

12. Hearth & Hand Stoneware

I was also impressed with the Hearth & Hand stoneware collection. There were a lot of really nice shapes in this neutral white color… all made of heavy stoneware with nice craftsmanship.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Stoneware Bowl $9.99

13. Footed Wood Trivet From Target

I think trivets are versatile styling pieces… especially in the kitchen. This would be great for serving or elevating salt, pepper, spices, dishes, oil, etc. It’s made of acacia wood and has a nice medium stain color with a simple footed shape.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Trivet $24.99

14. Ceramic Citronella Candle

I love spatterware, so I was excited to see these citronella candles in the outdoor section from Studio McGee. There is a 3-wick version, as well as a single wick. These vessels would be amazing for reuse once the candle has been burned. I grabbed one for our patio, even though it’s currently buried in snow. Come spring, I’ll be excited about this.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Candle $25

15. Tremont Glassware Set

We have these at our Tuesday Made Office and they’re such great glasses… heavy in hand, classic look, hold a nice amount of water, and they’re dishwasher-safe. You can’t beat the $35 price for a 12 piece glass set that includes both short and tall tumblers.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Glassware $35

15. Spoon Rest

Last, but not least… a simple spoon rest. For $5, this stoneware object made my list. It has a great shape, is a bit oversized, and would look good with any countertop material.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

Shop the Spoon Rest $4.99

Tips for Shopping for Timeless Home Decor at Target

I know Target often gets a bad rep for disposable home decor, but I’ll say this (as a designer)… you can find some really beautiful, nicely crafted essentials at very affordable prices. Anytime I make a home purchase, I want it to last and be something I’ll love for years to come. When shopping at big box stores, like Target, that’s always something I keep in mind. Here are 5 of my best tips for grabbing things that won’t end up being donated later on…

  1. Stick to the Essentials – items like I’ve shown throughout this post… kitchen goods, bath linens, functional everyday items.
  2. Choose Items Made of Natural Materials – look for solid wood, stoneware, 100% cotton, 100% linen, marble, etc.
  3. Double Check the Quality & Craftsmanship – everything has to pass my quality & craftsmanship inspection. Is it well made? Are there rough edges? Does it have a nice weight? Does it look cheap?
  4. Avoid Trendy Items – this one is huge at Target. There are lots of trendy home items that will be out of style later this year… avoid those.
  5. Purchase with Longevity in Mind – choose items you know you’ll still like in 3-4 years. Keep the words “timeless” and “classic” in mind when making purchases.
15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com


What’s an item you’ve purchased from Target that you still really love (not listed here)?

The king size floral blocked quilt is one of my favorites (pictured throughout this post). It’s made of 100% cotton, has a lofty fill, and lives in our maroon guest bedroom. All of our guests who have stayed have raved about it.

What are your favorite Target brands?

Casaluna, Studio McGee, Hearth & Hand, Threshold, etc. I wish they’d bring the Nate Berkus line back!

Have you ever purchased furniture from Target?

Yes, but only small pieces… like the stool I linked earlier in this post- or this pillowtop ottoman that lives in our basement bedroom.

How do you feel about lighting from Target?

It’s honestly not my favorite. You can find a good budget fixture here & there, but I usually shop for lighting elsewhere.

15 Best Home Decor Finds from Target for 2024 - roomfortuesday.com

I hope you enjoyed this one! Would you want to see more of these shopping style posts? I’ve kind of missed these. It forced me to get out of the office and see what’s new. Let me know in the comment section below… also feel free to share some stores you’d like me to visit!

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  1. Loved the post! Thanks!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      So glad to hear that, Brenda! Thanks for reading and for the feedback!

  2. Good morning! Who doesn’t love a good Target run? Sadly, my closest store is 40 minutes away, so I rarely visit. The items you highlighted though are exactly what would draw my attention. Classic stoneware, simple wooden pieces, and cotton linens. Those ceramic beaded dishes are gorg, but surely not Pillivuyt quality! I also really like their garden section. Both the string lights and the splatterware candle are awesome. (I long to find some vintage splatterware in my thrifting travels!) I purchased some outdoor cushions for my patio chairs that have held up remarkably well (except for Jason chewing…). They were from the Marimekko collab several years ago. They’ve had some fun designer collections over the years. As for more virtual shopping trips, I say why not! I always enjoy seeing what you’d choose. Especially since I don’t get to the city to shop much. Cheers to a possibly rainy, definitely foggy Wednesday! I hope you are making incredible progress on all the things!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Peggi! Target runs are always fun and it makes me a little sad yours is so far away- although that would help my wallet. Ha! Classic essentials are where it’s at… things you’ll actually keep and use for the longterm. For the sake of my dinnerware splurge (and pride), I’m going to agree that the Target version of the Pillivuyt plates aren’t as high quality. That makes me feel better after seeing the dupe, so thanks for that. Their garden section is fun! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some vintage spatterware for you. I loved the Marimekko collection a few years back- that was such a good one. The house is a mess, but the progress is plentiful, so I’m calling it a good week. Hope you’re having a good one, too! xo

  3. Good morning! I almost forgot about these posts, and yes, I’d love to see them come back! For me they’re super helpful- especially with stores like this, that are heavy on trend. Your selections are fantastic- I especially love the affordable place settings, the towels, and the bedding. Casa Luna is my absolute favorite; although I wish they’d bring back their King Plus size. I purchased their heavyweight linen duvet cover in a beautiful shade of sage. We absolutely loved it; it was a casualty of Rocky’s puppyhood. I’ve been waiting for the king plus size and the sage color to come back- sadly I think they’re both gone for good. Casa Luna also has the most lovely room sprays and candles- this is my reminder to grab a few next visit. I’ve lost a lot of steam on the Magnolia collection- mainly because they now stamp their logo on visible areas of their decor. I’m not a fan. If I’m shopping for home decor at Target, I’d prefer not to have it scream “I shopped at Target!”. Haha! The wastebasket you featured has been one I keep coming back to- I love the liner and the size, but I’ve held off because Rocky is a trash panda when it comes to waste baskets. I’ve had to swap to simple lidded options. 🫠 Seeing the items you would pick is a fun exercise- and I vote yes to the flatware for the camper! I hope your Wednesday is off to a fantastic start. The stripes in the entryway look heavenly- I’m so excited to see it all come together!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Me too, Lauren! Thanks for the feedback- that’s super helpful. I love hearing about your Casaluna duvet (minus the Rocky puppyhood moment, ha). I’m tempted to get some for our house! It’s so soft. I’ll add their room sprays and candles to my list. I didn’t know that about the Magnolia branding- I’ll have to keep an eye out. I totally agree with your sentiment, “if I’m shopping at Target, I don’t want it to scream from Target”. My mindset exactly. Trash panda, lol! I’m going to steal that term because Cash is the same way. We also bought ugly lidded options for the sake of keeping him safe. Ugh. Dogs. Can’t wait to share more of the entryway as it unfolds!! Exciting stuff over here :) xo

  4. As a bona fide shopaholic- I love this series! Especially when I don’t want to get out in the sub-30 temps and would rather shop from my couch. Posts like these are helpful to see new items and have your designer’s eye take on them.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I’m so glad to hear that, Ali! I’ll keep adding them to my calendar. Thanks for reading!

  5. Target has some really nice things, I shop there frequently when we are in Florida and we have one conveniently located near our home. The Casaluna line of bedding and towels are quite nice. I purchased sheets last year and they are lovely. I saw those waffle towels last week and they are so incredibly soft. I also like Hearth and Hand, Studio McGee, and Threshold lines they carry. I purchased a stoneware dinner set for my daughter and her fiancé last Christmas and it’s beautiful. It was from the Studio McGee line last year that closely resembles the Hearth and Hand one you’ve shown.
    I find the Studio McGee line sells out fast so if you like something you can’t think about it for long or it’s gone. The marble utensil and paper towel holder are very pretty and at an amazing price point.
    I honestly don’t do a lot of in store shopping anymore but a trip to Target I really enjoy.
    I quite like the roundup Sarah, lots of pretty and useful items here.
    Just to mention I was on your Amazon storefront last week and I ordered a Martini table from Creative Co-op. It’s a perfect size, I love the finish and it will be great to move around when entertaining. It was priced so reasonably too 👍 so thank you!!
    I’m already thinking spring and getting prepared 💐 Thanks for the round up post and have a super day!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      They really do! So nice that you have one close by to your Florida home. It’s also great to hear about the Casaluna bedding and towels from someone who has been using them for awhile- thanks for the sharing! The Studio McGee stuff always goes super fast. I’m with you on in person shopping… it’s not my thing, but a quick trip to Target here and there is nice. I also loved reading that my Amazon storefront was helpful for you! Thanks so much for using my links, Colleen! I’m glad to hear the table ended up working out well. I’m actually ready for spring here, too (as we’re buried in snow, ha). Hope you’re having a lovely week! xo

  6. Oh Tar jay (my friends and I call it) is a delight and a problem for me. LOL! I always said I wouldn’t move to an area of Texas unless there was a Target within 30 minutes from me. I periodically have to cut myself off from going if I want to save for something or just not spend. How can you go in with needing 1 item and not leave with 10 more?
    Last week I was waiting on my daughter while she taught horse lessons and knew I could easily kill an hour in Target. Came out with a set of Threshold bath & hand towels (loving them so far), hair brush, baking prep bowls, face primer, leggings, workout top, 2 workout bras, and some other items.
    Love your choices of home goods. Now I want to go back and look at the black and brass frames. I have not seen the Threshold flatware set but agree you would enjoy these in your camper. My mom purchased the hammered flatware a year ago and they are good quality and look expensive. I got her another set for Christmas.
    To say I am a fan of Threshold, Hearth & Hand, Studio McGee lines are an understatement. Do you remember when they carried Mossimo clothing? I have a favorite denim jacket that I can’t part with. Now, Kendra Scott jewelry is in most stores….wow! She is an Austin native.
    Target has very special memories for me. When my kiddos were little, I would reward them with trips to purchase horses, games, Star Wars figures, or Legos after earning points from chores. They would last at least half an hour with popcorn and a drink. Good memories!
    Hope your week is going well. Enjoyed seeing the paint progress in your entryway. I was surprised they are horizontal. I guess I didn’t even consider them to be anything but vertical. Very pretty! We are having rain, fog, cold temps so staying inside a lot. At least I am getting all my house chores done . Crossing fingers I can get more sanding, priming done next week in my husband’s office kitchen. Again, enjoyed the post and always up for seeing what you love.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Ha! I’m with you, Danna… I always go in for one thing and come out with five. So fun that your daughter taught horse lessons last week! It sounds like you came out with the quite the haul. All good things! I do remember when they carried Mossimo- I also have a shirt from that collection that I refuse to part with. I love hearing about your Target memories with your kids. So sweet! The entryway is really coming along. I can’t wait to share more! Our weather is finally warming up a bit here. How’s it going at your husband’s office?! Hope you’re having such a good week! xo

  7. Great post, thank you!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      So glad you liked this one, Carrie!

  8. Laura Railton says:

    I love posts like this because I truly love your taste and trust your recommendations! Please keep posts like this coming! Also, I miss your ’round up’ posts (e.g. best round tables, best bar stools, etc.). Your posts are always so informative, thoughtful, and full of GOOD information. Unlike so much of the other ‘noise’ out there of people just trying to sell stuff and/or create content from nothing. Thank you!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Laura! I’m really thrilled to hear that my posts are helpful. I try to be really thoughtful about what I’m bringing into my home or what I’ll spend my money on. I’m glad it translates! Great idea on adding more specific roundups to my calendar. Thanks!

  9. Love this! I’d love for you to resurrect these types of posts! Always inspiring to read what you think and have been following along for several years now :)

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Susan! So good to know. Thanks for following along all these years!

  10. Agree with all your readers on more posts like this. it’s nice to have “your eye” on things. I do miss the Popcorn Combo at Target…although because it’s gone I rarely go in anymore. I always enjoyed the combo and a walk around, which translated into more purchases.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I’ll definitely work on another shopping trip type of post- this was a fun one for me, too! Popcorn is never a bad idea… they should bring that back!

  11. I don’t need a thing (very full 2 bed condo here!) but loved your picks. Made me wish I were shopping again. Very classic pieces.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Patricia!

  12. I like these kind of posts. It helps me learn what is good in mass market items.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I’m so glad to hear that! I’ve got another post like this coming next week :)

  13. Love the blue and white ginger jar lamp with the black shade. Where is that available?

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you! That one is vintage.