Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes

The last entryway update I shared was back in October, and since we’re nearing the home stretch- I wanted to give you an update that includes fresh paint! Before we even began demo on the entryway, I knew I wanted stripes in this space. With super tall vaulted ceilings, this room needed something… and initially I thought that something was wallpaper. We landed on paint, and I’m super pleased with how things are coming together. We’re currently headed home from Japan and I can’t wait to get back to see our newly painted entryway! Before I left, the stripes had just been finished. Click through for the latest update…

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

This renovation has been two years in the making! We knew it would be a long haul once Emmett began work on the stair parts… so many tedious carpentry skills, such a big area, and a lot of moving parts. The entryway tile was actually the fastest part of the project, while the millwork in the entryway also proved to be time consuming. We’re finally to the fun part of the process where my vision is really beginning to take shape. We went back and forth on whether to tackle the paint ourselves, or to hire it out… and ultimately landed on the latter. I’m so happy we did. I don’t think the outcome would have been nearly as beautiful, and the stress & time we saved was huge.

Paint Colors

I struggled to choose paint colors for the this project, which is very unlike me. I’m not sure if it’s because this is the first time we’ve hired professional painters, and the expense felt like a big deal- or if I was just having decision paralysis. Regardless, I kept second guessing myself and it took me a full two weeks to nail down paint colors. We swatched quite a few, but ultimately I landed on two colors by Benjamin Moore for the stripes: White Chocolate for the lighter color, and Royal Silk for the darker color. If you’re also struggling to choose paint, here is my best advice for choosing the perfect paint color.

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

Designing the Stripes

The stripe layout came much easier to me than selecting swatches. I experimented with 6″ – 10″ stripes, and landed on 8″. It ended up being the perfect balance, and the painters did such a fabulous job appeasing my request to spend awhile planning with me, so we had no weird small slivers or odd intersections with the millwork. Somehow, they perfectly centered them in the space, and there is not a single weird striped moment to be found. I’m ecstatic because I was incredibly nervous about that.

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

The Upstairs Hallway

The upstairs back hallway that connects the maroon guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and celadon guest bedroom is also apart of the entryway makeover. I decided to have those walls painted a solid color (Royal Silk, the darker of the two), instead of continuing the striped pattern.

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

Sometimes you’ll have a bigger impact when isolating a pattern, and the hallway still feels cohesive in color. I’ve got some fun art for the hall that will add plenty of interest, and I believe the millwork and gorgeous Grandeur hardware speaks for itself!

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

What’s Left On The To-Do List

While it may look like we’re basically finished, we’ve got a bit left to do. We’re definitely rounding third (I’m a baseball fan), but here’s what is left on our to-do list:

  • Stair paint (painters)
  • Touchup paint (painters)
  • Intall stair runner
  • Adjust door hardware
  • Replace light switch and outlet covers
  • Reinstall custom air returns
  • Install sconces (these are the ones we’re using)
  • Install artwork
  • Source vintage runners
  • Deep clean
  • Decorate & style
Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com


How much did the paint cost?

The paint itself cost $800 (roughly 1,000 square feet of paint), and that’s with my trade discount. The labor cost around $4k. That’s for the entire “entryway”, which really includes the upstairs hallway, the stairs, all the doors, and the entryway space.

Why paint instead of striped wallpaper?

Cost. Believe it or not- wallpaper (material only) was double the price of paint & labor.

I’m so surprised you went with horizontal stripes instead of vertical! Can you share more on that design decision?

I got so many messages saying this! Emmett also tried to convince me to go vertical (he has since admitted horizontal was a good call). If you’re interested in hearing more about how we compromise on design- I shared a post on how to design spaces with your significant other! When starting this project, I had always envisioned horizontal stripes. They really accent the odd shape of the room, and feel a bit unexpected.

What are the two stripe colors?

While I played with paint color percentages, I ended up landing on two regular swatches by Benjamin Moore: White Chocolate for the lighter color, and Royal Silk for the darker color. Both have a golden undertone and are chameleon colors… they remind me of buttercream frosting when the light hits just right. They’re cooler in the morning, and warm as the day unfolds.

Why is this renovation taking so long?

It’s our longest (maybe largest?) renovation to date… I think mostly because there are SO many intricate details and carpentry work that had to be done. I’ve said this before, but Emmett & I are into “slow renovating” and improving our home for the long haul. I really want to be intentional about the design and we both care a lot about quality craftsmanship. We also do everything ourselves, which takes much longer since we both have full time jobs. This was the first time we’ve hired painters, which felt like such a luxury! I will say- we’re to the fun part now, and things will be wrapped up shortly. This pace feels realistic for us (and probably many others). It’s also an expensive undertaking, which has meant a lot of saving, pausing, saving, and starting again.

How did the painters do?

I would LOVE to hire them again in the future- they were fantastic! If you’re local and need painters, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch. They are fabulous and I’d highly recommend these guys… great pricing, quality work, awesome attention to detail, super nice, and so respectful. 10/10!

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

Entryway Renovation Posts

If you’ve missed any of this project, feel free to catch up below! From the before images to the design plan and everything in between… these are the project posts that cover all things entryway:

Entryway Renovation : Painted Stripes - roomfortuesday.com

That’s where we’re at! We should be arriving home to painted stairs. I’m excited to begin sourcing runners and styling. I think hallways and entryways are often under-designed, can be boring, or unappreciated. My goal is to create something welcoming, functional, and interesting. Unpopular opinion: I love a middle moment (hallway, entry, landing, loft, nook, etc). We’ll see how things play out. Here’s to a great weekend ahead! I’ll catch up on your comments ASAP.

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  1. Good morning! The bases are loaded, and you’re definitely about to knock this one out of the park! (Haha. How did I not know you’re a baseball fan? Cincinnati Reds?) Of course, I adore the stripes! The color names absolutely sound like a luscious, creamy confection, so an obvious win. I was one who was surprised by the horizontal stripes. For such a tall, interestingly-shaped space, they are clearly the better choice. Yay for painters who work with you to prevent weird half stripes and dead ends. Phew. Speaking of painters, it sounds like you found an amazing team. I also have to say that price sounds extremely reasonable for the amount of detail work involved. (Sidenote: I always nearly faint when I calculate an estimate for wallpaper.😱) I love that you kept the back hallway a solid color. You will undeniably create a gorgeous space, but this makes the stripes feel extra special imho. And now it’s basically the top of the ninth. Vintage runners, artwork, and decorating! Woohoo!! I hope your journey home is smooth and swift. I’m eager to hear all about Japan! Have a wonderful welcome home weekend! Happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      I LOVE baseball! The Reds are definitely my team (you know me too well)… and I used to be a softball pitcher. It’s my favorite sport. Anywhoo- the paint colors do have fun names, right?! Our painters are the real MVPs for this one. I can’t even believe how perfect they made those stripes… and without scaffolding. They only used a tall ladder, which admittedly- made me nervous. We had two painters quote the job and I think they gave us an amazing deal. They spent more time than expected getting it just right. I tried to keep everyone happy with banana muffins every morning and sporadic snacks, ha. I could NOT believe the wallpaper cost. Oof. We ended up having the most wild flight home from Japan (delays, turbulence, the electrical went down, it was interesting)… but all is well and I’m happy to be home. I hope you had a bright, sunny day. xox

  2. Good morning! I hope you’re having smooth and safe travels home. Sarah the entryway is stunning!! I can’t believe how perfect the stripes turned out- incredible treatment for what is usually a really boring space in homes. The colors you selected are the perfect intentionally subdued moment, and the horizontal stripes really make this area look that much more grand. I had wondered if you would continue the stripes in the back hallway; your thought process in that decision is exactly where I thought you’d land- and it’s so incredibly beautiful. What a moment! I can’t wait to see it with the tile uncovered and the stairs painted… ahhhh! It’s getting exciting. Your planning of these stripes was next level- it hadn’t occurred to me that there could potentially be odd slivers of a stripe against the trim. Such an important note to consider when planning a treatment like this. I don’t even want to know how much math it took to get there- but the spacing is impeccable! Also would love to note that the cost of labor was not nearly as high as I expected- I was quoted a little over half that for just ceilings in our front room. I know you’re so excited to be to the fun part of this renovation; it has taken some time, but you & Emmett’s steadfast determination through such a tedious and long renovation, is encouraging, realistic, and a great example of why taking your time and not rushing the “after” pays off every time! Stunning. Elegant. Surprising. Cozy. I’m in love with this space. Cheers to you and Emmett for putting in the time effort and energy! Xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Lauren! I am SO smitten with our entryway. The paint really made my vision come to life and our painters were so wonderful. I feel spoiled working with them. I will never hire anyone else to paint. They set the bar so high. It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re to the fun part and every time I walk through this room, I smile. It has been making us so happy. The taxidermy is on the wall (which I know you’ll appreciate) and I’m waiting on my art from the framer. It’s feeling like home. Hope you had such a good day! xo

  3. Incredible! I love the way you always add visual interest while still remaining neutral and timeless. Those 90s high ceiling entryways can be SO awkward and this makes such great use of the space

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Abby! That’s the best compliment. They really can be awkward- definitely a 90’s trademark. I’m digging the stripes!

  4. Ok first of all, your painters are incredible 🥳 I can’t get over the impeccably detailed work for the cost Sarah, you struck a painters goldmine. Honestly a paint job with that level of skill with the height of your ceiling would surely be triple that back in our area of Ontario 😳Not kidding.
    You’re right the amount of time it would have taken to tackle that yourselves would have been astronomical. Incredible amount of time saved, yay! Time is money!!
    Second of all, I’m in total shock of the horizontal stripes I totally had it in my brain they would be vertical. What a beautiful surprise 😍 the colors are really pretty. I knew you would select a perfect pairing of colors. Love it!
    And lastly, I’m also surprised the complete staircase is painted white. Again I had it in my brain the handrail, balusters and stair treads would be stained. I had a vision in my head and even though you gave design plan with lots of updates I envisioned everything incorrectly. What’s up with that. Lol.
    I’m floored it looks so different than I expected. It’s so bright and fresh and beautifully unexpected. Amazing!! I obviously knew it was going to be gorgeous as I always love all your designs but apparently I wasn’t very attentive with all the details 😬 and now I’m anxious to see it complete with your artful and creative layering and styling. Exciting indeed! Safe travels Sarah and have a super weekend! Happy Friday 🍕

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Didn’t they do such a fabulous job? I was SO impressed with them. Time is definitely money and they saved me so much time (and stress). I thought the horizontal stripes would be a fun way to modernize the space and that direction seemed to make the most sense with the architecture. Hah! I kind of love hearing that your vision manifested something different- hopefully it was a fun surprise to see what I selected. There is still plenty to be done… the stair runner, the gallery wall, paint touch up, outlet covers, paint the air returns, etc, but I’m getting super excited for the big reveal! It’s feeling good in here.

  5. Thank you for the update! It is beautiful, and I so look forward to the final reveal. I admire (I found you during your living room One Room Challenge) that you and Emmett take the time it takes to do quality work.
    Love the horizontal stripes!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks Kari… and thank you for sticking around all these years since that One Room Challenge! I can’t wait to share the finished entryway soon. Hope you’re having a great week!

  6. Love the horizontal stripes! Like everyone else (it seems!), I expected vertical when you first mentioned stripes. But there’s a reason we all keep coming back to see your beautiful transformations and inspiration and this was it! It feels traditional, but with a modern twist. Thanks for bringing us along on the journey!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Danielle! I really appreciate your kind words. I can’t wait to wrap this space up, photograph it, and share the final result. Hopefully soon!

  7. It’s looking amazing! So excited to see the artwork you chose and your styling for the “middle moment”.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks so much, Brittany! I just finalized my gallery wall for the space, so now it’s up to my framer. I’m getting excited to photograph everything! Hope you’re having an awesome week.