Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork

Hello, and happy new year! I’m feeling so grateful to kick off another year of blog posts. I hope you had a lovely holiday break- we certainly did. It was filled with good food, friends & family, home projects, and time spent outdoors. I’m wasting no time in diving into a frequently asked about design topic today: my vintage ski prints & winter artwork! While I’ve yet to pull down our Christmas decor and transition our home from holiday to winter (I’m honestly still enjoying it!)… I’ll admit, decorating ideas have been swimming around my brain. If you’re also going to miss the twinkle of holiday lights and are looking for the optimal cozy aesthetic for the cold winter months ahead, don’t overlook the power of artwork that embodies the snowy season. Click through for some go-to vintage ski prints, winter artwork sources, and cozy decorating tips.

Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork - roomfortuesday.com

I’m beginning to pull the media room side of our basement back together after we installed hardwood flooring and swapped our sectional (reveal & details coming soon!)– and that includes reinstalling our artwork. It has been carefully tucked away these past few months and I’ve really missed it! I get a lot of questions about my vintage ski prints and velvet panels, so I figured it was time to share the details along with similar options.

Installing Artwork Seasonally… or Year Round?

Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork - roomfortuesday.com

I display my ski prints year round (I live in Utah, after all), but these also make the perfect seasonal accent. If the content or subject matter is something that brings you joy year round, why not embrace it? You’ll find quite a few of my hobbies integrated throughout artwork in our home: horseback riding, skiing, photography, design, reading, etc. I love when a home depicts the personalities of its inhabitants. I’ve also been known to swap artwork seasonally… sometimes when things begin to feel boring or stale, an art shuffle or swap can be really nice!

Winter Artwork Sources

Click directly on each work of art below to be redirected.

I’m partial to black & white or sepia prints because they easily pair with any color palette or aesthetic. I think they look timeless year round, but there are plenty of colorful and vintage pastel options out there, too!

Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork - roomfortuesday.com

Looking for additional places to source new and vintage artwork? Here are some of my go-to sources…

Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork - roomfortuesday.com

5 More Ideas for Styling a Cozy Winter Home

  • Restyle lamps for ambient lighting // Rethink your lighting layout to include more lamps- or move your existing fixtures to a more functional location. You may also want to invest in a couple smart plugs, so they’re set to switch on automatically once the sun goes down. I love that feature!
  • Highlight the fireplace or mantel // While the garland may be tucked away, you can still highlight one of the coziest features in your home… the fireplace. Style the mantel with art, a mirror, a lamp, books, sculptural objects, or a plant to keep things interesting & inviting. Here are my best mantel styling tips + 5 looks for inspiration!
  • Insert luxe textiles // Think pillows, throws, and rugs made of wool, cashmere, mohair, faux fur, shearling, etc. These are ideal for your main living spaces. Consider swapping your bedding for flannel or layering on an extra blanket. Swapping bath linens or towels, and treating yourself to a new cozy robe is also a great way to experience a cozy (metaphorical) hug this season.
  • Don’t forget the fragrance // Burn winter pine, fir, or hearth candles that fill your home with a seasonal scent while providing a warming ambience.
  • Focus on enjoying your home and zhuzh those areas // Do you enjoy getting cozy with a good book? Create a cozy window nook or style your best reading chair. Here are some of my personal favorite books to curl up with this winter! Do you prefer to warm up with a soak in the tub? Focus on restyling your bathroom- or build yourself a bath caddy! Bring your attention toward the areas of home you spend the most time enjoying each winter.

Looking for more ideas? Check out 10 blog posts to inspire that “cozy” feeling this winter!

Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork - roomfortuesday.com


Where did your ski prints come from?

I found a stack of them at a thrift store years ago, but they’re not originals… they’re pretty popular black & white photos that can be found in the archives, on Etsy, Getty, etc.

Any tips or ideas for installing a grid gallery wall?

I’ve got a couple posts on this specific topic… read this one for a guide to creating the perfect grid gallery wall, and this is a fun one we installed at our local Humane Society (we gave them a makeover): the easier grid gallery wall, via dog edition.

I’m looking for affordable digital or printable art… any recommendations?

Definitely! Check out this post for my favorite sources for digital & printable art.

Do you ever frame and install your own photographs?

Yes! In fact, I shared my tutorial for creating your own photograph artwork here. Most recently, I framed some editorial horse photos I took with my friends for our maroon guest bedroom.

Will you add to your vintage ski print / winter art collection as you finish the basement renovation?

I’m thinking yes! I’d like to get a really big photographic work for the basement hallway. We’ve got some built-ins that are taking up precious space. Eventually, we’d like to push the built-in wall out to add a sauna, and that would be the perfect space for a giant piece of art… I think oversized ski or mountain artwork would make a nice cohesive statement down there. Here’s the latest on that renovation, by the way: basement kitchen renovation update.

Do you ski- or just like the look of the photos?

I ski! One of my first jobs in high school was as a ski instructor, and it’s still something I make time for today. If you’d like a peek at my ski adventures, check out these posts: a weekend skiing in Jackson Hole and a weekend adventure skiing with Backcountry. Our next big ski trip is approaching- we’re headed to Japan.

Where to Find Vintage Ski Prints & Winter Artwork - roomfortuesday.com

While many people love the fresh start of the new year, I always feel a little bummed the holidays have come and gone that week after. It always takes me a minute to readjust to my normal routine, regain focus, and I do believe resetting & freshening our home helps with my mental clarity & overall attitude. If you’re also trying to beat the winter blues this month, sometimes new artwork, cozy textiles, and a quick styling session can be really beneficial. As always, leave me your art questions in the comment section below. It’s good to be back! I hope your new year is off to a phenomenal start, friends.

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  1. Good morning and happy new year! I so appreciate starting off the new week ( and month and year!) with you. Although I’m definitely not a skier, I’ve always admired your gallery wall. I love vintage black and white photos, and I especially enjoy a theme. My personal picks are the cheeky ones with folks enjoying the sunshine or a beverage. That would be my favorite part of skiing. Ha. I also adore the chic fashions of the past. As for holiday decor, we were just laughing on our walk the other day because our neighbor’s live Christmas tree was tossed outside on December 26th. I won’t be taking our decorations down for probably another week or so. Partly because I don’t have a plan for my next look, but also greenery, pine cones and candles just feel wintery! I’m with you on the adjustment to post-holiday mode. January and February can seem a little meh. I do not have an amazing ski trip to Japan planned, so I will have to dream up something else to keep me inspired! Thank goodness for RFT! Cheers to a great January, Sarah!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Peggi, and Happy New Year!! I’m so excited to dive back in (I have a lot of catching up to do), but bring on a new year. I also like the cheeky ones with beverages or aprés mode activated, ha. We were able to ski twice over the holiday and I must admit- I’m out of shape. I’m trying to get my ski legs and altitude lungs back, ha. My holiday decor is still going strong- I haven’t touched anything, but like yours… our neighbors also have their trees on the curb. I’m not ready to let it go quite yet! I’m always a slow starter at the beginning of the new year. Hope your new year is off to a fabulous start, friend! xox

  2. Happy New Year Sarah! Your vintage photograph selections are always inspiring. One thing I love about your design style is how you integrate different art mediums in your spaces. From landscapes, stills, and line art to photographs, abstracts and nudes… your art choices and placement add such visual interest. This is one feature I’d love to expand in our home. I’m itching to see what you’ve done with the basement, and quite intrigued with the basement kitchen plans. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you come out of the woodwork with sauna plans??!! Heck yes! Chateau Gibson always bringing the hotel vibes! How perfect would that be on the chilliest winter days, or after a workout in your gym area? Love that idea! This year I took down all the Christmas in one day- the earliest I’ve ever reset- but I’m more excited about the year ahead and tackling home and personal goals- an early reset was just what I needed. We still have the tree up- but ornament free, and I’ve got to admit, it’s bringing winter forest to the front room and I’m not mad about that! Cheers to the start of 2024 friends! I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend. Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy New Year, Lauren! Thank you so much… I do love a variety of art. It’s a fun way to keep things interesting, indeed! I’ve got Emmett convinced on the sauna (for my health, lol!) but he said he may be a next year project. We’ll see how things play out, ha! Come visit anytime. I haven’t touched my Christmas decor yet, because it has felt so blah here. I’ll probably start bringing it down this weekend. I need some of your new year motivation and goal tackling mindset. I like your idea of leaving the tree up, sans ornaments, for a forest vibe. Cheers to 2024!! xox

  3. Happy New Year 🥳
    I don’t have any ski prints Sarah nor do I ski but it does seem fitting for you to have a collection. Both living in Utah and a ski enthusiast 👍 They are really pretty and look so beautiful against the navy blue walls and luxurious velvet panels.
    I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed family and friends. I love the start of a New Year but I’m always kind of sad to undecorate the house from Christmas. All your tips for beating the winter blues are good ones. Lighting candles, cozy blankets and plenty of ambient lighting are my favorites.
    I was excited to read you have planned a skiing vacation in Japan. Wow! That’s amazing. You two are becoming such worldly adventurers, I think you are going to have to write a travel book someday 🥰 Have an awesome New Years Day everyone and cheers to a beautiful year ahead 🥂

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy New Year, Colleen! I hope you also had a wonderful holiday with friends and family- I’m about to go read your email to catch up, but it sounds like you have exciting news :) I’ve yet to undecorate for Christmas and I’m still enjoying our decor… at least for one more week, anyway. We were planning to come to Canada again this winter for our annual ski trip, but Japan ended up being half the price. We couldn’t believe it. A travel book sounds so fun- maybe someday! Hope you’re having a good week. xo

  4. Wow, I would love to read all about your trip to Japan! This will be my 4th season skiing (mostly in Vermont) and my boyfriend, who is a lifelong skier, wants me to get comfortable on ungroomed blue trails this year…we’ll see how that goes. I definitely want to sign up for another lesson, I got so much out of the first one I took my first season. I would love to feel confident enough to ski in Japan one day!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I’ll definitely plan to share it, Brittany! You’re doing so amazing with skiing- keep at it. Vermont can have tricky conditions, too! Lessons are really valuable (coming from a past instructor). I’ve been getting a ton of ads for something called Carv. Have you heard of it? It’s a boot insert that links to an app and it critiques and improves your technique. I have no idea how or if it works, but may be fun to try? I’m really looking forward to Japan- they’re getting SO much more snow than we are here. If you’re ever in Utah, I’d love to ski with you or show you around the mountains… let me know if you’re ever out west!