The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved)

This is the best time of year to stock up on home essentials… ahead of holiday hosting, house guests, and the winter season ahead, I’m always looking at bedding, bath linens, and textiles on Cyber Monday. If your linen closet is looking drab or has seen better days, this is the perfect time to replace tired towels… thank me later! Nothing beats the feeling of a warm, plush, super soft bath towel during the winter months. I’ve tested and approved many over the years and wanted to share the best ones with you (while they’re marked way down)– based on my experience, highly rated reviews, material, and how they’ve held up over time. Click through for the best classic white bath towels for any budget- these also make a great gift!

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

Over the years, I’ve had designer brands send me bath towels to test for blog post inclusion, collaborations, etc… and I’ve purchased plenty on my own, trying the budget-friendly versions as well. Thankfully, our linen closet has always been well stocked, but there are some definite standouts.

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

What to Look For

First a few tips on what to look for… I always invest in towels that are 100% cotton (Turkish cotton, Supima cotton, etc). I also double check the size, as I prefer a towel that can fully wrap around by body without being too oversized. Size is really a personal preference!

You can also check the weight and weave (waffle weave, ring spun cotton, etc). For the weight, it’s usually measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and I typically look for a towel in the 500-700 range.

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

Why White?

I’m of the opinion that white towels age best because you can use bleach or deep cleaning products. Think of hotels and spas… there’s a reason they solely use white linens. I also like that they look clean & crisp, fit with any aesthetic (they look good in any bathroom), and they’re timeless. If you’re going to invest in really nice towels, white is always a safe bet.

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

Bath Towels v. Bath Sheets

Bath towels and sheets are essentially the same- the only difference is their size. A bath sheet typically measures 8-10″ larger on all sides. Bath sheets are great if you’re tall, prefer a towel that wraps like a blanket, and you don’t mind the added weight & size on your towel bar or hook. Neither is better than the other, it’s really just a personal preference. I usually purchase standard towels instead of bath sheets because they’re easier to store and style.

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

Top Picks

Ready for my top picks? I’ve tried the majority of these, they all have very high ratings, are made of excellent material, and come highly recommended.

Click directly on each towel below to be redirected.

The favorites in our household come from Serena & Lily, Parachute, Brooklinen, and Amazon (believe it or not)… all are linked above!

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -


If you’re spending the money on nice towels, the key is to care for them well, so they last for many years!


  • Don’t overload the machine
  • Skip the fabric softener
  • Use a quality detergent (a small concentrated amount)
  • Add bleach (non chlorinated) or oxyclean
  • Wash on hot with a normal setting
  • Wash your towels every 3-4 uses


  • Allow your towels to air dry for a bit before tossing them into the dryer to fluff
  • Dry on a low setting
  • Keep in mind that over-drying can damage fibers
  • Fold the towels immediately out of the dryer for less wrinkles- or hand press (never iron!)
The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -


Where did your black monogrammed towels come from?

Weezie! I tried them a couple years ago and immediately loved their quality. I also highlighted them here, if you’d like to see more… Small Business Spotlight : Weezie Towels. They have the BEST monogrammed options- super classic. The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

Any tips for making a guest bath feel welcoming for overnight holiday visitors?

Definitely! I actually have a post on how I do that, since we host friends & family often. Check out this post on stocking a guest bathroom for visitors.

Do you care for Turkish towels in the same way?

They actually require some extra care up front. Check out this post on how to care for Turkish towels, specifically. You’ll need to soak them prior to use to allow the fibers time to expand.The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

My bathroom is always so cold… is a towel warmer worth it?

When it comes time to renovate our main en suite bath, we’ll definitely be adding a towel warmer. To be honest, I’ve only used our basement bathroom shower a few times, but each time- that warm towel was super nice. You may also find this post helpful: tips for making a cold bathroom feel cozy.

There’s really something to be said about updating closets and drawers this time of year…. towels in the linen closet, replacing worn socks in your sock drawer, or donating used clothing & textiles for a fresh set. I always like to stock up or make replacements when things go on sale.

The Best Classic White Bath Towels for Any Budget (Tested & Approved) -

I hope this post was helpful. While I don’t have a full Cyber Monday guide for you, 99% of the items in my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide are on sale today! If you’re shopping for gifts and want to save, that’s a great place to start. You can also refer to my LTK page for more sales & ideas, as well as my Amazon Storefront for Cyber deals all week long. Cheers to a great week ahead!

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  1. Good morning! We can always count on you for timely and trusted recommendations. That’s quite a selection! Before I started reading, I hadn’t thought my towel preferences were especially particular. Who was I kidding? I definitely prefer a regular sized towel to a bath sheet. I honestly also favor a medium plushness; I have found some of the über-thick towels less absorbent. I have tried Turkish towels, but always seem to go back to a traditional terry. I do like some sort of textural interest-ribs or a braided edge. I love the look of the waffle weave too, although I’ve not tried them. You know a towel warmer is tippy top of my wishlist for a future bath. Toasty towels scream total luxury. Sigh. You also remind me that my linen closet is a level one disaster at the moment! A complete overhaul is truly in order. Not for today though… I hope you’re enjoying Thailand! The images you’ve shared so far have been INcredible! Happiest of Mondays, friends!💜

  2. Good morning Sarah! You’ve made a fine argument for using white towels only; truth: I’ve never purchased an all white set of towels. Ha! My linen cabinet could definitely use a refresh, so maybe I’ll give it a try. I love all of the care tips you included- I had no idea that over dying could damage towel fibers; I’m guilty of that! Have a relaxing and rejuvenating time! I’m off to quell the woes of a little girl whose gingerbread house candy was mysteriously eaten… I think brother bear is the guilty party, ha!