2023 Amazon Prime Day Picks

As always, I’ve scoured Amazon for the best Prime Day deals for you! Today (Wednesday) is the last day to shop. I hope these posts are helpful. This is the perfect time to scoop up some items at great prices ahead of the holiday season… at least that’s what I’m doing. Click through for my top deal picks, what I’m buying, and for details on my annual Prime Day gift card giveaway (two $500 gift cards are up for grabs)!

2023 Amazon Prime Day Picks - roomfortuesday.com

My Amazon Storefront

2023 Amazon Prime Day Picks - roomfortuesday.com

If you don’t have the time or energy to sift through thousands of products (and quite frankly, a lot of junk)… my best picks live in my Amazon Storefront, linked above. I’ve rounded up kitchen items, furniture, decor, lighting, cleaning items, home tech, and a few fun categories- like fashion & travel. Hop over there to see them all- or scroll on to see a preview some of my picks.

All of the collages are clickable, if you see something you like or need…

Holiday Deals

My Christmas tree is the middle one in the above collage! I also grabbed some ribbon, as it always sells out. If you’re looking for a classic woven tree collar, that one is super similar to mine- and far better priced.

Kitchen Deals

You probably recognize these favorites from my kitchen… if you’ve been holding out for my go-to espresso maker, as seen on my coffee bar– this pricing is the lowest it goes.

Furniture & Decor Deals

In an effort to save time, I also compiled lots of good looking home decor, textiles, window treatments, lighting, furniture, and even some millwork. I snagged that cute checkered rug for our back hall.

Cleaning & Organization Deals

That stain treater has saved our new carpet multiple times these past couple months (from bad dog accidents). I will never be without it and grabbed another refill… and you know I love that neutral stick vac more than my Dyson. I swear it does a better job.

Fashion & Beauty Deals

Looking for some beauty and wardrobe additions? Here are a few that are currently in my cart or on my radar for fall. I added more tried & true brands and picks to a dedicated fashion & beauty board over on my Amazon.

Bed & Bath Deals

This is my go-to silk pillowcase. Mine is a few years old now, but I love it and am definitely grabbing a backup while it’s on sale- it’s far less expensive than other brands and the quality has been impressive.

Travel Deals

We’re headed to Thailand next month, and I took this as an opportunity to grab any last minute travel necessities. There are some pretty good deals on travel I wanted to include, in case you also have holiday trips planned. I added things for both flights and road trips!

Quick Finds (Sarah’s Favorites)

Feel free to swipe through some of my favorite things I’ve purchased from Amazon over the years… the images are all clickable!

Most of these are home-related, some are just random good finds… nonetheless, they’re all things I use frequently.


What are you buying?

I actually got quite a few things this Prime Day, but some fun, unexpected items I purchased… western ankle boots (we’re seeing Midland on Friday!), a second marble board (it’s over half off and I use it all the time), and this classic brown sweater.

Did Emmett grab anything?

He did! He asked me to restock his favorite soap and he got these noise cancelling earbuds for our upcoming trip.

Your favorite item under $10?

These cute small hoop earrings.

An expensive item marked down you swear by?

Easily, my Breville espresso maker… I use that thing multiple times each day. At this point, mine is old (6 years?) and I’ll buy it again someday when this one gives out.

Most underrated kitchen item?

Good food storage! Emmett & I love this glass set. We’ve never had them spill in our work bags, we heat food directly in the container, they’re dishwasher safe, and despite the fact we have the white set… they’ve never stained with sauces or anything. Best $30 you can spend on something for the kitchen!

2023 Amazon Prime Day Picks - roomfortuesday.com


As for the Instagram giveaway– I’d love for a couple of you to enjoy some of your favorite things from Amazon, so I’m giving away two $500 gift cards! The giveaway starts Wednesday morning, and I’ll choose a winner at the end of the week. Keep an eye on my IG for details.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you find on Amazon! I’d be happy to offer suggestions, run a quick search (I’ve got a ton saved), or offer my opinion. I actually love virtual shopping, and many of you said these posts have been super helpful- so I’m all for it. Happy Prime Day and good luck in my gift card giveaway, friends! Thank you for using my links.

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  1. Good morning! As always, I marvel at your ability to find quality items among the drek. Also, are Prime Days happening more often, or have I just completely lost all sense of time? (Either answer seems plausible.) Regardless, I’m definitely tempted by a few items. That marble board is practically a thrift store price! And some day I’ll splurge on that espresso machine for our kitchen. As for home decor items, I ordered bamboo shades in a custom size from your storefront, and they are topnotch! They are not a Prime deal, but I would absolutely order them again. Since you mentioned the stain remover, I have been very curious to hear that you think it’s better than Folex?! Thankfully, we haven’t had any pet mishaps lately (despite the fact that Joe ate almost an entire bowl of pizza dough that was proofing on the stovetop🤯), but Folex has removed Pepto pink from my vintage rug in the past. I was shocked to hear there was something even better! Your travel recommendations always capture my attention, but bestie and I still haven’t recovered mentally from our miserable summer trip. We’re off travel at the moment. Ha. Although I will anxiously anticipate recaps of both your New Orleans and Thailand trips! Those are coming up fast, right? We’re celebrating a Libra birthday in our house tomorrow, but I know Scorpio season is right around the corner! Here’s to a continued glorious October and a sopping wet Wednesday! (The rain finally hit us last night!) Thanks again for your always helpful roundup!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Peggi! It does feel like Prime Day just happened, ha. There are two per year (July and October)… it is strange that they’re pretty close together, right? I absolutely love my marble board. I use it all the time (for styling, serving, kitchen things)- I can’t believe the price, given the size. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in slab yards with marble sticker shock. I actually don’t even have Folex in our house right now. It has been totally replaced the new stain remover. I like that it’s non toxic and it actually works just as well (if not better) than Folex. I’m a convert. Joe an entire bowl of pizza dough?! Omg! Hahah! Cash & Crosby have been sneaking late tomatoes from the garden, which has resulted in some accidents, and Cash has still been very sick (pancreatitis), so we have bottles of stain remover and towels both upstairs and downstairs at the moment. ugh. I’m still so sorry about your summer trip. I know how much you were looking forward to that and hate that you got sick. I’d be off travel for awhile, too. Yes! You have such a good memory. New Orleans is in a couple weeks and Thailand is over the holidays. I’m so excited! We must have got your rain, which I’m not mad about :) Have a great day!

  2. Good morning! Thanks for curating these posts on large sale days! I tend to choke on sale days like this- no matter what I’ve been waiting to snag, I forget what it was I really wanted and end up just browsing, ha! I’m going to peruse your storefront and see if anything rings a bell. Thailand sounds incredible, and I always love your travel finds. I hope you have a fantastic day Sarah!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Lauren! I do the same- or I’ll end up with something I didn’t know I needed and forget the thing I actually intended to buy. Hah! We’re excited for Thailand… that will be our annual scuba trip, which is my favorite kind of warm weather / beach trip. Hope you’re having a good week! xo

  3. Thanks Sarah! You have become my go-to for sources and inspiration as my husband and I renovate and decorate our new house. Your collages always manage to look beautiful and coordinated.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Hana! Your comment made my day. I appreciate your kind word- thanks for shopping my links :)

  4. I love shopping your Amazon storefront and your shopping lists. I did so much Christmas shopping last year and got some awesome stuff. Unfortunately I have to wait til I return to Florida so I’ll miss these Prime day deals. I can’t access your storefront from the Canadian site. I do love your beautifully curated lists and are particularly helpful when shopping for the holidays.
    I thrilled to hear about an adventure to Thailand, have you visited before? My daughter spent a couple of weeks there after she graduated from College with her friend and she had such an incredible time. Her pictures were beyond stunning and I’m so glad she did it. I’m sure you are going to capture some incredible photos, and can’t wait to see them, if you decide to share 😍
    I hope your having a delightful Wednesday and are enjoying all that this beautiful season has to offer 🍁 I’m still eating leftover pumpkin pie 😋 Yum!