Designer Light Fixtures That Will Never Go Out of Style

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve got a big lighting sale going on in my shop right now (20% off all light fixtures at Tuesday Made), and it had me thinking about a question I’m often asked, “How do you know which fixtures will be a good longterm?” You know… the ones you’ll still love years from now, the fixtures that aren’t going out of style, and can easily adapt if and when your aesthetic evolves. It’s a valid question, and it made me begin to think of lighting as a capsule collection- just like we do with clothing. I wanted to curate a collection of just 15 fixtures that I’m positive will never go out of style. Consider it my personal light fixture capsule collection… click through to see it and my reasoning. They’re also all 20% off at the moment!

Designer Light Fixtures That Will Never Go Out of Style -

If you missed my post on tips for layering lighting like a designer, that’s another must-read! Even if you buy timeless fixtures, they are best installed alongside other fixtures for a curated and layered look.

What is a Capsule Collection?

A capsule collection is comprised of a few essentials that are high quality, classic, well crafted, and are meant to be layered for a timeless look representative of your personality. In lighting, the idea is the same… invest in classic pieces that will withstand the time, then you can supplement with less expensive or trendy items, if you wish. I’d splurge on permanent (hardwired) fixtures like chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and flush mounts. Plug-in fixtures such as lamps and gallery lights are typically more affordable and are easier to swap. My philosophy is always to purchase home items with longevity in mind, and lighting should be no different.

Designer Light Fixtures That Will Never Go Out of Style -

Timeless Light Fixtures Have This In Common…

What does a good capsule light collection include? Multiple light sources and fixture types! Again, it’s all about layering light sources. I’d also keep these points in mind when creating your own collection…

  • Timeless shapes or historic profiles
  • Heavy, well made fixtures (no cheap brass or plastic)
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Classic materials (metal with a nice weight, milk glass, seeded glass, plaster, etc)
  • Updated electrical (pronged plugs, energy efficient, etc)
Designer Light Fixtures That Will Never Go Out of Style -

My Capsule Lighting Picks

Click directly on each fixture below to be redirected.

We offer quite a few fixtures in the Tuesday Made shop, but I wanted to narrow it down to 15 classic picks… all of which feel worthy of a capsule collection to me! Here are the essentials covered in my above collection:

  • Classic Brass Chandelier // A timeless brass chandelier with pleated silk shades.
  • Exterior Sconce // A simple, yet unique porch light with just the right amount of detail… making this a classic exterior fixture.
  • Polished Nickel Pendant // A white enamel pendant perfect for the kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, or bath… complete with a polished nickel (or brass) finish.
  • Classic Globe Pendant // Globe pendants never go out of style. I prefer the old bronze finish. It complements the milk glass shade and industrial chain.
  • Polished Nickel Semi Flush Mount // A curvy semi flush mount with a polished nickel canopy that would be optimal for any room… in fact, I’ll be installing it in our basement kitchen renovation.
  • Brass Semi Flush Mount // This opal glass semi flush mount has the right amount of accentuating metal accents, and comes in two timeless finishes.
  • Brass Sconce // These brass sconces have the most beautiful profile, and the sconce shade is easy to swap for updating the look.
  • Traditional Chandelier // Swooping oversized chandeliers have been around for ages, this is a favorite with a monochromatic plaster finish.
  • Apothecary Floor Lamp // Apothecary floor lamps are another timeless fixture we’ve been admiring for decades. I prefer a brass finish!
  • Classic Bath Light // Don’t leave bathroom or wet-rated light fixtures out of your capsule collection. Simple is usually better in this application.
  • Bronze Lantern Sconce // Lantern sconces have been used (with candles) since the beginning of time, and won’t be going anywhere.
  • Crystal Table Lamp // I love how these translucent lamps capture and bounce the light. If you need ideas for styling crystal table lamps, check out this post.
  • Bronze Hinged Sconce // Hinge armed sconces are a necessity. They’re perfect for a bedside, reading nook, or living space.
  • Brass Flush Mount // Is there anything more classic than simple flush mounts repeated? A couple in a kitchen, lining a hallway, or illuminating other utilitarian spaces.
  • Classic Picture Light // This brass picture light is the perfect permanent (hard wired) solution to light art or cabinetry in a timeless way.
Designer Light Fixtures That Will Never Go Out of Style -


Should lighting in your home feel cohesive? Or can it vary from room to room?

I enjoy that our light fixtures feel like they were cut from the same cloth. I think it can vary, but I do like consistency under the same roof. Check out this post on 15 tips for designing a home that looks cohesive.

What is your favorite light fixture in your house?

Probably the Windsor chandelier in our entryway… the big reveal is coming soon!

Do you need a promo code for your lighting sale in the Tuesday Made shop?

Yes- use code LIGHTING20 for 20% off all light fixtures! The sale ends 2/20/24.

Do vintage light fixtures fall into that timeless look or a capsule collection?

Absolutely! One of my favorite vintage light fixtures would have to be a good bouillotte lamp.

Designer Light Fixtures That Will Never Go Out of Style -

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m gearing up for a busy weekend of house projects ahead. What’s on your agenda? We have so many fun things in the works I’m looking forward to sharing soon. Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Good morning! What a great idea! While I chafe at the notion of a capsule wardrobe (my sartorial expression will not be confined 😂), I would greatly appreciate some lighting limits. Here’s why. Given free rein, I would likely choose only dramatic statement fixtures…for every placement. My home would be an illumination-palooza! Well-lit, but wackadoodle. Don’t misunderstand. I endorse the acquisition of quality classics (tailored white button down, black wool blazer), I value their beautiful construction, and I want them in my wardrobe. I’m just not excited to shop for them. Don’t hate me. This is where your designer expertise saves the day! Sarah-approved timeless flush mounts, sconces, and picture lights, then look out! I’m seeking only the most outrageous table lamps (and shades!). 🤣 A perfect solution. Also, would that builders had access to such a glorious selection of lighting fixtures. A mammary moratorium, please. Anyway, a capsule collection is such a helpful notion. Thanks for your thoughtful curation. As for the weekend, I’m hoping to get lots accomplished in the garden. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates; we had a wicked hailstorm yesterday afternoon. Cheers to a boffo Pizza Friday and a productive weekend! 💜🍕

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hah! I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing the next time I see you in person- I still think about your fun red sneaks!! I agree that shopping for the “essentials” can sometimes feel boring. And hey- wackadoodle lighting can be fun. Lamps are my “fun fixture”! I love a weird lamp, vintage lamp, unique shade, etc. That’s probably why I have way too many. You’re already gardening this weekend?! We’ve still got a little snow on the ground here, though it does seem spring has arrived far too early. I’ll cross my fingers you have good weather! Cheers to pizza Friday indeed. Hope you have a sunny weekend ahead :)

  2. Happy Friday! Your lighting collection in your shop is so good! Give me all the beautiful sconces, chandeliers & gallery lights. Flush mounts have really come a long way. I like them so much more now. I look at your lighting and picture them some day in our home…they are dreamy!
    Right now, I am still hunting for modern office lighting. There are large florescent box lights in each office, bathroom and kitchen. The color and vibe they are giving off is really off-putting! Tomorrow and Sunday, I will be tiling the kitchen backsplash. To be honest, I am a bit nervous and excited to take the challenge. Theres not much (3 boxes of subway tile) but to cut around electrical boxes makes it tricky. Got any advice or tips on those?
    Hope your weekend goes well with remodeling. I saw the cabinet Emmett painted in the shop and it looks great! Can’t wait to see it in the basement. We are expecting cold temps starting tomorrow so working inside will be good. Enjoy pizza Friday everyone!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Danna! Thank you so much- I appreciate that! How did tiling go? I hope it went super well and is looking great. We spent our weekend tiling the basement kitchen. Emmett did such a fantastic job with he hutch cabinet. I can’t wait to share it! Hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend! xo

  3. Good morning Sarah! You are my trusted resource extraordinaire when it comes to lighting. From placement to style to finish, your recommendations have always been top-notch. One need only ogle the stunning fixtures throughout your home to see why. You’ve evolved my standards and minimum requirements for any hard wired fixtures in the home, and I’m not at all mad about it. I hope you include a tidbit in your entryway reveal about how you selected the placement for your sconces. Perhaps a dedicated post for sconce placement could be helpful. Over the years you’ve unleashed my love affair with lighting, and I find myself drawing visuals in my head of what a fantastic lighting plan for our home could look like. Treating lighting like a capsule collection is such a remarkable notion- you have a beautifully creative mind! You mentioned that to keep lighting timeless, choosing historical profiles can be helpful. How do you know a profile is historical? This realm of light fixtures is one I’ve yet to tap into, but am intrigued with. I’d imagine that when you have a home that screams colonial, Victorian, etc., it’s far more important to keep that in mind, but it’s something I would enjoy learning more about. The new fixtures in the shop are of course stunning- how you manage to continually select such a wide variety of options is impressive. I appreciate the wealth of information you share in this arena- thank you for this! We have a garden project weekend ahead, and tackling some pesky fix-its around the house. Cheers to putting in the work! Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Lauren! Thank you- I love to hear that and am happy to be your trusted lighting guide, ha! I’ll definitely touch on sconce placement in the reveal post- or create a dedicated one… because no wall lighting existed in the hall or entryway. A lot of it had to do with functionality and ease of wiring for Emmett, so we compromised. I always look at old images (books) and actual vintage lighting to find historic profiles (for lighting, millwork, finishes, etc). The shop is really my passion, and I’m glad it shows! Your compliment really made my day. We’ve had a tough couple of months over there, but even still- it brings me so much joy. Thank you! I want to hear more about your garden project- it sounds so fun and like you had a productive weekend :)