15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations

We’re back home and I’m fully focused on our entryway renovation once again! I’ve been sourcing vintage rugs and artwork to wrap up the space, and the amount of gallery wall combinations I’ve sorted through and designed is astronomical at this point. If you’re also trying to cover a LOT of wall space or are just looking for some interesting art combinations, this post is for you. I’ve pulled together my favorite, designer approved gallery walls… along with some really beautiful layouts. These readymade options all have a gorgeous and custom look.

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

1. Athenian Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

With silver leaf frames, these beautiful Greek gallery prints are the perfect size for filling negative wall space while providing interest. I love the navy contrast and the way they’re matted.

Shop the Athenian Gallery Wall

2. Gilded Urn Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

We have these hanging in our Tuesday Made office and they’re so lovely in person! They have gold leafing on the urns and come in really lovely traditional frames.

Shop the Gilded Urn Gallery Wall

3. Charcoal Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

I thought this simplistic and classic charcoal gallery wall set would look timeless with any aesthetic. I also like that the subject matter and artwork size is the same, while the frames vary- that’s a great way to keep a gallery wall interesting!

Shop the Charc0al Gallery Wall

4. Abstract Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

The thick frame style and mat with tons of negative space provides such a balanced and interesting look for this gallery set!

Shop the Abstract Gallery Wall

5. European Scenes Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

I’ve loved this set since the day I created it. These oversized graphite landscape studies are available in my shop. They come with a gray mat and sleek black frame for a timeless look!

Shop the European Scenes Gallery Wall

6. Traditional Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

Etsy has some incredible gallery walls and artwork- this stunning set comes framed and is very affordable… especially for five pieces.

Shop the Traditional Gallery Wall

7. Watercolor Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

Here is another affordable, printable option… grab this entire gallery set for only $12! It’s another Etsy find, which would allow for complete customization.

Shop the Watercolor Gallery Wall

8. Landscape Paintings

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

If you’re looking for something more colorful or linear, I liked this gallery set from One Kings Lane.

Shop the Landscape Paintings Gallery Wall

9. Botanical Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

There are many different sizes and variations of artwork within this set, so it would be another easy one to customize. You can buy each piece individually, as well!

Shop the Botanical Gallery Wall

10. Traditional Landscape Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

These moody landscape paintings with deep green undertones is another $12 printable option from Etsy. I couldn’t believe it! They’re stunning and look great as a set.

Shop the Traditional Landscape Gallery Wall

11. Soft Landscape Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

Grid gallery walls continue to be one of my favorites. They’re always very organized, do a great job at anchoring a vignette, and feel very balanced. The soft color palette of this set also has a calming effect.

Shop the Soft Landscape Gallery Wall

12. Horse Painting Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

If you’re looking for a small gallery set, these classical horses come framed and ready-to-hang. Since they are a smaller size, they’re affordable, and would also look great stacked in a column.

Shop the Horse Painting Gallery Wall

13. Intaglio Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

You know I love an intaglio. This ornate set comes with a weighted mat, beaded inset detail, and gilded frames.

Shop the Intaglio Gallery Wall

14. Butterfly Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

Butterflies are not my thing… I’m actually very scared of them (lepidopterophobia), BUT- I braved editing this image because I know many of you love them. If you’re looking to add more color to your home, this would be the perfect set.

Shop the Butterfly Gallery Wall

15. Fern Gallery Wall

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com

This balanced fern gallery wall is the perfect monochromatic option that would easily blend with any aesthetic. I always enjoy a good botanical study.

Shop the Fern Gallery Wall


Are gallery walls outdated?

In my opinion, gallery walls will never go out of style. They’re classic!

Do you prefer a grid gallery wall layout, or something more organic / less calculated?

I think it depends on the situation and what the room calls for. In my home office, something more organic made sense, but in our basement media room– a grid with my vintage ski art felt perfect. It’s situational.

15 Designer Gallery Wall Combinations - roomfortuesday.com


Looking for more posts on artwork or gallery walls? I’ve shared quite a few. Be sure to give the following a read if you missed them the first time around!

I hope you enjoyed this post, or at the very least- it helped you brainstorm some good gallery wall ideas for your home! I love a collection of art grouped & displayed together. It’s a beautiful way to cover wall real estate and fill negative space. I’m curious… do you have any gallery walls in your home?

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  1. Good morning! I love gallery walls, especially in houses like mine that have a lot of wall space due to high ceilings. We have a gallery wall of family and kid photos in our bedroom, and I’ve been collecting images I love, to do a gallery wall down our stairs. This post has fantastic examples. In recent years I’ve grown more fond of an organic style wall than grid design, but the urn gallery wall from the shop is a stupendous example of grid style that I love. Every example you’ve shown here would be a lovely addition to a home. Favorites include the soft landscape, landscape paintings, European scenes, and the Athenian gallery. I love the detail and framing on the Athenian gallery- this is one I could see in your back hall at the top of the stairs. What a roundup! We’re socked in with rain and a declared state of emergency for our county- today should be interesting. The local mountains have seen quite a bit of snowfall over the weekend, and I’d imagine this storm is bringing more of it. We had a fantastic weekend- both kids chose to be baptized on Sunday and a fun celebration was held for that. I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend as well! Cheers to winter storms to start out the week!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Lauren!! I’ve missed you! Gallery walls are the perfect way to fill space in houses with super tall ceilings. I can’t wait to share my entryway gallery with everyone… it’s at the framers right now, so hopefully soon! Since I’m in catch up mode I’m just seeing all of these crazy and exciting tidbits… a state of emergency?! Baptisms (so special)! Sounds like you had a lot going on this week. I hope you and the fam are all doing well! We’ve been having sunny weather over here, but last week was snowy. Hoping to be back on the blog later this week or early next :) xo

  2. Good morning! Holy cow, that’s a gaggle of gallery walls. I had not idea so many different shops offered them. What a great service. I love that you collected such varying looks and price points. My personal favorite are the butterflies! I actually gasped out loud when I saw it on the table of contents because I know they terrify you! Always thinking of others.💜 Although they don’t especially mesh with my typically casual aesthetic, I also really like the Athenian and Gilded Urn collections. The European graphite studies are GORgeous, too. Your eye is stellar. I counted my gallery walls this morning; I have four… if three paintings in a row can be considered a gallery. One is a colorful 4×3 grid; another is a nicely balanced collection of four Maine paintings. The largest, and most problematic tbh, currently contains eight nudes of varying sizes and media. My idea was to build it organically over time. Turns out that’s trickier than I anticipated. Which is probably why I favor a grid or a small assemblage. Ha. Filling the walls with art can certainly take time and budget, but the warmth and interest is undeniable. Thanks for such a pretty start to the week! Welcome home, btw! I hope the weekend allowed for a gentle re-entry to real life. If it’s in the cards, I relish the idea of a trip recap. Happy February and have a fantastic week, Sarah!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Peggi! I’ve missed reading these!! I’m in catch up mode in between my to-do list. A gaggle of gallery walls!! I need to borrow that phrase. The butterflies. It actually pained me to photoshop that one, so I’m thrilled it was your favorite. Ha! I love that you have FOUR gallery walls- that’s incredible. You know classical art and nudes fall among my favorites, so if you need help with that gallery wall- you know how to call. I wish I could share a trip recap, but I didn’t really take any photos. It has been a stressful month over here and I just felt the urge to log out of my phone (in an effort to avoid emails, ha). Once I’m caught up from my unintentional blog “break” (tackling other work things), I’m looking forward to sharing so many fun things though! Tomorrow, I’m antiquing mirrors for our basement hutch and I’m hoping it will make for a fun DIY post. We shall see! Hope your week has been good one! xo

  3. Welcome home and good morning Sarah!
    I love a grid wall of artwork and you’ve rounded up some beautiful examples here. I particularly love the traditional gallery wall as well as the horse gallery wall in relation to what would work well within our home. But I appreciate every gallery wall, you’ve shown a wealth of fantastic ideas. Etsy certainly doesn’t disappoint on the artwork front as they have so many unique pieces and designs to choose from. There are also so many gorgeous pieces from your shop definitely gallery works of art.
    For the most part the artwork I’ve collected over the years are quite personal, and meaningful to our family and I do have two gallery walls at our home in Ontario that feature family photographs. Some professionally taken while others represent candid and monumental moments worthy of a gallery like space. One is installed in an asymmetrical fashion and the other in a grid formation. Both are quite different one being quite structured and the other quite the opposite. Artwork is definitely a weakness for me and I’ve collected many pieces. And I’ve been a lucky recipient and been gifted many different types of pieces so I change up many walls seasonally or switch them around. Most recently when all the holiday decor came down I took the opportunity to switch up some walls and refresh several areas just before coming to Florida this year. I’m looking forward in enjoying the refresh in the spring when we return. It’s amazing how moving artwork around can change the overall feel of a room especially upon seasonal changes. In my opinion you can never have enough 😉 So incredibly fun!
    I hope you are settling in without too much travel fatigue Sarah. You’ve got a lot going on in your house, can’t wait to see it all come together. Pretty exciting! Happy Monday friends ❤️

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Colleen! Long time no talk! I’m catching up over here, as it’s been busy couple of weeks post vacation. I just nailed down the gallery wall for our entryway and dropped everything off at the framer. I can’t wait to share it once it’s installed! I love that you collect personal artwork… those are my favorite kind of pieces. Your refresh sounds so wonderful… I need to do the same. I hope you’re having an amazing time in Florida! Hoping to be back on the blog later this week or early next :) xo

  4. Marvelous! Thanks for sharing with us ! Being one of those who finds it difficult to decorate your work is simply delightful! .

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      So happy to share, Jeanne… and thanks so much for your kind words! Hope you’re having a great week.