Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer

Happy Friday, friends. The past couple weeks have really felt like spring here! I’ve started working in our garden, Easter is a week away, my mood feels lifted, and the weather has really taken a turn. I decided to use this newfound spring energy to create a fun tablescape for the sunny months ahead. If you’re hosting Easter brunch, a dinner party, a shower, or any special occasion this season- I hope this will provide the perfect inspiration for your table. Click through for a playful, yet classic blue & white tablescape for spring and summer!

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

While we have yet to renovate our dining room, if you missed the story about our vintage dining set– it’s a good one. We solved the last piece of our dining set puzzle, completing the set… which was really exciting! We really enjoy the table and chairs- they’re holding up nicely and are very comfortable.

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

Blue & White Tablescape

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

While this tablescape is definitely a bit maximalist, it was easy to create a cohesive look by keeping things monochromatic, using a variety of blue & white patterns. I set the foundation and dressed things up a bit with a tablecloth…

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

I snagged the tablecloth from The Inside, as they have a few blue & white options. It’s 100% cotton, machine washable- meaning it gets softer with time, and the smaller scaled pattern worked perfectly with my existing blue & white decor. They did give me a discount code to share with you… use code TABLETOP10 for 10% off (expires 4/19/2024).

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

I layered some pretty blue & white plates (perfect for spring!) onto my woven chargers, added my everyday salad plates, and topped each setting with a linen chambray napkin wrapped with a faux bamboo ring. I’ll be sure to link everything for you below.

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

Get the Look

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Many of the blue & white pieces I gathered for the centerpiece were vintage, but some came from the Tuesday Made shop! I grabbed the florals while grocery shopping at TJ’s earlier this week… be sure to check out how to create a Trader Joe’s floral arrangement. I have a trade account with a wholesale florist nearby, but grocery florals are still less expensive. Nothing beats hydrangeas and tulips this time of year.

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -


Where is your dining room light fixture from? Is it staying?

It’s from my shop! It’s the Sphere No.2 Pendant designed by Mark D Sikes. It will stay when we renovate, since it’s a fixture we’ve already swapped. I really love it!

Is this the glassware from your basement bar?

It is! Good eye. It’s the Grace glassware from my shop. You can see it in the basement bar reveal, here.

Did you decide to keep the kitchen arch?

No! When it comes time to renovate the dining room, the arch is coming out… we’ll square it off with 90 degree corners. Check out this post for all the details: Our Arch and Why It Was the Wrong Move.

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -


If you’re looking for more spring, tablescape, and entertaining posts, I’ll link some favorites for you below! Is anyone else feeling a shift for the warmer months ahead?

Blue & White Tablescape for Spring and Summer -

Cheers to a wonderful weekend ahead! I think the sunny weather may shift to rain, but no complaints here. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy indoors, and I’ll be ready to garden once it clears. What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m feeling very behind, so I’m eager to catch up this weekend and be productive. How is it almost April?!

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  1. Good morning! What a fantabulous table!! Very vernal, indeed. You know I love, love, love a marvelous maximalist mashup, so I’m definitely gaga for this look. Of all my china *ahem* collection (hoard?), blue and white is probably the most abundant. Another reason this tablescape captures my heart. The addition of wicker and wood warmth provides gorgeous balance and plays perfectly with your caned chairs. Plus all the gleamy glass. Sigh. That lovely chinoiserie tablecloth shocked me though! For one, who knew The Inside sold incredible table linens?! Take my money. But also, Sarah, it’s covered in -whispers tentatively- butterflies! Are you conquering your fear? You’ve got to be able to sit at your own dinner party. 😉 And a convivial gathering it would be! (Speaking of celebrations, doesn’t a certain fella have a March birthday?🎉) As usual, you’ve inspired me this morning! I’ve been pondering a spring gathering; I need to choose a date and start planning! Our weather has been phenomenal too. Of course, next week is set to be cloudy and ten degrees cooler. Typical spring break. Womp, womp. No matter, plants are waking up and winter is in the rearview mirror. Cheers to this new season! Happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜🍕☀️

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Peggi! You can’t go wrong with blue & white… especially this time of year. I’d love to see your collection, as I know it’s fabulous! Honest truth… I thought I ordered the other blue & white tablecloth from the inside and ended up being surprised at the butterflies, LOL! Definitely not my first choice, but it worked well visually (if I squint and pretend they’re not there). Emmett is requesting we landscape next weekend for his birthday, ha. Sadly the two trees in front of our house are planted way too close, and they’ve got to come down… which is going to be a sad chore. I’d like to find some replacements. We’re also excited to get the camper back out, if the nice weather sticks around. We always call this “fake spring” in Utah because you never know when it will snow flurry around here, ha. Hope you enjoy some delicious pizza tonight and have a wonderful weekend ahead! xox

  2. A lovely tablescape to usher in the first Friday of spring! There’s no better way, right?! Good morning Sarah! I adore the look of this dining situation- the blue and white is my favorite as you know, and somehow you managed to elevate that vibe. The tablecloth is a spring stunner. The smaller pattern detail is perfection, and your treasure trove of vases graces the table arrangement beautifully! What’s not to love about the rich contrast of your wicker chargers? I adore the napkin rings that perfectly match your cane back chairs- something about wood tones on a table, grabs me this time of year, and speaks spring. Can we talk about how the colors make the hydrangeas more vibrant? Perfectly paired with blue tapers… you’re serving spring on a platter and I’m not mad about it! Funny, I was looking for printer paper yesterday and stumbled across my spring linens; I almost pulled them out. We aren’t hosting Easter this year, so I didn’t follow through on that impulse, but now you have me second guessing. We are chomping away at our garden little by little, and have more to check off that list this weekend. My seeds are doing well, and I’ll be so excited to get everything transplanted. March has been a month, but I’m looking forward to these last few weeks and ushering in April. Happy pizza Friday friends! May your skies be sunny and your weather be perfectly warm!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Happy Spring, Lauren!! March really has been a month, oof. Same here. I’m ready for April! Trader Joe’s always has the best flowers. I scooped up the last of their hydrangeas and have been enjoying them all week. I’m also hoping to work in the garden this weekend, but we’ve got rain in the forecast. Maybe it will pass! You have been itching to plant some indoor seeds to transplant later on. I hope you have a fun weekend ahead with nice weather! xox

  3. I love this table setting! It totally brings brightness and elegance that’s not stuffy. I picked up a cute blue and white floral painted teapot and a pair of blue and white floral tea light holders at an estate sale, inspired by you!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks so much, Isabel! I love hearing that- your teapot and candleholders sound lovely! Have a great weekend ahead