Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made

Having just shared our basement bar reveal and the vintage hutch transformation, I’ve been getting some questions about the glassware we use. I’ve been a glassware fanatic for as long as I can remember… I love collecting vintage glasses, finding really beautiful or unique sets, and obviously I enjoy styling them amongst open storage to be admired. The majority of my glassware in the basement came from my shop, Tuesday Made! We just added some new arrivals, so I wanted to share my favorite classic glassware picks with you. If you also appreciate glassware that will withstand the test of time, this post is for you… click through!

Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made -

If you’re curious about what lives in our main kitchen and want to peek inside the upstairs cabinets, check out this post: My Dishes, Glassware, & Kitchenware. If you’re on the hunt for vintage glassware, I included a bunch of my top picks in this post… 10 Classic Home Essentials From Etsy.

Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made -

What I Look for in Glassware

My criteria in purchasing glassware for the long haul is pretty simple… even better if it’s handmade.

  • Timeless Shape
  • Matching Sets
  • Durable and/or Dishwasher-Safe
  • Feels Nice in Hand
  • Functional and Easy to Use
  • Looks Nice On The Shelf
Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made -

Favorites from Tuesday Made

Click directly on each glass below to be redirected.

I pick out all of the glassware for the shop, but I also test it here at home before offering it at Tuesday Made– which is always fun! I hardly ever hand wash dishes, so despite most of these options being handmade with a “best to hand wash” recommendation, I’m putting them through our dishwasher on the top rack every time. I’d recommend doing what you feel most comfortable with, but that’s what I do here at home. I haven’t had any break yet… just use common sense with placement and cycle! You can flip through all of our glassware in the shop below…

Glassware Styling Ideas

If you have an area in your kitchen or bar to showcase glassware, I enjoy using glasses as sculptural styling elements you can grab straight from the shelf or glass front cabinet! Here are my best tips for styling glasses:

  • Style In Multiples
  • Display Matching Sets with Varying Shapes
  • Keep Frequently Used Glassware At Easy Grabbing Height
  • Use Them As a Reflective or Glossy Surface
  • Use a Base Beneath Glasses For Added Height (tray, cookbook, etc)
  • Actually Use Them!
old fashioned glassware styled by wildflower home interiors

Vintage Glassware Collecting Tips

As I mentioned, I also have a thing for vintage glassware. Every thrifting trip requires a jaunt down down the glassware aisle. You can score some really beautiful sets for basically nothing! Here are my recommendations for finding the good vintage glassware:

  • Check For Labels (made in France, crystal, etc)
  • Snag a Set and Avoid Single Items (try not to end up with an array of mismatched glasses)
  • Check the Weight (make sure they feel good in hand)
  • Stick to Timeless or Interesting Shapes (that won’t go out of style)
  • Bring Some Extra Packing Materials (to get it home safely)
  • Give Everything a Thorough Wash (before using)
Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made -


What is your favorite glass in the Tuesday Made shop right now?

The Grace collection! It’s the main glassware I use in our basement bar. There are five glass styles to choose from, and the one we use the most frequently is the tumbler.

Do you have any budget glassware recommendations?

I created an Amazon board with my top budget-friendly picks. Definitely check those out!

How do you keep glassware that is left out clean?

I think the best way to keep it looking dust-free is to actually use it, so things are regularly getting washed. My glasses aren’t there just to look pretty… they’re the cups we use to drink from on a regular basis. If there are specific ones that are used less often- I’ll quickly dust them or run them through the dishwasher when I’m deep cleaning.

Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made -


If you’re interested in additional kitchen and serveware sourcing, I’ll link some related blog posts for you below!

Classic Glassware from Tuesday Made -

Do you love your current glassware? If so, I’d love to hear why! We still use and love the glassware we got for our wedding over a decade ago. The good stuff withstands the test of time- I’m tellin’ ya!

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  1. Good morning! As a fellow glassware obsessive, you know I’m loving this post. The glass aisle or china hutch are my first stops at any thrift store or estate sale. I’m partial to colored glass (of course), but I’m also drawn to uniquely shaped crystal clear pieces. (It’s more versatile, tbh.) Footed, fluted, ribbed, etched, rippled. Gimme all the texture, please. Sooo, it’s like you created this collection just for me! (Thanks, pal.😉) I’d happily stock my cupboards with all of it, but if pressed, I do have a few favorites. I’d reach for the pebbled heft and handy grip-lip of the old fashioned every day. Substantial, but cool. For a slightly more elevated look (literally because pedestal), I adore the ripple set. Sturdy, but compelling. As its noticeably more refined cousin, enter the scalloped lovelies. Bonus points for bubbles!😍 The unmistakably handcrafted sculptural quality of each selection truly captivates. A glorious curation destined to grace many tables! Cheers to a sparkly Monday, Sarah! Wishing you a productive jaunt to Spain and safe return to a houseful of family! 💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I know you love glassware and lamps as much as I do! Kindred vintage spirits in that department, for certain. I also love a nice textured or pressed glass!

  2. Good morning! Glassware has always been something I’m drawn to as well- there are so many shapes and styles that are unique, interesting, and lovely visual elements to a table. The fluted glassware and the Grace glassware are my favorites! I have had stemless wine glasses for as long as I can remember. They were a budget buy, in a matching set, from the days where every party was at our house- we didn’t care if they broke, because they were cheap to replace. For several years now I’ve felt like switching them out for a stemmed option, and the fluted ones from the shop keep captivating my attention. True story: we were gifted a set of three gold rimmed martini glasses from my grandparents years ago. They were the leftovers from their home bar when they downsized. I ended up donating them because I never could find any that matched. The gold rimmed martini glasses in the shop look just like them, and now I’m kicking myself. Your tips for finding vintage are perfect- I’ll now be perusing those sections that I usually skip. Your shop selections are beautiful, timeless and elegant- a stunning array to choose from! Happy Monday, and cheers to a fresh week ahead. Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      The Grace glassware is definitely my favorite! The gold rimmed martini glasses- I can’t believe you didn’t keep those, Lauren! hah! You LOVE vintage. The ones in the shop are really pretty, but they’re oversized… so careful when sipping because finishing a whole drink in one of those will do ya dirty, lol!

  3. I think I like the Grace line the best, if I needed any glassware. As I Have a 40 year collection, not in need at the moment. I have many flutes and old fashioned glasses, each is different. Guests know which one is theirs and I can collect all the pretty patterns and vintage one offs! I stick to matched sets for setting a table, and even there I will use 2 or 3 different patterns on occasion. Fun and informative post!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks, Kari! I love it- it’s probably my favorite in the shop at the moment. So happy you liked this one :)

  4. All of these are so pretty! If I had to decide on one I like the most I think it’s the Ripple collection. They look pretty for drinks or flowers :) I bought sets of Duralex in the last year or so, and they have weight and that good feel in the hand you were talking about. Plus, finally having matching glassware made me feel like I was stepping it up in the adult game. Haha! However, you’d likely give me a side eye if you saw my favorite wine drinking glass-it’s a tumbler I picked up from Goodwill with someone else’s monogram etched into it! I did however, buy a vintage set of glass UK wildcat tumblers for my husband when he drinks bourbon or port. So, I guess they even things out. hahaha!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Brittany! The Ripple glassware is so gorgeous in person- great idea on using those as vases, too. A matching set definitely equals adulting (at least in my mind, ha). Your vintage tumblers sound amazing, and hey- whatever gets the job done with the wine tumbler. Lol!