Homebody Reclining Sectional Review

I wanted to share an honest review of our Homebody reclining sectional… so many of you have asked, and having lived with it for six months now, I’m ready to share my thoughts! Click through for an in depth look at our new sofa, a complete list of my pros & cons, a closer look at the fabric selections, and an FAQ.

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

When designing our basement media room, our floor plan was proving difficult to finalize- especially being open concept to the basement bar. The linear shaped space required long and narrow seating, and Emmett had also requested I integrate a recliner (he was thinking a chair)… which further complicated the design plan, and a recliner is NOT an aesthetic I’m a fan of. Months of searching finally led me to the Homebody sofa. I was cautiously optimistic, but the sofa had reclining options, their configurations could be customized to fit our odd-shaped room, and aesthetically speaking- the designer in me felt we had finally landed on a good looking option to meet both our needs. I committed and placed the order.

Performance Fabric & Construction

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

If you’re considering a Homebody sofa, you can order a fabric swatch kit for $6 on their website- which I highly recommend. If you’ve read my post, 10 Things to Consider when Ordering Custom Upholstery, you already know this is well worth the effort. I labeled a photo of my swatches for you above.

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

I opted for linen and coconut performance fabric. All of their fabrics are performance labeled…

  • Stain Resistant
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Commercial Grade
  • Oeko-Tex® Certified
  • Free of PFCs, PFOAs,and PFAs; free of forever chemicals 
  • 100% poly

Shipping & Assembly

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

The sofa only took four weeks to ship, which is very quick in comparison to custom or designer upholstery I’m accustomed to ordering. Our new sectional arrived in a LOT of boxes- for some reason, I wasn’t expecting that many. Everything was well packaged, but we opted for Homebody’s free shipping (outside delivery), and I’m not exaggerating- there was a mountain of boxes to haul downstairs. Aside from the moving workout, assembly was really easy… no tools required. We plugged everything in, put the cushions in the appropriate place, and were ready to enjoy the sectional right away (no weird smells or off-gassing).

Reclining & Features

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

We have the six piece U-shaped sectional with two recliners in the center section. It spans 168″ wide by 86″ deep. Because the two center seats recline, we have an ottoman “coffee table” with casters that can easily be rolled forward to accommodate the footrests (more on the ottoman coming soon).

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com
Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

From a design point of view, there are a few things I really love about this sectional… the simple arm style, the flange on the cushions, and the neutral performance fabric. Those elements make for an aesthetically pleasing sofa.

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

From a functional perspective, I knew we’d appreciate the reclining seats, but what I didn’t expect to love so much was the USB charging ports. We use those all the time.

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

One other thing I wanted to point out was the space needed to recline. Only two inches is required between the back of the sofa and the wall for reclining… meaning, this sofa doesn’t have to float in the middle of the room, taking of precious space if you’re short on room (like our floor plan). It functions while looking like a standard (non reclining) sofa, which I really appreciate. Look how close the sofa is to the wall…

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com


Click directly on each sofa below to be redirected.

one piece // two piece // three piece // four piece // five piece // six piece // seven piece

You can also customize how many recliners you’d like (we have two in the middle seats), and you can also add additional ottomans. You’re able to specify with or without an arm (and on what side), as well. These are all totally customizable.

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

Pros & Cons

I wanted to summarize and put together a quick list of my top pros and cons for this sectional. Overall, I’d definitely purchase this again and would recommend if you’re on the hunt for an aesthetically pleasing reclining sofa- as it’s definitely the best looking one on the market! Here are my quick notes and honest thoughts:

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com


  • Reclines (without looking like it reclines)
  • Quick (free) delivery and lead-time (faster than other designer sofa brands)
  • Phone charging ports are very convenient (something I didn’t know I wanted or needed)
  • Comfortable and spacious (extra large seats)
  • Durable performance fabric (with classic color choices)
  • Customizable modular planning (to fit multiple floor plans & select number of recliners)
  • Nice aesthetic & overall design (putting my designer stamp of approval on this one)
  • Requires minimal space for reclining (smaller footprint)
  • Easy assembly (no tools required)
  • Cushions can be flipped for a firmer or softer seat
  • Pet and kid friendly (easy clean up)
  • Nice design details (flange edge)
  • Quality construction (good, heavy duty craftsmanship)


  • Cushions are difficult to fluff and style because they’re oversized (and heavy)
  • Wide arms and deep seats make reaching a side table difficult (to grab a drink, etc)
  • Can look messy if not maintained (must fluff after use to avoid)
  • Requires assembly (while it is easy- it does take time with lots of boxes to break down)
  • There is a “break in” period (unlike fully down sofas, it took some use & fluffing to break it in)
  • The adjustable head rests don’t do much (haven’t found ourselves using those)
Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com


Is it worth the price?

We have the U-shape (6-piece) sectional with two center recliners and for the amount of seating and size, it’s the same price I’d pay for a large down, designer sectional. Given it has recliners and electrical components, I’d say it’s definitely worth the price. I also factor in cleanability and performance fabric, which I’m always willing to pay extra for.

Would you recommend this sofa for households with kids and pets?

I would! So far it has been durable and easy to clean.

What does the maintenance look like?

So far… spot cleaning and a lot of fluffing. This sofa can look messy if you don’t fluff the cushions after use. The designer in me, likes to have non crinkled cushions.

What’s your favorite thing about this couch- or favorite place to sit?

My favorite place to sit is in either corner… surprisingly not the reclining sections in the center. I’m 5’6″ and short enough to fully extend on either edge, so I nestle into the cozy corners with the dogs. My favorite thing is the scale! This sofa perfectly fits our space and is super roomy- plenty of seating for family & friends.

Have you spilled on it yet? If so- did it clean up?

Ohhh yeah. I panicked when the dogs jumped up with muddy paws that first time, but it came right out. Since then, I’ve also spilled coffee. You’d never know about the mud or coffee spills. The performance fabric has been easy to clean. At some point, I’ll test machine washing the slipcovers, too. I’ll be sure to report back!

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com


If you’re interested in more information on our basement living space or are looking for additional sofa or furniture related blog posts, I’ll link some for you below…

Homebody Reclining Sectional Review - roomfortuesday.com

I hope this post was helpful if you’re considering a Homebody sofa or sectional! Feel free to drop additional questions for me in the comment section below. If and when this sofa goes on sale… I’ll also be keeping an eye out and will let you know. This sectional fits our basement media room floor plan so well and I’m thankful to finally have a spacious, comfortable seating area our family can enjoy. We’ll see how it holds up in the coming months and years. We’ve really been loving it!

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  1. Good morning! Oh my gosh, that mound of boxes! Ha. I can just imagine coming home to that. I’ve never purchased furniture that needed assembly, but I have carried heavy pieces through our narrow, awkward doorways and corners. Not fun. I might put the plethora of parcels in the pro column! I love the U shaped configuration, especially for a media room. We currently have a petite, vintage L shaped sectional. While I adore it aesthetically, we do not all fit comfortably. A spot for everyone sounds dreamy! (Not gonna lie; I sometimes end up on the floor.🤣) I’m neutral on the reclining feature, but I appreciate the minimal wall clearance. I definitely covet the performance fabric! You mentioned slipcovers. Are those just on the cushions, or are the base covers removable as well? I don’t enjoy the process, but I do fancy freshly laundered slipcovers. The big no for me is the cushion-fluffing. I am forever fussing with ours, and it drives me bananas! When we eventually upgrade, I’d opt for a tightback model. Not even sure they exist, but… Thanks for such a detailed and thoughtful review! Nothing beats a trusted designer source, especially for such big purchases. Also, bonus peeks at your gorgeous new space! (Eager for the ottoman deets!)Cheers to a weekend of fresh air and gardening. You definitely got ahead of me somehow.😃 Happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I was not prepared for THAT many boxes, haha! I should have snapped a photo of our porch because it was insane. I used to end up on the floor often- while the dogs somehow squeezed onto the sofa, lol. The base covers are also removable. Technically, if we wanted to change the color of the entire sofa, we could just order new slipcovers for the entire thing. I’m sure that wouldn’t be a fun process, but definitely doable for spot cleaning. I do feel like this sofa requires more fluffing than our previous one. Our main level living room (the mohair sofa) has a tight back and it’s SO nice to have a maintenance-free option… although it’s not as comfy as the one in the basement. I’ve got the garden planted, landscaping is in the works (I’ve been mulching and weeding all week), and I’m hoping for a sliver of sunshine this weekend amongst the rain showers. Fingers crossed! Hope you have an amazing weekend, too!

  2. I’ve been holding my breath for this one! Good morning! I stumbled across Homebody via an IG ad, and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. My initial thoughts were “FINALLY someone created a beautiful reclining sofa”. I was mind blown by the small amount of clearance needed for the recline function, and the integrated USB ports. From the design perspective, this one reminds me of the PB sofa everyone knows and loves, but upgraded. The customizable footprint is the cherry on top for me, and this sofa is a top contender for when we need a replacement. Are the cords long enough to float this sofa in a room? That would be the only detail that would knock this out of the running for me. I adore the colors they offer, and am drawn to the gray iterations (although the linen coconut is my favorite- Jeff would never). The fact that you’re loving this addition to the basement is peace of mind; it’s always better when someone can recommend based off their own experience. The sofa is undeniably gorgeous in this space- and washable?! Sold! lol. Thanks for sharing your experience with this one Sarah! I knew when you hinted at this six months ago that you had pulled the trigger on this brand, and I’m so glad you give a stamp of approval. I hope you’re having a fantastic week! What are you up to this weekend? We have a service day with our church tomorrow and if the rain clears, more work in the garden. Fingers crossed for sunshine! Happy 🍕 Friday friends!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      You called it as soon as I placed the order, ha! I have no idea how the clearance works, but that definitely sold me on this particular sofa (since we’re short on space). The cords are pretty long! I can measure them for you if and when the time comes, but I’d say you could float it easily (and maybe hide them under the rug). They have some new swatches since I ordered our sofa, so there are more outside of what I photographed. We were going to camp again this weekend, but we’re having stormy weather… so I think we may try to finish up the entryway! I’d also like to work on our landscaping. I’ve been tackling it all week until the rain started. So cool of your church to do a service day! Hope you guys have a great weekend and get some sunshine!

  3. Good Morning Sarah!
    Wow! That’s one swanky sectional sofa, I love that it reclines and has usb ports. While I have an extreme love and fear for white upholstery the color is gorgeous. Is it washable or do you have to dry clean? When we purchased the Florida house in 2013 I was adamant in having a white slipcovered sofa. We had slipcovered sofas in our Burlington home and they washed like dream but they weren’t white so stains weren’t as noticeable I guess.
    I was sad to discover the white one we purchased (after destroying it in the washing machine) the slipcover was dry clean only 😬 who knew? I assumed all slipcovers were washable. Oops! Learning experience for sure. I was surprised to learn many slipcovers are dry clean only 😳 Ours was cotton and it attracted dirt like crazy, dog prints, wine and coffee stains and it didn’t spot clean well. So bye bye slipcovers, if I can’t easily wash them then they are not functional for our home. The performance fabric you chose sounds like it’s holding up to the wear and tear of life that’s great. I’m so glad it’s working well and everyone has a spot to lounge. It certainly looks incredibly comfortable, and it’s beautiful too! Yay! I’ve never come across this brand before and was surprised you had to assemble it. That’s really interesting and a lot of boxes. Whoa! But good to know as some basements are a tight squeeze and a sofa that size would be difficult in most stairwells and corners. You’ve created such a gorgeous basement retreat Sarah and that sofa works perfectly in the space 👍
    Happy 🍕 Friday and enjoy your weekend! Our first weekend back in Canada and so much to do. My magnolia tree is in full bloom a couple of weeks ahead this year! I’m already behind due to early spring so I’ve got to get cracking in the garden 🥰

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hope you’re having a great weekend, Colleen! We’re definitely enjoying it… we’ve got dinner at home and movie night on our agenda tonight. I believe it’s washable, but I haven’t tested it through the washing machine yet- only spot cleaning. I’ll have to post an update after the first wash. You know I love a slipcover! I feel like it’s crazy and non intuitive to make a slipcover that is not washable- insanity. I definitely would have washed it, too. I also see many that are dry clean only, but I’ll run it through the washer anyway and it works. I don’t mind testing it, ha. I could not believe the amount of boxes- we were not prepared for that. It was a breeze to assemble, just a LOT of packaging. Then again, we didn’t have to wait months and the fast lead time was really nice. A trade off, I suppose! Thanks so much for your kind words… it has been fun to enjoy the basement this past month! I’ve already added two new rugs in the hall since photographing down here. It keeps getting more cozy! Welcome back to Canada! I bet it feels great to be home, even if you have lots to do. Enjoy that magnolia tree and spring in the garden! xo

  4. Hi Sarah! Thank you for this comprehensive review! Would you be able to share a pic of the sofa before you re-fluff it? I curious to see how bad it can look… I just know I’m not going to fluff daily but also don’t want to look at an eyesore…

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Of course, Sam! Send me a DM on instagram and I can send you a photo after we’ve used it (before fluffing). I’m not able to attach images here in the comment section, so a DM on IG is easiest!