10 Classic Home Essentials From Etsy (Designer Approved)

I have a long and excruciating thrifting story I’m not convinced is totally over, but I’ll share it soon. Let’s just say I’ve been trying to buy something on Facebook Marketplace for over a month and it has not gone well. I finally decided to throw in the towel and search my second easiest vintage resource: Etsy. I’m on the hunt for some items for our basement renovation, as we’re wrapping things up downstairs. Since I’ve been spending so much time searching & saving, this post containing 10 classic home essentials from Etsy is coming at the perfect time! It’s filled with designer approved (by yours truly) home essentials I’ve been saving these past few weeks! Maybe some of these things will be helpful or appealing to you as well. Click through for the post, to peruse my favorites, and to see what I’ve been shopping for…

via etsy shop : taryanik studio

Over the course of a week, I’ve lost out on barstools, artwork, and not one, not two, but three vintage rugs. I called it quits on marketplace and Ebay this week, and turned to the arguably more reliable secondhand source, Etsy. From block print pillows and patterned quilts to vintage table lamps and light fixtures, it’s a tried & true resource I’m continually searching for affordable and unique finds. I’ll admit, it can take quite a bit of time scrolling, digging, and an eye for detail, but you can find some hidden gems! Here are 10 essentials I’m always on the hunt for… keep your eyes peeled for these classic home items.

1. Vintage Rugs

via etsy shop : rug bay

I’m sure you saw this one coming. Etsy is one of the most affordable sources for high quality vintage rugs. If you’re unsure how to search for rugs on Etsy, you definitely need to read keywords to use when searching for vintage rugs. These are all the search terms I use for best results! Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for BIG rugs (for our basement), so you’ll find a lot of reasonably priced ones I saved in my search below…

Vintage Rug Finds

2. Custom Drapery

via etsy shop : the selective design

Etsy is fantastic source for custom drapery. If you don’t have a local seamstress or workroom, there are so many talented people who offer classic and designer fabrics with a variety of styles. I’ve ordered pleated drapery from Etsy in the past, as well as shades, and even custom drapery hardware. If you’re looking for an odd size or are picky about your pinch pleating for a super tailored look- don’t sleep on some of these shops…

Custom Drapery I Saved

3. Vintage & Original Artwork

via etsy shop : ruxandra maille art

I’ve purchased over 30 works of art from Etsy over the years, and each one has been a pleasant surprise. It’s an affordable way to build a timeless collection, filled with vintage works and originals. Even though prints have evolved over the years, the designer and collector in me still gravitates toward originals (new or vintage), so that’s what you’ll find in my favorites…

Favorite Artwork

4. Marble Goods

via etsy shop : marble stone workshop

Take it from someone who buys and sells a lot of marble (shop owner here), the prices on Etsy are good- like wholesale good. I’ve saved so many fabricated solid marble sinks, bowls, and pedestals the past year or two. Here’s to hoping more marble makes its way into our home for future renovations…

Marble Finds I Saved

5. Monogrammed Textiles

via etsy shop : monograms etc nc

You know I love a monogram (find my monogrammed gift ideas here), but something about home related monograms hit differently… they feel elegant, personalized, and have a way of dressing up everyday items. Things I’m referring to? Pillowcases, bath linens, lampshades, serveware, etc. These all live within my favorites folder…

Monogrammed Textile Saves

6. Lighting

via etsy shop : beulahs mouldings

While I have a plethora of light fixtures in the Tuesday Made shop to choose from, if I’m looking for something vintage or super unique (like a custom or one-of-a-kind fixture), I turn to Etsy. There are some seriously amazing vintage fixtures, and quality crafted customizable options as well. Here are a handful that caught my attention…

Lighting Finds

7. Vintage Furniture

via etsy shop : modern home interiors

Vintage furniture is probably the category I’m most often stalking on Etsy. Sure, some it of it can be pricey, but it’s still much less than places like Chairish or 1stDibs… in fact, you can often find the same vendors cross list an item, but it’s typically less on Etsy than the same product listed on the aforementioned competitors. Why? It’s priced for the marketplace or outlet it’s listed on, and usually Etsy skews lower.

Vintage Furniture Saves

8. Glassware

via etsy shop : collected house va

I love collecting beautiful glassware! From hand blown vintage sets to pressed glass vases, and anything in between… classic glass never goes out of style. I enjoy styling little glass trays and bowls around our home, vases, and obviously the kitchen and bar are filled with glassware. If you’re looking for elegant and unique glassware, these are currently living in my saved folder…

Glassware Picks

9. Custom Lamp Shades

via etsy shop : collected house va

Approximately one week has passed since I shared how to choose a clip on sconce or chandelier shade, and I still have lamp shades on my brain! As I previously mentioned, Etsy is a great resource for custom shades, in a variety of designer fabrics with an array of trim. Here are the creative and classic options I’ve saved this month…

Custom Lamp Shades I Saved

10. Pillows

via etsy shop : habitation boheme

Last, but not least… pillows are an another easy home essential that are readily available on Etsy. What kind of pillows do I search for there? Designer fabrics, vintage kilim pillows, classic solids, custom pillows with trim, and anything that captures my attention. Recently it has been bolsters and trimmed pillows that have stopped me mid scroll- see below…

Top Pillow Picks


Do you ever negotiate with Etsy sellers?

I always negotiate for expensive items (mostly vintage)… especially if it’s something large- like rugs or furniture. 9/10 times the seller will cut you a deal or throw in something extra. It’s always worth asking. The worst they can say is no. Just be sure to approach them in a kind way with zero expectations so they’re not offended.

What are some of your favorite Etsy scores?

Such a tough one… vintage rugs, the dining chairs we used in our last home (as seen in our old breakfast nook reveal), and a tiny original still life (fruit) painting that lives on our kitchen shelving.

Do you ever worry about shipping large items from Etsy?

I’ve been shopping Etsy for 13 years now and I’ve purchased lots of large items (area rugs, furniture, etc), and guess how many have had issues? Zero! The sellers are always very transparent and shipping has been easy. I’ve also been able to negotiate or specify mode of shipping. For one item, the shipping was way over my budget, so I asked the seller if they’d drop the chairs off via Greyhound, they agreed, and I picked them up at my local station a week later. Easy- and often affordable!

via etsy shop : wild lily mercantile

Not that Etsy ever went away or out of style, but I feel it making a comeback. Anyone else? I appreciate an affordable outlet for vintage, custom made items, and it’s nice to support creative makers from around the world. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this before, but you can always access my favorites here: Sarah’s Etsy Favorites. It’s all organized. What have you recently purchased from Etsy? Shopping for anything specific I can help you with?

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  1. Good morning! Fellow Etsy fan here, for sure! Over the years, I’ve purchased original and vintage art, a custom light fixture, vintage clothes, pillows and linens, vintage rugs, and countless gifts. While I love the thrill of the hunt in person, searching thousands of items from the comfort of my sofa is tough to beat. Besides, what’s better than a thrift store with a search function? Ha. As you mentioned, I also really appreciate finding and supporting independent craftspeople. How else would I be able to buy hand carved spoons in specific wood species from a guy in Indiana? Unlike yourself, I haven’t ever made the leap to purchase furniture. I’ve certainly been tempted, but the potential hassle of arranging shipping squashed my plans. Since we don’t own a truck, the headache of picking up a FB find is possibly worse now that I think about it! Anyway, I’m excited to go check out your favorites! My own have become more organized over the years since I started utilizing the collections. Here’s a tip for anyone with a partner who struggles with gift-giving…tell them to check your Etsy favorites. Works like a charm.😉 Thanks for a great Etsy refresher! I hope your Japan adventures are magical!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Etsy is a magical platform… so many treasures to uncover! A thrift store with a search function, indeed. Now I’m wondering if you spoon guy in indeed is the same guy who made my wood pizza peel that hangs from our kitchen. Such a good tip about gifting I’m definitely going to pass along to Emmett- though I’m not convinced he even knows how to find my Etsy favorites, haha. Such a good idea though!!

  2. Good morning! I love when you post about Etsy, because it hasn’t yet become my go-to. Over time (and your shares), I’ve amassed a collection of shops I love, but I still forget to browse, especially when I’m looking for something specific. I love hearing about what you search for, and your roller slides are especially helpful- I can browse the entire shop, and save to my follows if I love their items. Quite a few new-to-me shops this morning! What a bummer about the items you’ve lost out on recently. That’s the frustrating thing about Marketplace. An account I follow on IG was just posting about this, and offered a scenario, asking what our reaction would be. I’ve been burned often on Marketplace, and have a zero tolerance policy for BS now, ha! Lately I’ve been utilizing our local “Buy Nothing” group, trying to offload old toys- you’d be surprised that it’s equally difficult to GIVE something away! I hope the cards are ever in your favor as you try to source items for the basement. Thank you for the Etsy reminder, and for such stunning items this morning! Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I do love Etsy! I actually just snagged some items from our basement bar from Etsy today. Oof, marketplace has been rough lately. This month has also been rough, so my BS tolerance meter is also now at zero. Lol! Watch out people. How have I never heard of a “Buy Nothing” group until now? I should do that instead of donation drop offs for certain items… that feels super useful, if someone wants it.

  3. I love Etsy and supporting a small business is an absolute pleasure. I’ve purchased many items over the years and have been extremely happy with every purchase. From made to order quilts, pillows, home decor ( as you know I scored the holiday brass vintage deer that you have Sarah) a customized house number, and most recently hand carved wood rocking horse tree ornaments. You inspired the horse lover in me with your equestrian Christmas theme and I added these incredibly sweet handmade rocking horses to my Christmas tree this year. They are a beautiful keepsake and the Etsy seller was so nice. I love handcrafted items for myself and as gifts. I’ve never purchased furniture though but it sounds like it wouldn’t be difficult from your experiences. Good to know Sarah!
    I personally find sometimes Etsy sellers will take a break from their shop. For instance, I have purchased three made to order quilts from the same shop but had to wait to purchase on one occasion as she took an 8 week break. I guess that’s the flexibility of Etsy for sellers, so sometimes they come and go. You’ve rounded up some beautiful things Sarah as always and honestly I never tire of shopping from the convenience of home. It’s how I buy everything these days, with the exception of groceries of course.
    Anyway how’s your vacay going in Japan? How are the slopes? I bet it’s so beautiful there. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Enjoy!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I totally agree, Colleen! I love that you also love horses. It sounds like you’ve found some gorgeous and special items lately. The shop breaks can definitely be frustrating- especially when you’ve found an amazing one. That just happened to me today- I was grabbing coasters for our basement kitchen and the shop I loved is currently closed. Back to the drawing board. I hope the shop owner is having a nice holiday though, haha. Speaking of… Japan was gorgeous! I feel like I’m spoiled when it comes to skiing since we live in Utah, but it was nice (less vertical than we have here) and the snowstorm showed up just as we were leaving. We only had a few runs of deep powder, but it was fabulous. The food was great, the people were so nice, and we were excited to experience a new culture. I’m glad we went (even if I’m feeling behind now, lol)!

  4. I love these ideas! Etsy is such a great resource, although I do think there is increasingly more junk/mass market items to wade through. I bought a vintage rug, a small original painting, stoneware, and a custom entry organizer from Etsy. But lately I’ve been using it most for patterns and wooden frames for my embroidery. I’ve loved giving personalized art to friends and family for Christmas, baby showers, bridal showers, etc.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I agree… I’ve stumbled across plenty of Etsy shops trying to pass off mass produced items as handmade (frustrating), but there are some hidden gems to be found! It sounds like your recent buys are exactly how I use it as a resource. I’d love to hear more about your embroidery! That sounds so fun. What a fabulous gift idea, too. Hope you’re having a good week, Brittany!