Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables

My burl bathroom vanity is one of the most asked about items in our home… and for good reason- it’s really pretty, and a piece I’m very proud of. Today, I wanted to share a look at how we built it, along with similar readymade options. Burl has steadily been increasing in popularity, and there are lots of beautiful parsons table options available. Click through to check them out!

When designing our guest bathroom, I knew I wanted to incorporate a wood element to add warmth, interest, customization, and functionality- a space to sit and get ready. When looking for ways to customize a readymade vanity, a vanity or table also made perfect sense for closing in the gap between the sink and tiled wall. I’m all for using every square inch while making a design statement. Here’s how we achieved this look, a peek into our burl table building process, as well as similar options (for any budget) to achieve the same aesthetic.

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

My Burl Vanity

Here’s a closer look at my burl vanity table. It’s a 90 degree parsons style table that dead-ends into the back wall. It’s also lower than our sink vanity- perfect sitting height. I like that it adds dimension, warmth, and another functional surface, while filling negative space.

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

Most of all, I love the burl pattern. I had been toying with the idea of integrating burl in the bathroom during my design process. All of my wood options felt basic, and burl seemed like a unique and interesting material to add. I sketched out the floor plan, table, and reviewed my idea with Emmett. He was excited to try building something new at work, and we were able to use his resources at the cabinetry shop.

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

Here’s how we did it…

DIY Burl Table

First, we purchased the core material (a 4’x8′ sheet of MDF)… and built the center part of the table that the burl wraps around. Then, I sourced the burl veneer- which comes on a roll. I flipped through lots of swatches, finally landing on the burl pattern I wanted. Then we laid up a sample to find the right stain or coating color. Since I sourced a pretty maple burl, I liked the natural color and opted for clear coat only. This is what my sample looked like…

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

Given Emmett works for a cabinetry shop, we were able to use their resources and equipment- which was super handy and convenient. If you’re looking for a professional outcome, I’d recommend finding a local cabinetry or furniture maker to lay up the burl on your core.

Burl veneer is quite expensive (starting at $300 a sheet), so it’s a material you really don’t want to chance messing up. Here’s what it looked like in the shop… everything is perfectly grain matched (notice how the pattern wraps around)!

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

Once the clear coat had cured in the shop, we brought it home to install in the guest bathroom. We had just finished tiling, so things were still looking pretty incomplete and messy…

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

To Buy or DIY?

The blog post request I’m often asked for is the burl table DIY, and while this is my first time sharing our process… I wouldn’t say this is a beginner DIY project. It required trade resources, specialized equipment, and some fine tuned carpentry skills. That begs the question…

Should you just buy a burl parsons table to achieve this look?

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

I would honestly say yes. Unless you have access to cabinetry and furniture making tools & equipment, it’s actually going to be more economical to buy a burl table. Since they’ve gained popularity in the recent years, it’s actually much easier to find readymade options… and at more affordable prices.

We would take the DIY route again simply because we needed a custom size to fit as a vanity in our bathroom. Given Emmett’s access to equipment at his workplace… this made the most sense for us. We still spent over $500 in material on this table, so this wasn’t necessarily a DIY for the sake of savings, but rather for a beautiful & professional customized piece of furniture.

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

Similar Parsons Style Burl Tables

If you’re trying to search for a similar readymade option, try using the search terms “burl console table” or “burl parsons table”… that should yield some close results. I’ve also curated some really close options for you below. Click each table to browse…

These tables range from $300 to $3,000… the vintage options being most expensive. Burl is still a premium material, but you can find some pretty reasonable options.

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com

Is Burl Timeless or a Trend?

Another question I’m often asked is if burl will go out of style? Like all home decor trends, materials ebb and flow. Wood will always be a classic and timeless material, but finishes, colors & patterns come and go. Burl was popular in the 20’s art deco era, then peaked in the 70’s appearing in Hollywood regency style, and we’ve been seeing a resurgence these past few years. Like I always say, anything works in moderation and if you truly love something- bringing it into your home is never a bad idea. I enjoy burl and will probably never tire of this interesting material.


How is your burl vanity table holding up?

It’s doing great! It looks exactly like it did the day we installed it, despite having heavily used this bathroom since then.

Where is your bathroom sconce from?

It was actually another fun DIY project… check out my double sconce easy shade upgrade here. Its an affordable fixture… $125.

Where did you order the burl material?

We ordered ours through Emmett’s work, but you can find veneer sheets on eBay. The tricky part is finding the species and size you need.

Burl Bathroom Vanity DIY & Similar Burl Parsons Tables - roomfortuesday.com


If you’d like to see more of my guest bath or read additional posts about burl, I’ve got some good ones to share with you below…

I hope this post shared a fun glimpse into our process for this project! It’s hard to believe we renovated this bathroom over four years ago. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comment section below…

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  1. Good morning! I’m definitely a burl girl. The gorgeous organic swirls are the best, and I favor the typically light to medium tones and generally boxier shapes too. Also, you know I dig that 70s furniture! Besides the often higher price tags, what’s not to like? The skill level required for this project absolutely makes it a “Don’t IY” for me, but that just means more vintage shopping! Now I’ll have to spend some time dream-browsing on Etsy. Darn it. You guys really are fortunate to have Emmett’s work resources at your disposal. Combined with your design talent and his carpentry skills, there’s nothing you can’t tackle! Speaking of, how’s the custom kitchen piece progressing? Oh, and I’m super psyched for the basement kitchen sneak peeks! Can’t wait to peep those two-tone cabinet doors. So many beautiful bespoke details in your home! Cheers to another glorious October day. We are soaking up every minute of this perfect fall weather. 💜🍁

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Me too, me too! It’s weird and imperfect in the best way. We are the most lucky that Emmett landed at a cabinetry shop when we moved to Utah. I feel like the stars aligned and his work family is truly the best. We love the company, the people, and the perks! The kitchen piece is still in the works! Since our friend is helping with it, we made the mistake of telling him we weren’t in a hurry. Ha! He said hopefully by February we should have something solid. We shall see! I’m trying to be patient over here. We’re ALMOST done with the flooring in that part of the basement, so after that- I’m going to start with the cabinetry. So exciting! Lots going on over here. October has been the prettiest month here- also soaking up this perfect fall weather :) Hope you’re having such a good week!

  2. Good Morning!
    That burl console table is a beauty and Emmetts carpentry skills over the years have developed into expert craftsman level I think. And he really seems to conquer every challenge you give him. You both have excellent skills that definitely surpass the DIY experience. I can’t say I’ve ever installed hardwood floors or tile and crafting furniture absolutely not. But I’m always amazed at your ability to reveal stunning designs with top notch level craftsmanship on every space within your home. I’m not in the market for a console currently Sarah but I wish I was as you’ve provided some beautiful options. Burl is an incredibly unique wood type that adds such interest to a home. In our last home I had a vintage sideboard and small dining hutch crafted from Burl and birdseye maple. We purchased from a friend who inherited it but didn’t have the space in her home. So we purchased both pieces from her however when we downsized we didn’t have the space and had to part with both pieces 😢 We moved those extremely heavy pieces from home to home for 25 years and they were crafted as beautifully as your gorgeous console. Quality pieces can last a lifetime, especially when you love them 🥰
    Anyway it’s shaping up to be a beautiful day here 🌞 and I hope you have a sunny day too! I’ve been meaning to ask how Cash is doing, has he recovered from pancreatitis? I hope so ❤️‍🩹

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Hi Colleen! Emmett says thank you- he’s reading comments with me tonight :) I think you made his day. We just finished working on our basement floors for the evening. Your previous vintage sideboard and birdseye maple hutch sounds absolutely stunning! Quality pieces really do last a lifetime. Someday, I imagine we’ll downsize and it will be tough to leave those type of treasures with someone else to appreciate. Ha! I’m so happy you’ve had a beautiful week. Thanks for checking in on Cash… he’s struggling and has me worried. We were tempted to cancel my birthday trip this weekend, but luckily we have amazing friends and a great dog sitter who has promised to take good care of him for a couple days. He’s on steroids and antibiotics, so fingers crossed he’s out of the woods soon. Poor guy. I feel so bad for him and don’t even mind cleaning up so many accidents :(

      1. Yay on wonderful progress of basement floors that’s awesome, but so sad to hear sweet Cash is still struggling, poor little guy indeed 😫 Sending the biggest hugs your way! I know it can be super stressful when our pups are not well. Hopefully the steroids and antibiotics do their job and bring him back to his healthy self 💖 Dogs are resilient so I’m sure he will bounce back soon.
        Have a fabulous birthday weekend in New Orleans, so excited for you. We’ve never been so I’m living vicariously through you Sarah 😜
        I’m so glad you’ve got wonderful people to baby Cash while you are away. Have the best time on your getaway and I look forward in hearing about your fantastic trip 🥂Safe travels! Xo

        1. Sarah Gibson says:

          Thanks, Colleen! He seems to be doing a little better this week. Dogs are resilient… he just has had me so worried. I hate feeling like I can’t help him. If only they could talk to us, ha.

  3. That’s the coolest piece of bathroom furniture I’ve ever seen. Kuddos to the cabinet shop and their miraculous work. That’s so cool that you got to pick your own piece of burl, and I had no idea that there could be so many options. That is definitely not a typical DIY piece. But now I just want a burl table to put somewhere in my house, so warm looking!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Julie! I really love the way it turned out.

  4. Good morning Sarah! I’m back to the land of the living after wedding shenanigans, ha! Burled wood has always been a favorite of mine. I love almost every iteration and the fact that it is so unique piece to piece. Having a resurgence in popularity has meant more affordable options to choose from, and I’m not mad about it. These are the type of ebbs and flows in design trends that I don’t mind- accessibility to a classic, timeless, interesting piece is heaven! I just need to strike while the iron is hot and find my perfect piece. I love the Ogden table, but the darker color has been out of stock for quite some time. 😣 Like Peggi, I feel an Etsy rabbit hole coming on. My only caveat to burled tables is that I’m naturally drawn to the most expensive options… why am I like this?! 🫠 Hahaha. Your custom vanity table has always been the most gorgeous addition to the bathroom, and is such a beautiful showcase of Emmett’s carpentry talents. His craftsmanship is supremely impeccable. I often think about all the areas Emmett’s work shines in your home, and how proud you must feel to walk through your spaces knowing the love and thought that’s gone into each one. Hats off to him, his attention to detail, and his pure talent! I’m loving how your flooring in the basement is turning out, and am anxious to see the cabinetry unfold. In other news, California can’t decide if it’s fall or extended summer- that’s made for some questionable and interesting outfit choices, but I’m enjoying the season anyway! I hope you have a fabulous pizza Friday!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Good morning, Lauren! I hope the wedding was perfect and you all had a fabulous time celebrating! I’m with you on loving burl. Etsy is the perfect place to look, and ditto to always accidentally gravitating toward the most expensive option, ha. Such a curse! Thanks for your kind words- I’ve gotta show your comment to Emmett because I know it will make his day. We’re about to head to the airport, as we’re headed to New Orleans this weekend. We’re staying the weekend for early birthday celebrations and I’m working with a super cute hotel I can’t wait to share! All of that to say, once we hop on the plane, I’ll hand over the comment section. I’m also trying to figure out how to transition from my favorite fall clothes back to summer for the weekend. I’m not happy about that, so I’ll just embrace extended summer like you, I suppose. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend ahead! xo