14 Home Decor Finds from HomeGoods

Happy Friday, friends! Earlier in the week I shared How to Turn Inexpensive Framed Art Into Custom Artwork, thanks to a quick trip to HomeGoods, so I figured while I was there- I’d snap some quick photos of other items that caught my attention. I will say, availability and selection is dependent on your location. Sometimes there are plenty of things I’d buy, while other trips feel less productive. Click through for 14 home decor finds from HomeGoods…

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

For the sake of snapping photos in person (for a realistic shopping trip), I linked the general category in which each item can be found, since they aren’t all available online. Your best best is to check your local store. If I were shopping on their website, my selections would vary… for those, be sure to follow my LTK! I share my best budget home finds there.

1. Patterned Cotton Quilt

With summer, picnic, and concert season ahead, I was really impressed with their quilt selection. There were some beautiful natural bedding options, too… cotton & linen are my favorite this time of year! This scalloped patterned quilt was a favorite. It was very soft and had a nice contrast edge.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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2. Blue & White Plates

These blue & white dishes were made in Japan and seemed to be hand painted. Having just visited Japan a few months ago, these were a fraction of the price of the boutique artisanal shops I visited there.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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3. Ralph Lauren Table Lamp

Hot tip- most of the fixtures in the HomeGoods lighting section are not great and should be avoided. I only snag a fixture if it’s a lighting brand I already know and love… Ralph Lauren, Visual Comfort, Regina Andrew, etc. There was only one RL lamp the day I visited, pictured below. To make it a bit more interesting or current, I’d swap the shade! The photo doesn’t do it justice, as it was extremely oversized.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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4. Natural Woven Baskets

HomeGoods is probably my favorite in-person source for woven baskets. You can’t be their selection and pricing. There were so many affordable options of varying shapes & sizes. This large basket-looking trunk was my favorite of the bunch…

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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5. Gallery Frames

Typically I don’t find many frames I like at HomeGoods, but these gilded gallery frames with a classic white mat were very nice and reasonably priced. The gold looked much better in person- with an antique look! These would be great installed in multiples.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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6. Faux Fur Ottoman

Furniture can be hit or miss at HomeGoods- my recommendation is to go in with a very selective eye. I did peruse the clearance section and this charming faux fur ottoman with round feet almost came home with me for $30. I have no idea where I’d put it, otherwise it would have been a winner.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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7. Pillows

If you’re going to buy pillows, make sure they include a down insert or have a removable cover to switch the insert. Clearly (based on my intro photo), these velvet box pleat lumbar cushions with linen trim came home with me! I actually left them behind, then went back for them the next day… luckily they were still there. I knew they’d look perfect beneath the artwork in my home office.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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8. Bath Towels

HomeGoods is amazing for textiles… especially bedding and bath towels. My best tips? Stick to natural materials (100% cotton, linen, etc) and choose an interesting or durable weave (waffle weave, locker loop, etc).

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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9. Stone Planters

These enormous pedestal planters flanked the entrance upon arriving in the store and immediately captured my attention. Things I look for in planters… stone, terracotta, heavy weight, nice shape, etc. These checked all my boxes!

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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10. Wood Bowl

I also enjoy perusing the wood section… bowls, cutting boards, pedestals, etc. This oversized bowl with a delicate beaded edge was a standout from my shopping trip. It would be great as a fruit bowl on the countertop or to corral items on a coffee table.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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11. Clothing Hangers

HomeGoods is another great in-person resource for quick home organizational items… storage, hangers, and closet essentials. I have a version of these velvet hangers in all of our closets here at home.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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12. Blue & White Planters

For $5, these blue & white planters also made their way home with me. If I’m buying blue & white, I prefer it to be hand painted (instead of printed or transferware). These were a steal… such a great price!

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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13. Ralph Lauren Sheet Set

Much like bath towels, the bedding section is always a safe bet. You can find really affordable sheet sets, duvets, comforters, and bed pillows. I prefer to stick to classic white sheets… sateen, cotton, linen, or tencel.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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14. All Clad Cookware

I will always make time for a trip down the cookware isle with a few of my favorite brands in mind: All-Clad, Le Creuset, and KitchenAid… I’ve been able to find items from all three brands at HomeGoods in the past!

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

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Tips for Shopping for Timeless Home Decor at HomeGoods

Unlike, big box stores I’ve featured in the past- like Target and World Market, you can actually find some amazing designer brands at HomeGoods. Because of that and the nature of what they carry, my shopping tips are different than your regular big box retail stores. Here are my best ideas for snagging the timeless goods you’ll love for years to come:

  1. Recognize Designer Brands – Keep your eyes peeled for designer home brands you love… they’re usually sprinkled across the store and those are typically the best finds.
  2. Choose Items Made of Natural Materials – Look for solid wood, stoneware, 100% cotton, 100% linen, etc. 
  3. Double Check the Quality & Make Sure It Isn’t Damaged – Everything has to pass my quality & craftsmanship inspection. HomeGoods is notorious for selling items that may have insignificant damage or imperfections- perform a thorough check before purchasing.
  4. Avoid Trendy Items – There are lots of trendy home items that will be out of style later this year… avoid those. You’ll have to sort through quite a bit of bad to find the good… but that’s the fun part.
  5. Purchase with Longevity in Mind – Choose items you know you’ll still like in 3-4 years. Keep the words “timeless” and “classic” in mind when making purchases.
15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com


What is your best ever HomeGoods score?

An Italian mohair throw (we still use it in our basement media room) and two Ralph Lauren table lamps.

What is a HomeGoods purchase you regret?

I once purchased a nonstick pan from HomeGoods and it wasn’t a brand I was familiar with… it only lasted a few months before it began to deteriorate, so I won’t make that mistake again. We eventually saved up for our All-Clad set, as well as the Caraway Nonstick Set.

Do you ever buy furniture from HomeGoods?

Not often, but sometimes… the white table in my home office (between the two windows) is from HomeGoods.

15 Home Decor Finds from TJ Maxx HomeGoods - roomfortuesday.com

I hope you enjoyed this one! I really love my new pillows… they feel very cheerful and custom looking in my office as of late. What do you think? What does everyone have planned for the weekend ahead? I hope it’s a sunny spring one! We’re seeing a comedian (anyone like Ronny Chieng?) with friends, then we’ve got house projects on our agenda. Here’s to a good one!

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  1. Good morning! I definitely chuckled at your pillow stories the other day. I’m notorious for leaving items behind only to live in regret. My regular shopping buddies just roll their eyes. I think you made the right call to run back and snag them. They look perfect in your office! Like most stores you visit, my closest Home Goods isn’t close. Ha. When I do make the trip, I absolutely peruse the items you featured, especially linens, pillows and kitchen items. I love the spring-y look of the quilts you spied! I’m ready to lighten up our bedding…as soon as the temperatures settle down. I’ve also purchased many beautiful, plush bath towels over the years. They seem to stock a consistently fine selection. As for blue and white bowls, let’s just say that’s a vein I’ve mined. Ahem. I accidentally clicked over to dinnerware and saw a Spode butterfly set. Curses. Checking for All Clad is a great tip too! I feel like I often spy a few pieces. The gorgeous beaded wooden bowl you found reminded me how great that section can be! Sadly, the online offerings are meh. That’s the downside (and the fun!) of Home Goods, right? You never know what you’ll find. Thanks for the virtual shopping jaunt this morning! We’re on day 3 of rain, but we’re headed up to the mountain hot springs for a day date. I’m hoping for sunny with fresh snow, my fave soaking weather. If the rain clears, I’ve got some major yard work waiting! Happy Pizza Friday, Sarah, and cheers to the weekend!💜
    BTW, love Ronny Chieng! Have a blast!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I had to go back for them, ha! I couldn’t stop thinking about the pillows. I need to swap our bedding as well, but it’s still pretty chilly here. I’m crossing my fingers last weekend was the last bit of snow, but you never know. During this same trip, I thought of you because they had an entire section of cake baking and decorating goods- which I hadn’t seen there before. I was tempted! I hope you had a fabulous hot springs date last weekend- that sounds absolutely perfect. Ronny Chieng was SO funny- really glad we were able to make it to his show! What a hoot! xo

  2. Good morning and happy Friday! Home Goods, TJMaxx, and Marshall’s are sister brands- and these tips are exactly how I tend to shop them all. We have one of each store within a short distance of our house, and it’s always fun to pop in and browse. I love browsing the kitchen section; there’s usually very beautiful serving items for a steal, or designer brand kitchen items like you’ve mentioned. Big tip if you’re looking to score Le Crueset or All Clad: stop in a few weeks before Thanksgiving- they usually have a treasure trove of designer kitchen items for Thanksgiving/Christmas. This is also the best time to look for high end throws: mohair, wool, designer brands… the selection that time of year will be bananas compared to most other times. January is the best time to shop for anything storage; the aisles will be jam packed with loads of woven basket options, closet and pantry organization, and it’s usually a good time to find bath organization as well. I recently purchased that exact brand of towels you featured here- may I say they are the softest, most breathable, and best towels I’ve ever purchased?! No lie- and they really are quick dry. I recently spotted the blue and white planters and almost came home with a set for the patio- but we’re focused on the larger garden right now, so I left them behind. My all time favorite score? A large-scale canvas abstract with a simple black frame. It graces a wall in our bedroom and I’m delighted every time I look at it. Every color I love is represented in that piece of art. I’ve also scored some beautiful marble pieces there. To say that your design and shopping tips have trained me to look for the right items, is an understatement. Now if only my store had those gorgeous large planters- can you even?? I am in love!! We have a stormy and cold weekend ahead, but it may just be the best time to knock out some painting… We’ll see. I hope the sunshine heads your way and it’s a productive project weekend. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks for shopping! Have a happy pizza Friday friends!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for reminder to pop into Marshalls… that’s one I always forget! Amazing tip on shopping before Thanksgiving- thanks for checking. I’m definitely going to do that this year. Also really amazing to know about the bath towels- love that you have those same ones and can attest to their softness. Your art sounds beautiful! That’s one thing I haven’t had good luck with at my local HomeGoods… art. Our weekend was also cold and stormy (snow), but this week is already shaping up to be much more spring-like. Hope it’s that way at your house, too! xox

  3. I love browsing HomeGoods and HomeSense. Question: how do you tell if a piece if hand painted – other than the label? Thanks!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Same, Dawn! Most hand painted pieces will have a makers mark. Transfer (printed) pieces have a beginning and an end since they are essentially wrapped, making it easy to tell what is NOT hand painted: look for weird negative space or pattern abruptions. Hand painted pieces are usually not perfect- patterns may be repeated but they’re not totally perfect, you can often see the end of a brush mark, etc. Hope that helps!

  4. Loretta Moody says:

    My friend Sally and I shop at Home Goods every week or every other week, we love it! The only regret is that it needs to be much bigger! We live in a community that is growing larger everyday! We can go to a larger store, but it is further away!
    I have so many furniture pieces from Home Goods, and they are beautiful! I have purchased towels, bed sheets, lamps, pictures, vases, dishes, and so many other things from Home Goods! Rarely would my friend and I go out without going to Home Goods, it is our favorite thing to do! There are so many things to see, and buy, we can spend hours there!
    Love, love, love this store!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      So fun, Loretta! I love hearing that you and Sally have a great time shopping together- what a fun bi-monthly ritual. It sounds like you two have found some amazing things!

  5. Hi Sarah! Love those box pillows you found and was wondering if you could tell me what brand they are. I’ve checked my homegoods and haven’t had any luck.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks Elle! I cut the tags off and I can’t remember the brand, but I will say- I searched for an hour or two online to see if I could find the exact ones for people asking and had no luck. I’m sorry!