Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been feeling under the weather since arriving home from our recent trip, but I wanted to push this post live sooner rather than later because it’s filled with some really great home finds. I’m not a huge fan of the word “dupe”, but in this instance- it’s short for duplicate or alternative, and that’s what you’ll find in today’s blog post… designer home finds (with designer prices) and alternatives that are pretty similar for a little (or a lot) less. Neither is a bad option, of course there are pros and cons for each. I’ve been curating my High / Low Series for a couple years now, and there are some incredible finds to be shared! Click through for my best designer home decor dupes for 2024…

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

This series has been one of my favorites to curate on my LTK platform, and I thought it deserved a permanent place here on the blog. I know many of you don’t follow along over there- or maybe you don’t even have the app, but it would be a shame to keep all these finds to myself! I hope they’re helpful for your upcoming home projects, renovations, and planned purchases for the year ahead.

My High / Low Series

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Many of you already know I’m a big fan of mixing higher-end designer pieces and vintage finds alongside budget-friendly picks for a classic and curated look here at home. It’s something I’ve always done to stick to my budget… save on something to splurge elsewhere. I created this series to share options for any budget and interesting finds. Quality and craftsmanship isn’t always compromised for a budget-friendly pick- and sometimes I even like the less expensive option better. On the other hand, many times the more expensive option is made of premium materials with superior craftsmanship… which is reflected in the cost. My point is this- having options is never a bad thing, and YOU get to decide for your own home! I’m simply here to share the choices… let’s start with lighting!


Bronze Sconce

A Visual Comfort look alike… I’d be interested to see how the budget version looks in person!

Woven Shade Table Lamp

I have and love both of these! They’re versatile and sculptural lamps that add warmth & texture.

Octagonal Flush Mount

Similar, but both are classic flush mount fixtures. These would look great lining a hallway or centered in a small room.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Brass Sconce

The similarity comes from the swooping sconce arm and subtle tapered shade. These both feel timeless to me.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Black Curved Flush Mount

Do you recognize the high version from Jordan’s home office? It’s a shop favorite!

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Crystal Table Lamp

I have the low version- as seen in my latest post on ideas for styling crystal table lamps.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Brass Lantern Pendant

A good lantern fixture never goes out of style. This would be lovely above a dining table, kitchen island, or breakfast nook.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Woven Shade Floor Lamp

I do love a woven shade! The big difference between these two is the base style.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Black Sconce

More swooping arm sconce options that feel very timeless to me… these could be installed in any room.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Textured Table Lamp

Two textural table lamps- both have a similar finish and tapered shades… and while the scale is a bit different, I think they achieve the same classic aesthetic.


Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Slipcovered Swivel Chair

I have two of the high slipcovered swivel chairs in my formal living room and absolutely love them. The budget version looks almost identical.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Metal Accent Table

A small accent table is one of the easiest pieces to style- I can always find a place for something like this! Use it next to seating or as a plant stand.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Woven Barstools

These barstools are one of my best finds! I’m sure the budget version isn’t going to last long, but both seem like nice options.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Secretary Desk

Secretary desks are ideal for small spaces that need to function for work and storage. These two tiered black options have a similar size & shape with varying price points.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

French Blue Sofa

My sofa is the high version, which is mohair. The budget version is velvet, but the shape is strikingly similar- a great alternative!

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Zebra Ottoman

I have two of the low zebra ottomans and love them. They’re perfect for adding a playful high contrast pattern to any room.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Woven Bistro Chair

Looking for nearly identical woven French bistro chairs? These would be beautiful styled at a breakfast nook, sunroom, or enclosed patio.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Bouclé Ottoman

I’m big on texture and bouclé is one of my favorites. These sculptural modern ottomans would be great for a living or lounge space.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Demilune Table

You know I love a demilune… my version is the high option, as seen in my living room.


Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Beaded Dinnerware

I shared the budget version of this beaded dinnerware in my recent post, 15 best home decor finds from Target for 2024. I own a set of the high version, though.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Checkered Area Rug

If you’re looking for a nice neutral, geometric area rug… I really like both of these options! The budget version looks a bit more distressed.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Oversize Handled Vase

Good styling vessels or vases are hard to come by… the vintage or handmade ones are always a splurge. Here is a really nice budget option that looks quite similar.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets and plumbing fixtures are something I’m comfortable spending more on, but if you’re trying to achieve a designer look for less- here’s an amazing option!

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Braided Knot Doormat

With spring and summer around the corner, you can’t go wrong with a timeless braided or knotted doormat.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Lidded Blue & White Jar

Blue & white lidded vessels are among my favorite to collect. Sometimes you’re able to snag a deal!

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Waffle Weave Bath Towel

I was gifted the high version of these waffled bath towels and while they’re very nice- I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the budget version. It’s a good alternative!

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Round Black Wall Mirror

Classic mirrors withstand the test of time. This is one of my favorite profiles and finish combinations. I have a version of this hanging above my fireplace.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Brass Switch Plates

I just ordered these for our house… it’s time to upgrade switch plates after all that painting!

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Waffled Matelassé

I always style a matelassé or quilt at the foot of a bed. Waffled options always have the best texture- I love this lighter version for the warmer months ahead.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -


Do you have more of these?!

I have hundreds of these high / low posts (no exaggeration), so if you’d like to see them all- click over to my LTK page and follow along over there! I keep them all neatly organized in this folder.

Your best tips for finding quality home dupes?

Double check the size, material, reviews, weight, and photos before purchasing. When buying something of a lower dollar amount, that could be indicative of lower quality… but not always. Just be sure to thoroughly read the description prior to committing to ensure a product meets your needs and expectations!

Do you have and love any of these?

I do… both of the woven shade table lamps, zebra ottoman (low), waffle weave bath towel (high), crystal table lamp (low), slipcovered swivel chair (high), French blue sofa (high), beaded dinnerware (high), and brass switch plates (low).

How do you find all of these?

90% of what I share on LTK are things I have here at home, and dupes are typically the result of me trying to find sources when asked! I spend a lot of time scrolling and compiling home finds, too. I make a mental note if I see similar options and run a quick price comparison. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s always fun to find something for much less… sometimes it’s the EXACT item, just from different retailers. I try to share 2-3 of these posts a week over on my LTK.

Best Designer Home Decor Dupes for 2024 -

Is there anything in particular you’re currently shopping for? I’d be happy to help you hunt for a similar, alternative option. Let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for being patient with me while I’ve been catching up and haven’t been feeling my best. I do have some fun news… the basement kitchen reveal is coming to the blog on Monday, so please check back for that! I’m really excited to share it with you. I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning Sarah! Your high/low series is a favorite over on LTK, but I’ll admit I don’t check there as frequently as I should. Your ability to dig up treasures at every price point amazes me- I’ve spent hours in some cases, trying to find a budget friendly version of an item, with zero luck. You make it look easy friend! I appreciate that you take the time to compile this and share with us- I’ve found your LTK and Amazon Storefront to be one of the quickest resources for shopping items- your taste is very similar to my own, so I always know I’ll find something. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great- I hope you’ve been able to find rest and recuperation amidst the busy schedule. Cheers to pizza Friday and a relaxing weekend ahead! We’re gearing up for more stormy weather over here. See you Monday Sarah!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hope you’re having a fun weekend, Lauren! I love to find things for this series. It’s turned into a little game for me, haha. I do love to hear that my Amazon and LTK have been a helpful resource. I enjoy curating on both of those platforms. Something has certainly been going around- hoping to feel back to 100 soon! I’m guessing you also had a stormy weekend? We got quite a bit of snow yesterday! xo

  2. Good morning! Excellent post! And excellent points. Nothing I like more than having a choice…despite being the world’s slowest chooser. Ha. So many of your finds appear identical; I wonder if some aren’t manufactured in the same plant. I know this can be true for clothing and food. As you mention, I actually sometimes prefer the look of the lower-priced item. Your zebra ottoman and the woven shade floor lamp for example. For myself, I’m also more likely to buy a budget-friendly option if a piece is primarily decorative-a mirror, vase or vessel. Not that I wouldn’t admire the high end beauties… When it comes to textiles, I’m torn. (Snort.) Natural materials are a must, but they certainly vary in quality. So which will I enjoy more and own longer- a towel or a blanket? No contest for this chilly girl. Furniture poses the greatest dilemma. I really want the best possible, so I’m probably scouring FB Marketplace for the expensive option. Lol. Regardless of your decision rubric, knowing the alternatives is key! So thanks as always for providing such useful information. I’m sorry to hear you’re sick! Here’s hoping you take the weekend to rest and recover. I, for one, will be counting the hours until Monday’s big REVEAL! 🎉 Soooo excited. Take care, Sarah. Happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hope you’re having an amazing weekend, Peggi! I bet some of them are produced in the same place… it’s hard to know. Such a great point on buying the less expensive option for decorative items. Speaking of Marketplace, I’ve been finding so many fun things lately! Can’t wait to share the basement tomorrow. xo

  3. Happy Friday! Ooh I love a good high/low shopping experience and I keep forgetting to browse the ltk shop. So many goodies for less 😍 Love it!
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather, traveling can be tiring and you’ve been working non stop so I’m not surprised. Feel better friend ❤️‍🩹
    Basement reveal Monday 🥳 can’t wait!
    My gosh it’s March already. We’ve got a busy month as visitors start arriving Monday and they keep coming all month long. It’s going to be party time over here 🥂🍷🍻 I’ll have to catch-up on the blog as soon as everybody leaves 😉
    I hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend Sarah! Take care!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you! I hope you’re having a great weekend, Colleen! I also can’t believe it’s already March. We’ve got a busy month ahead, too. Enjoy your visitors!! xo