40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home

Alongside vintage rugs, artwork, and books… one home decor element I’ve been collecting for years? Vessels- particularly of the terracotta variety. This earthy, textural, and classic material is one of the most versatile for interior styling. Today, I wanted to share a roundup of 40+ sculptural terracotta vases and some ideas for styling them in your home. Click through for a really good roundup and inspiration…

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com

I recently shared a tutorial on how to easily style branches for fall, and received so many compliments on my terracotta floor vase. A vintage terracotta vessel appeared on my pedestal during my fall home tour, which garnered an equal amount of attention. It had me pondering why I’ve been unintentionally collecting these vessels over the years, and gave me a fun reason to gather up some more of my favorites. Timeless terracotta will forever be a material I gravitate toward, no matter the season. There’s a real vintage and handmade appeal… even if the vessel is new. They’re also a great way to instantly make a home feel more collected.

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com

Terracotta : A Timeless Material

Terracotta has been used for centuries, which is probably why even the new vessels have a collected and aged look to them. If you’re trying to add vintage appeal to a vignette, but don’t have time to actually thrift or source something vintage in a pinch- insert terracotta.

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com

The earthy hue can range from beige, brown, and tan to amber and orangey-rust shades… a color family I enjoy using here at home. It’s neutral and easily blends with any aesthetic! You can find terracotta vessels scattered all over my house.

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com

40+ Sculptural Terracotta Vases

Here are 40+ sculptural vases of all shapes, sizes, and prices I found appealing. You can shop and see more by clicking on each one below…

Do you have any favorites from the mix? I spent an evening curating all of these and definitely had the itch to order a few more for my home. Terracotta is one of those collections that will never go out of style… it’s something I’m always on the hunt for when thrifting at my favorite local spots.

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com

Styling Tips & Ideas

If you’re wondering how to style these at home… here are some ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Style with branches
  • Use for sculptural shelf styling
  • Centered on a coffee table
  • Styled asymmetrically on a console table
  • Stacked atop books in a corner
  • Use as a floor vase
  • Style with florals
  • Use for storage
  • Style as sculptural art (on a stand or beneath a light)
  • In outdoor or exterior living spaces
  • Tucked into shelving or built-ins
  • In the kitchen

Someday, I’d love to get a giant vintage floor vase, like the one below… this one lives at one of my favorite marble slab showrooms.

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com


How many terracotta vessels do you think you own?

I hate to admit the number, but probably around 25-30… including vessels found in my garden and exterior.

How do you clean thrifted terracotta vases?

I just use simple soap and water… I’ll spray or wipe them down if they’re dusty or really dirty.

Why are the French and European ones so expensive?

Most of those are handmade antiques (reflected in the price)… they’re crocks and vessels that have been used for storing pantry staples and have a beautiful natural patina that only time can add.

Your dream terracotta?

I pretty much enjoy all terracotta, in regards to interior and exterior decor. I would love an oversized floor vase or more giant outdoor planters. Anything big and old, ha!

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com


While these terracotta vessels are easily styled on their own, if you’re looking for additional ways to put pretty vases to good use, I wanted to share some related blog posts with you…

40 Sculptural & Classic Terracotta Vases to Style in Your Home - roomfortuesday.com

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m headed home from New Orleans this evening and have a fun hotel tour to share with you on Wednesday… there were so many antiques scattered throughout the interior- truly inspiration to be had around every corner! Be sure to check back for that- I’m excited to share more.

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  1. Good morning! What a beautiful roundup! I appreciate how it highlights the varied shades of the material. While I love the earthy qualities and generally simple shapes, I confess that I have just one plain terra cotta pot on the patio. As I read your post (and silently agreed with all of your points), I wondered why I have never collected any… I could only think of two reasons. One, I rarely see them when I’m thrifting, so they’re not on my radar. The closest I might see are the occasional amateur pottery vessels. I think a bigger factor is that I associate them with the California cool aesthetic, and that’s not my vibe. Your images clearly illustrate that I need update my schema. From your roundup, I especially like the double-handled (because symmetry!) extra tall versions and the rustic planter-both from your shop! Thanks for showcasing these gorgeous, timeless pieces. And you bet I’ll be back on Wednesday for the hotel post! Your IG peeks have me VERY inspired. Can’t wait to hear all about it! Safe travels, Sarah.💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Peggi! Thank you! I love all those earthy terracotta shades. I’ve seen quite a few thrifting in my area. One of my favorite vessels was dug up in the backyard of our Ohio home. We were tilling our garden and I found it- pretty cool! The symmetrical ones are also my favorites- love a double handle look.

  2. Good morning! I know it’s too early to be thinking about spring gardening, but I’ve had that on the brain lately, and naturally, the desire for more garden pots follows. I share in the terracotta love, and imagine that one day my yard will be adorned with beautiful specimens. Sadly I don’t have vessels of this nature for my interiors. I love the warmth and sculptural o retest they provide, so it may be time to find a few for some blank areas. I adore the portly little pot with the raised detail all around (from Etsy)- that one is stunning and has such an aged look. I also enjoy a large piece like the one on the stand from Cherish. Just dreamy! For interiors, I love the urn style options with handles like the tall sculptural vase in the shop. This roundup has a ton of lovely options and suggestions for styling- all very much appreciated. It looks like New Orleans was packed with juicy inspiration, and I can’t wait to hear more. Have safe travels home my friend!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      And I’m over here trying to find the time and motivation to rip out our summer garden and plants and winterize for the season, haha! You’re wayyy ahead of me! Hope you’re gearing up for a fun birthday!!

  3. Happy Monday Sarah! I bet you are having a blast in New Orleans 🥳 Your roundup of Terra cotta vases are lovely. While I have many vases I don’t have much in the Terra cotta realm I must admit. I’m drawn to pottery but I have more pieces painted in creams, greys and beiges. I don’t have any that look like the ones in your roundup and I’m now wondering why. You certainly have an extensive collection, my gosh where do you store them? I lack proper storage and have broken a few vessels as a result. I need to get a better system for organizing/storing decor in this house. It’s a bit of an issue at the moment but I like so many in your roundup. The one from Tuesday Made is super cute and would look beautiful in my green kitchen to hold fresh basil. I’m anxious to pick up the pottery I made with my daughter, it’s finally ready. That was a super fun afternoon, hopefully my pieces look good enough to use. Ha! Well it’s a gorgeous day here and heading outside for a swim. Hope your travels run smoothly from New Orleans! Looking forward in hearing all about your trip 🥂

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you, Colleen! Most of them are nestled and styled into my shelving, but the ones that aren’t being used live in my prop closet :) Did you grab the pottery you and your daughter made?! I can’t wait to hear about how the glaze turned out. I still think that’s such a fun activity idea!